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DIASPORA- Takayuki of the Revolution

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In 2010 fed up of Junior Heavyweight Wrestlers being treated like second class citizens by the Matsumoto Brothers. Four of the leading Super Junior Wrestlers in the world, the legendary Prime Dragon, the enigmatic Sairento, the innovative Zodiac and the future legend Hiroto Nori....set up Pro Wrestling DIASPORA.....



Their mission to take down the seemingly unstoppable Behemoth they all once worked for United Promotions Japan, and to build a new vision of wrestling in Japan...a vision where someone can become star no matter how 'big' they are. The DIASPORA Four and anyone else who dares to dream, are going to 'stick it' to the Matsumoto Brothers and give the old rules the middle finger. These are new times, new rules and it's time for a revolution, a revolution so big....it will literally change the world, well the world of Puroresu that is.


But let's not get carried away here just yet. UPJ are the worlds biggest promotion,and can these four men with a dream really succeed in taking them down. In fact some will say, they're living in a land little more than fantasy, and that such a story may as well fall out of the pages of a Light Novel or a Manga.


Who knows, but this is where the story really begins and perhaps one man get help make their idealistic pipe dream become a reality.....


And that man is.........




Takayuki Kunomasu!!!


Yes that Takayuki Kunomasu!!!

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The Curiosity of Takayuki Kunomasu



Now some of you may ask, just who is Takayuki Kunomasu, well that would be me...the author of this life affirming story, where the little guy can triumph over adversity and stick it to the man. Well in this case it would be sticking it to the fat men, in particular the Fatsumoto Brothers. During this story you should come to hate the Fatsumoto Brothers, at least that's the intention.


I'm sure another thing you are all wondering is.....


Just how the hell did you (Takayuki Kunomasu) get the job of head booker at DIASPORA, and you're all just dying to know whether there was a phone-call.


Well fact is, some one on the roster knew a friend of a friend of a friend of someone who works on the DIASPORA roster and that someone got wind that Zodiac (one of DIASPORA's brightest stars) wanted to concentrate on being totally awesome inside of the ring (which not wanting to fan his own ego, he is totally awesome). Well yeah I got the phone-call alright, the phonecall was from Zodiac himself and he wanted to set up a meeting with me and the owner Prime Dragon.


I bet another thing you are asking right now, is....OK this smart-ass got the phone-call, but what in the blue hell are his credentials for getting THE PHONECALL....


For much of my working life, I've been a games developer. I started out working for the LOCK company in Osaka.....helping to develop Visual Novel and eroge games. Yeah, I know eroge games....but they sell by the bucket-load and the company paid well. But I think I was starting to lose my soul, and my real passion was wrestling, not simulated love making with a Bishoujo.




An example of my work for LOCK, why did I feel the need to show this?!

At least it's one of the more tasteful ones, and not an Eroge...actually this may have been an Eroge, but...oh I really should stop now, before I dig an even deeper hole.


I branched out on my own and made a series of successful wrestling simulation games called Extreme Puroresu Warfare, it got critical acclaim from wrestling fans across the country and the Tanahashiverse got a cult following (named after the game's top star Hiroshi Tanahashi of the New Japan Pro Wrestling fed). Well my friend of a friend of a friend who knew someone at DIASPORA, felt I was so good at developing these games, that they felt the DIASPORA guys should take a punt on my creative genius, and that I could be the key to helping to take down UPJ and stick it to the Fatsumoto Brothers.


Now as for the day of the meeting it was a rather cold day in my hometown of Osaka that I met the men I would be working for. It was after a show they had run at the Dotonbori Athletic Center, just a mere dash from where we decided to meet up; the Kinyru Ramen Shop......


I could remember the very moment, I saw them sit down beside me at the bar........

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'A not so regular bowl of Ramen'




I guess they chose the Kinyru Ramen Shop, to meet up because it's one of those 'you can't miss it' places. I mean what other place would they mean, when they said meet up at the Ramen shop with the giant Green Dragon. I would hazard a guess that the other place they had in mind was the place with the giant crab, but my other guess is that these guys are also a bit tight with their money and that forking out for a full crab set would be a bit beyond their means. Besides I actualy like Ramen myself, it fills a hole for a very reasonable price.


Whilst I was ordering my Tonkotsu Ramen, waiting for my would be suitors to turn up...I couldn't help but think what place the Matsumoto Brothers would have taken me to if they so happened to be after my services instead. Looking at the size of their waist lines and wallets, they'd probably take me to one of those swish Kaiseki places, and knowing them that would be just be for starters...they'd probably want to show off so much that they'd then order a limo to take us to Kobe and have a second meal at one of those Teppanyaki's where they serve over-priced steak. I'm painting too good of a picture of that pair though, I've heard their real tight bastards, totally absorbed in themselves. In reality they probably order all that for themselves and tell me to pick up my own bill.


