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January 1, 1998


Hello and welcome Mixed Martial Arts fans, to the renovated BlurCat.com News HQ, your source for everything MMA. Last year was a solid year for our sport, featuring some epic matches and an ever-growing community of supporters like you, our valued readers. Before we go into our 1997 Year in Review Special, here are some of today's headlines.


Alex Jones Named Head of GAMMA


In somewhat surprising news given his barely-able-to-sit-at-bars age and paltry 0-1 (very) amateur boxing record, Alex Jones was introduced as CEO of GAMMA today by the promotion's group of investors. While lacking in professional experience, Jones brings an aggressive, optimistic vision for GAMMA's future that ultimately won over GAMMA's ownership. Here are some tidbits from his presser earlier this morning:


"Mixed Martial Arts is on the the verge of explosion in this country," said Jones "and I am grateful for the opportunity to continue this company's growth towards the top of the mountain. Our goal is to become the preeminent MMA promotion of the world. Anything less will be deemed a failure."


After going through the motions for the first few minutes, Jones opened up about his visions for GAMMA's near-future as the presser went on. "We are already in talks to bring in talent from all over the globe. This includes the top Japanese talents as well as fighters who will be competing in our soon-to-be-formed Featherweight Division."


After answering a few more bog-standard questions, Jones was whisked away by GAMMA staffers amid an audible buzz of excitement and intrigue emanating from press row.


1997 in Review


Fighter of the Year: "The Dragon" Tadamasa Yamada http://i1085.photobucket.com/albums/j425/alexsamj/TadamasaYamada.gif


The king of MMA's toughest division, ALPHA-1's Light Heavyweight division, Yamada displayed the deadly mixture of world-class Jiu Jitsu skills and precision kick boxing that has made him one of the early legends of the sport. Beloved in his native Japan for his fearlessness and awesome ponytail, Yamada faces a gauntlet of opposition for the belt he has held since early 1995: Croatian kick boxing extraordinaire Zvonimir Asanovic and Jin Katou, in a match that would surely divide Japan in half.


Rookie of the Year: Ethan "The Terror" Sutton http://i1085.photobucket.com/albums/j425/alexsamj/EthanSutton.gif


Talk about living up to your nickname: young Canadian Ethan Sutton terrorized the Canadian regional circuit in 1997. Utilizing a nearly flawless takedown technique and a feel for the cage beyond his years, Sutton looks to sign with a major promotion in the coming weeks.


Female Fighter of the Year: Mizuki Watanabe http://i1085.photobucket.com/albums/j425/alexsamj/MizukiWatanabe.gif


Already considered the #1 female fighter in the world at age 25, Watanabe looks to be a dominant force in female MMA for years to come. Look for her to be challenged by other KDM FC young guns Chiyo Yanagimoto, Hanako Shimizu, and Yutsuko Sasaki in the coming year.


Rise of the Year: Affonso Villar http://i1085.photobucket.com/albums/j425/alexsamj/AffonsoVillar.gif


A relentless force of nature, 22 year old Brazilian powerhouse Affonso Villar has amassed an impressive 22-2 record despite his veritable youth. 1997 was an amazing year for Villar although he is currently mired in the shaky Fight League Brazil. Time will tell whether Villar and his Latin American cohorts can grow FLB into a powerhouse, as the talent is surely there, or he takes his talents elsewhere.


Promotion of the Year: ALPHA-1


Was there really any doubt? The undisputed king of MMA, ALPHA-1 employs the world's pound-for-pound king Hassan Fezzik, the aforementioned brutal Light Heavyweight division, and massive financial backing. 1998 looks to be an even better year for the promotion as the sport continues to grow. It will be of great interest, though, whether Alex Jones' strong talk of GAMMA dominance will spark an arms race and high-profile bidding wars between the world's MMA titans.


Camp of the Year: Mantas Andreyev Fighting


Led by world pound-for-pound champ Hassan Fezzik and MMA pioneer Mantas Andreyev, Mantas Andreyev Fighting has established itself as the world's finest fighting camp. Focusing mainly on the mental aspects of MMA, Andreyev Fighting has garnered international acclaim.


Fall of the Year: Yevgeni Sipatov http://i1085.photobucket.com/albums/j425/alexsamj/YevgeniSipatov.gif


The bane of many fans' existence, the Russian ground specialist Yevgeni Sipatov has drawn the ill-will of critics and fans alike for his grind-out victories and action-deprived matches. As the sport has evolved into the multiple-front war we know today, Sipatov's "Lay and Prey" tactics are achieving less and less success, to the enjoyment of his many detractors.

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January 2, 1998


Race for Unemployed Fighters Begins


With a plethora of hardened vets, potential-dripping youngsters and reputation boosting punching bags currently on the market, MMA companies around the globe have begun placing calls in hopes of luring their next big star. GAMMA, who made a splash yesterday with their surprise hiring of the ambitious Alex Jones, is being especially aggressive, reportedly contacting over 100 fighters. While it is obvious that all of these fighters will not end up signing with GAMMA, this hyper-active campaign shows Jones is ready to bring some new blood to the promotion. With high profile names such as Korean sensation Hyun-Shik Lim and Jiu Jitsu master Jonathan Huang on the market, look for some serious greenbacks to change hands in the coming weeks.


Jones Introduces GAMMA Featherweight Division


Yesterday, GAMMA introduced a new CEO. Today, they introduce an entire division. Making good on his claims for a new Featherweight Division at yesterday’s presser, Alex Jones today introduced the promotion’s 6th weight division to a throng of reporters.


