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United States Pro Wrestling

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This is just me running USPW the way that I think that it would be ran in real life. Sam Strong is still a star ****er, Peter Valentine isn't going anywhere and I will try to give everyone a meaningful character so without further ado:


USPW Roster




Main Eventers


Bruce The Giant

Chris Caulfield


James Justice

Tyson Bain - Sheik Mustafa is his manager


Upper Midcarders:


Jumbo Jackson - Shane Sneer is his manager

Nicky Champion

Peter Valentine

The Force

T-Rex - Sheik Mustafa




Andre Jone

Danny Rushmore

Freddie Datsun

Giant Redwood


Mick Muscles

Tribal Warrior





Captain USA

Des Davids




Darryl Devine - Seduction

Pete The Hillbilly




Al The Hillbilly


Womans Division:


Alicia Strong

Belle Bryden

Cherry Bomb

Raven Robinson




Shane Sneer


Sheik Mustafa




Danny Jillefski


Color Commentator:


Mickey Starr




Baby Jamie


Authority Figure:


Commissioner Doom


Road Agent:


Sam Strong




Tag Teams:


Savage Fury (Java & Tribal Warrior)

The Hillbillys (Al and Pete)

The Peoples Team (Des Davids and Freddie Datsun)

The Towers of Power (Danny Rushmore and Mick Muscles)




USPW National: Peter Valentine


USPW Television: Andre Jones


USPW Womans: Raven Robinson


USPW World: Enygma


USPW World Tag Team: The Peoples Team


Owner Goals you need to know:


Can't hire luchadors or MMA Crossovers

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USPW American Wrestling Preview

Wednesday week 1, January 2010


Alicia Strong ends 2009 on a ten match winning streak but that might be all for naught when she goes head to head against her arch nemesis over the past two years Cherry Bomb in a number one contenders match up to see who will go on to face Raven Robinson at USPW Stars, Stripes and Slams!


After appealing to Commissioner Doom as the man who was next in line for a World Title shot after Tyson Baine, the "Hardcore American" was soon attacked by Bruce The Giant who feels that he should get the privledge. Tonight the two men sign the contract that will have these two men meeting at Stars, Stripes and Slams.


The USPW National title will be on the line tonight when Peter Valentine takes on not one but two worthy adversaries in Nicky Champion who has been after Peter for quite some time now and Anger who has been hot on the heels of champion.


The Force lost his title at USPW Made in America when Commissioner Doom made the conversial decision to restart the match with Andre Jones when the original referee was knocked out and the new one made the 3 count. Not being seen since The Force makes his return tonight when he takes on number one contender Tyson Baine.


A shot at the tag team titles will also be on the line tonight when Savage Fury, The Towers of Power and The Hillbillys meet.


Also tonight one of the biggest matches ever shown on television when "The Jurrasic Power" T-Rex teams up with Jumbo Jackson to take on James Justice and USPW World champion Enygma!


All this and much, much more only on USPW American Wrestling!




Alicia Strong vs. Cherry Bomb - USPW Womans Title number one contendership


Peter Valentine vs. Nicky Champion vs. Anger - USPW National Title


The Force vs. Tyson Baine -


The Hillbillys vs. Savage Fury vs. The Towers of Power - USPW World Tag Team Title number one contendership


T-Rex & Jumbo Jackson vs. Enygma and James Justice

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USPW American Wrestling

Wednesday week 1, 2010


The show kicks off with the usual introduction video, and the camera pans around the arena showing off the thousands of fans at the Evanovich Riverside arena before stopping at the annouce booth where Danny Jillefski is sitting with his partner Mickey Starr. Starr starts to talk, hyping up the womans number one contender match when he is cut off by Danny all of a sudden who is claims to be recieving something through his headset. He tells the cameras to cut to the back and we do.


Justice Arrives...


When we cut to the back we see James Justice arriving at the arena carrying his gym bag over his shoulder, dressed in street clothes. The fans cheer wildly and he puts up his trademark two fingers, giving the "peace" sign before kissing his fingers and once again ending up with the same sign pointed toward the camera. Suddenly Shiek Mustafa cuts into the picture, stopping Justice in his tracks and "The Jurrasic Power" T-Rex attacks Justice from the back, putting him down onto the concrete floor. Rex continues to destroy James as his manager shouts instructions, the segments ends with tons of security coming to the rescue, pulling the mosnter off of the fan favorite but not after a Jurrasic Crunch was applied..


Before the first match of the evening we cut back to the annouce table where Mickey Starr says that he can not believe what he just saw. Danny Jillefski says that James Justice got what he deserves and he has a feeling that that's not going to be the last time that Justice gets destroyed tonight.


Womans #1 Contender


Cherry Bomb makes her way down to the ring while her music plays, the announcers argue about whose got the advantage in this match. Starr believes that Alicia's ten straight victories are huge and Danny will never understand that because he's never wrestled. With nothing to say back, Jillefski says "that was last year". Bomb circles around the ring before stopping at a young fan in the frount row, the ten year girl has blonde hair, pigtails and "looks sweeter then a cherry pie" according to Mickey. Cherry Bomb removes the cherry pictured head band off her head and goes to put it on the little girls head before throwing it on the ground and laughing. Mickey Star is appauled. Alicia Strong makes her way down to the ring, quickly. Jogging down and slapping hands with a few young boys who may never wash their hands again.


Cherry Bomb dominated the early portion of the match, slapping Alicia Strong in the face before driving her face first in the mat by her hair. Bomb mounted Alicia and pounded on her pretty little face with lefts and rights until Baby Jamie was able to pull the deranged woman off. After that sequence Strong was able to mount some offense of her own, making the comeback and signaling to the fans that it was time for an Angel Driver but Cherry Bomb was able to counter the finishing move into her own finisher, a cherry bomb for the one, two, three! As the referee raised Bomb's hand, Jillefski took a moment to taunt Mickey Starr "I told ya, Mickey, I know everything about wrestling".


USPW Televison Title


Captain USA made his way down to the ring to a huge chant of U-S-A, U-S-A as Mickey Starr tells us what he tells us every week and that is that the Captain is one of his favorite wrestlers of all time. USPW Television Champion Andre Jones makes his way out to the ring to put his title on the line as the fans continue their chant, Jillefski lets them know some facts "Andre Jones is american, I mean his nick name is 'The American Athelete'" sounding disgusted as he does. There wasn't much to this match as Andre Jones took care of Captain who was barely able to get any moves in a very short match as he makes his first title defense of the new year.


The Contract Signing


When we get back from a mandatory commercial break we have a folding table set up in the middle of the ring with Bruce The Giant already sitting on the far side, facing the entrace ramp. Commissioner Doom is also in the picture but he is standing on the near side of the table, also facing the entrance ramp with the clip board containg the contract in his hand. Chris Caulfields music hits and "The Hardcore American" walks slowly, towards the ring, never taking his eyes off of Bruce. "Whoa Caulfield means business tonight" is the remark that Starr is able to think of. Caulfield gets into the ring and Bruce The Giant immediately stands up, Chris walks to the near side of the table and the two men get face to face.


Commisioner Doom pulls out a microphone and tells both men to sit down or neither one of them will ever get a title shot again. The two men comply each sitting down very slowly, neither one of them taking their locked eyes off of each other. Doom reads off of the contract that states that the two men will meet one on one at USPW Stars, Stripes and Slams with the winner of that competition becoming next in line for a USPW World Title shot.


Doom places the contract in front of Caulfield and Chris signs it, the Commish offers the hardcore icon the microphone if he wants to say anything but he is turned down with a head shake. Next the contract is given to Bruce who quickly signs it without taking his off of Caulfield. Doom gives The Giant the same liberties with the microphone and Bruce grabs it. Uncharacteristically he says "May the best man win" while standing up and extending his hand to Caulfields. After hesitating a few times Caulfield extends his hand to Bruce only for the Giant to quickly reach the throat of Caulfields, choking the life out of him, he drags The Hardcore American to over the table and then choke slams him right through, as Commissioner Doom gets out of the ring and calls for security. Bruce The Giant pauses and posses over his fallen victim as Mickey says "I wouldn't want to be Chris Caulfield come USPW Stars, Stripes and Slams." Which was hit with the reply "I wouldn't want to be Chris Caulfield right now" by Danny Jallefski.


Who Goes On To Meet The Peoples Team?


Of course we had to go to commerical so that the ring area could be cleaned up and when we return Savage Fury is already in the ring and The Towers of Power are just getting there before everyones favorite tag team The Hillbillys make their way down, dancing, laughing and just having a great time with the fans, hi-fiving everyone that they can. By the time the two tall heavyweights get to the ring, the other four men are already brawling. The hillbillys join them as the six men are paired off in to twos and the referee tries to restore order. He starts the count to ten to DQ all the teams but somehow order is restored. The Hillbillys didn't stand a chance with two better teams and they were quickly eliminated. Savage Fury enjoyed a good run of offense but with Java and Mick Muscles the legal men, Danny Rushmore joined the action but when Tribal Warrior tried to do the same he was stopped by the referee, allowing Rushmore to hit an Atomic Boot and make the pin fall as Baby Jamie turns around and makes the quick cover. "The Towers of Power are going to USPW Stars, Stripes and Slams" exclaimed a super excited Danny Jillefski. Mickey Starr ever the mark points on that "Danny Rushmore wasn't even the legal man".


