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TCW: A New Empire

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The events which took place during the final week of 2009 were groundbreaking, and would shape the landscape of North American wrestling for years to come.


It was no secret that Tommy Cornell was looking for businessmen willing to invest in Total Championship Wrestling; ever since financial backers had withdrawn their investments earlier in the year Tommy Cornell had been the sole owner of TCW, and the company was struggling to compete with SWF as it had been doing a few years prior.


Rumours first began to circulate early in December on various wrestling news websites – as well as the rapidly growing social networking website
– that Cornell had held initial talks with several interested parties over potential investments, and later in the month they evolved into rumours that Cornell was willing to sell the company outright. Then, it was on the final Monday of the month – just six days ahead of TCW’s final pay-per-view of the year, Psycho Circus – that
exclusively broke the news.




Jerry Eisen had purchased Total Championship Wrestling.


He was the eldest son of SWF owner Richard Eisen, and the man whom many had expected would go on to inherit the biggest wrestling promotion in the world when his father retired; but now, at the tender age of 33, he had bought out the biggest rival of his dad’s promotion.


Initial reports suggested that Eisen’s lawyers had found a loophole in his contract with SWF which allowed him to buy it out, leaving him free to depart from the company and purchase Total Championship Wrestling.


There was nothing official from either party yet, although rumours indicated that TCW had scheduled a press conference for Sunday morning.
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Title History

Sam Strong [January 1997 – May 1997]

Rip Chord [May 1997 – November 1997]

Sam Strong (2) [November 1997 – July 1998]

BLZ Bubb [July 1998 – May 1999]

Liberty [May 1999 – August 1999]

Rip Chord (2) [August 1999 – April 2000]

Tommy Cornell [April 2000 – April 2001]

Liberty (2) [April 2001 – December 2001]

Dread [December 2001 – July 2002]

Sam Strong (3) [July 2002 – January 2003]

Tommy Cornell (2) [January 2003 – November 2003]

Sam Strong (4) [November 2003 – July 2004]

Liberty (3) [July 2004 – June 2005]

Tommy Cornell (3) [June 2005 – January 2006]

Ricky Dale Johnson [January 2006 – December 2006]

Tommy Cornell (4) [December 2006 – February 2008]

Ricky Dale Johnson (2) [February 2008 – November 2008]

Tommy Cornell (5) [November 2008 – August 2009]

Rocky Golden [August 2009 – Present]







Title History

Peter Valentine [July 1997 – February 1998]

Rip Chord [February 1998 – August 1998]

Peter Valentine (2) [August 1998 – January 1999]

Jack Bruce [January 1999 – December 1999]

Genghis Rahn [December 1999 – May 2000]

Craig Prince [May 2000 – November 2000]

Joel Bryant [November 2000 – July 2001]

Ricky Dale Johnson [July 2001 – March 2002]

Madman Boone [March 2002 – May 2002]

Jack Bruce (2) [May 2002 – May 2003]

Peter Valentine (3) [May 2003 – February 2004]

Ricky Dale Johnson (2) [February 2004 – September 2004]

Bryan Vessey [september 2004]

Ricky Dale Johnson (3) [september 2004 – July 2005]

Rick Law [July 2005 – February 2006]

Troy Tornado [February 2006 – December 2006]

Rocky Golden [December 2006 – May 2007]

Giant Tana [May 2007 – August 2007]

Wolf Hawkins [August 2007 – June 2008]

Danny Fonzarelli [June 2008 – December 2008]

Sam Keith [December 2008 – March 2009]

Joey Minnesota [March 2009 – July 2009]

Joshua Taylor [July 2009 – Present]







Title History

Bryan Vessey & Larry Vessey [January 1997 – August 1997]

Demon Anger & Demon Spite [August 1997 – February 1998]

Stink & Grunt [February 1998 – June 1998]

Bryan Vessey & Larry Vessey (2) [June 1998 – September 1998]

Joel Bryant & Robert Oxford [september 1998 – October 1998]

Bryan Vessey & Larry Vessey (3) [October 1998 – January 1999]

Paul Steadyfast & Robert Oxford [January 1999 – March 1999]

Bryan Vessey & Larry Vessey (4) [March 1999 – August 1999]

