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WWE: Next In Charge

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Following the Raw Roulette edition of Raw held on July 4th, which featured Shawn Michaels returning to the WWE, had a major setback that would change the WWE and the industry. It was a story that was quickly picked up by several news outlets and was confirmed on WWE.com on Tuesday morning that Vince McMahon had a possible a heart-attack or stroke and was currently at the hospital having tests run. This left Tuesday's Smackdown in a chaotic motion but Stephanie, the daughter of Vince, stepped up to the plate and brought order via phone from the hospital. The Smackdown show went on as usual without any formal update regarding the WWE chairman.


Triple H was being groomed to eventually take his father-in-law's position in the company and due to the spell of Vince's health, he was being pushed to take the position until the health of Vince would become more clear. This brought some questioning if Triple H was ready to take such a position, but it would soon be answered.


Paul, aka Triple H, contacted several of his friends to help him bring the company to a place its never been and make Vince proud until he returns. They jumped on board and were hired in various positions in the company. Friday's house show had been canceled with a full refund to all those who had paid, and in its place Paul would have a meeting with all WWE talent to share the next steps for the company to go while Vince is in the hospital.


Paul would tell the talent that everyone would need to step up. Vince was in the midst of making roster cuts, but due to the events that has happened, Paul promised not to make cuts at the moment but would be watching very closely and in the next few days he would be making some tough decisions.



With only 6 days until WWE's next pay per view event, Money in the Bank, Paul had to quickly build more matches on just two shows. During Monday Night Raw, it was announced that John Cena would end up teaming with Randy Orton against challengers CM Punk and Christian. Following the match, Cena looked to not be walking very well and was holding his knee as the show went off the air. PWinsider got the news back by Tuesday afternoon that Cena had gotten x-ray's and will be sidelined for at least 3 months. The good news out of that was they would allow him to wrestle at the pay per view but limited action. This meant WWE's biggest star would miss one of the biggest pay per view's of the summer, SummerSlam.


Paul was also trying to get CM Punk to stay within the company the pay per view would either end with a champion who can't defend the belt, or a champion whose contract ends the next day.


Monday Night also featured Michael Cole announcing that the anonymous Raw GM was being fired by WWE's new chairman, Triple H. And a new Raw GM would be announced that evening. When turmoil began as to who would be involved on Raw's MITB match, the new Raw GM came out to fix the issues. It was non other than Shawn Michaels. He decided to to announce not only the MITB match itself, but all Raw matches on the pay per view. It would be John Cena against CM Punk for the WWE title, The Miz vs. Alex Riley, Dolph Ziggler would defend the IC title against Kofi Kingston, and the MITB match would feature Alberto Del Rio, Evan Bourne, R-Truth, Zack Ryder, Big Show, Rey Mysterio, Jack Swagger, and Chris Jericho.


It was announced on Smackdown that Teddy Long would be taking a leave of absence for a few months and a replacement would be announced in the evening. To continue Paul's circle and to stir things up to his vision, Kevin Nash was announced as Smackdown's new GM. Kevin announced he would top Raw and his good friend Shawn's MITB match with Smackdown's MITB match, which would feature Sheamus, Daniel Bryan, Wade Barrett, Mark Henry, Sin Cara, Cody Rhodes, Ted Dibiase, and the man who is making his return to Smackdown tonight, The Undertaker.


The Undertaker agreed to come back early to help the company in its rough state and to help carry the load on the Smackdown roster.


Overall, both shows came across successful and increased the pre-order buyrate of the pay per view with both returns of The Undertaker and Chris Jericho, and the uncertainity outcome of the WWE Title match.



It was being announced that due to budget cuts and internal issues going on with TNA/Impact Wrestling, several were going to be released. With several stars coming from TNA to the WWE and having made friendships, the influence was strong. Especially with Kevin Nash being friends with Paul and being an influence.


Lips were being sealed as to who was being released within the company because they were in fear of things back-biting them. Dixie Carter confirmed on her twitter that she was indeed gone from the company and would miss the business and friends she had made along the way. She also mentioned the issues that was going on and that she expected the company to lose much ground very soon.