Hype Video


A hype video of Tyson Baine and Enygma is shown next, showing how time after time the champion has been laid out by the sinister Baine. Jillefski wonders outloud if Baine has the champions number as Starr says that Enygma is in for the toughest fight of his life.


USPW National Championship


Nicky Champion and Anger get their shot at USPW National Champion Peter Valentine in the next contest. Jillefski praises Peter Valentine as being one of the greatest wrestlers to ever grace the planet after Mickey Starr pronounces Nicky Champion as a future star in this business. Unfortunetly Anger doesn't recieve any praise from either announcer. Nicky Champion and Anger carry most of the work in this match, with Peter Valentine only getting involved when Anger is on the offensive so that he can help with tag team moves. Danny this that this is the smartest stragety ever and Mickey doesn't argue. The two men clothesline Champion over the top rope and onto the floor, when Anger turns his back to taunt the crowd Peter hits him with a Heartbreaker for the victory. Peter Valentine is still the champion proclaims an over excited Danny Jallefski.


In The Office


Next we cut to the back where we see the beautiful Belle Bryden touching a display case that has a championship belt in it. The camera zooms out a little bit and we see that we are in the office of Commisioner Doom who tells Bryden that is "Championship Wrestling From Boston" World Heavywight title and that he was the last champion to ever hold that belt. He says he's had it since 1977 and he's the longest reigning champion ever. The Force barges into the office and starts screaming at Doom that what happened at USPW Made in America is "Bull" and that The Force wants a rematch at Stars, Stripes and Slams or Doom is going to have hell to pay. Doom tells Force to never take that tone with him in front of a young lady again, and also tells him that if he wants a title shot, he's going to have to earn it in his match with Tyson Baine tonight. If he doesn't win, that he's not getting the title shot, simple as that.


Force vs. Baine


The Force then makes his way out to the ring and then the number one contender Tyson Baine is lead out by Sheik Mustafa. These two men mean business and immediately start to brawl with each other in what basically becomes an in the ring street fight. The Force gets a couple of close pins only to be on the recieving end of some pretty impact blows. The Force fights his way back for the upset, going for the Full Force when Sheik Mustafa interfers in the match, tripping Force allowing Baine to make the pin! Jillefski and Starr argue about weather or not The Force was cheated as The Force chases Sheik Mustafa to the back, with Baine following a few seconds after.


Main Event


Now it is time for the Main Event of the evening with T-Rex who is without Sheik Mustafa and Jumbo Jackson who is with Shane Sneer come down to the ring to face USPW World Heavyweight champion Enygma and the only man who has beaten T-Rex in the past 8 months James Justice. This match is about what you would expect for these men and teams, with them exchange offensive blows, and sharing about the same amount of time on offense. During the match Shane Sneer and Jumbo Jackson set up a table on the outside of the ring when Rex is in there. Not longer after that Sheik Mustafa makes his way down to manage his client. Enygma hits an Enygma variation on Jumbo Jackson as Jim Force comes running down to the ring, James Justice runs across the ring and knocks T-Rex off the apron as the referee makes his 3 count.


Mustafa notices The Force coming down to the ring and jumps on the apron, James Justice grabs Sheik by his turbin, and then gives him a hard right hand sending Sheik Mustafa flying backwards and through the table that was set up earlier in the match! As USPW American Wrestling goes off the air, Jillefski is yelling into his headset to get some help out there, and Mickey Starr reminds us to tune in next week!


USPW Stars, Stripes and Slams

Current Card


Enygma vs. Tyson Baine - USPW World Heavyweight Title


T-Rex vs. James Justice


Bruce The Giant vs. Chris Caulfield - USPW World Heavyweight Title number one contenders match


Cherry Bomb vs. Raven Robinson - USPW Womans Title


The Towers of Power vs. The Peoples Team - USPW Tag Team Titles

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News, Notes, Thoughts


- After the show went off the air yesterday, Sheik Mustafa was stretchered out of the arena, he is not believed to be injured but will be taking sometime off. He is still very much apart of future plans and will not be released.


- USPW American Wrestling did a 1.02 rating on Sports America.


- I don't really like having a heel announcer and will look on the free agent market for a face one. Although I like to write the banter for Starr and Danny and so I may go with a 3 man booth. Steve Smith has been signed but will not be able to work immediately


- I have offered contracts to anybody on the roster who has any kind of positive relationship with anybody else. We are a family friendly promotion and we mean that in every way. Once again.. I am a star f*cker, just like Sam Strong so don't worry.


- Championship Wrestling from Boston was purchased by USPW and was shown in the office of Corporal Doom who was in fact the last champion. There are no plans to use the title as anything other then the decoration it was used as this past week.


- I will probably get rid of Baby Jamie and sign better referees, it doesn't make sense for me to employ him when there are better ones out there. I already got rid of Sanchez which is why he wasn't in the roster post. I don't plan on massive overhaul of the roster, just to build on it but small changes like this I will make. In other news Eugene Williams and Wilson Carlisle have been signed to be new referees. One was to a written contract. Baby Jamie was indeed fired.


- USPW are running houseshows all across the united states, 5 days a week so be on the look out for when they come to your area.


- USPW has signed a contract with USA Free Choice to show their next 12 pay per views! 100% of the revenue goes to the company but Sam Strong signed the contract anyways believe that it will be a good way to get the fans in.


- Casey Valentine, the nephew of Peter has rejected a contract offer from USPW, feeling that he's not quite ready to make the jump to the big time as of yet. USPW has given him a standing offer through his uncle to come back anytime he wants. Word is Sam Strong only offered the boy a contract because the elder Valentine wanted him to.


- Debbie Rose, the protege of Belle Bryden, Hollywood Brett Starr the son of Mickey Starr have been brought in on recommendations.


- Happy Elwood will be returning to USPW, only months after asking for his release as he has just signed a written contract and word that he will be used more then 3 times in 8 months which was the reason he quit last time. Demon Spite has also been brought back but on a very short term contract.


- One former SWF star and Three former TCW stars have been signed by USPW in the past week. Including my favorite SWF employee ever!!

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quite enjoyed the show sir - but it really needs some formatting. Writing it all in one big chuck of text makes it really hard to read.


You dont need to be graphics-heavy but some spacing, bold titles, etc would help people follow along

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quite enjoyed the show sir - but it really needs some formatting. Writing it all in one big chuck of text makes it really hard to read.


You dont need to be graphics-heavy but some spacing, bold titles, etc would help people follow along


Thank you sir, I made a small change I hope that it is better, thanks for pointing it out. Glad you enjoyed the show.


USPW American Wrestling Preview

January week 2, 2010


Last week on USPW American Wrestling The Towers of Powers earned a chance to go for tag team gold at USPW Stars, Stripes and Slams by winning a three way tag team match against Savage Fury and The Hillbillys, but this week both Danny Rushmore and Mick Muscles will be in action against the team that they will be facing at USPW's first ever pay per view, The People's Team. Freddie Datsun will take on Danny Rushmore and Mick Muscles will take on Des Davids!


Fan favorite Happy Elwood has returned to USPW and in first match back he will be facing very tough opposition as "The People's Fighting Champion" Peter Valentine vows to put his USPW National Title on the line.


Bruce The Giant will be in action for the first time this year, after laying out Chris Caulfield last week when it takes on "The American Patriot" Captain USA. Can The Captain pull off the biggest upset in USPW history? Will Chris Caulfield be in the building?


Cherry Bomb defeated Alicia Strong last week in match between the long term rivals that puts Bomb in a match against champion Raven Robinson at Stars, Stripes and Slams but this week we will have a bikini show down between the two competitors. Hosted by none other then the Legend, Sam Strong!


T-Rex is said to be on a rampage all week since his manager was apparently seriously injured last week and that doesn't bode well for his opponent this week, Nicky Champion.


USPW World Champion Enygma, coming off a tag team victory will take on Darryl Devine this week, in a match that the arrogant heel has been hyping all week on twitter.


All This and MUCH, MUCH, MUCCCCHHHH more! Only on USPW American Wrestling.


