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I have to say...

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I'm really beginning to enjoy this game. I apologize for being the 1000th person to post on this but I'm really loving this game. I know there are bugs and this or that but, unlike TCY, which I still like, I have to really work at this to get anywhere and even then I'm not guaranteed success. I've had to slow down and pay attention to my depth charts, game plans and especially my budget and recruiting. When I have walk-ons that are better than my recruits I assume my recruiting tech. leaves much to be desired. I can't click, click, click like I do in TCY and take a 1 star program to a 5 in a matter of a few years. I have to really force myself to plan, slow down and pay close attention to what I'm doing just to keep my head above water. This game really challenges me and makes for a great experience. Currently I'm using North Texas at home and Baylor at work (oops, did I just say that? :( ) and am loving every minute of it. Oh, and my fiance will finally be gone for 12 full hours tomorrow so guess what I plan on doing? BBCF+Shiner makes for a great Saturday. :D Thanks Arlie, Hit
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