Just as my bowl of Ramen was served to me, two masked men sat down next to me......



Oh crap, do these two want to stick up the Ramen shop or something?! Then one of these weirdo's oppened his mouth and spoke to me.....


'Oh hi you must be Kunomasu-san'.....


I replied back a nervous 'yes, that is me' to the man in a black and red mask.......


'I'm Prime Dragon, owner of DIASPORA pro wrestling, I believe you're interested in taking on the role of becoming head booker for us'


I couldn't shake the feeling that this was too surreal, and that I haven't actually woken up yet......


'Anything a matter, you don't seem too enthused to see us....Minamoto-san gave us the impression that you'd be really up for meeting us....but I'm not seeing it.


I figured this Minamoto-san must be who my friends friend of a friend knows........ But I needed to snap out of the state of shock of being interrogated by the masked man, or this interview was over and the only wrestling promotion I'd be booking would be one in the EPW games I had developed.


'It's just that I wasn't expecting you to appear wearing masks, it's a bit disconcerting you know'


'We have to wear these mask's, everywhere we go' said the one who earlier said he was the boss......


'Yeah Prime here's correct, we appear somewhere without our mask's on, or that's us ruined' the one with the Red Mask chimed in....


This seemed a little ridiculous to me, but I was getting over the initial shock and I had to accept that this meeting was in fact reality, and that despite looking like a pair of nutters...they were now coming across as a pair of 'over-zealous cos-players' and not of the about to 'send me to an early grave' variety....but how in the hell was I supposed to take these two seriously.


'OK....but people aren't going to recognize you without your masks on anyway ?'


Prime Dragon responded, not only did he respond; My questioning of the fact that he had to wear the mask all the time, set him off on a rant that somehow made me eat my Ramen a little quicker than usual, as I listened to him drone on.....


The abridged version went something like this.....


' The mask's we wear you see are not just to hide our identity, they are also an extension of ourselves. Without our masks, we become merely worthless beings....the mask's give us our power, we are whole with our masks on, and mere empty shells without'


There was probably a time when this Prime Dragon, said this nonsense for a laugh, but my guess is that he's probably taken one too many brainbusters in the ring, that his mental state now has him actually believing the nonsense that he says.


'OK you said that the mask's are an extension of yourselves but what about the wrestlers without mask's, are you saying they are weak and incomplete without them?'


Oh why did I have to ask?!


' Those who do not wear masks, are already complete without them....but those with a mask, need the mask to be complete...the mask is an extension of our very soul...blah...blah...blah.........'


What felt like an entire lifetime later, we finally got down to what felt like some formal business. The man in the red mask, finally introduced himself as Zodiac and that he was the head booker. I naturally asked why they were interested in taking me on as their head booker, when they already had one in place. Zodiac said that as one of DIASPORA's biggest stars he need to concentrate on being awesome in the ring and that booking was becoming a burden. He then went on to blow smoke up himself, by telling everyone within a fifty mile radius, how he is the 'god of innovation'....


' Every time I step into the ring, I am thinking of something new, even if I don't actually physically come up with something new...I am constantly thinking of something no one has ever seen before. There are times when just thinking of something new is merely enough and there are times where it feels right for the world before me to see the powers of my innovation. Even when I sleep, I am dreaming of new moves all the time. It is during these dreams, that many of my masterpieces are formed but the burden of the book has lead to many sleepless nights and thus I feel like my powers are not at their full capacity'


Power from their masks?! Power of their dreams?! Did these two visit an Izakaya together before they got here, and downed a few too many rounds of beer and saki?!


Somehow though I was becoming more comfortable with the two masked men, they were so looney, that I didn't feel like I was in some hard headed business meeting at all- to be honest I completely forgot this was a job interview of sorts. In fact it seems like they wanted me, more than I wanted them and that put me in the driving seat, at least that's how I was starting to feel at the time.


Surprising me again by turning a little more serious in their tone, they went on to tell me about the formation of DIASPORA, though I get the impression that they were taking things very seriously from the start, it was just that they seemed to be off on another planet from the one I have called home for 33 years.


I asked Prime Dragon


'Wouldn't it have been easier to accept his position in UPW, where he was guaranteed a comfortable pay-day, rather than risk everything by starting your own promotion?'


Dragon chimed back, and went into another one of his rants'.....


' It's like this....Planes were invented because people wanted to fly, cars and trains came to be because people wanted it to be easier to move around. But this all came up from a limited number of people who had innovative plans and concepts. In other words geniuses made it all possible.....'


I swear I had heard or read this rant somwhere before..... He could at least come up with his own material, when going into one......