  • T-Rex vs. Nicky Champion
  • Cherry Bomb vs. Raven Robinson - Bikini Contest
  • Enygma vs. Darryl Devine
  • Bruce The Giant vs. Captain USA
  • Happy Elwood vs. Peter Valentine - USPW National Title
  • Danny Rushmore vs. Freddie Datsun
  • Mick Muscles vs. Des Davids

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USPW American Wrestling

Wednesday, Week 2 2010


This show starts just like every other USPW American Wrestling with the theme music and starting video except instead of kicking it straight to the announcers we go straight to the action


A new member


The camera takes out to a dimly lit room where there are tons of things thrown around, we can hear more then things being thrown and some one groaning very loud as a couch ends up flying into the pile of stuff, the camera pans around and it's T-Rex obviously mad about what happened to his manager Shiek Mustafa at the end of last week. If it wasn't obvious we were told this by Danny Jillefski just for good measure. As the camera focuses is on T-Rex he stops throwing things around and looks straight into the camera quite menacingly. Then Shane Sneer walks to the side of this monster of a man. Sneer says that last week, James Justice made the biggest mistake of his life when he sent Sheik Mustafa to the hospital because it sent his advasary, T-Rex into the Sheer Corporation. Shane says that he wasn't sure that Justice could beat T-Rex again, calling the first time a fluke but says "James Justice doesn't stand a chance every again." Sneer laughs as another piece of furniture goes flying past the camera as the cameraman scurrys out of the room. Jillefski "Wow! T-Rex has joined the Sneer Corporation? There is no doubt that this is the begining of the end of James Justice." Mickey Starr can not believe what has transpired saying, "I can't not believe what just transpired here tonight."


Davids Vs. Muscle


Des Davids was the first competitor in the ring tonight after Starr and Jillefski introduced themselves to the world and ran down the line up for tonight, he wasn't alone though as the other half of the tag team champions, Freddie Datsun as in his corner. Not to be outdone, the tag team challengers also show solidarity as Danny Rushmore accompanied his partner Mick Muscles to the ring. The two men locked up with Des Davids getting the early advantage, but he's not called Mick Muscles for nothing and he shows that by over powering the youngster, throwing him to the mat. The two men lock up again, and once again Muscles throws him to the mat showing off his strength and plays to the crowd a bit as Davids regroups himself. The third time Davids gets the advantage but Mick kicks him in the stomach to halt the momentum that was building. Davids was able to get the advantage but it only last a few seconds as Rushmore tripped him, sending him face first into the mat right in front of new referee Wilson Carlisle. Wilson throws both Danny and Freddie out of the ringside area, Freddie gives a little resistance causing Datsun who had the advantage once again to go to the ropes and tell his partner that he was okay. But he wasn't okay of course and when Des turned around he was met by a kick to the stomach and a Bulldozer Powerbomb for the victory. "Wow, this victory gives The Towers of Power a mental advantage over the People's Team" said Jillefski, but Starr wasn't so sure, saying "Singles and tag team competition are two different animals, the referee won't be sending Freddie Datsun away when these two meet." After some playful banter, Jillefski goes on to call him a hypocrite.


A quick word from the Boss


We are shown the big beautiful Championship Wrestling from Boston Heavyweight title in its case as the commissioner is speaking, Doom says that if you two put a hand on each other, I will cancel your match and neither one of you will ever get a title shot. The camera pans out to show that he is talking to Cherry Bomb and Raven Robinson, both ladies are wearing robes and Starr reminds us that tonight they are going to be a bikini contest, a little two enthuisiastically. The Force stops by the office as Doom tells the ladies to leave as he tells The Force not to make a sound. The Boss tells Force that he lost last week and now he doesn't have a match for USPW Stars, Stripes and Slam so Doom took time out of his busy schedule to make one, Jim Force will take on Anger and Giant Redwood in a handicap match and if he cannot win he will be FIRED from USPW. Doom then stands up and tells Force to "get the hell out of my office". Jillefski does his best to sell the match as Starr speculates if anybody can beat "two big, evil, monsters" all by themselves.


USPW National Title Match


Happy Elwood made his way out to the ring with some very patriotic music as Jillefski hyped his return and Starr acted like he didn't leave the company and just come back. His opponent on this evening was none other then "The greatest USPW National Champion of all time", as he was refered to by Danny J, Peter Valentine. This match was quick, it was painful, and it was dreadful with Peter Valentine dominating from start to finish. Come on did you think it was going to go any other way? Valentine uses the heart breaker to finish the match of course. "He is just dominating, I don't think there is another person on the roster who could beat Pater Valentine right now" was the main quote from Danny Jillefski as Mickey Starr admitted "Peter is at the top of his game right now."


Tag Title Single Match #2


The next match pitted the other of the world tag team champions, Freddie Datsun against the other half of the number one contenders, Danny Rushmore. Both men were accompanied to the ring by their partner but referee Wilson Carlisle, who was the same referee from before ejected both men from ringside before the match even started. This match was a long match, very long for a USPW American Wrestling match (12 minutes ring time!!) with the two men shown to be evenly matched the whole way through. Neither man were able to hit thier finishers when trying, but the heel proved that you don't always need to finish the match with a bang, as he rolled up Freddie hooking the tights and getting the pinfall. "He cheated!!" shouted an upset Mickey Starr as Danny Rushmore rolled out of the ring and quickly headed to the back. "It's only cheating if you get caught, Mickey, it's only cheating if you get caught" was the response from Danny Jillefski who repeated his comments from earlier about The Towers of Power having a mental edge.


Bikini Contest


Wrestling icon and owner of USPW, Sam Strong was next out from behind the curtain, to a huge reaction from the crowd. Strong whose name is synomous with wrestling shook hands with the fans and when he got in the ring thanked them all. He said "you all know why I am here, so let's get this party started." Cherry Bomb's music hit and the challenger came down to the ring wearing a cherry red robe, teasing that she might un do it before entering the ring. The USPW womans title holder, Raven Robinson came out after her to another great ovation from the crowd. She came out with her long hair flowing, a black robe and the Womans title around her waist. Sam Stron runs down the rules for the competitions and states that the fans in attendance will be the judge. The fans cheer as Strong ask the champion if she wants to go first. She does.


Some rap music from cornellverse SuperStar White Rain hits the arena and Raven Robinson does a little dance before slowly taking her robe off revealing a black bikini with a g string bottom, the fans go crazy, almost into a freenzy. Cherry Bomb goes next and dances even slower, teasing the audience more then the champion did before revealing a tiny pink bikini with bombs on each side of the top and the front of her bottom that are of course cherry colored. The announcers each let out some pervy comments as Sam Strong starts the contest asking the crowd by their cheers to vote. My vote is for Cherry Bomb but that doesn't matter as Raven Robinson, The USPW Womans champion wins in the eyes of the fans. The ladies get into each others face but perhaps remembering what the commissioner said earlier, they do not hit each other. Cherry Bomb eventually backs off and rolls under the bottom rope as Robinson soaks in the glory.


An Introduction


As Robinson leaves the ring, a fan hops the gate keeping the fans away from ringside and security quickly grabs him. "Hey!! That's my grandson!!" Shouts a concerned Mickey Starr. "What a nut job, get him security, beat him like you should beat his father" says Danny J. Sam Strong still in the ring recognizes the young boy and tells security to let him in the ring. Strong introduces him as wrestling legend and USPW commentator's Mickey Starr's grandson, Brett. Brett grabs the microphone and thanks Sam for the introduction, he says but his name is not just Brett, its "Hollywood" Brett Starr and that he's not just a legends grandson, he is a legend killer and nails Sam Strong with Starr Maker! Mickey Starr's old finishing manuever. Security once again rushes the ring as Brett jumps the baracade and presumably leaves the arena. "Wow! I like your grandson Mick, I like him a lot more then I like you buddy" Danny Jillefski laughs as Mickey Starr doesn't sound too amused apologizing to the viewers and publically apologizing to Sam Strong on air.


Tag Team Match


Two members of Shane Sneer's "Sneer Corporation" came down to the ring next as Jumbo Jackson and Anger came out together with a surprise addition, Demon Spite! Jillefski says that he knew that Spite was hired by Sneer to manage Anger since this morning but has had a hard time keeping his mouth shut. Starr is shocked by this even though the team worked together for many years! Their opponents for the evening? None other then the Hillbillys! Al and Pete begin to make their way down to the ring to an echo of cheers when they are attacked from behind by two wrestlers one with a funny haircut and one with a funny beard! Jillefski says he recognizes both of them as Stink and Grunt, The Nation of Filth. Starr can barely speak as he is plugging his nose, saying that's not surprised by their names. The two men hit both of The Hillbillys with trash cans before sending them into the ring and leaving. Jackson and Anger toy with the beaten hillbillys for a few seconds before pinning them and taking the easy victory.


Another Debut?


We come back from commerical break and their is a spotlight and somebody standing in the ring, while everything else is in complete darkness. We can not see who it is because the camera is too far away. The man begins to speak, he says that he is a manager of champions and he has been away for too long, but he is back to lead the men of his choosing to the top. The camera gets closer and closer with almost every word, the man says that it's been a long journey but the path he has chosen has lead him to USPW. The camera is close enough to see this bald man now and he chooses to give us his name, he is The Guru and he will manage the next USPW champion. Enygma comes out on cue and the lighting just before the curtain comes on so he is in plain view. Enygma says that there will never be another USPW champion because he doesn't plan on losing the title and that as long as the fans are on his side nobody can beat him. The Guru cuts him off and says that the fans can not effect a match better then he can, weather it's mentally, physically or emotionally. He says that Enygma doesn't have to think too far in the past to know this and he ends his talking part by saying he knows the man who he will be managing will be if Enygma wants to know? Enygma says he does and the lights come on, showing Tyson Baine standing just inches behind Enygma. He attacks Enygma and the two men brawl before security breaks them up! Danny can't believe that The Guru is in USPW and Mickey finds it fascinating that he will be managing Tyson Baine!


