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Historical Super heros/ Villans.

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Hey im new to the forum but i had to join especially after putting in the amount of work ive been putting into my game. ive been making a time collision Historical Heros/ Villians Mod. the only problem is i dont know how to upload anything so when im done if there's anyone that would like to take a look at it PM me. i have a long ways to go though as ive been starting with villains first.


ive in fact just finished the Serial Killers list and Werewolves list for my Villains. let me tell you what i have done so far.


the Serial killers were fun to make yet destirbing, some were easy as they had the same MO as other Serial Killers. others however are more interesting.

i put there level as according to there recognition. for instance Jack the Ripper will be a iconic Villian while Yang Xinhai (IG Monster Killer) would be obscure.

Certain MO's give them certain powers.

For instance the Cambridge Lust Killer.

she was a nurse so she has a healing factor.

she was insane.

she was known to bring her victims in and out of death with her experiments.

to simulate this she causes dizziness, has a hypnotic factor, causes illusions and is a master of toxins,

because she slept with her victims in fact killing them was a turn on for her. she produces pheromones.


each Villain and hero is done by there Nicknames. for instance

Jane Toppan was the Cambridge Lust Killer.


and in addition some serial killers calmed Demonic Influence.

Son of Sam's Harvey the dog is a villain holding supernatural powers.

the Infamous African demon Tokoloshe is there.

The Gillies' Baron is there.


the Werewolves was simple enough as of course in real life there is no proff that these people became literal werewolves , i treated it as such in the game. same with Vampires and Witches.


im doing villains based of of several categorizes.



Wild West Gangs.

Bank robbing gangs.

Pirates (literal like black beard, for certain privater will be Heroes)


Evil politicians (i mean like Stalin and Castro, no im not putting Bush or Obama in you can add them in yourself)



For Heroes im picky i want my hero to have been combat active in some way.


Policemen and detectives.


Heroic Vigilantes (like perry Saturn)

Famous Swordsmen (i used to be able to find them i hope to find them again)

Disputed Legends if needed (ill only add them if i find my hero list way too low, this would be like, robin hood, King Auther, and Achelles)




Civilians will be genaric for the most part however i plan on there being a few noncombative well known heros that will be civilians.



now Areas


this is more up to change but right now i have been going with

North america



Eastern Europe




Rest of world.


North America will be the most active

with Eastern Europe

France and England being the next most active

Rest of world will be a fun zone.

Rome will have any part of the old roman empire and italy.

China this area for the most part will have heros and villains from Romance of the Three Kingdoms whoever of course they wont be exclusive.

Africa will be the least active but will be a fun zone to visit.


anyways i dont believe i can finish this project alone though i can get most of it done what i will need is.

someone who can...


get the pictures were pictures are available.

battle test (this would be the fun one)

and upload the mod for availability.


this is my first time doing this but i plan on completing.

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