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PSW: the way it should be

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My name is Bud Wiser my whole life I only wanted to do one thing...wrestle.




I watched my heros in DAVE. Maybe it was the right age or whatever but to me that was the best wrestling ever has had to offer.


Mitch Naess who i believe had nothing but good intentions opened up a hardcore counter culture wrestling company and called is Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling. Some look at it as the ashes of DAVE.


In my head I have gone over it a million times what would i do if I owned a wrestling company. I took all the money I have in this world and bought control of PSW from Mitch.

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it seems my ability to post a picture is fail


I opened a photobucket account so i could but it didn't happen if someone could pm me or post directions I will gladly add pretty pictures to this diary.


I am not a good storyteller but I am going to try to add some story into this diary.

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thanks Jaysin!


When a new owner comes along there is going to be some turnover.


I want to escape from being "DAVE's ashes" and move to the next

generation of Hardcore wrestlers. With no ill will I terminate the

contracts of:


Alex Braun


Fabulous Frank

Frankie Future

Grandmaster Phunk

JD Morgan

Johnny Martin

Lazy Joe

Little Bill Lebowski

Nicole Kiss

Primal Rage

Tank Bradley

Teddy Powell

The Punisher

The Wolverine


I try to get non aggressive pacts with the major players

CGC, NOTBPW, USPW and TCW all reject my aggrement

BHOTWG, GCG, PGHW, RIPW, SWF, WLW accept my pact


we also get a working agreement with WEXXV just cause i think

we should be friendly hardcore bros.


We bring in:


Hugh de Aske

Running Wolf

Zachary Inc


Island Boy Apollo


Rayne Man

Regular Joe


Xavier Reckless

Reese Paige


we have nobody listed under next big things, Hugh de Aske, Island

Boy Apollo and Wooton Fitzpaine are listed under hot prospects


Steven Parker and Matthew Keith are listed under show stoppers

and ring generals (i expect them to be working for TCW soon)


I created a PSW hardcore match which is a deathmatch with only

high risk content so our workers will actually partake in it


All matches will be PSW hardcore matches unless stated otherwise

or i forgot to select it

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PSW January 2010 attendance 300


http://i479.photobucket.com/albums/rr154/lordmalbin/BenWilliams_alt3.jpg & http://i479.photobucket.com/albums/rr154/lordmalbin/StevenParker.jpg


Bud Wiser comes down to the ring. He takes a microphone and starts talking to the crowd, before eventually getting interupted by Steven Parker. They have a big argument, going back and forth on the microphone, before agreeing to face each other later on in a singles match.


rating 58


http://i479.photobucket.com/albums/rr154/lordmalbin/NelsonCallum.jpg vs http://i479.photobucket.com/albums/rr154/lordmalbin/RayneMan.jpg


Nelson Callum vs Rayne Man


In a bout that had a good crowd and some decent in-ring action, Rayne Man defeated Nelson Callum in 11:38 by pinfall with a Rayne Drop.


rating 38



http://i479.photobucket.com/albums/rr154/lordmalbin/AshCampbell.jpg vs http://i479.photobucket.com/albums/rr154/lordmalbin/MatthewKeith.jpg


Ash Campbell vs Matthew Keith


In a bout that had a good crowd and some decent in-ring action, Ash Campbell defeated Matthew Keith in 11:39 by pinfall with a Shooting Star Press.


rating 37


http://i479.photobucket.com/albums/rr154/lordmalbin/BenWilliams_alt3.jpg & http://i479.photobucket.com/albums/rr154/lordmalbin/StevenParker.jpg


Amidst a chaotic in-ring scene, Bud Wiser and Steven Parker finally come face to face on opposite sides of the ring. They both pause, psyche themselves up, and charge. The ring gets flooded by numerous other wrestlers, and the two are pulled away before they can make contact by Running Wolf, Jebediah, Zachary Inc, Xavier Reckless, DeCipher and Regular Joe


Rating 53


http://i479.photobucket.com/albums/rr154/lordmalbin/BenWilliams_alt3.jpg vs http://i479.photobucket.com/albums/rr154/lordmalbin/StevenParker.jpg


Bud Wiser vs Steven Parker


In a bout that had a good crowd and good action, Bud Wiser defeated Steven Parker in 11:45 by pinfall.


Rating 60


http://i479.photobucket.com/albums/rr154/lordmalbin/BenWilliams_alt3.jpg & http://i479.photobucket.com/albums/rr154/lordmalbin/StevenParker.jpg


Bud Wiser and Steven Parker are backstage; an argument breaks out, and they start brawling with each other. A host of road agents and staff have to pull them apart.


Rating 54


Final Rating 53


right now i view these guys as our top 3 heels and top 3 faces. I want to make these guys household names and larger than life characters.

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I am little disapointed in the text descriptions


we have tables, ladders, barbed wire, thumbtacks, barbwire boards, and weapons as part of the matches (for some reason fire, light tubes, bed of nails, and glass are too risky) but there was no mention of it in the match descriptions. I guess I will have to actually try to write some match descriptions (sorry already about your damn luck).


If there is anyone you want me to push or feature just let me know.


not going to even think about predictions until i get written contracts


heck 5 of my top 6 guys could be gone by next show

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My creative juices are lacking but i am eager to get further in this

game. In all my other games my roster seems to get raided. I had

been expecting Steven Parker and Matthew Keith to be in TCW.