Giant vs. America


Bruce The Giant came down to the ring for our next battle and he was basically cursed by the fans the whole way down, they really do not like him after what he did to Chris Caulfield last week. His opponent was Mickey Starr's favorite wrestler, the one and only Captain USA. The fans were in a frenzy once again as the cap made his way down to the ring. Chanting USA, USA, USA even after the bell rung to play up on The Australian descent of Bruce. The Giant had very little trouble in this match, destroying USA and finishing him off with a Giant chokeslam. To add insult to defeat, Bruce covered Captain USA by placing one foot on his chest for the victory. Both announcers put Bruce over as the man who is likely to win number one contendership for the world title.


BEAT down


We were going to cut to commercial break but the announcers said something major was happening in the backstage area. We cut to the back where James Justice is being assulted by T-Rex, Anger, Jumbo Jackson and Demon Sprite. The 4 men are just taking turns pounding on him, as he lays almost motionless on the floor! Until Chris Caulfield, comes on to our screen with a bandage wrapped around his head, and ribs with a steel chair to run off the 4 men. He takes a wild swing at Jackson but comes up empty as the bad guys retreat. Caulfield helps Justice to his feet, and James lets out a "thanks dude". Commissioner Doom appears and kicks the two men out of the building, saying that he can't have this chaos around when T-Rex's match is up next. The two men protest but security hurries them out of the door.


T-Rex vs. Champion


Shane Sneer lead his new monster toy out for a match with USPW's hottest prospect Nicky Champion! Both of these men looked really strong, and surprisingly there was no interference from anybody in the Sneer Corporation or Justice and Caulfield. The announcers speculated that the door must of been locked after they were kicked out. Starr kept calling for an upset and for a while it looked like that it could happen but T-Rex was just too much for young Nicky as he finished the youngster off with a Jurrasic Crunch.


USPW World Title


Darryl Devine was lead down to the ring by his girlfriend, Seduction. The couple kissed in the middle of the ring as they awaited the USPW World Champion, Enygma. Enygma looked to dominate this match from the onset but Seduction did her job just well enough to put a few kinks into the champions armor, stopping a few 3 counts, pulling her man out of the ring, distracting Enygma and using other underhanded tactics that don't involve physically harming herself or her boyfriends opponent. Devine was able to come back and even looked like a strong challenger to the title when The Guru and Tyson Baine both made their way to the top of the ramp to what appeared to be scout Baines future opposition. Jillefski thought it was the greatest thing ever while Mickey thought that Devine might take the title off of Enygma tonight! Mickey was wrong though as he usually is as after a nice match that really showed what both wrestlers can do in the ring, Enygma was able to pick up the victory with Enygma Variation. The show ends with the announcers reminding everyone to tune in next week as Enygma stood on the second turnbuckle with the title raised in the air, looking towards the ramp at an intense, Tyson Baine.

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USPW News, Notes and Thoughts

January, week 2, 2010


- Sheik Mustafa pulled a tasteless prank backstage before USPW American Wrestling. Although we don't have full detains on the prank it was said to involve respected lockerroom voice Chris Caulfield and his personal belongings. No one in the lockerroom thought it was funny and it almost lead to Mustafa's firing but was leveled out with a fine. One USPW employee told us that he thought the Sheik was trying to get fired after being taken off of TV last week. Only time will tell.


- When people talk about USPW being old school this isn't usually what they are talking about but before USPW American Wrestling, The Force pulled out an old nintendo 64, hooked it up to the televisions in back and organized a video game tournament which he won! The game? HGC Revenge of course, The Force used Rip Chord to defeat Darryl Devine in the finals who was using Sam Strong! No word yet on how the bossman feels about this.


- USPW got a 0.96 rating this week which is a .08 drop off from the week before. The company is taking this very seriously and are looking into what they can do to make it better.


- The Guru and Tyson Baine look real good, and comfortable together. They have some great chemistry for sure.


- English announcer Steve Smith has officially rented an apartment in America and will be joining Danny Jillefski and Mickey Starr in the announce booth as soon as possible.


- Jim Force against Demon Anger and Jumbo Jackson has officially been added to the USPW Stars Stripes and Slams card.


USPW Stars, Stripes and Slams

Current Card


Enygma vs. Tyson Baine - USPW World Heavyweight Title


T-Rex vs. James Justice


Bruce The Giant vs. Chris Caulfield - USPW World Heavyweight Title number one contenders match


Cherry Bomb vs. Raven Robinson - USPW Womans Title


The Towers of Power vs. The Peoples Team - USPW Tag Team Titles


Jim Force vs. Anger and Jumbo Jackson - handicap match


USPW American Wrestling Preview

January, week 3, 2010


T-Rex was added to the Sneer Corporation last week and Shane Sneer wasted no time in getting his hands dirty for the "Jurrasic Power" as four members of the Sneer Corporation laid James Justice, T-Rex's opponent at Stars, Stripes and Slams out until he was helped by Chris Caulfield! This week on USPW American Wrestling, Chris Caulfield, James Justice and The Force will take on Jumbo Jackson, Anger and T-Rex. Shane Sneer has vowed that all 3 of his teams opponents will leave the ring hurt. Is this a promise that can be kept?


The Nation of Filth, Stink and Grunt made their presence felt last week when they brutally attacked the Hillbillys. This week the duo takes on Savage Fury who may be just a little tougher then Al and Pete were.


The grandson of Mickey Starr, "Hollywood" Bret Starr came to USPW like a lightning bolt last week when he attacked legend Sam Strong calling himself the legend killer. Will Bret be in the building this week? How will the USPW Roster re-act if he is?


Bruce The Giant has looked unstoppable this year as it seems he has taken on a bigger workload then he ever has in the past. Tonight The Giant takes on one of the smallest men on the USPW roster, Happy Elwood. Bruce thought that he had put Chris Caulfield out of commission until Stars, Stripes and Slams but Caulfield made an early return and this can't sit to well with the Giant, can it?


Cherry Bomb and Raven Robinson will meet at USPW Stars, Stripes and Slams for Raven's USPW Womans title but this week Robinson will team with Alicia Strong to take on Cherry Bomb and Belle Bryden in a tag team match that you don't want to miss. Cherry Bomb has been cherry red in the face after losing to Raven in a bikini contest last week. Will she be able to control her anger or will Raven and Alicia be able to get the best of her?


Tyson Baine and Enygma have been at each others throats but haven't officially had a match in USPW or any where for that matter. Baine always seems to be able to get the upper hand on Enygma and this was no different last week when Baine showed the world his new manager, the "manager of champions" The Guru. The Guru is known as one of the masters of his craft and a man who can lead almost anyone to the promise land so one can imagine what he can do to someone who was almost already there. Tyson Baine will be in action against fan favorite, Captain USA.


All this and much, much, more!


Line up:


Tyson Baine vs. Captain USA


Cherry Bomb and Belle Bryden vs. Alicia Strong and Raven Robinson


The Nation of Filth vs. Savage Fury


T-Rex, Anger, and Jumbo Jackson vs. Chris Caulfield, The Force and James Justice


Bruce The Giant vs. Happy Elwood

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USPW American Wrestling

January, week 3, 2010


The video of USPW American Wrestling is shown, you know the usual one? It was that one with a few changes from last week, Sam Strong is seen being put in the Starr Maker by Bret Starr almost directly in the middle and towards the end we see The Hillbillys getting attacked by The Nation of Filth. After that we cut to the arena of course and it is almost sold out, besides a few thousand seats that aren't. We immediately pan the crowd to show the cheers of excited young fans, who were kind enough to give their parents hard earned money to USPW and then go to the announce booth where Mickey Starr is the far right, Danny Jillefski is in the middle and somebody else is to his left.


The mystery man introuduces himself and says that he is Steve Smith and is happy to be joining the broadcast team on USPW American Wrestling and he begins to introduce his partners when he is cut off by Danny Jillefski who says that this is his shown and introduces himself, with Steve Smith to his left and Mickey Starr to his right. Starr does his usual routine of running down the lineup tonight, putting extra emphasis on the 6 man tag later in the night.


Beautiful Hype


Alicia Strong and USPW Womans champion, Raven Robinson are making their way down to the ring, as a little square box shows up in the right hand corner of your television screen. In the screen is Cherry Bomb and Belle Bryden who hype the upcoming match tonight and Bomb's match against Robinson next week. Bomb says "the idiot fans might of chose you over me in a bikini contest, but they get no say on what happens in that ring. Hope you're prepared to get bombed!!"


