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Arlie - Can we get another column in the Schedule Match table specifying the week of the game? Obviously this may require some more work than other fixes so it might not be available until a later update. I guess I just figured that the logic was sort of in there based on the rivalry week column in the Teams table. Also, in another thread you said this is the order the engine looks for games: 1. Conference games. 2. rival game (does not need to be in the schedmatch table) 3. Schedmatch table games. I'm assuming that at Step 2 the engine looks for a Rivalry Week in the Teams table and goes back to apply that to Step 1. Would it be possible for the engine to also do the same for Step 3/Step 1? For example, could Oklahoma be scheduled to play Texas in Week 6 every year? Some of these scheduling flexibility improvements may understandably need to wait a while, but I think they're important to preserve the feel of the season for many teams. Thanks.
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