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Warning to all mod makers (sticky please)

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Excel is a problem with tew (I don't know how it makes the stuff over letters )


The stuff over the letters crashes the game. When it actually loads in it. I only know because capt feb 2012 mod was full of it . Like I said it took 6 hrs to clean it up . Basically you can't make it with a the tew program. So it does not recognize it



small example of it


Živile Raudoniene


look at the z


big example of it




capt feb 2012 mod



I'm sure it would not be a huge problem for most of you. The fact capt used it alot is how I found the problem with it.

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Please stop posting threads about this.


The CornellVerse (as well as several other mods) uses accented letters without any issue, and in seven years of TEW games there has only been 1 person who has experienced an issue with them, you. That alone indicates that it's far more likely to be a compatability issue with your language settings than the blanket "TEW doesn't work with accented letters" statement that you keep saying, especially as the latter is provably incorrect as thousands of players use the CornellVerse without any issue.


I am looking into it, and I'd appreciate it if you stopped trying to get people to make massive changes to their work when it could be entirely unnecessary.

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