While some critics worry about the financial viability of adding an unproven weight class at this time, Jones quickly shooed away such thoughts. “GAMMA is committed to bringing our legion of fans the best product in the world. We believe that we cannot accomplish this goal without including the Featherweight Division, a highly competitive group of warriors who would boost any card.”


While Jones did not specify which Featherweight competitors he was targeting, it is clear that the base of the division will start being formed very soon.

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January 3, 1998


GAMMA Looks for PPV Partner


In it’s ongoing quest to one-up their Eastern rival ALPHA-1, GAMMA today leaked a news release stating their intentions to garner a pay per view deal. Word on the street is that they have initially reached out to USA Free Choice, the 2nd largest provider in the country. It is almost inevitable that GAMMA will have to look elsewhere (see: lower on the food chain) for their first PPV broadcast deal, but, as with the other aggressive moves being maneuvered by GAMMA in Alex Jones’ first few days, you have to admire their guile.

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January 4, 1998


TV Show in GAMMA’s Future?


A day after declaring their desire for a PPV deal, GAMMA has again leaked news of preliminary negotiations with a potential media partner. This time, however, the proposed agreement would be for a GAMMA TV show, a medium whose merits have been called into question by MMA purists.


As you probably know, ALPHA-1 just recently signed a deal with Japanese TV station Japanese Sports Vision 2. Critics lambasted the deal as “arrogant”, “naïve” and “somewhat strange.” GAMMA seems to disagree with this skepticism and really, who’s to blame them? We cannot be quick to make judgments on what will or won’t work for our sport, which one seems to often forget, is still in its infancy.

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January 5, 1998


GAMMA 22 Announced; Headliners to Be Named Tomorrow


Per Alex Jones, GAMMA 22 will take place on Saturday, February 13 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Check out BlurCat.com tomorrow for coverage of the announcement of the Main Event.


Local Show Held in Florida http://i1085.photobucket.com/albums/j425/alexsamj/DonNorman.gif


Every professional on the card – Lamont Banner, Greg Atteveld, Don Norman, Toni Dietrich, Hecter Durante, Leona Deschanel, Jordan Flintstone, Joan Whitehouse, and Andrea Jones – won their bouts and somehow made it out alive despite Don Norman putting on perhaps the worst mixed martial arts contest in history.

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January 6, 1998


Dean, Darling to Headline GAMMA 22




The Main Event of GAMMA 22 was announced today and it will pit wrestling bad boy, and GAMMA Middleweight Champion, Matthew Dean against America’s Favorite ex-NFLer, Dexter Darling for Dean's Middleweight strap. MMA purists can look forward to a match fought mainly on the ground as neither fighter considers stand-up much of an option.


This match will surely catch the eye of the tabloid back pages what with the current investigation into anti-government activism currently surrounding the champ and Darling’s C-List celebrity status. It can be assumed that GAMMA will try to take advantage of the public’s interest in these two characters by contracting with a pay per view provider before the event’s mid-February showdown.


FLB, XCC Announce Upcoming Shows


FLB CEO Clodomil Dualib and XCC CEO Vince Whiteman both held press conferences today announcing their first shows of the new year. While the main events are not yet known, we can verify that FLB’s show will be named FLB 7: Brave New World, a fitting title to what will be the first show in what many are calling a new era for MMA.

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January 7, 1998


FLB 9 to Start Year Off With a Bang


FLB announced its card for this year’s first event and it is sure to entice MMA fans. The card is as follows:


19-2-1 Braulio “Louco” Moura vs. 43-14 Zaco for the FLB Middleweight Title

Muay Thai sensation Louco Moura defends his title for the 3rd time, this time being challenged by the veteran grinder Zaco. Zaco shouldn’t make a fool of himself here, but we don’t see any way Moura gets upset here. BlurCat Prediction: Moura by TKO



15-4 “Mad Dog” Gabriel Gallego vs. 22-6 “The Peruvian Punisher” Claudio Palacios in the Welterweight Division

Muay Thai practitioner Gallego faces off with submission expert Palacios to determine the #1 contendership to Manuel Silva’s Welterweight belt. Mad Dog’s Muay Thai looks to be the dominant skill here, look for a win for Mad Dog. BlurCat Prediction: Gallego by KO



25-7 Elgar vs. 19-7 Leandro Piquet in the Light Heavyweight Division

Fan favorite Leandro Piquet faces off with veteran Muay Thai expert Elgar. Piquet may have the fans behind him but Elgar has the more solid Muay Thai attack BlurCat Prediction: Elgar by Decision



10-3 Denilson da Cunha vs. 32-7 Edilberto in the Light Heavyweight Division

The aging Edilberto still has enough wind in his 37 year old sails to teach a lesson in eking out victories to Brazilian brawler Cunha . BlurCat Prediction: Edilberto by Decision



3-0 Renato vs. 7-2 Sergio do Vale in the Heavyweight Division

Very similar fighters in that both are big, strong Brazilians who can box and wrestle; however, do Vale is a poor man’s version of the bright prospect Renato BlurCat Prediction: Renato by TKO



6-1 Rubenilson Augusto vs. 6-3 Kleber Pereira in the Light Heavyweight Division

Look for Rubenilson to land a knockout punch in this match that may resemble a play ground fight between two (enormous) 8 year olds. BlurCat Prediction: Augusto by KO