'I am one of those geniuses, there are plenty of people out there who will just be content to settle for what they have, but I have a dream and my dream is to change the perceptions of wrestling fans across the country...no matter what size you are as a wrestler, you can be a mega-star. The brightest stars will be the one's who have true talent and constantly strive to become better....a world where being the best is not who you know, rather what you know.'


Beyond the fact that I was talking to a guy in a mask, who believed it was an extension of his soul- I realised Prime Dragon's heart was in the right place and that his dream was indeed one that I shared.......


I had become well aware that the Matsumoto Brothers, were ruining puroresu by pushing those who kissed up to them, and their perverse fascination for hulking fat men. I too was getting sick of that pair of over overweight egotists pushing the fact that 'size and look' mattered more than 'skill' and of course the guys who suffered the most, were the likes of Prime Dragon ...the Junior Heavyweights. I fully understood now, why Dragon-san got sick of the mis-treatment and decided to 'start his own'... Indeed lesser men would have settled for an easier life, but I could tell Dragon-san was ready to fight and that this was a 'war' he was determined to win. In all honesty I knew that all along, but the fact he was the same Prime Dragon I watched on my TV screens from a young boy, and not some regular guy in a suit, when he stepped outside of the ring...had of course taken me by surprise.


'Sounds like you know exactly where we're coming from them' inserted Zodiac....


It was as though the self proclaimed 'God of Innovation' had just read my mind, or perhaps I was simply unaware that I must have said what I thought were my inner thoughts out loud and that I was already becoming very comfortable and familiar with these two enigmatic masked men....


The conversation moved on to the struture of the promotion. Prime Dragon was the main owner and owned 40% of the company, Zodiac and another wrestler called Sairento owned 25% each and Hideki Nori was a minority share-holder who owned 10 %.


I asked them why the other two did not come to the meeting....


'Oh Hideki doesn't take much interest in these sort of meetings......but he's actually been with us all along'


I looked across at the man Zodiac pointed towards, and couldn't help but notice that next to him...was a mountain of about ten empty Ramen bowls all piled onto one another. Now the fact that he was very much in trim and far from a beached whale, made this sight even more bizarre.....




'Yeah we don't know where he puts it either' Prime Dragon said, clearly seeing the jaw-dropping look that had appeared on my face.


Hideki Nori, then introduced himself......


'Hi I'm Nori-san, sorry we didn't really get to speak, but I must dash now....'


We barely got to speak, and already he had to dash off somewhere?- My immediate thought was that he had overdone it with the endless bowls of Ramen, and Kinryu's toilet was out of service'


'Oh please don't get the impression that Nori-san, is feeling unwell or has a 'problem', he's probably just had a call from his girlfiend'


What the hell?- Was Zodiac reading my mind again.....


'She's one of those over protective types, a real life Yandere....I think she can't stand to be apart from him for more than five minutes, and he's been here for five hours'




Nori's Girlfriend?


So far I had met a masked dreamer who believed he had become 'whole' with the mask that he wears, another masked man who believes he is a 'God of Innovation' that seemed to be freakishly psychic and a hollow-legged big eater with an obsessive girlfiend, that I feel thankful not to have met yet.


Accepting of this 'circus' put before me, I was just itching to know what the fourth owner, the one they called Sairento was like, perhaps he will surprise me by being a totally normal, regular guy.... and at this stage of the night...that really would be the biggest shock of all.


'Aah you're wondering about Sairento, right aren't you....you see he can't show himself as being friendly with us right now, because within the world of DIASPORA, he is opposed to Dragon-san and I'


I could understand that, despite the fact that many were now clued in to the fact that puroresu was not a real 'sport' as such...promotions still wanted to give the impression that certain wrestlers really didn't like each other, and that being seen out together would only serve to ruin the illusion.


'But I can see that you're still dying to know what Sairento is really like. Well he doesn't speak much, hence the name, he is what you would call a silent-partner!'


'But he is as determined as Dragon-san to see DIASPORA become a success.....I think he despises the Matsumoto's more than Dragon'


'Yeah that's right, I do not like the Matsumoto's, but sometimes I worry that Sairento-san is a little bit overboard in his disdain for the brothers'


I was intrigued to find out what Prime Dragon, meant by overboard.....


'Well Sairento-san, has got this basement gym at his place....where he works-out and he has admitted that he perfects his Curb Stomps on a pair of blow-up sex dolls'


'Ok that's freaking weird, but what has that got to do with the Matsumoto's?.....'


'I hadn't finished...the sex dolls, have their face's xeroxed on to them'.....









Ok that guy definitely has 'issues'.....but after the night I just experienced he was re-assuringly insane.