Woman's tag match


Cherry Bomb and Belle Bryden were out next and I must say even though they are bad, they look so good, especially Bryden. Belle and Cherry absolutely dominated Alicia Strong through the first part of the match, keeping her in their corner and quickly exchanging tags, not letting Strong get to her partner. Eventually Alicia was able to barely get her finger tips to touch the finger tips of champion, Raven Robison who came into the ring as the fans went into a frenzy, she knocked Cherry Bomb to the outside of the ring and then was joined by Alicia Strong when they both hit a dropkick on Bryden sending her to the outside of the ring. Alicia Strong bounced off the ropes and dove through them on to Bryden as she was getting up! Once again the fans were bringing down the house with cheers. Mean while back in the ring, Chery Bomb snuck up behind Robinson. When Raven turned around she met with a few kicks to the midsection and a Cherry Bomb by Cherry Bomb who picked up the victory for her team. Steve Smith, the man who calls the action during the match had this to say "this match was a real treat for fans of wrestling, Alicia Strong really gave her body with that crowd pleasing suicide dive." "It doesn't matter what Alicia Strong did to please the fans, Cherry Bomb got the victory, that's all that really counts" added Danny Jillefski, and Starr added this "Not only did she get the victory but she pinned the womans champion!"


An Argument


We cut to the back where Commissioner Doom is shown locking the door to his office, and a big gym bag around his shoulder, sitting at his opposite waist. He begins to walk down the hall way when there is some arguing going on, he turns the corner where Andre Jones and Peter Valentine are arguing. They both stop and look up at the boss, Doom asks the two men what exactly is the problem. Valentine and Jones tell the boss that they are arguing about which title is better, the USPW National or the USPW Television title. The commish says that he doesn't have time to waste as he has someone where important to be. He said that tonight Peter Valentine can take on Andre Jones who can take on Enygma for Enygma's world title in a championship showcase and they can prove whose the best. Doom then tells the men to stop arguing and that although he's leaving the building he'll hear word if things don't go down the way he wants. All three men head in seperate directions. "The first ever champions showcase, right here tonight! What a splendid treat" says the englishmen as Jillefski and Starr both make a case about who they think will win, Danny picking Valentine and Starr on the side of Enygma.


Savage Fury vs. The Nation of Filth


Savage Fury were first to come down to the ring and Smith noted that they are the most menacing friendly guys that he has ever seen. The Nation of Filth are next out of the arena, looking dirty and bummy as we expect from them. Smith noted that when he entered the building this afternoon, he could smell the awful smells coming out of Stink and Grunt's lockerroom even though it was a half of a mile down the corridor. Mickey Starr asks the other commentators if the Nation of Filth know that there is a shower in their lockerrom while Danny Jillefski, who roots for the bad guys doesn't even try to defend the two smell individuals. The match was nothing to write home about with the four men brawling, all in the ring for most of the match. Lot's of punches and kicks and not much else, the match ended when Grunt hit a dump truck on Java for the victory. The announcers put over The Nation of Filth as a tag team to watch in the future and a dangerous opponent for anyone.




James Justice is walking down the hall way towards the door that says exit, he is on a cell phone, we don't konw who is he talking to until we can hear him. "Hey dude, where ya at? Oh you'll be here in ten minutes? You're with Caulfield? Alright dude, I'm already at the door waiting..." The door opens up and Shane Sneer comes in side, looking up at Justice. Justice has a smile on his face and then suddenly Shane smiles. Justice reaches out to grab Sneer but instead jumped from the back by Anger, Jumbo Jackon, the Towers of Power and T-Rex. Justice swings wildly, connecting on a few shots before Des Davids and Freddie Datsun run off the Sneer Corporation before any real damage could be done. As the corporation walks up Sneer tells The People's Team to enjoy those tag team titles while they still have them.


Bruce vs. Elwood


When we cut back from the back to the ring side area, Bruce The Giant and Happy Elwood are already in the ring and the bell rings almost immediately. The announcers talk about the attack on James and how it was the second one in two weeks. Jillefski says that Shane Sneer is a dangerous man and Justice is lucky that people came to his aid two weeks in a row. Starr repeats those sentiments. By the time the guys are done talking about what just happeneding Bruce The Giant finishes the match with a Giant chokeslam. Jillefski tells the world that Bruce The Giant is going to beat Chris Caulfield at Stars, Stripes and Slams and that he will be the USPW World Champion again.


Hollywood Time


"Hollywood" Bret Starr is standing in the middle of the ring as the fans boo him, he picks the microphone up to his mouth but the boo's get louder and louder.


Shut your mouth! Shut your mouth!


Starr points in the general directions of the fans as they begin to scream even louder.


What is your problem? Can't you see the most important man in any of your lives is trying to speak? It's not my fault I'm better then you, don't be mad at me, be mad at yourselves!


Starr smiles as he circles around the ring, the crowd continuing to boo.


Now if you fans would shut your stinkin' mouth for a minute I would like to apologize. I would like to apologize first of all to the fans, and second of all I would like to apologize to my grandfather, Mickey Starr. I would like to apologize because my grandpa is not man enough to talk to his grandson like a man. Yeah grandma called me...


Starr looks over towards his grandfather and gives a wink as the fans are getting even more worked up


Secondly I would like to apologize to Sam Strong, because I am sorry that I didn't do this sooner. You're a has been Sam, you're hanging on to what was. This whole United State Pro Wrestling promotion is a joke. Sam Strong? Mickey Starr? James Justice? Enygma? Bruce The Giant? Sure they are all legends, but there are hundreds of legends out there, there is only one Bret Starr. I am warning each and every one of you, retire now before I send you all out of here like I did to Sam Str...


Nicky Champions music hits and the fans begin to cheer for the first time during this interview, Champion comes out to the runway leading to the ring and stops there. Pulling out a microphone of his own


Nicky: "Hold on right there.. Sam Strong is my mentor, my hero and I'm not going to let some little punk come to my house and talk about him like that. What you did last week, attacking a 63 year old man who considers himself to be like family to you is just plain sickening. You should be ashamed of yourself. Then you have the nerve to come out here and not only talk about legends of this sport, but to disrespect your own grandpa? What is wrong with you? "


As Champion is talking, you can see a look of boredom on Bret's face as he rolls his eyes, slouches his shoulders and generally looks uninterested. As Nicky Finishes that last sentence he is cut off


Hollywood: "You know something, Champion? I am sick and tired of hearing your voice. Just like everybody else in this arena is sick of hearing it. Now if you're looking for a fight then you can fight me at USPW Stars, Stripes and Slams but please, JUST SHUT YOUR MOUTH!"


Champion: "I have a better idea, how about I come down to that ring and beat you right now"


Champion throws down his microphone and rulls full speed toward the ring, sliding in under the bottom rope but when he gets there, Bret Starr is no where to be seen as he slipped out of the ring and through the crowd!


Baine vs. Captain USA


We get back to the action and we learn that Smith is shocked, Starr is embarassed and Jillefski is just rubbing it in Mickey's face by saying things like "Wow you told your wife on him?" and other smart remarks. The fan favorite Captain USA made his way to the ring to the warm and patriotic chants of U-S-A as he some often does. His opponent on the evening was lead out by The Guru. Baine dominates the match with the Cap making a few comebacks but never really able to generate much momentum. The Guru barks instructions from the floor whenever it seemed as if Tyson was in trouble. Baine gets the victory with a Hades Bomb. After he was declared a winner he hits another Hades Bomb just because, before being lead out of the ring by The Guru. The announcers agree that Tyson Baine looks more focused and better then ever.


A Thief?


We cut to the back where Commissioners Doom door is open to his office, the camera starts walking towards the door when someone walks out with the Championship Wrestling from Boston on his shoulder. The man is wearing a cowboy hat and a bandana over the lower part of his face so that we can't see who it is, the fan looks into the camera before closing the camera and hurrying off screen. Jillefski had this to say "What the heck was that? Wait until the commissioner gets back next week!"


The Champions


"The American Athlete" Andre Jones was the first one down to the ring, bringing his beautiful USPW television title with him, the USPW National title holder, Peter Valentine was next, followed by USPW World champion Enygma.

This was a match where everyone got to be on top and on the bottom for a while, with not one of the three champions looking weak at all. The end came when Peter Valentine, yes!!!, Peter Valentine hit Andre Jones with a Heart Breaker! Would there be a kick out at 2? No the referee would make the three count!!! After Valentine got up from his heart breaker and was hit with an enygma variation, allowing the champion to retain the title. "That was a close one in deed for the succesful champion" said a gleeful Steve Smith.




After the match Tyson Baine ran down and assulted an exhausted Engyma. He hit the champion from the back and never relented from there. Hitting not one, but two Hades Bombs once again like earlier in the night. The Guru picked up the USPW World title, and wrapped it around Baines waist before taking it and laying it pararell over the limp body of our champion.