GAMMA Fills Out Rest of GAMMA 22 Card


The undercard for GAMMA 22: Dean vs. Darling is as follows:


15-0 “The Islander” Neil Napier vs. 16-2 “Superstar” Stuart Strange in the Middleweight Division

The co-main event features two fighters each ranked in the top 10 of the Middleweight Division and have yet to hit their peak. This match could very well determine the next challenger for the Middleweight belt, as well as the future direction of GAMMA itself. Both fighters are world class wrestlers but we’ll give the edge to Napier who has a more potent standup. BlurCat Prediction: Napier by Decision



36-8 “The Madman From Michigan” Beau Gorshin vs. 21-4-1”The Truck Man” Truck Gleeson in the Lightweight Division

This match is all about contrasts: Gorshin’s wrestling to Gleeson’s kick boxing, Gorshin’s experience versus Gleeson’s prime. Ultimately, Gorshin’s wrestling ability should win out BlurCat Prediction: Gorshin by Submission



35-11-2 “The Perfectionist” Dan Halvorsen vs. 14-2 “Dangerous” David Allen in the Welterweight Division

Teacher takes on student in this matchup of Halvorsen’s founder Dan Halvorsen and his most celebrated lower-weight pupil. Having soaked up Halvorsen’s knowledge like a sponge, Allen will match The Perfectionist move-for-move grappling wise. Unfortunately for the old man, he cannot say the same for himself and Allen’s standup. BlurCat Prediction: Allen by TKO



12-2 John “The Ripper” Rivero vs. 12-0 Anthony “Live Wire” LeToussier in the Light Heavyweight Division

One of the true wildcards of all the matches announced today, this match pits two talented, and one egocentric, young fighters with contrasting styles. If LeToussier can get to Rivero first with his excellent standup, he could easily KO the Puerto Rican sambo artist; however, if Rivero can nail just one takedown, he could make easy work and shut the undefeated LeToussier up once and for all. BlurCat Prediction: Rivero by Submission



20-9 Frank “The Baby Bull” Sheedy vs. 20-8 “Chief” Fatuma Roy in the Heavyweight Division

While only a year younger than the 31 year old Sheedy, Fatuma Roy seems light-years younger inside GAMMA’s octagon. Roy looks superior in pretty much every area; however, Sheedy will not cave easily. Look for this one to go to the scorecards as Roy lacks the finishing power to put “The Baby Bull” away. BlurCat Prediction: Roy by Decision



USA Free Choice Rejects GAMMA


GAMMA was hit with a setback today, albeit an unsurprising one, as USA Free Choice declined to negotiate terms with the American MMA leader. Undeterred, GAMMA CEO Alex Jones responded to our request for comment via text message: “While we are disappointed with USA Free Choice’s decision, we are already contacting other providers so that our fans around the country can enjoy GAMMA 22.”


XCC to Feature 6 Matches at XCC: Maclean vs. Vaughan


The lineup for the XCC bout on February 3 is as follows:


5-0 Hester “The Slayor” Maclean vs. 8-0 “The Arizona Animal” Sarah Vaughan for the XCC Women’s Title

This matchup of undefeated women’s fighters features a clash in styles, boxer versus wrestler respectively, and also a clash of weight classes, as Maclean does not fight over the Bantamweight limit of 135 while Vaughan fights no lower than 138. Maclean simply does not have the sprawl nor the ground game to control Vaughan and is looking at a short championship reign. BlurCat Prediction: Vaughan by Submission



7-1 “The Banker” Frank Romita vs. 5-0 Wallace “All Night Long” Everett in the Featherweight Division

Another wrestler vs. boxer matchup in the co-main event. Everett may be able to pick apart Romita with jabs but Romita should eventually take Everett down and pound him into the California sand. BlurCat Prediction: Romita by TKO



7-3 “Straight Edge” Kenny Magilton vs. 7-3 Melvin “The Riverside Ripper” Custard in the Lightweight Division

Both are adequate, if unspectacular, ground fighters but Magilton seems to have the slight edge. BlurCat Prediction: Magilton by Submission



7-2 “The Diamondback” Cory Brewer vs. 17-9 Jackson “Pocket Rocket” Gray in the Lightweight Division

The kickboxing Brewer may have a slight edge in talent but look for Gray to expose Brewer’s poor conditioning en-route to a decision victory. BlurCat Prediction: Gray by Decision



14-8 Duane “The Weather Man” Weatherly vs. 4-0 Francisco “Frankie Boy” Jimenez in the Lightweight Division

The bet to win Fight of the Night, this matchup squares two kickboxers with exciting styles: the precise kicking attack of Weatherly versus the fiery, all-out assault of Jimenez. Look for Weatherly to catch Jimenez’s suspect chin with a jarring head kick for the KO BlurCat Prediction: Weatherly by KO



2-0 Nicola Tyler vs. 1-0 Daniela Sadorra in the Women’s Division

The below average Tyler looks to be east fodder for bright prospect Sadorra. BlurCat Prediction: Sadorra by KO


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January 8, 1998


KDM FC 4 Announced for February 2nd


South Eastern Asia is preparing for what KDM FC officials hope will be a stepping stone show for the company. Their first three shows set up an intriguing threesome of champions in Sukarno, Tomohiro Takeuchi and Mizuki Watanabe and the company hopes to gain more traction now that they have somewhat settled into their role as mainland Asia’s premier MMA provider. Check back in to BlurCat.com tomorrow to catch the matches as they are announced.