After all that, I was actually never formally offered the job during that night at the Kinryu Ramen Bar......


But just a few days later, I got another phone-call from Prime Dragon


'So are you going to come on board with us, and accept the position as head booker?'


For some reason, despite knowing that I would be working for a rather 'certifiable' bunch, I said 'yes' and accepted my new role as the head booker of Pro Wrestling DIASPORA.....


This was going to be the biggest challenge of my life, and I was ready to meet that challenge head on......

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Out of Character Introduction



Yes this is the latest TigerKinney project, and my first outside of the default Cornellverse data......


The way my last diary ended, was of course very disappointing having it literally pulled out from under me by my computer crashing, but that's in the past and it's time to move on.


To be honest I probably was done with diary writing, at least for a good while. But then jhd1 created the jhdVerse and with that he created his Become A Star competition. I submitted a character to that, the rather off the wall effort 'Meido Machine'...I never thought a character so weird would get all that far but it made to the second round, but most of all it got my creative juices flowing again an inspired me to do a diary for the jhdverse. The other thing is, that even though I love the Cornellverse, it had lost it's spark for me and that playing with a new mod has breathed new life into TEW2010 for me.


There a few little changes to the default data.....


1. To help have some 'stories' in place for diary, even though DIASPORA is a performance fed.....the diary will start about six weeks after a major unit shake-up has taken place. Out of this unit shake-up, will have emerged three main units, with the default DIASPORA Four stable, made up of the four men who launched DIASPORA now in-active.


Now of course, if I wanted to run with stables so much I could gone with either Dragon (which is like a Dragon-Gate style fed but based in the U.S) or UPJ (which actually has a few default stables set up). But I like the idea of playing with the number two fed in Japan, and the backstory of the four owner setting up DIASPORA, because they were fed up of being de-pushed by the Matsumoto Brothers. The Matsumoto Brothers are such a pair of jerks, at least I for one want to stick it to them...not work for them!


2. Change number two, really isn't all that important- But the venue names in TEW always personally irritated me. For instance Tochigi Sports Stadium, really rankled with me. As someone who has been to Japan...there is no way a fed would run a show in a 10,000 seater stadium in Tochigi. I've not replaced the venues with real life venues (though there a few obvious nods) but have placed them in more realistic cities. Also there a more venues at the lower levels, and less at the large sizes (there is only venue over 75,000) and about four more over (50,000).


The other thing is that I have swapped round the importance of Kyushu and Hokkaido. Hokkaido though the second largest Island in Japan, basically only has two major urban populations in Sapporo and Hakodate, whilst Kyushu is pretty well populated and in reality is probably the third most important wrestling market in Japan outside of the Kanto (Tokyo/Yokohama area) and Kinki/Kansai (Kobe/Osaka/Kyoto triangle) regions.



As for the style of writing, for most of the events I probably will use a more summarised style (summarised by my standards). The classic Tigerkinney detailed match-up writes up will appear from time to time, and PPV's will as ever get the full treatment. But doing that style all the time will burn me out.


No matter what the style, the pace of the diary will probably see me post about one show a week, and if things slow down more than that...it's not because I would have lost interest, it's simply because I would have other things taking priority at the time.


One final thing, is that the diary will be on a one month hiatus from mid April, as I'm going to be back in Japan from then. Looks like I'm actually going to get to see a Puroresu show this time...I'll be in Osaka on the 21st April- where NJPW will be running a show (my tour company are in the process of getting me a ticket).

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DIASPORA- Roll Call Of Champions



DIASPORA Super Junior Championship



Prime Dragon


Defeated Sairento (Oct 2011- Fukuoka Hall, Kyushu)


V1 Defence- Incognito (Nov 2011- Tokyo Bunkyo Hall, Kanto)

V2 Defence- Sairento (Jan 2012- Shizuoka Sports Park, Chubu)

V3 Defence- Sairento + Hiroto Nori (Feb 2012, Shinjuku Sports Complex, Kanto)

V4 Defence- Tian Long (Feb 2012-Hyogo Prefectural Gymnasium, Kansai)


Previous champions:

Sairento (January-October 2011)- 8 Defences

Zodiac (January 2010- January 2011)- 8 Defences





DIASPORA Heavyeight Championship



Hyotaru Ichigawa


Defeated Koto Arato (Mar 2011- Hiroshima Sports Park, Chugoku)


V1 Defence- GUSHIKEN (June 2011, Nagoya Central Gym, Chubu)

V2 Defence- Eikichi Minamoto (July 2011, Hakodate Athletic Field, Hokkaido)

V3 Defence- Koto Arato (July 2011, Shinjuku Sports Complex, Kanto)

V4 Defence-Chojiro Ono (Sep 2011, Kyoto Concert Hall, Kansai)