Main Event


The Sneer Corporation, consisting of T-Rex, Anger and Jumbo Jackson made their way down to the ring and in case you were wondering if Demon Spite or Shane Sneer would be accompanying them, the right answer was both! The announcers marveled at how two managers were managing one team. Jillefski said that it has never been done before sarcastically. James Justice, Chris Caulfield and The Force all made seperate entrances, Caulfield was still wearing the bandages from last week from the beat down by Bruce The Giant the week before. Caulfield started the match for his team and the Sneer Corporation used those bandages as if it were a bullseye on the ribs of Chris, violently using kicks, double ax handles and knees seemingly just because they could. The Force was going off like a mad man when he was tagged in for the first time toward the end of the match, knocking Anger and Jackson off the apron before hitting a flying forearm to the face of Rex, making him stumble over the rope and land on the floor. He landed on his feet of course but he was in the wrong part of town as they say as James Justice came diving off with with an ax handle as the two men paired up on the outside of the ring. Jackson and Caulfield also were paired up but on the other side of the ring, Demon Spite got into the ring with Anger as they tried to replacate their past tag team manuevers such as the flying shoulder tackle but Force moved out of the way, with Spite flying right out of the ring. This left Anger to be hit with a Full Force for the victor! Jillefski complained that Anger wasn't the legal as man as Smith said that the good guys would of won by count out then and Mickey Starr told Danny to stop crying as we went off the air. Steve Smith was the one this time to tell everyone to tune in next week and reminds everyone that Stars, Stripes, and Slams will begin immediately after USPW American Wrestling next Wednesday!

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USPW News, Notes and Thought

January week 3, 2010


- USPW American Wrestling got a 1.02 rating this week which was the exact same rating as 2 weeks ago which is considered good for the company moving forward.


- USPW Stars, Stripes and Slams was pushed pushed back a day this year so that USPW can have another television show to build toward their first ever Pay Per View. USPW Red, White and Blue has also been pushed back one day so instead of being on the following Wednesday, it will now be on the first Thursday of February.


- USPW attempted to get on Pay Pew View in Canada recently but both the Canadian companies they tried to use didn't want to get in bed with USPW.


- USPW may consider bringing in some "legends" for the storyline with Mickey Starr's grandson, Bret.


- Speaking of "Hollywood" Bret Starr, the match that he proposed against Nicky Champion has been added to the USPW Stars, Stripes and Slams card.


- Word is that USPW has signed two former D.A.V.E "Legends" to the roster after a report earlier this week said they were interested. The deals are only for 6 months each. We are going to have to see in the coming weeks, who exactly has been signed.


- There has been speculation all over the internet and in wrestling circles all around the world about who broke into Commissioners Doom's office and stole his most prized possession?


USPW Stars, Stripes and Slams

Current Card


Enygma vs. Tyson Baine - USPW World Heavyweight Title


T-Rex vs. James Justice


Bruce The Giant vs. Chris Caulfield - USPW World Heavyweight Title number one contenders match


Cherry Bomb vs. Raven Robinson - USPW Womans Title


The Towers of Power vs. The Peoples Team - USPW Tag Team Titles


Jim Force vs. Anger and Jumbo Jackson - handicap match


"Hollywood" Bret Starr vs. Nicky Champion

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USPW American Wrestling Preview

Week 4, January, 2010


Directly before USPW's FIRST ever Pay Per View: Stars, Stripes and Slams comes the final USPW American Wrestling of the month! Everybody who is has a match on the pay pew view will be in action to warm up before the biggest moment in USPW's history.


"Hollywood" Bret Starr will be making his USPW debut when he teams up with Cherry Bomb to take on USPW Woman Champion Raven Robinson and Nickey Champion! Can Cherry Bomb continue her run of dominance in the ring over the champion like she did last week? And what will happen when Nicky Champion finally gets his hands on "Hollywood"?


There will be six way singles match pitting some of the biggest names in USPW against each other when The Force, Jumbo Jackson, Danny Rushmore, Mick Muscles, Freddie Datsun and Des Davids meet!


Bruce The Giant and Anger will team up to take on Chris Caulfield and Captain USA in a tag team match that pits the two men meeting for the right to face the USPW World Champion at next month's USPW Red, White and Blue!


James Justice and Tyson Baine will meet one on one as Baine tries to continue to impress on his way to his world title shot, but James Justice has reputation for taking out Monsters but will he able to beat two in one night?


T-Rex has been showing an even meaner streak then usual ever since he joined the Sneer Corporation, is that enough to finally beat Enygma or will the champion be able to go in to the pay per view 100%




T-Rex vs. Enygma


Tyson Baine vs. James Justice


Bruce The Giant and Anger vs. James Justice and Captain USA


Jumbo Jackson vs. Danny Rushmore vs. Mick Muscles vs. The Force vs. Freddie Datsun vs. Des Davids


"Hollywood" Bret Starr and Cherry Bomb vs. Raven Robinson and Nicky Champion

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Hey I wanted to let you know this caught my eye and I finally got around to reading it tonight. I like your motives and your vision. Nothing upsets me more than when someone guts USPW and turns it into TCW or MAW or something of the fact.


That being said know I'm reading and here are my predictions.


T-Rex vs. Enygma - T Rex is big, mean, nasty and being pushed. A loss this early to Enygma might kill a future main event feud. Plus Enygma needs to be "hurt" going into his match up to give him that under dog story.


Tyson Baine vs. James Justice - James loses here after wear and tear from earlier in the night catches up to him.


Bruce The Giant and Anger vs. James Justice and Captain USA - Justice wins here he's not losing twice in one night.


Jumbo Jackson vs. Danny Rushmore vs. Mick Muscles vs. The Force vs. Freddie Datsun vs. Des Davids - This was just a guess on who the guy who's most likely to get pushed out of these teams/guys are and I picked Davids.


"Hollywood" Bret Starr and Cherry Bomb vs. Raven Robinson and Nicky Champion - Starr and Bomb cheat to win setting up a rematch at the ppv

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USPW American Wrestling

January, week 4, 2010


We get the same opening that we always get from the great USPW opening video makers, who make a living editing a few clips a year but hey you have to spend money on something!


The Englishman Steve Smith leads us into the evening reminding everyone that tonight is also USPW's first ever pay per view, Stars, Stripes and Slams and that if you haven't ordered it yet you might want to make that call now. The phone number flashes on the bottom of the screen. Danny Jillefski says that he can feel something in the air tonight and he believes that it is the end of Enygma's run as champion. Mickey Starr over hypes every match that has been announced for tonight.


Where's My Title?


The show kicks off with the giant of a commissioner, Commissioner Doom standing in the ring with a briefcase. Doom picks up his microphone and begins to talk:


Last week when I was on important business, meeting with Sam Strong in the hospital to discuss what we will be doing here tonight, SOMEBODY thought it was a good idea to break into MY office and steal MY Championship Wrestling from Boston title. Now I know that most of you aren't stupid enough to try something like that, but I know one man who is: THE FORCE. Under Sam Strong's orders put on me last year I am no longer to put my hands on any of my employees and that is why I have this.


Doom holds up the shiney black briefcase, he clicks the two golden clips on the ends and opens it. There is a lot of money neatly stacked, in big chucks, with rubber bands around it.


Two million dollars, that's right million. This money is to anybody on the USPW roster who brings me my title back. No questions asked. If The Force gets hurts in the process then so be it. I DON'T CARE.


Commissioner Doom throws the microphone on the ground and picks up the briefcase, marching out of the ring, much like he used to march down to the ring as a wrestler. Every step timed perfectly.


Smith doesn't think that things are looking good in the future for The Force, Danny says that The Force has bitten off more then he can chew and Mickey Starr defends The Force saying that nobody really knows who it was before we go to the action for our first match of the evening.


Tag Team Match


Anger and Bruce The Giant come out as a team followed by Anger's new manager and ex tag team parter Demon Spite. Captain USA and "The Hardcore American" Chris Caulfield come out together to Captain's theme music and the fans give their usual U-S-A chant. Both men are carrying american flags attacked to long flag poles, waving them back and forth high into the sky. (I'm excited to have 4 guys who can call their own match together!!)


The match was a pretty slow one, typically what you think of when you think about USPW, Anger did most of the work for his team, only tagging in The Giant occassionally as Chris Caulfield and Cap tagged in and out rather frequently. The referee suddenly lost control with all 4 men in the ring. Chris Caulfield and Bruce The Giant brawl to the outside of the ring and up the ramp as Demon Spite is standing on the apron holding Captain USA's arms so that Anger can hit him. Anger came off the far ropes to go for a vicious clothesline but USA was able to move and he hit his own manager knocking him down to the ground. Captain USA was then able to hit a Hail To The Chief for the victory as the fan's errupted in to another U-S-A chant!


The Brawl


We cut to the backstage area where Chris Caulfield and Bruce The Giant are still punching each other all around the arena. Bruce finally takes control of the situation and throws Caulfield into a pop machine head first before walking away as Caulfield lay there.


Mixed Tag Match


Cherry Bomb made her way down to the ring first for this mixed tag match, followed by "Hollywood" Bret Starr who doesn't have any music, although when he got to the top of the ramp, he posed and fireworks went off behind him. Jillefski asked his grandfather if he was proud, and Mickey said "what do ya think?" Avoiding the question altogether. Nicky Champion came in next and the big man wasted no time, running down to the ring, slapping hands with teh fans and sliding under the bottom rope. When he got into the ring Bret slid out as Champion walked towards him stalking his prey. The USPW Womans champion Raven Robinson came out next. The announcers ran down the rules for the match, that the females can only fight females and the men fight the men.