GAMMA Begins Ransack of “Free Agent” Fighters


In what can be described as a slightly less evil version of the German Blitzkrieg, GAMMA today signed a whopping 17 unemployed fighters to exclusive contracts. Here is the complete list, sorted by presumed weight class:



4-1 Brian “Barrage” Claremont 4 (2 Guaranteed) Matches @ $1,200 over 2 Years

10-4 So Yip 3 (1 Guaranteed) Matches @ $1,800 over 21 Months http://i1085.photobucket.com/albums/j425/alexsamj/SoYip.gif



1-0 Eiji Masuko 4 (2 Guaranteed) Matches @ $800 over 2 Years

3-0 Evan “G-Man” Gardner 4 (2 Guaranteed) Matches @ $1,200 over 2 Years


2-0 Felix “Kick Ass” Mattherson Jr. 4 (2 Guaranteed) Matches @ $1,000 over 2 Years



1-0 Bill “The Marine” Brown 4 (2 Guaranteed) Matches @ $1,000 over 2 Years

4-0 Dwayne “The Pain” Alleyne 4 (2 Guaranteed) Matches @ $1,400 over 2 Years


1-0 Gavin “The Lawman” Marshall 4 (2 Guaranteed) Matches @ $800 over 2 Years

1-0 Jakuchu Abe 4 (2 Guaranteed) Matches @ $1,000 over 2 Years


Light Heavyweights:

3-0 Dag “The Viking” Kreuger 4 (2 Guaranteed) Matches @ $1,000 over 2 Years

1-0 “The Hunter” MacGregor Dare 4 (2 Guaranteed) Matches @ $1,200 over 2 Years

1-0 Ryuji “Shogun” Ganaha 4 (2 Guaranteed) Matches @ $1,000 over 2 Years

3-0 “Major Damage” William Harrison 4 (2 Guaranteed) Matches @ $1,400 over 2 Years




3-0 Chuck “The Laughing Man” Dooley 3 (1 Guaranteed) Matches @ $15,000 over 21 Months


7-2 Fletcher “The Drummer” Merman 3 (1 Guaranteed) Matches @ $2,000 over 2 Years

3-0 Pai Cheng 4 (2 Guaranteed) Matches @ $1,400 over 2 Years

16-6 Russell “Russell Mania” McPhee 3 (1 Guaranteed) Matches @ $2,250 over 2 Years


Three things stand out most from this barrage of signings: first of course being the sheer number of fighters added in one day. Secondly, GAMMA is taking a risk, albeit a minor one financially, in signing mostly unknown prospects. How they will incorporate these unseasoned fighters into their existing mix of vets will be interesting to watch. Finally, GAMMA seems to be bucking the traditional signing rules of MMA’s early history. Expect in rare circumstances, every fighter signs with the promotion in their country of origin: FLB is exclusively South American, ALPHA-1 is dominated by the Japanese and so on. With GAMMA’s signing of fighters like Jakuchu Abe, Pai Cheng and Eiji Masuko, that national veil may have indeed been lifted. Only time will tell if other companies follow suit.


GAMMA’s Dream Shot Into TV Postponed


As news of their failed negotiations with the network Sports America is coming into the clear, GAMMA has accepted defeat on their most ambitious (read: unvaryingly naïve) ploy in the Alex Jones era. When asked about the story, a GAMMA spokesperson would go no further than “As of this time, GAMMA is committing all of its resources to building our brand through live shows and pay per view telecasts.”

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January 9, 1998


KDM FC 4 Packed With Short People Action


It’s not often you see the world’s 5th overall fighter fighting in the 4th match of a minor MMA event that will be lucky to draw 500 paying spectators. On February 2nd, 1998, just that will happen at KDM FC 4 when wunderkind Li-Kong Ho takes on Takahiro Nakamura. Here’s a full breakdown of the 6 matches that will take place next month:


23-0 “Fury Awoken” Sukarno vs. 8-0 Atep of Indonesia for the KDMFC Lightweight Title

A matchup that the editors here at BlurCat are overly excited about, the always electrifying Sukarno takes on the almost equally as exciting Atep. Key work being “almost.”

BlurCat Prediction: Sukarno by TKO



2-0 Hokusai Araki vs. 44-16-1 Taufik “Snake Man” Wijaya in the Lightweight Division

Almost over the hill karate practitioner who lacks knockout power and a ground game versus an unproven, slightly more harmless than a fly “Muay Thai” fighter? Of course you make that your co-main event over Ho vs. Nakamura! Let’s see how long Raymundo Reyes stays as head match maker at KDM FC.

BlurCat Prediction: Wijaya by Decision



2-0 Chan Kim Huat vs. 7-4 Teeratep “Crazy Monkey” Nutnum in the Lightweight Division

The always entertaining Nutnum may get some strikes in in the first few minutes but will inevitably be taken down and submitted by bright prospect Huat.

BlurCat Prediction: Huat by Submission



22-5 “The Unstoppable” Takahiro Nakamura vs. 18-0 “Little Dragon” Li-Kong Ho in the Featherweight Division

All gripes about match placement aside, this should be a great match, pitting a man who has never been stopped, hence the over-exuberant nickname, versus possibly the world’s greatest submission artist. Look for Nakamura to finally get stopped here.

BlurCat Prediction: Ho by Submission



17-3 Masahiro Maeno vs. 12-5 Kanji Togo in the Featherweight Division

In what will hopefully be a great show of Jiu Jitsu and not a “deadlocked at guard” affair, we see Maeno coming out on top by a slim margin.

