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UFC Super 6

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In breaking news . . . UFC President Dana White has announced the UFC Super Six Light Heavyweight Tournament in conjunction with a new TV deal with Showtime!


Here are some highlights from the press conference:


Reporter: Dana, why a Super 6 tournament and why now?


Dana: As a boxing fan I really loved the idea of Showtime’s Super 6 Boxing Classic and thought that it would work well for our organization. That coupled with the fact that our Light Heavyweight Division is stacked made now the time to put something like this together.


Reporter: Are you worried about injuries?


Dana: Well, it is a concern, but, really, this business has so many moving parts that I tend to only worry about the things that I can control. We do, however, have two injury alternates should that situation present itself.


Report: Can you give us some details about the format?


Dana: Absolutely. The tourney will open with 3 preliminary rounds to determine the top 4 Light Heavyweights and after we advance to that stage the tourney will take on a more traditional 4 man bracket structure. The prelims will be based on the same scoring system as the Boxing Classic, so fighters will get 1 point for a decision victory and two points for a KO, TKO or Submission. The 4 fighter with the highest point value will then move on to the Semi-finals.


Reporter: Is this a one-shot deal or are you planning on running tournaments in all of your weight classes?


Dana: Yeah, that's the plan, but we will see how this one goes first.


See below for the participants and preliminary round schedules!




Preliminary Schedule:


Round 1:

Jon Jones Vs. Rampage Jackson for the Light Heavyweight Title

Rashad Evans Vs. Phil Davis

Shogun Rua Vs. Lyoto Machida


Round 2:

Jon Jones Vs. Rashad Evans

Rampage Jackson Vs. Shogun Rua

Lyoto Machida Vs. Phil Davis


Round 3:

Jon Jones Vs. Lyoto Machida

Rampage Jackson Vs. Rashad Evans

Shogun Rua Vs. Phil Davis

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Breaking Down the Preliminary Matchups with Dana White.


Reporter: Dana, in the opening round of the tournament, you have Lyoto Machida scheduled to fight Mauricio Rua. Why do fans want to see a 3rd fight between these two fighters?


Dana: That's a great question given the nature of their first two fights, but, with each fighter progressing greatly as mixed martial artists, we felt that a 3rd fight would deliver in ways that the previous two did not. I agree though, we are asking our fans to trust us on this one.


Reporter: Who do you have winning the fight?


Dana: Six months ago I would have said Rua emphatically, but, as I mentioned, each is progressing so much, and with Rua coming off a difficult loss, I think it's a toss up and I know it is going to be the best fight of the trilogy.


Reporter: So, are you giving Shogun the edge in this one?


Dana: No, I think Machida is going to win, but, like I said, it really is a toss up and I honestly don't know what to expect.




The opening match of the preliminaries between Lyoto Machida and Mauricio Rua will be broadcast live on Showtime as part of a card featuring Rashad Evans Vs. Phil Davis and Jon Jones Vs. Rampage Jackson for the LHW Strap!

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Reporter: Dana, with all the build-up to Rashad Evans Vs Phil Davis, do you think it will live up to the hype?


Dana: That fight will be fierce. It not only will live up to the hype, it will surpass it. Phil Davis is poised for a breakout, and Rashad is primed to stop that from happening, so something's got to give.


Reporter: Do you think that Evans should instead get a shot at the title?


Dana: No question he is deserving and in a bad spot, but we believe that Rampage also deserves a crack at it, so we chose to go in that direction. Rashad isn't necessarily happy with how this has shaken down, but he is in the tourney and as such can win it all.


Reporter: Who do you have winning it?


Dana: The tourney?


Reporter: No, the matchup between Evans and Davis.


Dana: Look, I like Rashad as a fighter, but right now my gut tells me that Davis will win, and, honestly, I think he has a shot to win the whole thing.


Reporter: Any news on other Super 6 Tourney's?


Dana: Right now, we have some things in the works regarding TUF and changing its format to something similar. As we look at this thing more, we will have a better understanding about whether or not this format is going to be the direction we take our future events or not. One thing is for sure though, we will be doing this in other weight classes, it is just up in the air regarding where we start. We are open to suggestions, of course.




The Evans Vs. Davis tilt will be a co-feature on the upcoming Super 6 on Showtime event! Stay tuned!

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Reporter: In the first round of your Light Heavyweight Super 6 Tournament you have Jon Jones putting his title on the line against Rampage Jackson while many fans believe that Rashad Evans should take his place. Why did you make this fight and why now?


Dana: Well, obviously, there were some injury concerns that came up wen we initially attempted to get Jon Jones and Rashad synced up for a fight, and when we put this thing together, giving the events that have occurred since we thought this fight, Jones Vs. Rampage, made more sense. We also think it is the better fight aesthetically and we wanted it as a headliner to get this started off with a bang.


Reporter: Who do you have winning the fight?


Dana: It's hard, given his recent history, to bet against Jones, but Rampage, and really any fighter in the field, has the tools to beat Jon Jones. The question that we will get an answer to is if Rampage can utilize the skill set required to beat this kid. I have no doubt that he has the ability, but I haven't seen anyone who has been able to use their best tools against Bones Jones yet and I have no reason to believe this will be any different.


Reporter: Have you made any progress towards launching the Super 6 series into your other divisions?


Dana: Yes. We will most likely schedule the next Super 6 in our Bantamweight Division and then will go to Middle or Welter. Right now there is a lot of contractual stuff to sift through and when that dust has settled we will make a definitive announcement concerning which direction we have decided to go in.


Reporter: Previously, you alluded to an announcement regard TUF. Do you have any news on that?


Dana: Sure, we are still exploring the option of running our next TUF in a format similar to the Super 6, but, right now we are really trying to figure out how to do that in a compelling way given its status as a reality show. We are still in brainstorming mode on that one, but we are getting closer.


Jones Vs. Rampage




Round 1:

Jon Jones Vs. Rampage Jackson for the Light Heavyweight Title

Rashad Evans Vs. Phil Davis

Shogun Rua Vs. Lyoto Machida

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