Bret Starr refuses to get in the ring to start the match as Nicky Champion is starting for his side. Standing on the outside of the ring he tells the referee to make Nicky back up which he does. Starr then slides into the ring and immediately tags in Cherry Bomb who doesn't hesistate to get in the ring. The fans boo as Raven Robinson gets into the ring. Cherry Bomb looks really good, dominating the Woman's champion. When Bomb goes to tag in "Hollywood" he is always turned around yelling at the fans, tying his shoe or just looking the other way. Eventually Robinson breaks away from Cherry Bomb and makes the hot tag to Nicky Champion who gets in the ring and the fans go crazy. Starr hesistantly gets into the ring, Champion goes for a lock up but Bret has other ideas as he runs around the ring. Nicky gives him a chase and Bret goes to tag in Cherry Bomb who refuses. Champion get his hands on Bret and delives a few hard punches before throwing him to the far ropes probably for his patented high back body drop but Starr holds on to the top rope and slides underneathe the bottom. Walking up the ramp backwards, pointing to his brain as he gets counted out. The face commentators can't believe what they just say while Jillefski says "like grandfather, like grandson, you're all cowards huh?" in the direction of Mickey


Match Request


We are in the office of Commissioner Doom as he has a sick, angry look on his face, yelling at two members of USPW security. Captain USA walks in and Doom angrily asks him what he wants, Cap says that he had a big victory today and would like to fight Peter Valentine tonight! Doom get's angrier and tell's him that he has more important things to worry about then USA's victory. Doom let's him know that if he get's him his title back then he can fight Peter Valentine whenever he wants.


Captain USA holds up a video tape in his hands and says that he has a break in a case, one that will prove The Force's innocense but before he gives up the tape he wants the match! Doom gives him the match and kicks him out of the office, taking the tape.


Six Way Singles


The 3 members of the Sneer Corporation who are in this match, Jumbo Jackson, Danny Rushmore and Mick Muscles all came out together manager of course by the ever dangerous Shane Sneer. Next out was The Force who did his usual kid friendly routine but maybe he is as stupid as Commissioner Doom thinks he is because he ran right into the ring and immediately began getting beat down by The Sneer Corporation. The USPW World Tag Team Champions, Freddie Datsun and Des Davids didn't even get a proper welcoming as they were forced to run down to the ring and this match was under way. The announcers say that only two men may be in the ring at a time with the owner 4 at each turnbuckle.


But there was no way to stop these six men who just stayed in the ring battling each other as if it was a three on three toronado tag match instead. The referee never even tried to gain order as the men just kept beating on each other with The Force and The People's Team acting as a team against The Sneer Corporation who used each other as they always do. There wasn't alot of room in the ring so there wasn't too many moves to note on but at the end of the match, The Force hit a Full Force on Danny Rushmore as Freddie Datsun hit a Patriot Press on Jumbo Jackson and Mick Muscles was taken out by Des David's QB Sack. The People's Team stood in unison, posing for the fans as Jim Force picked up the victory, pinning the only member of the Sneer Corporation left in the ring, Jumbo Jackson.


The Begining of Something?


We cut to the back where we see "Hollywood" Bret Starr at a water cooler getting some water, still in his wrestling pants but he has a wifebeater on now. Belle Bryden walks over to the water cooler and gets some water.


Bryden begins talking to Starr telling him how cute he is and how she likes what he's done in USPW so far. Starr trying to stay confident but visibly nervous thanks her and continues to drink his water. Bryden says that she'll be watching him tonight and maybe they can go get a drink sometime. Starr fumbles with his water and then agrees as Bryden walks away. When Belle is gone Bret says, "a drink? Man... I need a fake I.D."


The announcers have a laugh at Starr's expense as they hype up the next match.


Baine vs. Justice


Fan favorite James Justice came out first during his peace, love and happiness gimmick. Sharing hugs and taking pictures with the fans but the mood went somber when The Guru came out leading the monsterous Tyson Baine to the ring. The announcers put this over as the best match ever shown on television ever, Jillefski said until the next match that is. The other announcers seemed to agree with him. Baine and Justice put on a 14 minute match that is worth of praise if you're a USPW fan. The men battle frantically with each man dominating in small stretch and generally sharing the work load. Baine had the last bit of dominance and the fans were hungry for the good guy to make the comeback! Justice started with some hard shots, dazing the big man and then called for the Liberation Slam! He picked Baine up but it was too close to the ropes and The Guru grabbed his leg, causing James to fall on to his back with Tyson on top of him for the victory! Danny Jillefski noted that they don't call him The Guru for nothing and the two good guy announcers both said they don't like how things are looking for the Champion come tonight.


Innocent or Not so Innocent?


We are back in the office of Commissioner Doom this time the camera is set up behind him looking over his shoulder as he ejects the tape out of the V.C.R. The Force comes in to his door way. Doom tells him to stop right there and not say a word, he goes on to say that he has reviewed the tape already and it doesn't seem to be The Force who stole his title but he will find who did it and that man will pay. Doom says that after holding the belt for over 20 years he now knows what it feels like to actually lose it so he knows how The Force was feeling a few weeks ago so if The Force wins his handicap match tonight at Stars, Stripes and Slams he will get to face Andre Jones at USPW Red, White and Blue! The Force opens his mouth but Doom cuts him off immediately, tossing the tape to him and kicking him out of his office.


T-Rex vs. Enygma


Both men come down to the ring, neither really doing anything special. Rex was brought down by Sneer Corporation leader Shane Sneer. The USPW World title was not on the line tonight and we are reminded of that by the announcers. Rex is an absolute monster who took everything that the champion had to give and stood tall, delivering more damage then he took in. Tyson Baine lead down by The Guru made his way down to the ring and stood at ringside watching the match as he is to get his title shot tonight at USPW Stars, Stripes and Slams. It didn't take long for him to jump in, causing James Justice, who is fighting T-Rex tonight to run down and the referee called for the bell under mass confusion. The announcers put over how Rex will be fight Justice and Baine will be fighting Enygma tonight.


Going Off Air


T-Rex and James Justice and Tyson Baine and Enygma just continue to battle each other on seperate sides of the ring as security and other wrestlers run down to try to seperate them from killing each other. We go off the air with Steve Smith reminding us that USPW Stars, Stripes and Slams starts in a half an hour and the number one against flashing on the screen.






Stennick thank you for those words, I hope that you continue to enjoy my version of USPW. Sorry for the mix up on the predictions as in the tag team match it was supposed to be Chris Caulfield and not James Justice!


USPW Stars, Stripes, and Slams

Final Card


USPW World Title

Enygma vs. Tyson Baine


James Justice vs. T-Rex


#1 Contenders Match

Chris Caulfield vs. Bruce The Giant


USPW Womans Title

Raven Robinson vs. Cherry Bomb


USPW World Tag Team Titles

The People's Team vs. The Towers of Power


Handicap Match

The Force vs. Anger and Jumbo Jackson


USPW National Title

Captain USA vs. Peter Valentine


Nicky Champion vs. "Hollywood" Bret Starr

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USPW Stars, Stripes and Slams

Wednesday 4th Week of January 2010


A video is shown before the pay per view is shown that talks about the begining of a new era and also runs down the matches and fueds that have been going on in United States Pro Wrestling. Then it kicks to a huge fireworks display unlike anything ever seen in USPW before panning the crowd showing pro signs for Enygma, Chris Caulfield, The People's Team and the such while negatively doubting the bad guys. The Three man announce team of Steve Smith, Danny Jillefski and Mickey Starr once again hype up the most important matches while also hyping the importance of USPW's FIRST EVER Pay Per View!! Smith kicks the camera to the ring and the show begins!


Thank You All!!


Sam Strong is shown in the ring, standing with a cain, obviously hurt because of what happened to him a few weeks ago at the hands of "Hollywood" Bret Starr. The fans are giving a roaring ovation as Strong begins to speak. He goes on to thank all of the United States Pro Wrestling fans for all their support over the years and tells them that it is because of them that they are now on pay per view! Strong runs down a list of former and current USPW workers and says that they could of never done this without them! Strong ends the speach by giving one last thank you to the fans and telling them to enjoy the show!


Sitting In The Crowd


Before he exits the ring he says that he has some special guest here today and points out Henry Lee and Shawn Gonzalez who he introduces on D.A.V.E legends! He says that he has welcomed them to the show and hopes that the fans will do the same before exiting.


Gonzalez and Lee, wave to the cameras and then turn around and wave to the fans acknowledging their chants of DAVE!!


Tag Team Title Match


The Towers of Powers were first out lead by their sinister manager Shane Sneer, and the champions followed, posing for the fans for just a second cost them though as the challengers jumped on the attack before the bell was even rung. The two teams really went all out and beat the crap out of each other. Four men in the ring at the same time was not an uncommon sight for this match. Shane Sneer attempted to get involved and it backfired for his team when Des Davids entered the ring and hit a QB Sack on both members of The Towers of Power allowing Freddie Datsun to make the cover when Davids went after Sneer allowing the champions to retain!




After The Towers of Powers left the ring side area, the People's Team posed with the titles in the center of the ring and the 4 turnbuckles before leaving the ring and giving hi-5's to fans in the front row. When they got to the ramp leading to the backstage area they were brutally attacked by The Nation of Filth with garbage cans! Both champions were on the ground hurting, with their skulls dented into metal trash cans when it was all said and done.