BlurCat Prediction: Maeno by Submission



4-0 “The Japanese Buzzsaw” Naora Kikuchi vs. 4-1 Ayame “Komodo” Kondo in the Womens Division

Consider Kondo’s 4-0 start to her career an anomaly. Look for Kikuchi to finish this one quickly.

BlurCat Prediction: Kikuchi by KO



ALPHA-1 and GAMMA Battle Over Korean Fighter


In what is sure to be the first of many signing battles, ALPHA-1 beat out their American counterpart Tuesday, signing highly touted prospect Hyun-Shik Lim to a 32 month, 4 (3 guaranteed) fight contract. Lim will earn $10,000 per fight as well as a whopping 75% bonus for wins. Word on the grapevine says that GAMMA owner Lance Decker set financial limits for Alex Jones which opened the door for ALPHA-1 to claim the Wing Chun fighter as their own.



GAMMA Signs Jiu Jitsu Sensation Huang, 7 Others


In contrast to yesterday’s barrage of signings by Alex Jones, GAMMA only signed 8 new fighters to contracts today. Oh wait, that’s still a ton. Here’s the breakdown:



2-0 “Lightning” Lamont Banner 4 (2 Guaranteed) Matches @ $3,000 over 2 Years

4-0 Yagi Jokichi 4 (2 Guaranteed) Matches @ $1,800 over 2 Years



3-0 Manoel “Colagem” Cabral 4 (2 Guaranteed) Matches @ $1,600 over 2 Years



1-0 Filip Hristov 4 (2 Guaranteed) Matches @ $1,600 over 2 Years



1-0 “Pretty Boy” Danny Akabaro 3 (1 Guaranteed) Matches @ $1,200 over 21 Months

4-0 Jonathan “The Locust” Huang 4 (2 Guaranteed) Matches @ $180,000 over 2.5 Years



1-0 Jutaro Honma 3 (1 Guaranteed) Matches @ $1,400 over 21 Months

1-0 Taye Burnett 3 (1 Guaranteed) Matches @ $1,200 over 21 Months


Obviously, the biggest news here is the signing of Jonathan Huang, possibly the world’s greatest Jiu Jitsu artist, to their Middleweight division. Huang, who will have to deal with the forced adjustment to cages as opposed to rings, reportedly got added fight bonuses added to his contract in order to garner his signature.



KDM FC Introduces Yoon, Aziz bin Zai


Najib Sri Aziz bin Zai, master of all things that relate blood to sharp elbows, and Bae Yoon, master of all things involving himself seeing little yellow birds spinning around in circles, were introduced today by KDM FC CEO Raymundo Reyes. We have not yet received word whether Reyes plans to put Yoon into KDM FC 5’s co-main event. Aziz bin Zai, on the contrary, looks to be a competent player in the Featherweight division.



Two Veterans Join FLB


“The Argentinean Samurai” Gustavo Bautista and Heavyweight Helton Nascimento were introduced today as the newest members of the FLB roster. For those unfamiliar, Bautista is a 39 year old Lightweight warrior, having amassed an incredible number of fights in MMA’s early days. Currently sitting on a record of 62-23-9, Bautista looks to put his stamp on FLB’s mediocre Lightweight division. Nascimento, on the other hand, joins an even weaker Heavyweight division where his lack of ground skill may not matter.



SIGMA Signs Prochazka


SIGMA today signed 33 year old Sambo practitioner Marko Prochazka to bolster there Welterweight division. The deal is for 3 (2 guaranteed) matches at $1,000 per match over 2 years.



Energetic Striker, Old Wrestler Both Join XCC


XCC fans meet Rory McEnterry, a wonderfully creative Lightweight striker who owns a record of 2-0. He may just become one of your favorites. Also, meet Joel Adams, the antithesis of McEnterry in almost every way. He’s old, boring, and has no hair. He probably won’t be in your lives much longer since he’s already 37. Treat him well.



Morgan, Powell Sign With BCF


Sid Morgan and William Powell were introduced today as BCF’s newest Lightweight competitors. Both signed deals for $1,000 a match over 3 (2 guaranteed) fights spanning 2 years. Neither looks to us as if they’ll draw anywhere near the excitement of an obscure royal wedding.



WEFF Signs Two


Kirsten Page. Debra Everett. Ever heard of ‘em? Probably not, as they hold a combined 2-0 record in MMA’s obscure women’s division. That didn’t stop WEFF from signing both to 2 year contracts today.


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January 10, 1998


GAMMA Continues Shopping Spree, Signs 26 Fighters


The rumor that Lance Decker is cancelling Alex Jones’ credit card has not been verified.