The entire pay per view was built around excitement. The announcement was made on WWE.com that the Undertaker would open with a promo regarding his future and his return to the company. It would begin approximately 10 minutes before it was suppose to so it would not interfere in the normal pay per view. Some questioned the move to open with a promo, similar to what is done on their weekly shows, but they were willingly to give it a chance.


During the promo, Undertaker mentioned his body being broken and not having much more left to give, but was still unsure when he would leave his yard. In the midst of his promo, Michael McGillicuty came out to interrupt him. Michael shared that his father knew Taker and said he was a sad excuse of talent. Michael said he's not a part of Nexus, and he's definitely not Michael McGillicuty. He would change his name to his real name, Joe Hennig. He would be known as the perfect son.. the son of Mr. Perfect. As the Undertaker was warning him, out came Ted Dibiase. Ted shared what his father taught him about the Undertaker too. Then out came Cody Rhodes. The three all began trashing the Undertaker and how it was his time to leave the business. The three jumped the Undertaker at the start of the show, using chairs and weapons to keep him down.


Nobody knew what to think of the start, but had many questions raised.


The show featured some good matches, including both Money in the Bank Ladder Matches.


Money In The Bank 2011 Quick Results


WWE Championship Match

CM Punk defeated John Cena to become the NEW WWE Champion


WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match

Christian defeated Randy Orton to become the NEW World Heavyweight Champion


RAW Money In The Bank

Chris Jericho defeated Alberto Del Rio, Big Show, Evan Bourne, Jack Swagger, R-Truth, Rey Mysterio, and Zack Ryder


Alex Riley defeated The Miz


WWE United States Championship Match

Dolph Ziggler defeated Kofi Kingston to retain the Intercontinental Championship


Smackdown Money In The Bank

Daniel Bryan defeated Sheamus, Daniel Bryan, Wade Barrett, Mark Henry, Sin Cara, Cody Rhodes, Ted Dibiase, and The Undertaker

The Undertaker came out during his entrance but was attacked again by Joe, Ted, and Cody and was unable to make it to the ring. Sheamus didn't show up, as him and Drew left the arena after their tag team victory.


WWE Team Team Championship Match

Sheamus & Drew McIntyre defeated David Otunga & Mason Ryan and Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov to become NEW Tag team champions

Santino turned on Vladimir during the match



Following a successful pay per view, WWE.com shared with its viewers releases that were taking place which included: Chris Masters, Curt Hawkins, David Otunga, Jey & Jimmy Uso, JTG, Primo, Rajin Singh, Tamina, The Great Khali, Vladimir Kozlov, and Yoshi Tatsu.


With a big chunk being released, the company has getting others signed to push it to where it should have been. The word was spread that Vince did not approve of these releases and was furious at some. He was said to be ready to come back and undo the changes but the hospital would not release him.


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Paul continues to be an influence of change regarding the WWE company. While he wants it to remain a family show, he is hoping to add a slight edge but keeping the product a broad spectrum. With that being said, Impact Wrestling continues to take a small nose dive at losing its biggest star in Kurt Angle. The company is also releasing a few knockouts since the Hogan-Bischoff era has not been very fond of the division in the first place. This continues to push the Jarrett-Russo team in an uproar.


While Vince was not initially happy with the changes being made, including signings and releases, Paul was able to get a meeting with him to share his thoughts and plans for the future. Shawn and Kevin both accompanied Paul to meet with Vince. The meeting went well and Vince approved of what was happening and going to happen. The feeling is Vince will test Paul to see if he can handle all of what comes with the company, along with the pros and cons that come with it.


The other changes being made is that the company, though cost effective, will make all shows live for the time being for a special test-run. As for the reason why, Paul stated to WWE.com, "There's something about performing live. No cover ups. No edits. You mess up, it's known. Plus the adrenaline is there. It may not be a permanent move, we're just testing the waters." He also revealed that a third brand would be on the USA Network on Tuesday evenings at 8pm starting in September. The name is not yet known but its possible to use the NXT name for the brand and do away with the 'NXT' concept. Paul mentions the reason for re-adding a third brand is to feature new talent who needs experience in front of thousands of fans, television, and so the management can see who they have.