Stink & Grunt (2) [August 1999 – December 1999]

Bryan Vessey & Larry Vessey (5) [December 1999 – May 2000]

Demon Anger & Demon Spite (2) [May 2000 – January 2001]

BJ Shearer & Randall Hopkirk [January 2001 – March 2001]

Demon Anger & Demon Spite (3) [March 2001 – April 2002]

Joel Bryant & Robert Oxford (2) [April 2002 – February 2003]

Liberty & Peter Valentine [February 2003 – October 2003]

Bryan Vessey & Larry Vessey (6) [October 2003 – February 2004]

Demon Anger & Demon Spite (4) [February 2004 – December 2004]

Jay Darkness & Raul Darkness [December 2004 – August 2005]

BJ Shearer & Randall Hopkirk (2) [August 2005 – April 2006]

Wrestling Machine #1 (John Anderson) & Wrestling Machine #2 (Brent Hill) [April 2006 – February 2007]

Harry Allen & Steve Gumble [February 2007 – April 2007]

John Anderson & Brent Hill (2) [April 2007 – April 2008]

Scout & Guide [April 2008 – November 2008]

American Buffalo & Eddie Peak [November 2008 – January 2009]

John Anderson & Rick Law [January 2009 – April 2009]

Rocky Golden & Koshiro Ino [April 2009 – August 2009]

Scout & Guide (2) [August 2009 – Present]







Title History

Freddy Huggins [October 2005 – February 2006]

Harry Allen [February 2006 – May 2006]

Wolf Hawkins [May 2006 –August 2006]

Harry Allen (2) [August 2006 – October 2006]

Freddy Huggins (2) [October 2006 – December 2006]

Chance Fortune [December 2006 – March 2007]

Freddy Huggins (3) [March 2007 – June 2007]

Chance Fortune (2) [June 2007 – September 2007]

Aaron Andrews [september 2007 – December 2007]

Sammy Bach [December 2007 – May 2008]

Chance Fortune (3) [May 2008 – October 2008]

Freddy Huggins (4) [October 2008 – March 2009]

Sammy Bach (2) [March 2009 – August 2009]

Aaron Andrews (2) [August 2009 – December 2009]

Edd Stone [December 2009 – Present]

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Sunday, Week 4, December 2009


On a cold Sunday afternoon, with the dawn of a new year looming, journalists representing a range of different wrestling websites and publications had gathered in a large press room in Nevada; Psycho Circus, TCW’s final event of the year, was just hours away. However, it wasn’t the event – which would be headlined by a title match between Sam Keith and World Heavyweight Champion Rocky Golden – which brought reporters to this press room.


Since the start of the week, rumours that Jerry Eisen had purchased Total Championship Wrestling had taken the wrestling world by storm, and the reporters who had found their way to the press room were hoping for confirmation.


After what seemed like hours of reporters waiting and speculating between themselves as to what might be revealed, the room went silent upon the entry of three men.




Tommy Cornell, Jerry Eisen, and another TCW official.


The three men sat down behind a table; Cornell on the left, Eisen on the right and the other man in the centre. The man in the centre read a brief statement, confirming that the ownership of Total Championship Wrestling had been transferred from Tommy Cornell to Jerry Eisen, before opening the floor to questions for Eisen and Cornell.





“First of all, Jerry, what was the driving force behind your decision to purchase Total Championship Wrestling?”


“I feel that it’s time for me to build my own empire. It was nearly forty years ago now that my father first became a wrestling promoter with Supreme Wrestling Federation, he was a lot younger than I am now, and I know that my father has plenty of years left in him before he retires. I’m thirty three years old now, and I don’t have the time to wait for my father’s retirement. It was time for me to take matters into my own hands and build the Jerry Eisen legacy, and I think that Total Championship Wrestling presents a fantastic opportunity for me to build that legacy.”




“Jerry, given the ruthless sports entertainment style that your dad has used to dominate the American wrestling scene, and the fact that you’ve grown up in that environment, there’s some concerns that you may try to emulate that style. What do you have to say about that?”