3-0 David James Diggle 4 (2 Guaranteed) Matches @ $1,600 over 2 Years

1-0 Freddy “The Ax” Lomax 4 (2 Guaranteed) Matches @ $800 over 2 Years

3-0 Kei “Demon Eyes” Maki 4 (2 Guaranteed) Matches @ $1,800 over 2 Years


1-0 Lito Alcala 4 (2 Guaranteed) Matches @ $1,600 over 2 Years



2-0 Tarcisio Dantas 4 (2 Guaranteed) Matches @ $1,800 over 2 Years




18-7 “Blazin’” Callum Henson 3 (2 Guaranteed) Matches @ $2,500 over 2 Years

5-0 “The Savage” Datuk Ong Ka Ting 3 (2 Guaranteed) Matches @ $1,800 over 2 Years

6-0 “The Fight Night Delight” Delroy Rhodes 4 (2 Guaranteed) Matches @ $2,000 over 2 Years

1-0 “The Unbreakable” Gideon Navarro 4 (2 Guaranteed) Matches @ $1,200 over 2 Years

2-0 Heikichi Shimizu 4 (2 Guaranteed) Matches @ $17,500 over 2 Years




7-0 Alex “Ace in the Hole” Cole 3 (2 Guaranteed) Matches @ $2,250 over 2 Years

16-4 “Mr. Awesome” Carl Ratcliffe 5 (3 Guaranteed) Matches @ $3,250 over 45 Months

4-0 Ethan “The Terror” Sutton 4 (2 Guaranteed) Matches @ $2,250 over 2.5 Years

3-0 Isaiah “Thump” Monroe 4 (2 Guaranteed) Matches @ $1,800 over 2 Years

2-0 Kadonomaro Deguchi 4 (2 Guaranteed) Matches @ $2,000 over 2 Years

12-6 Leonardo da Costa 4 (3 Guaranteed) Matches @ $3,750 over 3 Years


3-0 Ramon da Silva Ramos 4 (2 Guaranteed) Matches @ $2,250 over 2 Years


Light Heavyweights:

7-0-1 Guillermo “T-Bone” Morales 4 (2 Guaranteed) Matches @ $2,500 over 2 Years

3-0 Gustavo Spagnol 4 (2 Guaranteed) Matches @ $2,500 over 2 Years

4-0 Nilton Fantoni 4 (2 Guaranteed) Matches @ $3,000 over 2 Years


3-0 Ranieri “Martelo” Fernanda 4 (2 Guaranteed) Matches @ $2,000 over 2 Years



34-12 Christopher “The Knife” Sharp 4 (3 Guaranteed) Matches @ $3,250 over 3 Years


13-6 Ilson de Lima 3 (2 Guaranteed) Matches @ $3,250 over 2 Years

1-0 “The Great Japanese Hope” Kanezane Fujii 3 (2 Guaranteed) Matches @ $1,800 over 2 Years

16-4 “Stormin’” Norman Pike 4 (2 Guaranteed) Matches @ $3,500 over 2.5 Years

1-0 Tomoji “HULK” Takaoka 3 (1 Guaranteed) Matches @ $8,000 over 21 Months


In actuality, it looks like Alex Jones has peppered some quality veteran names in along the nubile prospects this time around. Names such as heavyweights Christopher Sharp and Norman Pike, judo star Heikichi Shimizu and reigning Rookie of the Year Ethan Sutton should bolster a GAMMA lineup that is suddenly full of young projects.


FLB Swoops in on Julio Correa


Julio Correa originally had his bags packed to Vegas. Just a few days ago, he got a personal call from Alex Jones himself, expressing his desire to sign Correa to an exclusive contract. Today, Correa is unpacking those bags and tucking them back into his shelves. He’s staying home.


“I was looking forward to the opportunity to fight in the big leagues,” Correa said through a translator. Instead of signing Correa to a contract, GAMMA called Correa at his home in Fortaleza to tell him that they were no longer interested in his services. “I heard about dozens of other fighters getting calls from Jones, getting told they weren’t going to be offered contracts after all,” remarked Correa. “I just never thought I was gonna be joining them.”


Unlike his fellow GAMMA rejects, Correa finds himself with a job this afternoon. After hearing news of GAMMA’s withdrawal, FLB President Clodomil Dualib rushed to sign the 6-0 Vale Tudo fighter. “We’re excited to have him,” said Dualib. “We hope this incident burns a fire in Julio’s gut to make all of his detractors pay for doubting him. I’d be worried if I were a Heavyweight in the FLB.”



BCF Sign Countryman Lennox


British Cage Fighting introduced its newest addition to their growing Lightweight division today with the signing of Muay Thai expert Rupert Lennox. With only one MMA fight under Lennox’s belt so far, BCF officials are anxious to put Britain’s greatest Muay Thai product to the test inside the cage.


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January 11, 1998


BCF Announce Event in February


BCF CEO Robyn Bleasdale today announced their first event of 1998, scheduled to take place on Tuesday, February 9th in London. No matches have been announced yet; check back tomorrow for the full rundown on who will be fighting whom.

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January 12, 1998


As GAMMA Signs Fighters, Another PPV Provider Rejects Them


Today GAMMA signed another fighter, Thai Heavyweight Boxer Khru Duangjan. Today, GAMMA also got rejected by another media outlet, this time small-PPV provider American Option. Just call it another day in the Alex Jones GAMMA era.


In what is becoming all-too-familiar for new GAMMA’s new CEO, Lance Decker shelled out a thousand dollar signing bonus to a fighter who will be fighting for solely a live octagon-side audience. Jones, as was the case when this same incident happened with USA Free Choice, would not admit defeat, promising to establish a deal with their next (and presumably last) option in Public Access Select. We hope for the sake of American MMA fans, and Alex Jones’ sanity/job, that GAMMA will not be given the black screen come February 13th.



BCF Announces Matches for Kitson vs. Hornsby


9-0 “The Bad Element” Curt Kitson vs. 11-3 Daniel “The Stud” Hornsby for the BCF Light Heavyweight Title

Judoka and amateur boxer turned British Cage Fighting titlist Curt Kitson will put his Light Heavyweight strap on the line for the first time since his surprise win over veteran George Laurent last June. Facing him is Ground and Pound specialist Daniel “The Stud” Hornsby. After the initial surprise over George Laurent’s demise, its apparent that Kitson has developed into BCF’s best Light Heavyweight and should dispatch of Hornsby with relative ease.

