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An Idea: Angle of the Week/Month

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My idea is this, every week or month people will submit storylines and a angle from said storyline that they feel is great. It could be a idea they have already done or something they haven't done in game. I feel this could be a great way for people looking for ideas for storylines or diary writers to get said idea. I was debating on puting this in the small questions thread to see what people think about the idea, but I decided to creat its own thread to avoid people from derailing the thread from other questions. Anyway, I just thought I would see what people think of the idea.
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Storyline (from my Ron Greenhorn diary):

Ron Greenhorn is somehow 17 with excellent potential. Jack Avatar knows the latter part (or thinks he does), and as owner of SWF, brought in Ron.


But he's still pretty horrible.


Point is, Jack wants to create a huge youth movement and dammit, Ron's the man. But he needs training.


Enter Angry Gilmore. (This is where the angle starts:)


Gilmore is angry (ha) about being overlooked. Sure, someone has to break in the new kid. But him? Why the hell doesn't, say, Faith do it? Christian Faith is the face of SWF, after all, so shouldn't he be the one introducing the kid to the ring?


But no. Mr. Bigshot, our new owner, decides to put Greenhorn versus Gilmore.


Nevermind Tom's talent. Hell, Tom could probably beat Rich Money easily, and Rich is practically the #2 Contender to the title! Gilmore has all the benefits that, say, Enforcer Roberts has. Excellent in the ring. Great on the mat. But Tom? He can throw a punch. And he might not be some crazy luchadore, but Gilmore can fly high.


And talk.


Greenhorn? He might as well be a mute. Tom? Tom's got a silver tongue.


That's the thing with SWF. You don't need to run around the ring to get popular or get a title. Look at Eric. That kid barely knows how to run the ropes. And he's the bigshot. Jack Bruce, most popular wrestler in the country. And he's not that great either. But he can talk.


Angry Gilmore has all the potential in the world. Ask him to do anything and he can do it. Period.


So you ask him to be a trainer. For the new kid. Ask Tom Gilmore, who should be main eventing, to train the greenest of the green. Hell, it's IN HIS NAME!


This is pathetic. It's crap like this that's killing this company and letting Tommy take a shot at #1.





The idea is that Gilmore will continue to rant about being overlooked (with the occasional Greenhorn match to train him; the diary is about Greenhorn's rise to...whatever he'll be). He'll also have matches against plenty of people, yet no title match. So the above rant will change; he'll be angry about some other rookie, or mad that his match with Christian Faith didn't get him to the title, he'll beat Jack Bruce maybe and still not have gold, etc.


And what's great is that the above story is secondary. I'm going to be posting as Gilmore a fair bit (see the diary in...a week or two when I make the style of writing more obvious), but the focus is on Ron. So this should stay relatively fresh.

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Not so much a storyline/angle really as I don't use them in my MAW game, but I have a plan for Jay Chord. A while ago I was reading about the career of Kenta Kobashi and how he was booked at the beginning of his career in AJPW. He was booked to lose his first 63 matches but at the same time be put over as being quite resilient and strong in defeat. I'm doing the same with Jay as I think it's a cool idea and I'm also trying to job some sense into him. He's an upper midcarder so I'm only having him lose to upper midcard and main event faces. I hope by the end he will be a better performer and have a less caustic pesonality! By that point I also want to be high regional/cult so then I can really push him and have him carry my promotion.
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