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In-Game Editor Question (NOT a "When is it coming out?" thread)

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Arlie, I was playing around with one of the real world data sets today (starting random dynasties to see how the logos look in game) and I noticed that at the career setup screen where you can change a team's name or abbreviations, it will not allow you to save changes if any team in that conference has an apostrophe in its name. Example: I wanted to change Air Force from "AIRF" to "USAF" but it wouldn't let me save it because UNLV is in their conference and their nickname is the Runnin' Rebels. It saves fine if I delete the apostrophe. When the editor comes out, will we be able to use apostrophes in the team names? It's not a big issue and I won't lose any sleep over it, I was just curious. Thanks...
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