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Anybody else play with this scenario? I'm having lots of fun using this data because it's a realistic parallel universe, and different than using up-to-date datas, which I try not to use anymore.


I'm starting with Calgary Stampede owned by the Hart Family and it's awesome seeing guys like Chavo Guerrer Jr and Andrew Martin (Test) as main eventers.


I took some time to analyse the roster and such things and after my first show, I find this roster pretty awesome. I set a couple storylines and gave everyone their suggested push too.


One of my storylines is between Chris Benoit and Edge (properly named Sexton Hardcastle) for the main title and Chavo also thrown in there as a support. My first match with this story line main evented my first show, which was a number one conteders match in which Benoit beat Chavo. It easily got a A* rating!


I also have Carlos Colon Jr (Carlito) and Nigel McGuinness which I basically just made them feud as a trial-and-error thing and their first match was the co-main event to my first show and it also recieved a A* rating! So I look forward to that feud as well!


The problem I have though is that I don't get much viewers. I guess it has to do with the fact that my promotions' popularity is only A in Canada and like C-to-F in the rest of the world, so not a lot of people care for it...


I kinda wanted to start a diary with it but I'll see how it goes first.


Anyone play this scenario? or even this version of the game anymore?

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