He also mentioned their goal is for each brand to be unique and not one brand be 'A' and the others a 'B' or 'C'. To do this, a new draft would be placed to shake things up tremendously. Paul said, "Competition is great for business. It brings out the best in everyone. Since there is none anymore and Vince bought the competition, why not reinvent that drive, that passion, within your own company when you have the resources to do it. The biggest issue we have to face when doing three featured 'A' programming brands is pay per views. While the guys are competing, overall its the same company, so you don't want to lose money. That would never be good. So we'll see."


Steve Austin has decided to be a part of building new talent and has spoken about the interest in Triple H. As it seems right now, Steve will be having a part time role in scouting current WWE talent and testing new talent, similar to what he did on Tough Enough.



In a shocking twist of events going on, it appears the WWE has hired former TNA President Dixie Carter. The role is not yet known but she announced it via her twitter, 'weirder things have happened but this is weird. i signed with wwe.' Because of her change, it seems several who liked her in the TNA company, are requesting for their release in hopes she can get them a spot in the WWE.


Mick Foley has also been signed, but it will be a legend contract, similar to what Steve Austin and Kevin Nash have. There doesn't seem to be an on-air role for Mick in the WWE at the moment.





Raw opened with CM Punk walking out with the WWE title in his hand. He couldn't help but mention John Cena being out for at least 3 months. Punk mentions Joe leaving Nexus and Otunga being released, which means its him and Mason. "The Nexus may look defeated or done. But it's just beginning. The weak are gone. Now life can begin." Jericho walks out, mentioning his win at MITB pay per view and cannot wait to cash in the briefcase. Punk challenges him to do it, but Jericho refuses. Shawn Michaels comes out to announce SummerSlam's Raw Main Event. CM Punk will defend his title against Chris Jericho.


A pre-commercial airs with the ocean hitting the sand, people running on the beach, and out of focus a lady laying in the sun. It cuts to teases of the lady's legs and arms, then it shows Layla laying out in the sun. She removes her sunglasses, "Flawless is coming to a TV near you."


Tag Team Match

Sheamus & Drew McIntyre defeated Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne

Following the match, Sheamus and Drew continued their assault until The World's Greatest Tag Team (Haas and Benjamin) came from the back to stop it


Shawn Michaels and Kevin Nash are backstage talking about draft picks. New WWE backstage interview lady, Leticia Clin, tries to get a word from both GM's. Shawn announces that in talking with Kevin, and two top superstars of each brand, they've decided to switch. All are in agreement with the switch which effects both World Title matches. Daniel Bryan has been drafted to Raw and will face CM Punk at SummerSlam, and Chris Jericho has been drafted to Smackdown and will face Christian at SummerSlam.


Singles Match

Rey Mysterio defeated Jack Swagger

In rare form, Mysterio grabbed a mic after his victory to issue a challenge at SummerSlam against Smackdown superstar Sin Cara.


Kelly Kelly is backstage talking to Gail Kim about the Divas championship. The Bella Twins come by and want them in a tag team match.


Shawn Michaels and Kevin Nash continue talking about draft trades. Shawn writes down a name and tells Kevin "you should get this guy". Kevin smiles and says "I should."


Tag Team Match

The Bella Twins defeated Kelly Kelly & Gail Kim

The Bella Twins were able to use their 'twin' gimmick to switch out while Kelly had the referees attention by accident.


Singles Match

Dolph Ziggler defeated Goldust

Goldust returned to the ring to face Dolph, but Dolph was able to get the victory over the golden one. As Dolph and Vickie are walking up the ramp, he backs into Zack Ryder who is standing on the ramp. When Dolph turns around, he informs Dolph he gets a title match next week on Raw, "woo.. woo..woo"


Punk is backstage talking to Mason about the Nexus. Punk informs Mason he's gone from the Nexus, his services are no longer needed. Mason stands up to face Punk but just ends up walking away. In walks Luke Gallows, as he and Punk embrace and Punk says 'Welcome to Nexus'.


R-Truth walks out to the ring talking about little jimmy, and grateful John Cena is gone from the WWE, but that he was just one problem Truth had. He claimed that since Triple H is in charge, he forgot about Truth or he's just threatened by him. He issues a challenge against Triple H next week on Raw.


