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Your Fantasy C-Verse Roster

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On the C-verse if you had a choice what would be your dream roster?


I'm currently fudging it so I can mess about and have all the people I like/ people who seem impressive on the same roster, so I can do some dream matches. Which led me to thinking who you guys would have in your roster

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Short version:

Anyone with 80+psychology and 70+ stamina who has a good top row stat. And some other guys.



Jeremy Stone

Duane Stone

Dan Stone Jr.

Edd Stone

Jack DeColt

Alex DeColt

Ricky DeColt

Steve DeColt

Tommy Cornell

Angry Gilmore


Yoshimi Musashibo

Mito Miwa

Eisaku Kunomasu

Emerald Angel

Sensational Dragon


Elemental II

Elemental III

Phoenix I

Phoenix II

Phoenix III

Gino Montero

Luis Montero

El Leon

Nicolas Lopez

Marcos Flores

Sam Keith

Greg Gauge

Matthew Keith

KC Glenn

Amazing Fire Fly

Swoop McCarthy

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My WCW in 2022 is pretty much a fantasy roster that I acquired throughout the years by outbidding with big money contracts.


Here's a few:

Aaron Andrews

American Patriot

Art Reed

Gino Montero

Greg Gauge

Jay Chord

Joey Minnesota

Johnny Bloodstone

Remo Richardson

Ricky DeColt

Rocky Golden

Sean McFly

Spencer Spade

Steve DeColt

Troy Tornado


Those would be the focus of the promotion. So many more I could name due to the fact that my roster is huge right now.

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Logan, for you WCW company did you rename a current Cverse promotion or create your own?


It is MAW renamed when he got them bigger.


Yep, it's MAW renamed. I changed the name when we were on the verge of going from Cult to National (which we skipped over actually and went right to International). I had been doing a lot of TV shows in Canada and by the time we had the Importance to move up in the US to National we were also able to move up in Canada to International.

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Well, the default QAW roster in my mod is close to my fantasy roster. There are some exceptions (like no Lauren Easter or Victoria Stone or Otsune Tsumura or DEVIL Karube, Emma Chase is still in SWF, Jenny Playmate is still in CGC, Karen Bilous is in development as are Zoe Ammis, Sara Marie York, and Tamara McFly, etc). In fact, there are a lot of things I would've done differently with the roster but the mod was created before the final version of the C-Verse database (or I would've had Emma leave SWF along with BJ & Hannah since Kristen Pearce wound up in RIPW. Sienna would've stayed in BSC and Emma would've been the Coven's mouthpiece).


The only people I'd add are a couple of new workers. When I pair Talia Quinzel (Queen of the Backbreaker) with Steph Blake (Queen of the DDT), that makes for a team that writes itself. Selina Svelte is another. She seems tailor made for a program with Brooke Tyler.

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So basically Remi's favorite roster is every female worker from every area in the game all in one promotion ( throwing in all the female managers and personalities as well. :D )


Well, not every one. I'm not touching Nene or Junko or Anna Ki or heck, most of AAA's roster. I only stole a couple of their top workers (their best tag team, for example) for story purposes. At least I can do something with Stephanie Wade. I'm not a fan of Nadia Snow though.


Then again, if one of the geniuses in the re-render thread strikes gold, I could find something for pretty much anyone. :p

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I've set about using the in game editor to release people who i like so i can sign them as TCW.. anyone who I like the look of with good stats I've signed. if a person who's avatar i like who's stats aren't good enough but they're young I've signed them too and sent them to my new development company TCW: Rocky Mountain Wrestling. I sent Oxford and his tag partner down there to train everyone.


I've even sent Rocky Golden down there too as I really didn't like his in ring skills especially while holding the belt.


There's some good workers going around with good stats but there avatars really put me off them. They look bland as hell and it's really off putting.

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There's some good workers going around with good stats but there avatars really put me off them. They look bland as hell and it's really off putting.


This has never bothered me. If I have an idea for a worker but their render bothers me, I just have a new one made (most recently: Lynn Cox). Historically, the renderers here have been pretty awesome with doing that, especially if you explain the scenario to them. I think the re-render thread has all the major names redone multiple times.

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Christian Faith

Squeeky McClean

Champagne Lover

Bulldozer Brandon Smith (the hard hat render one)

Jack Griffith

Cesar Sionis

Ceri Dordevich

Ernie Turner

Big Smack Scott

Marat Kohklov

Landon Mallory

Lassana Makutsi

Brandon James

Carl Batch

Nathaniel Casino

Roger Cage

Missy Masterson


Marv Statler

El Pavo Real

Don Henderson

Guide & Scout


Davis Wayne Newton

Magnum Kobe

Louis Figo Manico

Joss Thompson

Emerald Angel

Jay Chord

Jungle Lord or Genghis Rahn


EDIT: the Keith/Gauge household

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