“I don’t think there’s any reason to be concerned about the future of TCW and its product. Will there be some changes? Certainly; there’s a reason why TCW is the number two wrestling company in the country and not the number one wrestling company in the country. A promotion, including its product, has to naturally evolve to grow. That being said, TCW is all about traditional wrestling, and that won’t be changing at all. The priority will remain to showcase the finest wrestlers from around the world and to produce quality wrestling matches on a weekly basis.”




“Jerry, there’s been a lot of speculation about the terms of your release from Supreme Wrestling Federation. Can you shed any light as to how this move became possible?”


“No, I can’t. My release from SWF is a legal and confidential matter and won’t be discussed in this press conference.”




“Jerry, there have also been reports that you will also be taking over from Joel Bryant as head booker of TCW. Can you confirm or deny this speculation?”


“Yes, I can confirm this. I’ve had a few conversations with Joel and I’ll be working closely with him, as well as Tommy and other senior members of the roster, during my early months here at TCW, but booking such a massive wrestling promotion is definitely one of my ambitions and an ambition which I’ll be able to fulfil here at TCW.”




“Do you plan on making any signings early on in your time here, Jerry?”


“Perhaps. We won’t be employing wrestlers for the sake of it though; like I’ve already explained, TCW prides itself on quality wrestling and we won’t bring anybody into this company if we don’t feel that they are a quality wrestler, or cannot one day become a quality wrestler. I’m aware that our roster could be strengthened, but if we’re giving somebody the chance to wrestle for us then they have to be the right person.”




“Jerry, you’ve been on our television screens for years as an announcer on Supreme TV; will you be taking up an on-screen role here at Total Championship Wrestling?”


“No. I plan on working primarily behind the scenes.”




“Tommy, from all of the potential buyers and investors, what makes you believe that Jerry Eisen is the right man to take Total Championship Wrestling to the next level?”


“What’s clear is that Jerry is a wrestling man. From all of the people that I spoke to during this process, Jerry is the one man that I’m sure I can trust to do what is best for the company and not just what’s best for himself. He’s been in and around the business since he was a little boy and I’m confident that under Jerry’s ownership, Total Championship Wrestling can push on and at last compete with the giants of world wrestling.”






And so it was official; Jerry Eisen, with a surname synonymous with SWF, was now the owner - and head booker - of Total Championship Wrestling, and had outlined his intent to turn it into the biggest wrestling promotion in the world.


He was ready to build his own legacy.


A new empire.
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Rocky Golden
arrived in Total Championship Wrestling a hot prospect in 2006, and just three years later he realised his potential by defeating Tommy Cornell to become the World Heavyweight Champion. Having played a key part in fighting against The Succession over the past few years, Golden is a fans favourite in TCW and holds the honour of being the only wrestler to have won the triple crown (World Heavyweight, International and World Tag Team Championship wins). Golden heads into 2010 as the reigning World Heavyweight Champion and with plenty of momentum on his side.

Finishing Moves:
Rocky Road [Torture Rack Drop]; The Rack [Torture Rack]





Tommy Cornell
is a name synonymous with Total Championship Wrestling, and undoubtedly one of the very best wrestlers in the world today. Since his first World Heavyweight Championship win in 2000, Cornell has gone on to win the crown a record five times, surpassing Sam Strong’s record with his most recent win in November 2008. While he no longer has the force of The Syndicate behind him, Cornell remains one of the most capable members of the TCW roster and will remain in and around the World Heavyweight Championship picture for years to come.

Finishing Moves:
Guilt Trip [Judo Choke Sleeper]; Rough Ride [slingshot Suplex to Facecrusher]





Ricky Dale Johnson
has been with Total Championship Wrestling from day one, ever since the company’s very first show (under the name HGC). He has been a mainstay in the main event scene for several years now and is also a two time TCW World Heavyweight Champion. RDJ has spent much of the past few years battling against Tommy Cornell and The Syndicate, alongside companion Joey Minnesota; having prevented the stable’s total dominance of TCW, the Freedom Fighters are now looking to finish the job and prevail over Tommy Cornell and Wolf Hawkins.

Finishing Moves:
Southern Justice [Nadowa]; Leaping Lariat





Troy Tornado
is a prime example of somebody rising through the ranks in TCW, having started off in the tag team division before being a member and the lead singer of the hugely popular stable/band, Painful Procedure. Tornado split from the group in 2006 and forced his way into the main event scene; many are surprised that he hasn’t get experienced glory in the form of a World Heavyweight Championship run, but at the age of 32 there’s still plenty of time for Troy Tornado.

