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My suggestions after a few weeks of a dynasty

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[U]This is a list I kept while doing my dynasties.[/U] 1. Present the user at the end of the season with an option to redshirt FR who didn't play a down. This allows for maximum flexibility with depth requirements and redshirting (especially for C, K and P). 2. In scheduling, allow a sort on how interested teams are regarding playing at your place. 3. A way to suppress injured players being slotted on ST when hitting the "suggest" button. 4. A way to suppress starters at other positions being slotted on ST when hitting the "suggest" button. 5. Make the choice of scouting services a real one. 6. A way to specify where the first game of a H-H series is played. 7. More bottom-feeders willing to play away games at big schools. 8. Some tool to help organize what recruits we're interested in during the season. Something to make that whole process meaningful. 9. An email or other notification telling us when a player's injury status has changed. For example, when players are totally healed, or now "probable" instead of "questionable." The weekly e-mail gives more information than this, but is not this specific. 10. Be able to print the pregame matchup screen to HTML. 11. Be able to sort players by injury status. 12. Be able to sort players by morale status, or some way to see their morale without clicking on every card. 13. Notification of a player's change in morale status. 14. Tweak the fact that players not playing because of injury get pissed off at not playing and start affecting team morale. IRL, it's not as clear-cut as it seems to be in BBCF.
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