V5 Defence- Koto Arato (Sep 2011, Miyagi Athletic Complex, Tohoku)

V6 Defence-Oda Yamawaki (Oct 2011, Fukuoka Hall, Kyushu)

V7 Defence- GUSHIKEN (Nov 2011, Tokyo Bunkyo Hall, Kanto)

V8 Defence- Koto Arato (Jan 2012, Shizuoka Sports Park, Chubu)

V9 Defence- Eikichi Minamoto (Feb 2012, Shinjuku Sports Complex, Kanto)


Previous Champion:

Koto Arato (February 2010- March 2011)- 11 Defences



DIASPORA Junior Tag Team Championship



'Whispered' Zodiac & Talisman


Defeated 'New Solution' Kotei Yamato & Shintaro Hideki + 'IMPERIOUS' Tian Long & Incognito (Jan 2012, Shizuoka Sports Park, Chubu)


V1 Defence- 'New Solution' Kotei Yamato & Shintaro Hideki (Feb 2012, Bunkyo Hall, Kanto)

V2 Defence- 'IMPERIOUS' Tian Long & Incognito (Feb 2012, Shinjuku Sports Complex, Kanto)

V3 Defence- 'MOE! MONEY!' Meido Machine & HUSTLE Umiro (March 2012, Bunkyo Hall, Kanto)


Previous Champions:

New Solution (July 2011- January 2012)- 4 Defences

'IMPERIOUS' Tian Long & Incognito (Oct 2010- July 2011)- 5 Defences

Hiroto Nori & Prime Dragon (Mar-Oct 2010)- 5 Defences





DIASPORA All Asia Tag Team Championship



'Udon Noodle Killer' GUSHIKEN & Chojiro Ono

Defeated 'Tokyo Wrecking Crew' Oda Yamawaki & Hiro Date (Feb 2012, Shinjuku Sports Complex, Kanto)


Previous Champions:

'Tokyo Wrecking Crew'- Oda Yamawaki & Hiro Date- 3 Defences

'PUNCH'Kan Mitsubishi & Chojiro Ono (Feb-Nov 2011)- 6 Defences

Hiro Date & Shiki Hirasi (Nov 2010- Feb 2011)- 2 Defences

Eikichi Minamoto & GUSHIKEN (Aug-Nov 2010)- 3 Defences.

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Guardians of DIASPORA




Formed: October 2011


Theme Song: ‘Super Driver’ - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wBQA5iWwlc


History: Seen as the main fan favourite stable of DIASPORA, they were formed as a counter group to Sairento’s Kuro-Nadeshiko group- the catalyst of the final split on the always strained ‘DIASPORA Four’ stable being the defeat to Sairento by Prime Dragon for the Super Junior title, sending the former into a jealous rage and triggering the latest unit shake-up.


Fellow DIASPORA Four original Zodiac and his protégé Talisman quickly sided with Prime Dragon, as did fan favourite Heavyweight Eikichi Minamoto, whose youth orientated ‘tweener’ faction ‘Second Raid’ had long since broken up since June- following the stable losing in a losing unit dispand match with Crimson Denizens in June.


Hyotaru Ichigawa- once the leader of the original heel stable in DIASPORA ‘Crimson Denizens’ had long since turned face after he was kicked out of that group in August, but it was unclear for a few weeks just who he was going to side with, until he decided that it would be good form to join forces with the other singles champion in DIASPORA and present to the world the true ‘Guardians’ of DIASPORA’s values....it was then that the stable’s name was born.


Kan Mitubishi once a member of Ichigawa’s ‘Crimson Denizens’ stable was the last to join, after his former tag partner Chojiro Ono turned on him, when they lost the All Asia Tag Titles to the Tokyo Wrecking Crew.....thus kicking him out of Kuro-Nadeshiko. It was probably one time stable mate Ichigawa, that persuaded Guardians leader Prime Dragon to accept Mitsubishi into the group.



Prime Dragon (Oct 2011- )



Zodiac (Oct 2011-)

Talisman (Oct 2011-)

Eikichi Minamoto (Oct 2011-)

Hyotaru Ichigawa (Nov 2011-March 2012)

Kan Mitsubishi (Nov 2011-)

Taheji Ebisawa (Jan 2012-March 2012)



Kuro Nadeshiko




Formed : October 2011


Theme Song: ‘Howling’ - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qb9E3Bu5EQg&feature=related


History: After Sairento had lost the Super Junior Championship, to fellow DIASPORA Four member Prime Dragon- it made him snap and attack Dragon in a jealous rage. The relationship between two men seen as great rivals before their time in DIASPORA was always going to be strained, but still the attack from Sairento was a heinous and vicious one.


