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Does Arlie do GDS full time now?

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BEFORE ANYONE SAYS THIS TOPIC IS PERSONAL AND LEAVE IT PRIVATE I WANT TO SAY, SORRY IF IT MAKES YOU FEEL THAT WAY, THERE WAS NO DISRESPECT TOWARDS ARLIE OR ANY OTHER TEXT SIM PROGRAMMER. LET ME ONLY SAY I WISH I WAS IN THEIR SHOES AND HAD THE ABILITY TO CREATE GAMES LIKE THIS. I know at one point Arlie was full time .400SS I think, is he full time now? I tried to do the math and dont think it is possible, but I dont know 2587 members X 35.99 = 93000. But I am sure that he does not get 35.99 maybe 29.99 and I am sure he only gets 2/3 of the members at most. Which would be 1707 * 29.99 = 51,192. I guess it is possible more than I make. I dont know about Arizona, but I make 44 and the wife makes 44 in Florida and I feel house broke, but confortable at the same time. Now OOTP on the other hand 13,788 members even if Markus gets 3000 of those guys to buy the game he is making over 100K. Arlie, I will support you forever keep it up and as stupid as it sounds I cant wait till you can be 100% full time GDS and let the Wife stay home with the kids also! Matt
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