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how do you import?

is the database editor the one where you create a database?


Yeah, same one, but first you need to export your data from within the game. That's the only way I have found to do it. I go through these steps.


1. Export data.

2. Rename Regen prior to leaving the gameverse.

3. Enter database editor.

4. Find and Edit the fighter.

5. Load your save game, go to tools, then 'import data'.

6. Select your regen.




Ronnie Muscles will contend for a championship.

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I have to say I hardly ever get even a decent regen. So none of the regens in my GAMMA game would qualify as the "best" because they are all crap.:D


One of the main reasons why I never play Real World mods because when a fighter from the C-Verse regens I have no problem because they are not a real person. However, when Matt Hughes regens into Tyrone Navarro (Because the regen names are always something ridiculous like that.:D) it bothers me for some odd reason.

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Chin and conditioning stats are a bit disappointing (his three losses have come to Regueiro by sub, Datuk Ong Ka Ting by split decision which he won really and Eiji Masuko by knockout) but otherwise tremendous, especially at 23.




How could this guy be 4-3? With just seven fights after four years (I'm in 2006)?


Well, mainly because he was signed with FLB and had one fight in like two years. Second because look at these stats




Dynamite across the board. Except for probably the worst chin in the entire game. :(

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Hard to say, I'm in 2004 and I have a lot of regens on my XCC roster but not all of them have had that many fights. Evelyn Baroni who started with High Level National popularity thanks to being a highly ranked judoka looks very promising with very strong ground skills, submissions and wrestling. "Elite" Naomi Nakajima seemed unstoppable until she lost her 8 - 0 winning streak and the Womens Featherweight and has since become a bit of a dud with a 9 - 2 record.
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if i was to modify someone, would it mess up my game?


If you are using the in-game editor to change stats, the only thing that will change is the worker's stats. The in-game editor is safe to use and won't mess up your game, it's only things like moving files about outside the game OR not being in properly in admin mode (for anyone using Window Vista or more recent) that will cause trouble.

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