BlurCat Prediction: Kitson by Submission




14-4 Perry “Bruiser” Barr vs. 6-0 “The Beast From Birmingham” Rav Kapur in the Heavyweight Division

The only thing that will be being bruised when these two Brits match up is Barr’s face.

BlurCat Prediction: Kapur by KO



4-0 “The Not-So-Gentle Giant” Fritz Phipps vs. 15-4 Carter “The Kiwi” Potter in the Heavyweight Division

This one looks like it could go the distance, with the never winded Carter Potter wearing down the big Ground and Pound artist.

BlurCat Prediction: Potter by Decision



12-5 “The Baby-Faced Assassin” Steven Griffin vs. 16-2 Vikram “Punishment” Sithalayan in the Welterweight Division

Griffin is no match for BCF’s top Welterweight. This one should be over early.

BlurCat Prediction: Sithalayan by Submission



12-5 Hans-Peter Schneider vs. 13-6 “The Demon From Derbyshire” Andrew Rush in the Middleweight Division

A classic matchup of a wrestler with little finishing ability (Schneider) versus a quality striker who lacks any semblance of takedown defense or ground game (Rush). We’ll give Rush the slight edge in a back-and-forth matchup.

BlurCat Prediction: Rush by TKO



16-3 “British Beef” Vic Millican vs. 10-5 Howard Pursglove in the Heavyweight Division

In what should prove to be an entertaining stand-up battle, street brawler Millican should teach a thing or two to the boxer from Rowley Regis.

BlurCat Prediction: Millican by TKO



9-4 George “Full Force” Astaire vs. 8-5 “Smilin’” Ignatius Hepfinger in the Lightweight Division

Judoka Astaire looks to build on his modest winning streak with an easy submission victory over the out-gunned Hepfinger.

BlurCat Prediction: Astaire by Submission


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January 13, 1998


ALPHA-1 Announces Show on Same Day as GAMMA


In news that one can choose to read deeper into than may be necessary, ALPHA-1 CEO Meiji Nishimura today announced the Japanese promotion’s first event of the year, which is to take place on February 13th, the same day as GAMMA 22. It is not certain whether this move was intentional or purely coincidental. If it is the former, than GAMMA CEO Alex Jones sure knows how to rile up an opponent quickly.


GAMMA Grinds Out Three More Signings


Another day, another slew of GAMMA signings. In what GAMMA CEO Alex Jones promised to be GAMMA’s fourth, third, and second-to-last signings in their year-opening spree, Featherweights Britt Dickering and Heiko Pander and Middleweight Tora Mizwar were introduced before the clicks of camera shutters this afternoon. Mizwar, the world’s 20th ranked Middleweight in BlurCat’s ranking system, joins an extremely stacked division in which over half of the world’s top 25 Middleweights reside.


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January 14, 1998


ALPHA-1 Card Headlined by Welterweight Title Bout


Last February we saw then little-known Brazilian Muay Thai phenom Carlos da Guia walk out of the Tokyo Dome with the ALPHA-1 Welterweight title that Ichisake Miyagi had called his for almost 2 years. A year later, we will see the snarling Welterweights lock arms again.


After knocking out challenger Simon Vine in his first title defense, Carlos da Guia set his eyes upon the Japanese grappler who felt he never should have lost his belt. Da Guia, who has publically stated his ire in the media’s perceived bias against him (“I’m 15-0, Welterweight champion in the world’s biggest promotion, and I’m the #4 fighter in my class?”), is looking to prove to his detractors that he’s the world’s finest at 170. Miyagi, on the other hand, pays no attention to the media. “I’ve got one thing on my mind,” growls the aptly nicknamed Devil in Blue, “getting back my damn title.”


Here’s the complete rundown of next month’s 8 fight card:


15-0 Carlos da Guia vs. 21-3 “The Devil in Blue” Ichisake Miyagi for the ALPHA-1 Welterweight Title

In what could prove to be a brilliant battle of young Welterweight studs (it’s easy to forget these guys are 26 and 25 respectively), da Guia has the slight upper hand. His striking and clinch game may be the world’s best at 170 and has a good enough sprawl to keep the fight upright. Miyagi, a brilliant wrestler with a chin made of graphite, should be able to put up a competent fight and make it through to the final bell; however his quest to regain the Welterweight title for Japan will likely die in the ring.

BlurCat Prediction: da Guia by Decision



8-2 Chojiro Goto vs. 10-0-1 Fukusaburu Hirano in the Welterweight Division

Young superstar in the making Fukusaburu Hirano faces Muay Thai aficionado Chojiro Goto. This match was tailor-made for Hirano, as his slight Welterweight frame looks monstrous compared to Goto’s 5’6” self.

BlurCat Prediction: Hirano by TKO



8-0 “Monster Moto” Ryosei Sakamoto vs. 27-2 Zvonimir “The Croatian Sensation” Asanovic in the Light Heavyweight Division

Undefeated wrestler Ryosei Sakamoto is a nice fighter but he is not in Asanovic’s, the world’s #4 P4P fighter, league. The only true suspense here is to what will be left of Monster Moto’s face after they’re introduced to the Croatian’s four deadly appendages.