I have made it to September without having anyone go. I am working

to get my bank account and going to cult to get guys on written

deals. It is now a race for me. TCW is still just National so i am

waiting for them to get to global and the main strikes at our roster

are over or i can lock up some guys.


I brought in Donte Dunn, Richie Riggins and Devestating Don.


Dunn is going along nicely. Richie Riggins the crowd has utter

contempt for him. Devestating Don started a fight with Hugh de Aske

i fired him and Hugh hates him but did not become loyal to me.

Xavier Reckless was brought in with the sole purpose of trying

to get some else loyal to me. He has caused problems but has

not started a fight with anyone(which i have found to be the best

way to get loyalty). He is still an exteme negative influcence.

If i am lucky he will start a fight with our new employee KC Glenn.


Its October 2010 and TCW just hit internatinal and i am waiting to see

who they grab. I am shocked they bring in Buddy Garner, Frankie Perez,

Curt O'Malley, Mikey James, Mainstream Hernandez, Carl Batch, Jez

McArthuer and Johnny Bloodstone. I double check my emails to make

sure they rejected our pact. Wow i thought i was going to say goodbye

to Mitch, Matthew Keith and Steven Parker for sure and woudn't be

surprised if Ash Campbell, Nelsum Callum and Rayne Man go as well.

I have only played PSW a few times but every time those guys have been

grabbed. Well they will go global so we are not out of the woods yet.

Just on a whim i offer TCW and NOTBPW working agreements and they both

accept. So outside of USPW who i plan to surpass I think i just made a huge

boon to our ability to keep our talent.

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My name is Bud Wiser my whole life I only wanted to do one thing...wrestle..


that is awesome.



Hey I took a look at this on a lark and actually enjoyed the last post.


Your thing might just be, detail a quarter or so at at time with that quick write up style, followed by more detailed show write up of a major show 1 to 4 times a year.


Either way I will keep an eye out for your updates

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Alex Braun


Fabulous Frank

Frankie Future

Grandmaster Phunk

JD Morgan

Johnny Martin

Lazy Joe

Little Bill Lebowski

Nicole Kiss

Primal Rage

Tank Bradley

Teddy Powell

The Punisher

The Wolverine


Seriously? I can't believe you ditched guys like Braun and Powell in favour of the 0/0/0/0 brigade.


Powergaming (like canning half the roster on day one and getting working agreements with every promotion under the sun) is kinda tough to get behind in a diary, just as my own personal opinion...

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Mistaken - thank you for reading and the comment.


looking at my roster and thinking about putting a ppv together so far Xavier Reckless is actually our 5th best heel. He has a hardcore rating of 58 and 69 in overall performace skills. He has done just enough to not get fired but now I am wondering if firing him would be in my best interest. If he caps soon it will be a no brainer but if he just keeps getting better...


right now our top 6 faces


1-Bud Wiser

2-KC Glenn

3-Matthew Keith

4-Regular Joe

5-Rayne Man

6-Ash Campbell


our top 6 heels

1-Steve Parker

2-Hugh de Aske

3-Nelson Callum


5-Xavier Reckless



I have to say that i think we have some solid guys top to bottom there. The best part is i am not sure any of the guys capped yet.Antman is the "worst" with a 66 performance rating. I am not 100% sure those will be my guys.

I have not had much luck finding tag chemistry but it seems a shame not to use the good ole boys. I know in other games Wooten would not resign with me but i can swear i resigned him in this one wonder how i changed his personality. He just been jobbing dark matches so far.


Krissy Angelle when not managing sits in on commentary and now has a 91 charisma.


RM Stones is up to 82 refereeing


Reese Paige is only a 65 in road agent skill


Doc Messing is up to an 80 charisma and is a good locker room guy


Mitch is up to 94 announcing man that guy is good.


The best part about booking PSW is your imagination of hardcore matches taking place and having a great annoucers table on hand(although Mitch is too expensive for my taste when starting out)


Zachary Inc is up to 41 stamina he will be doing iron man matches before you know it :-)


Oh i am an idiot I have been doing shows in New England area just so when i think i am ready I can make the move to cult. Just an FYI if you are close to going to cult and have the internet distribution on it will take you to cult. I will see what my bottom line is after this show we are in no danger of going bankrupt but it will take us longer to get my "safe" amount of 12 million to buy a dojo and get written contracts and try to get to national asap from there.

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Blake Trask- thanks for reading and the comment.


I honestly didn't look at it as a "powergaming" move. I can get much better ratings from the word go with Martin, Braun, Future, Morgan and Phunk being

my "goto" guys. For whatever reason the fans hate powell no matter what i try to do with him. I just thought i would go with a bunch of young guys and see how they develope and go from there.


I went with the working agreements to try to keep the talent i am growing. I can lose alot of steam for a game if after several years of developing talent TCW comes along and steals my guys if you look at my local to global diary with American Wrestling Federation they have like 9 guys they stole from me. With a roster featuring 12 guys losing 9 of them to one company is kinda a pain in the butt. Plus I lost others to SWF, NOTBPW and BHOTWG.


I do respect your input and I am sorry if you don't care for my youth movement.

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