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Quick and Dirty (QnD) cuts - thoughts?

Quick and Dirty (QnD) cuts - thoughts?  

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  1. 1. Quick and Dirty (QnD) cuts - thoughts?

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Okay, so I'm very close to creating a pack of quick cuts based off of the 9000-verse which can be used temporarily, while we wait for proper cuts to be done. I have a few styles I'm tossing up between and would like to get you guy's input on the matter. I don't think any of the following three are perfect - they've all got pros and cons, however I thought it'd still be best to generate discussion.


(Keep in mind that even if a majority consensus comes about, I may still go against it if I discover something about it which won't work in the long run.. at the moment it's pretty much an even split in my mind but there's lots of variables at play which could affect things)


A quick note. Astute viewers may notice that they are different from my original tests in another thread, in that they have red bars on the top and bottom. These can be easily removed, although I kind of like the news-ticker/collector card effect they suggest.


Here are the following three styles (in a mock up vs screen, showing what they could kind of look like in-game):





Random chars





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Thanks for all the input guys, looks like a close call on the polls :D


I'm pretty confident which one will bring out the best results now, so all that's left is to actually do the work.


I'm in the process of separating my huge directory of pictures into various categories and getting rid of the weaker pics so the packs will be of a more manageable size. *sigh* Wish me luck, and hopefully I'll have something to put up soon

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Just to keep everyone in the loop on this: I've done some more old style cuts (mostly jobbers after seeing Adam's suggestions), and have successfully (?) categorized the files and deleted all the uneccessary pics.


As it stands, the categories look like this:


- 1,244 images

Anime & Manga
- 1,102 images - this includes...
(Vocaloids, OS-tans, etc) -171 images

- 1,400 images - this includes...

TV & Movie
(cartoons which have comics could be here or in comics, depends) - 137 images

- 131 images

(if you need an image to assign a custom) - 109 images

- 261 images

Video Games
- 567 Images

Real People
(celebrities, wrestlers, etc) - 106 images

- 39 images

(for anyone who has been sucked into it) - 37 images


All are in a comic, cartoon, or anime style (i.e., no photos and nothing which looks overly 3D rendered), and I've tried to make sure there's as little bloat as possible, meaning that most characters will only have one picture unless it's a potentially useful variant or alter-ego of their character. That said, the numbers are still kind of misleading; it's such a small drop in the bucket as to the characters which aren't in it. Hopefully it'll get people started though!


Looking at those number, I'll likely split the Video Game pics into their own pack, but outside of that, that's how the categories will be. I'd love to be able to split it between DC, Marvel, and Indies, but I just don't have the time for it. Likewise, due to time constraints I'm not able to go and rename everything back to the base name (so some will be _alt02 or whatever because it was the best picture out of all of them).


(If anyone wants to do the above for me before it goes public, I wouldn't turn down the offer, although I'm just as fine releasing it as is)


So all I have to do is set up some photoshop batch automation magics happening, upload what I imagine will be a lot of megabytes, and voila, we'll be good to go :D

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