But it was one he had no remorse in doing and he vowed to not only win back the Super Junior title by any means necessary but that he would rebuild DIASPORA in his own image and the only one’s who would survive would be those who followed him.


Remnants of the ‘Crimson Denizens’ stable IMPERIOUS (Tian Long & Incognito) plus PUNCH (Chojiro Ono & Kan Mitsubishi) were quick to put their support behind Sairento. Essentially Sairento had taken on a directionless Crimson Denizens, took leadership and renamed the group- signalling a new beginning for the top heel stable in DIASPORA.


A few week’s prior to Sairento’s turn, GUSHIKEN (leader of the DIASPORA Four, associate group the Tokyo Wrecking Crew) turned on his sometime tag partner Eikichi Minamoto (who had briefly joined the Crew as a fourth member) and with Minamoto being a huge fan favourite that earned GUSHIKEN huge negative heat from the fans.


But the ‘legend’ no longer cared of the fans opinions, he wanted to be on a ‘winning team’ no matter what. Some will say that was the moment that triggered the current unit shake-up, other’s will point to Sairento’s post title loss turn to Prime Dragon as the key moment. But it was Sairento who took the initiative to form Kuro-Nadeshiko and GUSHIKEN merely joined the stable, though a senior veteran many see him as Kuro’s second in command.


Soh Terajima pleaded to Kuro-Nadeshiko , as he was a great admirer of Sairento...after a few weeks of ignoring Terajima’s pleas- eventually Sairento relented...seeing use for Terajima as a ‘front line soldier’. The unpredictable Xtincion, teased becoming a member for several weeks with random backstage attacks on Guardians members, until he showed that he has no allegiance by suddenly attacking Kuro-Nadeshiko members.


When PUNCH lost the All Asia Tag Titles to the Tokyo Wrecking Crew (the duo of Yamawaki and Date continuing the name on)Chojiro Ono turned on Mitsubishi , with the rest of Kuro-Nadeshiko helping Ono in the beat-down to kick the young heavyweight out of the group.



Sairento (Oct 2011-)



Tian Long (Oct 2011-)

Incognito (Oct 2011-)

Chojiro Ono (Oct 2011-)

Kan Mitsubishi (Oct-Nov 2011)

GUSHIKEN (Nov 2011-)

Soh Terajima (Nov 2011-)

Dark Wolf II (Jan 2012-)

Blood Spider Jr (Jan 2012-)







Formed: November 2011


Theme: ‘O2’- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WldQycDskKs


History: S.H.I.P (Strength, Honor, Integrity,Performance) are seen as the secondary ‘fan favourite’ stable of DIASPORA... their remit is that primarily they are group of ‘young, hungry wrestlers’ looking to prove they are better than the Guardians, but by doing it the ‘right way’ instead of through the dishonourable means of the Kuro-Nadeshiko.


The group basically formed when Hiroto Nori, the youngest member of the DIASPORA Four, turned down Prime Dragon’s offer to join the ‘Guardians’ , saying that it was time he stood on his own and stepped out of the shadows of Dragon, Sairento and Zodiac. Initially many wondered if Nori, literally meant ‘going it alone’ but those thoughts were quickly put to rest when he began to tag regularly with the Junior Tag Team Champions New Solution (Yamato & Hideki) one time leading members of the youth orientated tweener group ‘Second Raid’.....Soon enough they all joined forces with the Tokyo Wrecking Crew (Yamawaki & Date) and after a few weeks of being an un-official un-named unit they officially went by the name of S.H.I.P.


Former Heavyweight champion Koto Arato- was always someone who never pledged allegiance to a stable, but could now seen the benefit of joining one. Just which one he would join was up in the air for a while, but perhaps his decision was made when his rival Hyotaru Ichigawa (the man who defeated Arato for the Heavyweight Championship), joined ‘Guardians’.


S.H.I.P leader Nori was unsure if letting Arato join would be a good idea, and if the veteran really fit in with the rest of the group, but the former Heavyweight Champion convinced Nori, that he would provide a strong member for S.H.I.P and would not be challenging Nori for leadership of the group, despite his veteran status.



Hiroto Nori (Nov 2011-)



Kotei Yamato (Nov 2011-)

Shintaro Hideki (Nov 2011-)

Oda Yamawaki (Nov 2011-)

Hiro Date (Nov 2011-)

Koto Arato (Nov 2011-)

Go Takashi (Jan 2012-)





The Forgotten (Hideaki Kasuse & Kohei Hidaka): A pair of veteran junior division wrestlers, that have always been ignored by the main stables in DIASPORA, and thus generally have a status of being permanently stuck on the undercard.