BlurCat Prediction: Asanovic by KO



22-10 Ieyoshi Yama****a [Over Cautious Auto-Edit Fail] vs. 22-6-2 Bambang Sriyanto in the Light Middleweight Division

A great battle between two very solid competitors with vastly difference fighting styles: Yama****a plans his attacks out carefully, waiting for the right moment to shoot in for tactical takedowns; Sriyanto comes out with fists, knees, and elbows flying, looking to take his opponent out of rhythm. We give the slight advantage to Sriyanto, although Yama****a could easily take this if he’s able to take Bambang down.

BlurCat Prediction: Sriyanto by KO



23-7 Ari “The Finnisher” Peltonen vs. 14-10 Takafumi “Dump Truck” Ando in the Heavyweight Division (Prelim)

The ailing Ando should prove no match of the world’s #9 Heavyweight. Peltonen early and often.

BlurCat Prediction: Peltonen by TKO



11-5 Felipe Luiz Rosa vs. 22-2 Armen “A-Game” Sarkisian in the Heavyweight Division (Prelim)

Just as lopsided – if not more so – a contest as Peltonen vs. Ando, Sarkisian should look to go for the takedown and tap out early to spare the live audience needless foreplay.

BlurCat Prediction: Sarkisian by Submission



7-0 Tadao Miyazaki vs. 29-13 Atshushi “Iron Man” Nakajima in the Middleweight Division (Prelim)

The Iron Man will put up a respectable fight but will eventually be finished the karate phenom almost half his age.

BlurCat Prediction: Miyazaki by KO



7-0 Naizen Hamacho vs. 7-2 Mikio Inouye in the Lightweight Division (Prelim)

In a battle of two kick boxers, the younger, more talented Hamacho should test Inouye’s suspect chin with some sweet chin music.

BlurCat Prediction: Hamacho by KO


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January 15, 1998


Selton de Oliveira to Fight League Brazil


Brazilian Lightweight veteran Selton de Oliveira signed a 2 year, 3 fight contract for $1,000 a fight with the Brazilian promotion today, sources tell BlurCat. A kick boxer who is good at kicking and not too much else, de Oliveira should put on some entertaining matches, and maybe deliver a highlight KO or two, for FLB’s passionate Brazilian fans


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January 16, 1998


GAMMA Signs Young Judoka


In what Alex Jones promised to be their last signing for quite some time, GAMMA finalized a 2 year deal with 23 year old Light Heavyweight Toby Sorkin. Sorkin, a polarizing yet dominant figure in the world of Judo, will begin his 4 fight, half of which are guaranteed, contract making $2,250 a match. Time will tell if the self-titled (and annoyingly so) “Judoka Who’ll Choke Ya” will dominate GAMMA as he has the judo circuit.



XCC, Ashton Andrews Agree to Terms


A resilient fighter, Ashton Andrews joined Xtreme Cage Combat today with the hopes of not getting the snot beat out of him. We’ll let you know how that goes for him over the next 3 contracted fights.


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January 17, 1998


GAMMA Gets on Airwaves

Finally, GAMMA’s search for a pay-per-view provider has fallen on audible ears. GAMMA announced today that they have come to terms with Public Access Select on a 6 show deal starting immediately. While it wasn’t the big media splash that CEO Alex Jones had hoped for when he started his quest to broadcast GAMMA over the air, it is finally a resolution and, most importantly, GAMMA finally gets an avenue to show off their product.


GAMMA’s Average Waistline Shrinking


A day after ending their 1998 signing spree with yesterday’s inking of Toby Sorkin, Alex Jones announced a “significant shifting of the makeup of GAMMA’s weights divisions.” After ending their free agent barrage with a virtually empty Featherweight division, MMA analysts expected widespread changes to take place, which is precisely what was announced today.


The biggest changes happened in the smallest weight classes, as 7 natural Lightweight competitors are being forced to slice an extra 10 pounds off for fight nights. Included in the soon-to-be-hankering-for-a-cheeseburger list are Brandon “Sugar Rush” Sugar, currently ranked #4 in BlurCat’s Lightweight rankings, and Canadian wrestler H.M. Menzel, ranked 24th in his now-former weight class.



The transfer of fighters from Lightweight to Featherweight caused a ripple effect, as 8 Welterweights were yanked down to Lightweight, including globally ranked warriors “Dangerous” Darin Blood and Alan “Flash” Kendall, and 5 Middleweights went to Welterweight, Ethan “The Terror” Sutton and Jonathon “The Locust” Huang among them. SlimFast is reportedly seeking a big-time sponsorship deal with the now decidedly weight-conscious promotion.



BCF Stays on the Isle, Signs Two

Stereotypes were fulfilled today as BCF signed a highly touted British wrestler, Ron Chuckle, and a “competent but deeply unmemorable” Irish brawler, Dennis Gallagher. Time will tell whether these lads will break the mold that destiny has designed for them

or will indeed conquer half the world and someday be a good-hearted, fight-loving, alcohol-dependant washed up mixed martial artist, respectively.



WEFF Adds Two to Stable

Women’s Extreme Fighting Federation announced the signing of Jiu Jitsu artist Gianna Russo and Canadian prospect Piper Evergood at a news conference in Montreal today.



Tan Su Joins KDM FC

Chinese brawler Tan Su, owner of an 8-6 pro record, joined KDM FC today amid little fanfare. Su, an entertaining yet wholly below-average fighter, should provide Asian MMA fans with quick, exciting knockout victories and defeats in KDM FC’s early matches in his initial 3 fight (2 guaranteed) contract.


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