Finishing Moves:
Star Maker [High Velocity Flying Forearm]





Bryan Vessey
made a name for himself during the early days of Total Championship Wrestling alongside his older brother, Larry. Together, The Vessey Brothers won the World Tag Team Championships six times, setting a record that any team will struggle to better in the future. Vessey got his first real taste of singles competition when he went to Japan and worked for PGHW, establishing himself as one of the very best all-round wrestlers in the world. Vessey returned ‘home’ in 2009 following his spell in Japan which was laden with brilliant matches but lacking in championship belts, something which he’ll be looking to change during his second spell with TCW.

Finishing Moves:
Vessey Driver [spinning Death Valley Driver]; Vessey Plex [spinning Exploder Suplex]; Super Vessey Plex [super Exploder Suplex]





Wolf Hawkins
is one of the hottest prospects in world wrestling; something which you’d expect from somebody who was personally trained by ‘Rough Justice’ Tommy Cornell. Hawkins became a feature of the main event in 2007 when he aligned himself with Tommy Cornell as a member of The Syndicate, before suffering a serious injury which kept him out of action throughout the stable’s existence. Since returning in early 2009 Hawkins has remained a close acquaintance of Cornell’s, something which is sure to serve him well as he looks to win his first World Heavyweight Championship; at the moment, it looks like a case of when he gets that victory, rather than if.

Finishing Moves:
Full Moon Rising [Running Enziguri]





Joey Minnesota
is a fine young wrestler who arrived in TCW in 2007 with a big reputation. So far Minnesota has done a stellar job of living up to his reputation, rising into the main event scene and then playing a key role in eliminating The Succession from TCW alongside Ricky Dale Johnson. Much like Wolf Hawkins, having risen through the ranks so quickly during his time with TCW, it seems unlikely that Minnesota won’t be a World Heavyweight Champion within the next few years.

Finishing Moves:
Empire Spiral [back Suplex to Spike Slam]; Minnesota Salute [Flying Forearm]
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Sam Keith
is a legend of wrestling, largely regarded as one of the greatest in-ring performers of all time. His career has taken him all over the world, and has seen him win an incredible ten world championships across America, Canada, Mexico and Japan. Now truly in the twilight of his career, Keith is eager to add the one remaining feat that he hasn’t managed to since his arrival in Total Championship Wrestling in 2007; the TCW World Heavyweight Championship. Time is running out for the inventor of the Proton Lock, and he knows that if he’s going to win the title, he has to do it soon.

Finishing Moves:
Proton Lock [scorpion Deathlock with Reverse Necklock]; Neutron Plex [Head And Arm Suplex]




Rick Law
is an exciting young powerhouse who has made a real impression since he first arrived on the TCW scene. The law enforcer was a fan favourite before he turned his back on them when he chose to join The Syndicate in 2008. A very effective striker and one of the most entertaining on the microphone, it’s easy to envisage Rick Law breaking into the main event scene very soon.

Finishing Moves:
Long Arm Of The Law [Running Lariat]; Squad Car Slam [sidewalk Slam]




Eddie Peak
is one of the best brawlers in American wrestling today, and that – along with his utterly psychotic personality – make him one of the most feared opponents in Total Championship Wrestling. While he is yet to experience real success as a singles competitor during his time with TCW, it’s clear that Peak has all of the tools to give the very best a run for their money. In recent months Peak has looked to make a big impact, igniting a feud between himself a Bryan Vessey when he assaulted Vessey upon his return.

Finishing Moves:
Peak Of Perfection [Crucifix Powerbomb]; Peak Of The Devil [back Drop Driver]




Danny Fonzarelli
is a massively popular character among the TCW fans, also known as ‘Doctor Love’. Fonzarelli first made a name for himself under the name Jay Darkness, alongside partner Raul Darkness. The pair are former TCW World Tag Team Champions, but after Raul’s release from the company Jay was repackaged as fan favourite Danny Fonzarelli, which the fans have really responded to. His success under his new gimmick has led to him having a run with the TCW International Championship; however, the downside of his fun-loving, comedic character is that it may prevent him from ever being a major player in the promotion.