Singles Match

Alberto Del Rio defeated Primo

After the match, Del Rio talked about ending the Big Show's career and he's free for a match at SummerSlam. He wants to issue an open challenge at SummerSlam to anyone who wants to lose. Kurt Angle's music hits as he walks out and gladly accepts.


Beth Phoenix runs into Daniel Bryan talking to Mason Ryan about a tag team match tonight. Beth wishes them good luck and asks if they have seen Kelly Kelly.


William Regal is talking to Sheamus and Drew McIntyre, telling them they have good talent and good aggression, but they need wisdom and guidance.


Shawn Michaels and Kevin Nash stand up and shake hands on coming to an agreement on the final draft picks for each brand.


Main Event: Tag Team Match

CM Punk & Luke Gallows defeated Daniel Bryan & Mason Ryan

Bryan mentioned he needed a partner and found a man who wanted to hurt Punk and his newest Nexus member Luke Gallows. Beth Phoenix came down and told Daniel Bryan he needed to go backstage, Kelly Kelly was hurt and was asking for him. Bryan left, then Beth hit Mason behind the head which led to Punk getting the GTS on Mason for the win. Beth, Gallows, and Punk held each others arms up in the air.


Bryan is backstage asking where Kelly Kelly was at, but he gets hit a metal pole by former WWE superstar, Kaval. Kaval is wearing a Nexus sweat arm band as the show fades.


SummerSlam 2011 Card (so far. subject to change)


WWE Championship Match

CM Punk © vs. Daniel Bryan


WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match

Christian © vs. Chris Jericho


Alberto Del Rio vs. Kurt Angle


Rey Mysterio vs. Sin Cara? (will Sin Cara accept?)


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The show opened without its normal intro while the Undertaker made his way to the ring. He addressed Dibiase, Rhodes, and Hennig about attacking him and mentions their fathers. Cody and Joe walk out from the back and begin speaking about they know his weakness like nobody else does. They can get the job done unlike Shawn Michaels, Diesel, Triple H.. the ones in charge. The Undertaker begins the reply about crossing dangerous grounds by entering his yard. Dibiase comes from the crowd with a chair and begins beating on the Undertaker, while Rhodes and Hennig join us. This brings out Kane, which the three men escaped. As the three young superstars walk up the ramp, Kevin Nash's music hits. He informs them that tonight in the main event, two of them will face The Undertaker and Kane.


Singles Match

Sin Cara defeated Chavo Guerrero

Following the match, Booker T gets in the ring and mentions to Sin Cara that Rey Mysterio has challenged him to a match at SummerSlam and encouraged him that it was a great opportunity. Booker asks Cara if he accepts, Cara nodded his head yes.


Kevin Nash is backstage at his desk as DH Smith and Tyson Kidd walk in. Kevin wants them to get back together, to work out any issues they have, because him and Shawn decided for each show to have their own tag team championships. If they are interested, tonight they can fight for the Smackdown Tag Team Titles against a new tag team. They agreed.


Singles Match

Maryse defeated A.J.


Leticia Clin is backstage with Randy Orton. Randy is not happy about the loss at Money in the Bank, and the fact that Jericho gets the title shot at Christian at SummerSlam. Wade Barrett cuts him off and tells him to stop crying and move on, and mouths that he's pathetic. Randy starts attacking Barrett.


Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel walk into Nash's office. Nash informs them he has good news and bad news. The good news is both of them have a match, the bad news is its against each other. The two look irritated and begin to leave but Nash tells them that wasn't all. He informs them there's more good and bad news. The good news is, the winner stays in WWE. The bad news, the loser gets to pack up and leave.


Loser Leaves WWE Match

Justin Gabriel defeated Heath Slater

After the match, the Justin tried to shake Heath's hand but Heath just walked off.


Christian is on camers looking to the side like he's talking to someone. He mentions how pathetic Randy is and it's good Barrett taught him a lesson before he could. He also says it's sad Chris was losing his fame and had to come back to WWE, but too bad it won't be long.


Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match

The Hart Dynasty defeated The Steiner Brothers

Rick and Scott argued a little bit before Scott finally got pissed off enough to just walk away to leave Rick to fight off both men.


A camera is shown outside WWE headquarters, where two guys in a far distance are walking with their rolling bags. You see the WWE logo on the building and hear "so, this is the WWE". The camera shows former TNA talents AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels. A medium pop from the crowd.


Maryse walks up to Ted, Cody, and Joe. She begins to flirt a bit with Ted again. Cody and Joe end up leaving the two together. Maryse says she misses him.


Intercontinental Championship Match

Joe Hennig defeated Ezekiel Jackson

Cody and Ted both got Ezekiel distracted for Joe to capitalize to get the victory.


Randy Orton walks in Nash's office upset. Orton said make a match with him and Barrett, then do what's right, put him in the title match at SummerSlam. Kevin makes two matches next week. Wade Barrett will face Chris Jericho, and Randy Orton will face Christian. If Barrett beats Jericho, he'll be added to the title match. If Randy beats Christian, he'll be added to the title match. It could end up being a singles, triple threat, or four-way. Randy smirks and walks outs.


As Randy walks out of the office, he spots Christian talking to Barrett. The two are laughing, then Randy starts running after them. They both get in a car and leave.


Main Event: Tag Team Match

Ted Dibiase & Cody Rhodes defeated Kane & The Undertaker

Joe and Maryse were both at ringside, helping Ted and Cody cheat a little bit. The Undertaker didn't do much in-ring action. At the end, all four men were fighting, then Maryse slipped in the ring and started smacking Dibiase. Finally, Ted and Cody and Maryse all were outside the ring. Ted was yelling at Maryse, when Maryse said "listen, listen!". The ring announcer DQ'd the Undertaker and Kane from interference from Maryse. Ted smiled and the two embraced as Kane and Undertaker looked pissed.


SummerSlam 2011 Card (so far. subject to change)


WWE Championship Match

CM Punk © vs. Daniel Bryan


WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match

Christian © vs. Chris Jericho


Alberto Del Rio vs. Kurt Angle


Rey Mysterio vs. Sin Cara



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It was stated that Vince McMahon should be cleared to return if all continues to go well by middle of December. Vince was actually at much disapproval for some actions Paul and Stephanie have taken, but was ironed out a bit when Paul met with him to explain the actions. Vince may continue to take a backseat role even upon his official clearance to return.


Paul has been talking to close friends about more changes he wants to make in the WWE. He has mentioned that WWE lacks strong veterans, but has a huge group of young talent that are ready to be groomed and take the torch. Paul was once again interviewed on WWE.com to go over several subjects. Below are blips from that interview:


WWE.com Mr. Levesque, or Triple H, it appears a new direction is slowly emerging in the company featuring more talent, younger talent, why the sudden change?


Paul "Triple H" Levesque The business must continue to evolve. It's a different animal that just entertainment and sports. We have to keep things fresh, exciting, unpredictable, and the vision must always be insight. That vision is to expand WWE to a broader audience, gain more interest in hardcore wrestling fans, and to build young talent. Let's face it, me, Taker, Show, and several others can't do this like we could. It's time to build some new faces, something we've struggled to do. It's time to take risks.


WWE.com Some were surprised at some of the releases made and some special hirings. What was the reasoning in that?


Paul "Triple H" Levesque I looked at all the talent with Shawn, Kevin, Waltman, and a few other guys just to see whose making things happen and whose not. We don't need a guy that can go out and wrestle, but not be entertaining. We don't need a guy that can entertain, but not wrestle. Either you have both or you don't. We can work on both areas some, but when you are given the opportunity, it'll show whether its there or not. That's all.


WWE.com Will we see Triple H return to the ring as a competitor or an on screen boss?


Paul "Triple H" Levesque Who knows. I'm not fully retired as an in-ring competitor, but I can't do what I use to. I'll come out when its time and when I'm needed, but until then, I'm fine where I'm at and what I'm doing.


WWE.com Final question. We know it's a ways off, but we can't help but ask, any big plans for Wrestlemania and The Undertaker's streak?