ShimiKuma (Aki Shimudazani & Hirouchi Inokuma): The pair were members of the ‘tweener’ group ‘Second Raid’ but have been on their own as a team, since that stable came to an end in June- when they lost a losing unit dispands match to ‘Crimson Denizens’.


MOE! MONEY! (HUSTLE Umiro & Meido Machine): Two of DIASPORA's more 'colorful' undercarders have formed an 'odd couple' tag team- can they show that they are more than a comedy act?


Shiki Hirasi: Originally part of Crimson Denizens, he was kicked out of that group in 2010....before joining up with ‘Second Raid’. Like ShimiKuma he has been without a stable since that group was forced to break-up – following a ‘losing unit dispands’ match.


Xtincion: The unpredictable Junior Division wrestler, is known for his random backstage attacks. The fact that his attacks have no prejudice...makes him more of an ‘irritating’ tweener than an out-right heel.


Yachi Kotara: A former member of Crimson Denizen’s, he was kicked out of the group in February- however his ‘face turn’ got just about zero reaction from the fans and he has pretty much settled into the role of being a veteran tweener. Has started tagging with Kohei Hidaka (whilst Hideaki Kasuse has been out with injury)- hinting at a loose alliance between himself and The Forgotten.


Hunter Wolfe/Fuku Machine: Gaijin import with identity issues. At first he just seemed to be a loner (Hunter Wolfe) but then he started making appearances wearing a sailor fuku (Fuku Machine) and appeared to be aligned with MOE! MONEY! only to make attacks on the pair. However he has also been known to attack MOE! MONEY's! opponents so it's hard to know where his loyalties lie or what's going on in his head.


Junichi Matsuo: Newcomer who fancies himself as a J-Pop Idol.



Previous Stables


DIASPORA FOUR (Feb 2010-Oct 2011)


Leaders: Prime Dragon (Feb 2010-Oct 2011)


Tokyo Wrecking Crew (June 2010- Oct 2011)


Leaders: GUSHIKEN (Apr 2010-Sept 2011)

Hiro Date (Sept-Oct 2011)


* The DIASPORA Four and Tokyo Wrecking Crew, were aligned with one another but recognised as seperate stables in their own right. They would often be referred to as DIASPORA Sekigun, when members fought alongside one another.


Crimson Denizens (Apr 2010-Oct 2011)


Leaders: Hyotaru Ichigawa (Apr 2010-Aug 2011)

Tian Long (Aug-Oct 2011)


Second Raid (Apr 2010-June 2011)


Leaders: Eikichi Minamoto (Apr 2010- June 2011)

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I feel like pulling a Bryan Danielson and run around shouting "YES!" Definitely happy to see this, TK. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us.


I'd do that and then tell everyone that I'm a role model because I'm an avid sushi eater (since this is a puroresu diary) lol.


TK--you almost owed me a new laptop because I almost drooled over mine! Hopefully this will be another long and awesome read of a diary.

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Looks awesome so far. Are you going to focus more on the wrestling in your match writing, albeit summarized? It would be nice to see some promos thrown in as well. JHD and Schmoe have done great with these characters and to see them come to life would be a great read, man. Keep up the great work!
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Nice to see my latest would be masterpiece has everyone running around like Bryan Danielson shouting 'YES!' in the anticipation of it's awesomeness.


Just to answer some of the comments


@Astil- Why Pigeons?!


@James0- There will be a strong focus on the wrestling, this is a Puroresu diary after all, but I'm hoping I can also bring out the character of the wrestlers- in backstage promo segments. It is a method I used for my BHOTWG diary, that they would do promo's backstage for TV tapings. DIASPORA don't start with a TV deal but they could still do them for DVD's/Internet.


I will also probably do a monthly post, with Takayuki's thoughts on how well things are going and the real backstage environment of DIASPORA (this is where you will see the real personalities of the DIASPORA roster come to the fore).


@Infernalmiko- I'm backing up this time, I've learned my lesson from the last time.


I should have the final part of the prologue up tonight (the meeting at the Ramen shop in Osaka).


After that the aim is to have roster profiles up this weekend.

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Very nice introduction. You view the leaders of DIASPORA very differently to how I see them, but I like it.


Sairento was deffinately at the restaurant, he was just curbstomping the chef for mixing up his order. ;)


The big question is, is this how jhd1 envisoned the leaders of DIASPORA? :p;)


There probably isn't a day that goes past where Sairento, isn't curb-stomping someone.


Very cool so far :)


Pigeons because of Hatoful. Always Hatoful.


I checked out Hatoful- a dating sim with Pigeons?!! So absurd, it's genius :D

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The big question is, is this how jhd1 envisoned the leaders of DIASPORA? :p;)


There probably isn't a day that goes past where Sairento, isn't curb-stomping someone.