Finishing Moves:
Retro Rocket [Running Knee Strike into turnbuckle]




Benny Benson
is the newest arrival in Total Championship Wrestling, and the talented Canadian made a real splash on his debut when he managed to score what many considered to be a shock victory over Troy Tornado. Even though he’s been with the company for just a few weeks he’s already a big hit with the TCW crowd, who will be excited to see more of Benson in the coming weeks.

Finishing Moves:
Shockwave From Next Year [Running Enziguri]




Koshiro Ino
is a talented Japanese wrestler, who has become an important part of the TCW roster since his debut a few years ago. The face painted warrior is a stellar performer who has found most of his success in the tag team division, including a reign with the World Tag Team Championships alongside Rocky Golden. Most recently Koshiro Ino teamed with Rick Law, a partnership which was broken up when Law betrayed Ino and joined The Syndicate.

Finishing Moves:
Kobra’s Bite [Roll Inverted DDT]




Genghis Rahn
is a wild man who has made a career out of his knack of putting on brilliant hardcore matches, despite not being the most capable wrestler technically. ‘The Arizona Assassin’ has been a feature on the TCW roster for over a decade and is a former TCW International Champion, as well as a five time holder of the now defunct TCW Hardcore Championship. At the age of 39, after many, many injuries, Genghis Rahn is no longer quite as callous as he once was; he remains an important component of the TCW roster, though.

Finishing Moves:
Rahn To The Hills [Death Valley Driver]
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Interesting concept. Will be watching. Just to check, is the situation that Jerry has purchased 100% or has Tommy retained some ownership?


Something occurs to me while reading the intros with the moves. It reminds me of the one thing about TCW that annoys the hell out of me, and it's Danny Fonzarelli's finisher. Calling his finisher the "Retro Rocket" makes him seem like such a Robbie Retro ripoff, and to be honest, a guy of Danny's size should be doing something with more impact, so to me the Doctor Bomb is a much better fit for his size and gimmick.

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Interesting concept. Will be watching. Just to check, is the situation that Jerry has purchased 100% or has Tommy retained some ownership?


Something occurs to me while reading the intros with the moves. It reminds me of the one thing about TCW that annoys the hell out of me, and it's Danny Fonzarelli's finisher. Calling his finisher the "Retro Rocket" makes him seem like such a Robbie Retro ripoff, and to be honest, a guy of Danny's size should be doing something with more impact, so to me the Doctor Bomb is a much better fit for his size and gimmick.


Thanks for the feedback, it's good to have a reader. :)


Jerry is the outright owner of TCW, although there will be a close working relationship between him and Tommy when it comes to making decisions on the wrestling side of things. From Cornell's point of view, the decision takes an element of pressure off of him and allows him to put more focus on his wrestling and personal life, while at the same time TCW ends up in the hands of somebody who has experience of working behind the scenes in a hugely successful wrestling promotion and has the desire to make TCW competitive, not just to make money.


Certain things irritate me about the finishing moves as well, such as the fact that there's a couple of duplicates, like Hawkins and Benson both using the Enziguri/Vessey and Rahn both using the DVD (for reference, I went back to WreSpi 2 to find out what finishing moves were supposed to be). Any changes that I feel need to be made to finishing moves will be established fairly early on in the dynasty, I imagine.

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Joshua Taylor
is a talented young wrestler who has enjoyed one of the most successful debut years in Total Championship Wrestling, winning the TCW International Championship within just months of his first appearance. Prior to joining TCW, Taylor worked in Japan for five years, wrestling against some of the greatest names in Japanese wrestling and developing into a more than adept performer. Many believe that the current International Champion could go on to bigger things; at the same time, it’s feared that he may be deemed too bland to ever be a key member of the TCW roster.

Finishing Moves:
Butterfly Lock




The New Wave
) are widely regarded as one of the great modern tag teams, having racked up six tag team championship reigns throughout their time at the now defunct DAVE and now in TCW. Of the two of them, Guide offers intense brawling and athletic ability while Scout brings superb technical ability, making for a unique blend of styles – one of the things which makes them such an interesting tag team. Since their debut in the summer of 2007 The New Wave have quickly become the premier tag team in TCW, celebrating their second World Tag Team Championship win in last August.