Paul "Triple H" Levesque Taker is pretty banged up physically, but I don't see that holding him back to defend the streak again at Wrestlemania. He's a tough son of a bitch. His opponent, we have a few we're eyeing right now but it depends on timing and if we can make it happen. We have several plans in place already for Wrestlemania. It's probably going to be the biggest Wrestlemania we've ever put on.


Some question whether Paul made a good choice by hiring Dixie Carter, but the decision was actually pushed by Kevin Nash and Mick Foley. Both men have worked for Dixie and have nothing but great things to say about her and her devotion to the business. She has a lot to learn but who better to learn from than the biggest wrestling company in the world. Dixie mentioned she would be helping talent with their hotels, car rentals, scheduling, and she even hinted she had her eye on a man and we may see her on TV.


The Steiner Brothers were working on a one night deal when they fought for the tag team championship on Smackdown against the return of the Hart Dynasty. Some expect Scott to stay around but there are currently no plans for either of them to. With that being said, nobody should be surprised to see one time deals to help move stories along or possibly see if someone has "it".


WWE is toying with the idea of bringing the War Games concept to its Survivor Series pay per view this year. The ideas being tossed around are a possible Divas War Games, Brand vs Brand War Games, or two teams fueding with each other. Nothing has been inked yet.





Ricardo Rodriguez is in the ring announcing Alberto Del Rio. Alberto comes out in a Aston Martin Vanquish vehicle. He gets out smiling, and walks to passenger side, opens the door to let out Rosa Mendes. The two give a peck kiss and walk to the ring together. Alberto gives his usual introduction about himself and mentions the lovely, Rosa, who is by his side now. He talks up himself and his accomplishments in the short time he's arrived, comparing it to his opponent at SummerSlam Kurt Angle. He even wonders if Kurt can still wrestle. Kurt should prove to him that he can still wrestle, by fighting someone whose been wanting a piece of him for years. Jack Swagger comes out trash talking Kurt, which brings Kurt out to accept a match with Jack in the evening.


Nexus members Punk, Gallows, and Phoenix are backstage. Punk is encouraging Luke about his match tonight with Mason, and to make an example out of him.


Regal is talking to Sheamus and Drew about last weeks victory and interference, that they need to make a statement before people think they can be run over.


Singles Match

Luke Gallows defeated Mason Ryan

Distraction from Beth caused CM Punk to attack Ryan to help Gallows score the win


The Miz slams open the door to Shawn's office demanding he be put in the championship match at SummerSlam. He deserves it. Shawn tells Miz the match is set already, but he better get ready because he has a match next. The Miz asks who and Shawn just smiles and waves bye.


Singles Match

The Miz defeated Big Daddy V

V made his WWE return as a surprise opponent for the Miz. The Miz couldn't do much with V's size, but was able to sneak some illegal blows and use a chair for the victory.


The Miz gets the microphone to demand Shawn give him a WWE title match tonight, or next week, and he isn't moving until Shawn answers. From the crowd, AJ Styles attacks Miz from behind and uses the Styles Clash to put him away.


A video is shown with a lady laying on a massage table oiled up, but covered in a towel. The camera pans out and Layla looks in the camera, 'Oh to be absolutely Flawless.'


Cameras go backstage as they show Sheamus, Drew, and Regal stomping on Charlie Haas, then leave.


Tag Team Match

Kelly Kelly & Gail Kim defeated The Bella Twins

Following the match, Santino came out to comfort the Bella Twins and say something to them. They all left the ring together.


Kurt Angle is preparing for his match with Swagger.


Singles Match

Kurt Angle defeated Jack Swagger

Alberto accidentally hit Jack, which Angle used and hit the Angle Slam for the win.


Vickie and Dolph are talking. Dolph says it's going to be just like a day off when he fights Zack Ryder tonight. Vickie informs Dolph that his United States championship is not on the line, because she made them realize Zack hasn't done anything to deserve it.


Singles Match Non-Title

Zack Ryder defeated Dolph Ziggler

Dolph controled most of the match and was taking it real easy. Relaxing on the turnbuckle, taking a break by talking to Vickie, jogging around the ring. At a point when Dolph was talking to Vickie, the two kissed and Zack ran behind Dolph, Vickie and Dolph bumped heads, and Zack rolled him up for the pinfall.


