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Limit to conference/team numbers?

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I made major mods to the pstats to make the NCAA look like it did in 1975. Thing is back then there were about 140 teams and 13 conferences and around 40 independents. I cut the number of independents down to 30, and after discovering you couldn't have 30 teams in one conference I narrowed that down to Independents East, South, and West. Which gives me 16 conferences if you included independents as conferences. Thing is on the create a league screen it shows you as having 16 conferences and even allows you to see all of them via pull down, but when you get to those last two their teams do not show up. And when I selected one of those teams to build from I received a runtime error and the game shut down. I trouble shot a whole lot to get to this point and short of my idea that it is limited by number of conferences I am out of ideas on what else to troubleshoot here. Is there a limit? Is there a way around it if there is?
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