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Coach development skills

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Can someone help me out here? I have noticed that the coaches I have development skills do not match those on the hire/fire screen. Right now my Off. Coordinator has the following in the hire/fire screen. Develop QB: Average Develop RB: Good Develop WR/TE: Good Develop OL: Average But on the current staff and when I advance to the next season he has these attributes. Develop QB: Poor Develop RB: Good Develop WR/TE: Average Develop OL: Poor Is it a factor I don't know about that decreases these or is it a bug? I did a search on Coach but didn't find anything and any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Tram Edit* Well, I figured it out kind of. The color codes of the coach in the Hire/fire menu don't match up to the text ratings shown for them. I.E. If you select to sort by development skills, they will show what the coach really has. The color card in the bottom right is about a step higher in most cases (not all). Wish I figured that out sooner though as that was what I was going by when I was signing them.
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