R-Truth comes out, wondering where Triple H is. He made the challenge but doesn't see Triple H. As a matter of fact, John Cena and Triple H have things in common, we can't see them right now because they fear R-Truth. Sean Waltman comes out, telling him Triple H is a busy man and has more things to do than mess with the unstable moron, R-Truth. Truth snaps and attacks Waltman.


Punk is shown on screen running to Shawn's office, and says Truth has to pay for the way he talks and acts. Put him in a match against, somebody who can teach him a lesson, Daniel Bryan. Shawn agrees and tells Truth to stay put, he has a match. Punk walks away smiling.


Main Event Singles Match

Daniel Bryan defeated R-Truth

Bryan locked in the LaBell lock but before Truth could tap, Punk came to the ring and began beating on Bryan. Truth joined in. Punk hands Truth a Nexus armband. Truth puts in on and the two are laughing as the show ends.

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Ted Dibiase, Cody Rhodes, Joe Hennig, and Maryse all come out first, as Dibiase and Cody prepare for a tag team match to open the show. They mention how much more intelligent they are compared to the so called legendary Undertaker and his brother who can't decide if he's evil or good, Kane. As they continue talking, the Hart Dynasty comes out for the match.


Tag Team Match

Hart Dynasty defeated Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes

Near the finish of the match, lights went off and a gong noise came over the sound system. When the lights came back on, Cody was laid out in the ring and Dibiase, Hennig, and Maryse left ringside. DH Smith then pinned Cody for the victory.


Wade Barrett and Christian are talking about their matches tonight.


Divas Singles Match

Natalya defeated Melina


Following the match, Kevin Nash came out to congratulate her on the victory. He mentions that he and Shawn have talked and come to an understanding to showcase more divas, so the women's title is coming back to Smackdown while Raw will keep its diva title. He's not a fan of tournaments and believes hard work pays off, so he announces and congratulates Natalya becoming the new Smackdown Women's Champion. They are interrupted by none other than former WWE women's champion, Lita. Lita wants to let Natalya know she met with Kevin earlier and shes signed to Smackdown and ready for the first title shot.


Mark Henry is backstage upset, saying he is leaving the building because apparently they have nothing for him tonight. He runs into Big Daddy V, the two have an eye stair, then V tells Henry to follow him to discuss business.


Singles Match

Sin Cara defeated Johnny Curtis

Rey Mysterio was at the announce table watching the match and sharing why he chose to challenge Sin Cara.


Dibiase, Rhodes, Hennig, and Maryse barge into Nash's office demanding Undertaker be punished for his actions tonight. Nash said there's no proof, unless they can get a confession out of him. Decides to make a match, Joe Hennig against Kane.


Singles Match

Joe Hennig defeated Kane

Good match, but the numbers played a roll with no sign of the Undertaker.


Leticia Clin begins to interview Wade Barrett, and about a possible friendship with Christian, but Barrett denies anything and the two are competitors who want the best competition.


Singles Match: If Barrett wins, he's added to title match at SummerSlam

Chris Jericho defeated Wade Barrett

Christian tried to help Barrett win but Jericho was able to keep Christian from doing anything.


Kaitlyn is backstage stretching for a match against her friend A.J. Another lady, whose unfamilar, walks up to Kaitlyn. She introduces herself as Season and is new to the WWE and Smackdown. Kaitlyn seems happy to introduce herself, Season hugs her and then plants a kiss on her lips. Kaitlyn looks uncomfortable as Season wishes her luck and leaves.


Divas Singles Match

Kaitlyn defeated A.J.

Season came out to ringside to watch the match. She blew a kiss at both ladies and left.


Justin Gabriel is walking backstage and bumps into AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels. Justin tells them to watch where they are going.


Main Event: Singles Match: If Orton wins, he's added to title match at SummerSlam

Christian defeated Randy Orton

Barrett was able to help keep Randy from pinning Christian after an RKO, which in turn helped Christian get an upper hand and beat Randy.