Finishing Moves (Scout):
Special Force [Mutilation Armbar]; Danger Ahead [seated Neck Plant with pin]

Finishing Moves (Guide):
Guided Missile [Northern Lights Bomb]

Finishing Moves (Team):
Wave Of Mutilation [Tag Tower Legdrop]




Sammy Bach
is one of the most exciting rising stars in American wrestling. Prior to joining the TCW roster in 2007 he was best known for his tag team work, having made up one half of Adrenaline Rush alongside Teddy Powell; Bach has really flourished as a solo competitor since his TCW debut, though, with Karen Killer in his corner. His small stature and exceptional flying skills meant that he was perfect for the company’s All Action division, and he went on to win the Championship twice. Bigger things are expected of Bach in the coming years though, which is down to his brilliant grasp of the basics, his comfort on the microphone and his star appearance.

Finishing Moves:
Bach On Your Back [bodylock Reverse Sleeper]; Adrenaline Shot [Flying Flip Neckbreaker]




The Machines
John Anderson
Brent Hill
) are two superb technical wrestlers, who arrived in TCW in 2006 and quickly established themselves as one of the best duos in wrestling. Originally wrestling at Wrestling Machine #1 and #2, Anderson and Hill reverted to their real names when they joined up with Tommy Cornell upon the formation of The Syndicate. Within the stable the pair were reaching new heights of popularity when a neck injury put Brent Hill out of action for a year and a half. Having reformed upon Hill’s return to the ring in late 2009, The Machines are now looking to add to their three TCW World Tag Team Championship reigns.

Finishing Moves (John Anderson):
Ammo Dump [sit-Out Underhook Facebuster]

Finishing Moves (Brent Hill):
King Of The Hill [High Elevation Flying Legdrop]; Complete Package [seated Inverted Sleeper]




American Buffalo
, managed by Floyd Goldworthy, has established himself as a solid midcarder since his arrival in 2006. While Buffalo is unlikely to outwrestle many of his rivals, the 300lb mountain has got the sheer force to bully his opponents into defeat. Buffalo occasionally teams with Texas Pete, and also has loose ties with Eddie Peak and Genghis Rahn.

Finishing Moves:
The Stampede [Running Powerslam]




The Tag Team Specialists
Joel Bryant
Robert Oxford
) are a pair who have tagged together for many years, and have been a fixture in TCW’s tag team division since the company’s inception. The two time World Tag Team Champions pride themselves on being able to outwrestle any other team on the roster, but with Robert Oxford edging closer to 50 years old the duo may not have too much time left to claim the crowns for a third time.

Finishing Moves (Joel Bryant):
One Shot Drop [Overhead Flip Slam]

Finishing Moves (Robert Oxford):
Top Rope Kneedrop




Texas Pete
is a big, powerful fighter whose career has been surrounded by a lot of excitement, but so far has failed to live up to expectations. Since his arrival in 2006 Pete has failed to push himself any further than a midcard spot, which is rumoured to be down to his heavy drinking and lack of effort. It is also worth noting that, during his time with SWF, Pete had a major bust up with Eric Eisen; it’s yet to be seen what this means for his future under Jerry Eisen.

Finishing Moves:
Lone Star Drop [Powerbomb]




Aaron Andrews
is considered by many to be the next big thing in American wrestling. Andrews is the first – and so far only – graduate of the TCW School Of Pro Wrestling, and he has continued to impress on the main roster with solid wrestling skills and a great look. So far TCW officials have been keen to slowly groom Andrews for stardom rather than throw him in at the deep end, and over the past few years he has formed an exciting partnership with fellow Los Angeles native, Chance Fortune.

Finishing Moves:
Standing Hot Shot [standing Shining Wizard]; Flying Body Press
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Edd Stone
is the only member of the legendary Stone family to have plied his trade in Total Championship Wrestling, and so far ‘The 24 Hour Party Animal’ has been a relative success in America. Like his siblings, and indeed his father, Edd is a very talented wrestler; however, his main talent is his high flying ability, which has made TCW’s All Action division the perfect environment for him to flourish. Having won his first All Action Championship during the final weeks of 2009, the future looks bright for Edd Stone.

