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Two Point Conversion Error

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Ohio St pulls ahead of me 30-18, they decide to go for two. The conversion is picked off and returned for a TD making the score 30-25. This probably needs to be looked at. IN addition I having all sorts of problems trying to stop Qbs in the big ten with high ratings. I play nickel the entire game usually some sort of pass preference defense and teams are consistently throwing for over 350-500 yards against my 4.5 and 4.0 rated corners. I wish I had a clue on what I need to do to cut this back. I was 5-0 ranked 4th in the nation after beating Michigan, now I have lost 3 in a row and cant stop any QB from passing for tons of yards. Any suggestions??? Ohio State ball, Q4, 3-8-MINN8 (04:32) 24-18 Offense: Medium Pass, Set: Shotgun, Play: SG-FL-curls Defense: Stop Pass, Set: 4-6, Play: 46-norm-MZ QB W. Blake completes a 8 yard hook to WR N. Thielemann ****Touchdown!***** Ohio State ball, Q4, 1-0-MINN0 (04:04) 30-18 Offense: Medium Pass, Set: Quads, Play: Q-WR3-ins Defense: Normal, Set: 4-6, Play: 46-norm-Man W. Blake has his 3 yard pass intercepted by B. Chandler at the MINN 0. He returns it 100 yards for the touchdown!
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