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Funniest Write Ups

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I think this was done before but couldn’t find it with a search. Thought it might be interesting to post the “Funniest Biography” for a mod or a rewrite for an original worker of the game.


From the 77’vers by MTJTM, PeterHilton & jtlant (great mod by the way & just about the only one I use)


Bob Biggs


"The Cincinnati Stud Muffin" Bob Biggs was dismayed to discover that he was only placeholder data in TEW 07 to enable a relationship between the Biggz brothers to exist, and rendered obsolete by TEW 08.


Facing deletion from existence, Biggs joined the wrestling industry in a move of sheer desperation. Devilishly handsome, Biggs has elected to ply his trade in Australia as a manager.”


I have no idea what his original write up looked like in TEW07’ but this made me laugh for quite a while.

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After being kicked out of middle school for punching his teacher, Black Hat Bailey started training to become a wrestler. At age 17, he completed his rigorous training regimen and declared himself ready to kick ass..


That's the one in there now. Fits the character perfectly!:D

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