Finishing Moves:
Party’s Over [seated Faceplant]




Giant Tana
is a fun-loving Samoan who weighs in at well over 400lbs. Tana got over with the TCW fans quickly after his arrival, and remains a popular member of the roster. While not the best wrestler on the roster by any means, Tana gets by on his charisma and size.

Finishing Moves:
Big Fat Samoan Squash [Running Butt Drop]




Freddy Huggins
is young, charismatic, talented and has the look of a star. He has been one of the stars of the All Action division since his debut in 2005, being the first winner of the championship and since going on to win the belt a record four times; more than anybody else in the history of the division. He is also managed by his sister, Laura, who is devious and often tests the rules from ringside. Big things are expected of Huggins, as well as his tag team with Edd Stone, The Canadian Animals.

Finishing Moves:
Huggins Kiss [superkick]




Chance Fortune
has established himself as an important part of the All Action division over the past few years, having won the Championship three times (more than anybody except for Freddy Huggins) and remained a constant contender for the title. A talented performer and an entertaining individual, Fortune could yet rise up the card; particularly if his tag team with Aaron Andrews takes off as it is expected to.

Finishing Moves:
Stoke Of Luck [Pump Kick]




Charlie Thatcher
is a giant of a man, standing at 6’7”, which he gets by on despite his limited in-ring ability. During the first few years with TCW Thatcher acted as a silent bodyguard for other wrestlers, but recently he has started to have more of an in-ring presence. Since 2008 Thatcher has been closely associated with Edd Stone, and has helped the Canadian to victories within the All Action division.

Finishing Moves:
Crusher Legdrop [Running Legdrop]








Harry Allen
is a cruiserweight perhaps best known for his work alongside Ford Gumble in The Young Guns, a team which won the TCW World Tag Team Championships once as well as the Cruiserweight Tag Team Championships four times. While Ford Gumble has left the company Allen remains a valuable member of the roster, most frequently competing in the All Action division in which he has won the championship twice.

Finishing Moves:
Flying Fist Drop




Clark Alexander
has been around in TCW for several years, but has never really progressed past jobber status. Despite his lack of success he is a solid worker who has the nice habit of rarely putting on a bad match, which makes him an asset for the company. Over the past couple of years Clark has been playing the gimmick of a proud warrior of his nation, Hawaii.

Finishing Moves:
Hawaiian Breaker [Double Knee Backbreaker]




Flying Jimmy Foxx
is a cruiserweight who made his TCW debut in late 2008. A decent worker, Foxx is unlikely to ever push too far up the card but he has the ability to be an attraction in the All Action division over the next few years.

Finishing Moves:
Flying Foxx [Frog Splash]
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Karen Killer

Valet of Sammy Bach.



Floyd Goldworthy

Manager of American Buffalo; formerly manager of Painful Procedure.



Laura Huggins

Valet, and sister, of Freddy Huggins.






Announce Team


Jason Azaria and Kyle Rhodes

Jason Azaria and Kyle Rhodes are synonymous with Total Championship Wrestling, having been behind the announce table since the very first show in the HGC days. Azaria – also known as ‘The Man Of 1,000 Facts’ – is, as his nickname implies, very knowledgeable of the business, and Rhodes is no idiot either, despite fancying himself as a bit of a comedian. Together, Azaria and Rhodes make up one of the most famous commentary partnerships in professional wrestling.




Shawn Doakes

While he hasn’t managed to break the stranglehold that Azaria and Rhodes have on the seats behind the announce table, Shawn Doakes is a promising young announcer who remains on hand to fill in when either of the two aren’t available.




Jasmine Saunders

Jasmine Saunders is a young former media student who was given the chance to break into broadcasting by TCW. Comfortable on the microphone, she is seen backstage on a weekly basis, on hand to interview the biggest stars in the locker room.




Sam Sparrow


Ray Johnson


Road Agents


Archie Judge


Arnold Westberry

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Nah, I can picture it. Vessey starts on the outside of the turnbuckle with the opponent facing outside the ring on the second rope. Vessey hooks up the exploder, lifts slightly, begins twisting and throws the opponent off.
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