Another Title Match


Cherry Bomb met with Raven Robinson in the next bout for the USPW Womans Title. The announcers hyped up how Cherry Bomb won a womans tag match a few weeks ago and just this week Raven Robinson won the match for her team in a mix tag match so this was anyones game. The end came when Cherry Bomb went for the ever explosive finisher moving of the same name. Except it was reversed into a Night Crawler as the champion steals a victory from Cherry Bomb!


One of those quick little advertisements for the next Pay Per View played.. you know the annoying ones? One of those.


Handicap Match


The Force was set to take on two members of The Sneer Corporation in the next match as Demon Spite lead out his former tag team partner, Anger and stablemate Jumbo Jackson. The announcers remind the fans that if The Force wins tonight he will get a rematch against Andre Jones at USPW Red, White, and Blue for the USPW Television title. The rules of this handicap match were that both men were allowed to the be in the ring at the same time so it didn't bode well for The Force in the early stages. Too often in this match it was a three on one handicap match when Demon Spite would enter the fray but the Force who was running on fumes at the end of this was able to find his inner force to fight back, hitting both of his opponents and his manager with a Full Force before making the pin for the victory!


The announcers put over what we have seen thus far, and what's still to come well hyping the first match of USPW Red, White and Blue: Jim Force vs. Andre Jones


Getting The Title Back


The lights go dark in the arena as the announcers question what is going on, then a spot light comes on in the middle of the ring and there stands a man with a cowboy hat, and a bandana covering every part of his face except his eyes. The man is holding a big shiney championship belt.


The lights near the video screen at the top of the ramp comes on and text starts rolling through, and a voice which sounds like that of the movie trailer hype guys starts to speak, reading the text. It goes on to say that he is The Bandit and he is here in USPW to become the greatest wrestler ever known to man and he is putting his Championship Wrestling Title on the line if anyone on USPW thinks they are a worthy competitor... There is some more text but before it can be read the lights come on and Commisioner Doom comes out with a microphone demanding his title back as the lights come back on. The Bandit just stands in the ring, title on his shoulder facing Doom as he enters the ring. Doom throws a vicious right hand but The Bandit ducks under!


He runs out of the ring and up the ramp to the back, where Doom chases! The camera stays with the two and Doom is closing quick as The Bandit is at a crossroad, not knowing if he should go left or right, he finally decides to go right and when Doom turns the corner he runs into Giant Redwood! Pop corn goes flying everywhere as both men are knocked to the ground. Doom sits up and looks in disgust as the big man.


I Want A Match


Andre Jones comes out and syas that "The American Athlete" must defend his title at USPW Red, White and Blue but that's not good enough for him because he wants to be on EVERY USPW Pay Per View from now until he's 76 years old so he has taken it apon himself to get a match tonight defending his USPW Television title. He says that this opponent is particulary dangerous and that that's all Andre Jones about this man. Jone says that there is a good chance he will lose his title tonight but he is willing to risk it to show that he is the best.


USPW Television Title Match


The opponent for the match made his way down to the ring and it was none other than Happy Elwood! Jones dominated this match from start to finish, barely breaking a sweat as he finishes off the youngster with a Blast From The Past.


USPW National Title


The fan favorite Captain USA took on the incumbent champion Peter Valentine in the next match where each man had the upper hand for the same amount of time. Captain USA seemed poised to pick up the big victory but Peter Valentine weathered the storm and finished the match with a Heart Breaker!


Caulfield Promo


We cut to the back where Chris Caulfield is standing in front of a wall that has USPW Stars, Stripes and Slams sprayed painted on it rather uniquely. Before he starts to talk Bruce The Giant attacks him from the blindside and throws him into the wall a few times before wrapping his big giant hand around the throat of Caulfield and pushing him through the wall while choking him!


Nicky Champion vs. Hollywood


Champion was just getting to the ring as we cut back from the chaotic backstage scene. The announcers wondered if "The Hardcore American" would make the match tonight. Starr was out next and Champion looked to push the pace from the start, going right at Bret would simple move half of his body out of the ropes causing the referee to get inbetween them. After a while of this happening Starr is ready to fight. Champion invites him to a test of strength, Starr looks like he's going to lock up but backs up and refuses. Finally Starr stops stalling and goes for a lock up of his own, before cheating and kicking Nicky in the stomach. As soon as Champion gets on the offensive, Starr rolls out of the ring and gets into an arugment with some of the fans at ringside including Henry Lee.


The referee gets to a nine count as Hollywood rolls back into the ring and the two men begin to finally brawl. Nicky Champion begins to dominate the match with a slew of power moves from a press slam to a clothesline and a running powerslam followed by a few elbows. A hurt Starr rolls out of the ring and once again gets into an argument with a few fans. He sticks his finger in the face of a young female fan in the crowd. Shawn Gonzalez moves the fan out of the way and stands in front of the fan with his arms crossed. Bret Starr slaps him and begins to run up the ramp towards the back as Henry Lee holds Shawn Gonzalez back as he tries to jump over the fan barrier. The referee counts to ten and Nicky Champion is declared the winner.


Bruce The Giant vs. Chris Caulfield


Bruce was out first and the music for Chris Caulfield played next but no one came out! The music played again and once again Caulfield did not come out. Commish Doom came out and said that if Chris Caulfield doesn't come down during his music one last time then Bruce will be named the number one contender!


Towards the end of the music Chris Caulfield comes out to the loudest cheer of the night easily. Bruce The Giant appears shocked and the two men begin to brawl exchanging fist putting on a match that more resmbles a street fight then an actual wrestling match. Caulfield went to whip Bruce into the corner but he squashed referee Wilson Carlisle. Caulfield ever the opportunist went to the outside and picked up two steel chairs holding them high above his head as the crowd cheers him on. He hits Bruce with a chair knockign the big man down. He then set a chair on the mat, placing Bruce's head on the chair and then swang the other chair violently down but luckily Bruce moved out of the way. He picked up the chair and as the referee came to his senses both men swang the chairs and hit each other in the head. The referee calls for the bell immediately calling the match a double DQ!




The Guru and Tyson Baine were back in front of the wall that was destroyed earlier, and no it was not fixed! The Guru taunts Enygma telling him that this will be his last day walking this earth with the USPW World Title. Baine just looks Fierce into the camera as The Guru continues to taunt before letting out a loud roar at the end of the interview.


T-Rex vs. James Justice


Shane Sneer lead out his newest toy, the monsterous T-Rex to face fan favorite James Justice! In what is probably the most shocking match of the night T-Rex dominated this match for over ten minutes. Shane Sneer got involved when Justice finally hit his first offensive manuver and was struggling to get to his feet, with the fans rallying behind him. Sneer messed up though and accidently hit Rex, allowing Justice to get the roll up victory before leaving ring side area quickly!


After the match T-Rex pushed Shane Sneer away and the rest of The Sneer Corporation came down to the ring to settle the furious beast down. He left with Shane Sneer and the rest of his men after lots of apologizing...


The Main Event!


Tyson Baine with his manager The Guru came out first before an elaborate dark, flashy, special entrance for the mysterious Enygma.


Bain the bigger, stronger man hits Enygma with lots of power shots throughout the match but Engyma is able to get up from each and everyone and fights back like a rabbid dog. Steve Smith says that "Engyma has the heart of a champion" numerous time through the match but eventualy the power of Baine begins to wear down Engyma as he is locked into a big bear hug. He seems to be passed out but the energy, passion and cheers from the crowd seem to empower him to wake from neverland. Obviously unable to match power with the big man Engyma starts using a different tactic, more of a hit and run, bouncing off the ropes using shoulders, clothesline and dropkicks to wear the big man out. As the match goes over the 15 minute mark, the announcers note that Engyma may be the favorite as it goes on. Enygma wins the match with a varaition of his Engyma Variation!


As the show goes off the air, ballons and confetti are dropped from the ceiling with Engyma on his knees holding the title! The announcers hype USPW Red, White and Blue which is only 8 days away and also USPW Stars, Stripes and Slams which is one week from today.



USPW Red, White and Blue

current card


Andre Jones vs. The Force - USPW Television Championship

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USPW News, Notes and Thoughts [/b]

January week 4


- USPW American Wrestling scored a RECORD 1.15 rating on sports American this week. The network and USPW officials are both happy with this and see it as a great time for the company.


- USPW's first ever pay per view, Stars, Stripes and Slams scored .82 rating which is better than NOTBPW wrestlings first pay per view of the year which was only 0.39.


- Some rumors are circulating around the internet that "The Bandit" is former TCW superstar Randall Hopkirk. USPW declines to comment on that.


- With only one match announced for USPW Red, White and Blue and with only one show to go, USPW American Wrestling is going to be heavily aimed at filling and hyping the show.


- Sam Strong and Commisioner Doom have been meeting all week to decide who will get a title shot against Enygma following the controversary of the number one contenders match.


- USPW are looking to bring in some lower level talent, especially a heel enhancement tag team. USPW has found an established team that will fill that role in the future. Stay tuned

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