I checked out Hatoful- a dating sim with Pigeons?!! So absurd, it's genius :D


I just had an image of a b.a. dude curb stomping pigeons...

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DIASPORA keeps Spinning and Turning


December was a month off for DIASPORA, so the previous head booker and co-owner Zodiac sent me some DVD's of some their past shows, it came with a note which read......



The viewing of these discs of wonder, shall enlighten you with the powers of DIASPORA, see for yourselve the battles of the past, for they will help you shape the future


All The Best




P.S: Another thousand moves were composed during my dreams, since we last met'


He could have just said 'Please watch the tapes, they will help you with your new job' but if it just said something as normal as that, I'd be wondering if either a) these were from the real Zodiac, or (b) The Meeting in Osaka was just a figment of my imagination and that I was the one who was losing it.


To the surprise of no one reading this, I watched the tapes and I have to say I was pretty impressed by what I saw. There was room for improvement, which in some ways is a good thing...because I'm not going into 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' type of situation but there was alot of potential for DIASPORA to be great.


Assessing from what I could see; the Junior Division was it's strength and that was to be expected, the four co-owners were all pushed hard, but in fairness it was because they had the talent to be pushed towards the top.....I was also impressed by the current Junior Tag champions, they looked to be a couple of young talents with a bright future ahead of them.


The heavyweight division looked like it needed more work, there were a couple of talents that caught my eye, but generally you could tell this was the weaker part of the DIASPORA roster.


I of course had to report my thoughts to Prime Dragon and Zodiac. Dragon of course, I had learned from that day in Osaka was the primary owner and my ultimate boss, and Zodiac though he was stepping aside as head booker, appeared to be very much the number two and would serve as a sort of assistant to me during my the hand over period, and possibly beyond.


It was time however to meet the rest of the roster, so one late December day I was invited down to Prime Dragon's gym in Yokohama, where I could see the wrestlers being put through their paces, as they looked to get themselves into shape/work on their skills prior to the start of the next tour.....


As I entered the gym, I was stopped in my tracks by a man I recognised from the tapes I had watched.....



It was Eiji Minamoto, who I recalled as being the one who was the friend of a friend, of a friend....who recomended that his bosses, get in touch with me about becoming their new head booker....


'Hey Kenji!'


Minamoto-san seemed to direct the greeting towards me, as if he was greeting an old friend. But my name isn't Kenji and I had no idea who the hell Minamoto-san was talking to, but for some reason I seemed to look familiar to him.


'Kenji-Harima right?'


'I think you must be mistaking me for someone else'


If I did not know already that Minamoto-san was a member of the DIASPORA roster, I would have thought the way he was carrying on, he could have been some loon who had walked in off the street. Minamot-san shot me a confused look on his face. It was clearly a case of mistaken identity and I needed to put him straight.


'Look I'm not this Kenji Harima you refer to , but I am Takayuki Kunomasu, and I'm going to be the new head booker for DIASPORA'


Minamoto-san then winked at me, and gave me the thumbs up sign....


'Ok Kenji, whatever you say.... but Tenma's not here!'


Minamoto-san then headed away, stilll seemingly convinced I was this Kenji; and I certainly wasn't looking for this Tenma either, whatever he may think or whoever she may be.


As Minamoto-san headed off into the distance, I asked Zodiac if he was a bit of a joker?


'Oh he is, Minamoto-san is alot of fun'


A moment of relief flashed by that this was probably only a bit of leg pulling from the promotions resident joker.........


'But he was being deadly serious there. He thinks you're Kenji Harima from the manga and anime School Rumble'


Surely he knows that's not real, no one can be that stupid can they?


'He has seen School Rumble so many times, that he believes the characters of that show to be real, and obviously he thinks you're a real dead ringer for Kenji Harima!'


I was starting to wonder if everyone employed to DIASPORA had escaped from a lunatic asylum. How the hell can anyone mistake a real life person for a drawing of all things?!


http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcROybs2ma0fe25QERS0kPJvxRsqzOdICMMLr7lbqZsU0CiMubtc4w ____ http://i137.photobucket.com/albums/q236/Tigerkinney/th_TakayukiKunomasu.jpg

Takayuki Kunomasu _______________ Kenji Harima

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Awesome sauce! Tigerkinney, you are one of the best on these boards, and I've never really said it before, so thank you for all your efforts! I'm very happy your staying in Japan. I've never seen this universe before, so I guess that just makes things even more exciting as well.


Enjoy the real life show in April as well, I imagine you may be there when they do the newly named possible international tournment as well, so that could be quite enjoyable. That is of course if I remember correctly.


Don't feel bad about using stable warfare, because as I'm sure you know by now, every Japanese company in real life uses some sort of stable warfare, even if it's not named groups.

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