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TV Viewers VERY low...

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Hi Adam,


What changed between your high and low ratings? A drop in size? A new program on in that time slot?


Drop in size: No, i play 'WWE' and its Global size since i start the game.


New Program: I am not sure. Where can i see this?


EDIT: My 'RAW' Viewers are also a little bit low... I had ~ 1,2 Million Viewers, now only 400-500.000...

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I had one of my shows drop from around 6 million to about 1.5 million in one week. I checked and there was a very popular new show added in my time slot that took away viewers. The other show stopped being aired a few months later and my show went back up to 6 million.


I never noticed any drop in popularity for my federation during that time though.

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