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The Nexus comes to the ring to start the show. Punk says, "I want to thank you, Luke, you R-Truth, and you, Beth, for holding true to the Nexus faith and lifestyle. You both have made me very happy. Beth, let me say that you're not a WWE Diva. You're a lady whose an animal, but with high morals, as a Nexus member should have. You are going to lead a parade of anti-wwe-divas to show them its not all about glamour, like Kelly Kelly thinks. And just to help you start your journey, I have a friend that wants to help you. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you.. the return of Serena!" Serena comes out, as her and Beth hug. "Now Luke, we already have the World Title in our hands. But, we need more. We have to control the WWE. I found you a partner, a man who was devoted to the original Nexus, but has also seen the light to join the new Nexus. Here is your new tag team partner, Mr. Skip Sheffield." Skip comes out to the ring very focused, as him and Luke shake hands. "And Truth, you.."


Daniel Bryan then comes out not smiling, standing at the ramp. "Nobody cares about Nexus anymore Punk. The more people you get just means the more people that have to get beaten up to get to you, and that's fine." Punk replies, "Well, if you think that so much Bryan, then how about you go find two 'divas' and three partners, and we'll have a 6 on 6 match." Bryan accepts, as the match is made for later.


Backstage, Haas and Benjamin are walking towards the ring gearing up for a singles match.


Singles Match: If Benjamin wins, TWGTT gets a title shot at Summerslam

Shelton Benjamin defeated Drew McIntyre


Bryan is backstage looking around to find a team to join him. He runs into Kurt Angle, and asks Kurt to join him. Kurt says he'd like to, but can't, as he has a match later.


The Miz is talking to Shawn Michaels, asking whose the kid that attacked him last week, and if he is in the WWE. Shawn tells him who it was, and that he has just signed a deal with the WWE and Raw. He can't explain why AJ attacked Miz last week, but if it were him, he'd call AJ out.


Divas Singles Match

Brie Bella defeated Eve Torres

Nikki wasn't at ringside, but Santino was. Santino and Brie embraced after the match.


Regal is trying to calm Sheamus and Drew down about defending the titles at SummerSlam. Regal tells them a injured team can't compete. Sheamus and Drew smile as they walk away.


The Miz comes to the ring and begins to call out the kid who attacked him, AJ Styles. He doesn't come out. The Miz gets frustrated and begins throwing things around, yelling into the microphone for him to come out. A camera is shown on the tron, as AJ is asking if this is The Miz's rental car. AJ begins hitting it with a baseball bat, and saying to the camera, "that can't be good". Then he smiles.


Bryan runs into Sheamus and Drew, and asks them to join his team for tonight. Sheamus tells him to move along, they are looking for Haas and Benjamin. Bryan then sees someone, and smiles. He walks up behind the person whose not on camera yet, and Bryan says, "Hey, not sure if you saw what happened earlier, but there's a guy named Skip Sheffield, he's talking junk about you. How he's a bigger freak than you are. I was thinking, I need a partner for tonight and.." The camera pans and Scott Steiner turns around. "I'll show him who the freak is, you got yourself a partner."


Divas Singles Match

Kelly Kelly defeated Alicia Fox


Sheamus and Drew look like they are sneaking up on Haas and Benjamin, but from behind they are splashed with koolaid, and TWGTT laughs and leaves.


Singles Match Rematch

Zack Ryder defeated Dolph Ziggler

Dolph got upset after the match and began beating Zack Ryder senseless.


Kurt Angle came to the ring for match, but Alberto came out to let him know a change of plans, and that Kurt wouldn't be facing Jack Swagger again tonight, but his personal ring announcer, Ricardo.


Singles Match

Kurt Angle defeated Ricardo Rodriguez


Raw's new backstage interviewer, Crystal Louthan, is with Daniel Bryan. She asks if he found a team yet since his match is next. Bryan says he trusts it'll all work out, and walks off.


12 Man Tag Team Match

The Nexus (CM Punk, Luke Gallows, Skip Sheffield, R-Truth, Beth Phoenix, Serena) defeated Daniel Bryan, Mason Ryan, Scott Steiner, Alex Riley, Candice Michelle, and Torrie Wilson

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