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World Wrestling Federation 1987: A Change In History

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Superstars of Wrestling



WWF World Heavyweight Championship

Hulk Hogan© vs. King Kong Bundy


WWF World Tag Team Championships

The Hart Foundation© vs. The British Bulldogs


WWF Intercontinental Championship

Randy Savage© vs. Jake Roberts




Wrestling Challenge



The Wild Samoans vs. The Can-Am Connection


Lanny Poffo vs. Magnificent Muraco

Demolition vs. The Killer Bees

Bob Orton Jr. Will See Action!!

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WWF Presents: Superstars of Wrestling, Week 1 March 1987


Heenan & Hercules

Bobby Heenan and his client, Hercules come out to address the crowd. Heenan does most of the talking (shocker) as he taunts and berades Billy Jack Haynes. Heenan claims that Hercules is the master of the "Full Nelson", not Haynes.

Segment Rating: Seventy



WWF Intercontinental Championship

Randy Savage© vs. Jake Roberts


Randy Savage started this match by stalling, avoiding Roberts at all costs. When the two finally locked up, it was all Roberts until Savage got a thumb to The Snake's eye.


Savage in control, he worked over Roberts' right arm, hoping to avoid the dreaded 'DDT'. With Roberts lying prone on the ground, Savage made the mistake of going up top instead of staying on the attack. Macho Man leaped off, the elbow primed to strike, but Roberts moved at the last second.


Both men to their feet, Roberts ducks a Savage clothesline, hits a boot to the gut and grabs Savage, readying the DDT. Randy fights him off, pushing him against the ropes. Savage grabs the ref to avoid Roberts on the rebound. Roberts points at Savage, telling him to stop being a coward, when suddenly The Honky Tonk man runs down and dives in the ring.


Honky Tonk Man hits Roberts with a low blow from behind and escapes out of the ring before the ref turns around. Savage rolls Roberts up, even grabbing the tights for the 3 count.


Winner: Randy Savage @ 11:10

Match Rating: Eighty



King Harley Race Speaks


Harley Race is backstage and speaks on and on about how much better he is than the Junkyard Dog. He taunts JYD relentlessly, really driving home that he could beat JYD anyime, anywhere.

Segment Rating: Eighty-Four



Koko & Butch Get Into It


Koko B. Ware is walking backstage, turns a corner, and bumps into Butch Reed. Reed says something that Birdman doesn't like, and they start arguing. After some heated words, Koko B. Ware challenges Butch Reed to a match next week. Reed says, "It's on".

Segment Rating: Sixty



WWF World Tag Team Championships

The Hart Foundation© vs. The British Bulldogs


Bret & Dynamite start off with a quick exchange of headlocks, hammerlocks, hip tosses, and solid mat-wrestling. Dynamite starts to gain the advantage until Bret grabs him by the hair and reverses Dynamite's headlock into an armbar.


Hart tags his partner, The Anvil, into the ring. Neidhart hops onto the second-rope and comes down with an axehandle across Dynamite's stretched arm. Neidhart stays on the attack, stomping Dynamite on the ground. The Anvil takes a couple of steps towards the British Bulldog and strokes his goatee, taunting his opponent. Bulldog tries to enter but the ref cuts him off.


The Hart Foundation double-team Dynamite in the corner as Bulldog argues with the ref. Neidhart goes to the apron as Bret stays in, no tag. The ref turns as Hart locks Dynamite in the front-facelock on the mat. Hart, in complete control, smiles, taunting the crowd. Dynamite starts moving around, trying to escape, Bulldog pounds on the turnbuckle, trying to get the crowd into it.


Dynamite fights to his feet, the crowd completely behind him. He drills Hart with a couple of elbows to the midsection. Dynamite hits the ropes but he's tripped by Jimmy Hart from the outside.


Bulldog hops off the apron and chases Jimmy Hart off. The Anvil is in and lifts the stumbling Dynamite up, Bret comes off the ropes, HART ATTACK, Bret makes the cover for 3.


Winners: The Hart Foundation @ 16:04

Match Rating: Seventy-Four


Adonis Attacks Piper

Roddy Piper is backstage, packing his geat up to go home. We hear a bang from behind him, his door just slammed open. He turns only to be met with a fist from Adrian Adonis. Adonis beats Piper down in the locker room, throwing him headfirst into the lockers repeatedly. Piper is down and out as Adonis stands over him, laughing.

Segment Rating: Seventy-Eight




WWF World Heavyweight Championship

Hulk Hogan© vs. King Kong Bunday


Hogan wastes no time going at Bundy with a series of right hands. Bundy pushes him away but Hulk comes right back with more right hands. Bundy is reeling as Hogan sends him off the ropes.


Bundy rebounds and is met with the big yellow boot of Hulk Hogan. Bundy goes down and Hogan hits the ropes. He comes back and hits the big leg drop! Hogan covers for the quick 3!


Match Winner: Hulk Hogan @ 3:17

Match Rating: Sixty-Nine


Hogan & Andre Go At It

Hulk Hogan, the World Heavyweight Title draped over his shoulder, stands next to "Mean" Gene Okurland for an interview. Before Hogan can even get a word out, Andre The Giant comes walking down to the ring. Hulk drops the belt and charges!


Hulk and Andre exchange punches and Hogan gains control. Andre tries to escape but Hulk gives chase. Hogan and Andre battle down the hallways and right into the parking lot. Andre rakes Hulk's eyes, giving him the advantage. Andre hits a couple of headbutts before grabbing Hogan by the head and leading him across the lot. Andre lets out a roar as he throws Hulk Hogan through a car window, headfirst!


Andre stands over Hogan, staring down at him like a bug at his feet. Bobby Heenan comes up and pulls Andre away before any more damage can be done.


Segment Rating: One-Hundred



Final Show Rating: Seventy-Three

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It is being reported by many sources that WWF World Heavyweight Champion, Hulk Hogan, suffered a major injury at last nights taping of "Superstars of Wrestling". WWF Owner, Vince McMahon, is expected to make an official announcement on "The Wrestling Challenge".


Many within WWF are worried that this will severly impact Wrestlemania 3 in a couple of weeks.

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