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GAMMA: Reboot

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I've been a fan of a few WMMA 3 dynasties for a while and thought I'd have a crack at it.


I'll be starting a fresh game using Majesty95's Reboot data.


I wanted to try and add a little bit of realism to my game so the first update will be a short prologue.



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Two aged and respected veterans of the international Martial Arts scene, Hannit Van Mere (Kickboxing) and Jeff Conner (Judo), begin a war-of-words over whose discipline is the most effective.


Van Mere believes that, although Conner is a highly skilled Judoka, his superior footwork and striking would be too much for Conner to handle.


On the other side of the coin, Conner isn’t bothered about Van Mere’s footwork; he would catch any strike the Dutch fighter throws at him and take him to the ground, choking him out.


Throughout the year, the argument escalates. After months of bickering through the press, Conner tells Van Mere to ‘’put up or shut up.’’ Hannit Van Mere chooses to accept the challenge and the two meet to discuss how to put the fight together. They both agree that the fight will commence behind closed doors, and that a mutual acquaintance, Eddie Taylor, will referee the match. The match is set for March ’87.





The fight goes ahead. When both men emerge from the Dojo, the bout is officially declared a draw despite conflicting reports of events on both sides. The hatchet is buried.


In the aftermath of the fight, Eddie Taylor gets an idea. He sets up a meeting with both Van Mere and Conner, and proposes a team based competition that pits Dojo against Dojo, style against style. Van Mere and Conner like the idea and the three go about securing funding for the project.


GMAA (Global Martial Arts Association) is founded. Van Mere takes 50% control as he supplied the majority of the funds. Taylor and Conner take 25% each.





By March, over twenty events have taken place across the United States with mixed results. No one style is proving any better than the other, the scoring system is messy and confusing. Taylor and Conner think about reforming the rules: doing away with the team aspect, trading the mats for a ring or a cage, taking away the protective gear, eliminating the point scoring in favour of full contact fighting.


Van Mere votes them down due to the potential backlash from the press, fearing that GMAA will be seen as a sideshow rather than a legitimate sporting event.


Meanwhile, the ISL opens in Japan.





The ISL is slowly becoming the talk of the Martial Arts world.


Taylor and Conner take note of what the ISL is doing and try to convince Van Mere to take a look and consider moving in the same direction. Van Mere shows no interest as rumours surface that he may quit his position at the GMAA to work for Japan’s elite kickboxing promotion ZERO-1.


As the year progresses, the events draw less and less fans. By December, GMAA has become a joke and Van Mere decides to sell his share and go work for ZERO-1.





Conner and Taylor make an offer to buy Van Mere’s share. It doesn’t take much to get the old man to sell, and by February 1990 Conner and Taylor are co-owners of GMAA.


With Van Mere gone they go to work. They cancel the few upcoming shows on the calendar. The old format is replaced with a brand new one:


8 man elimination tournament

An 8-sided reinforced cage

One night

One winner


GMAA folds. In its place:









The story begins...

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GAMMA Announces Plans For Upcoming Event



Comments from Eddie Taylor in the January issue of Fighter Magazine.



GMAA seemed like a good idea at the time but it just bombed, ya know? Sometimes that kinda thing happens. I mean, yeah, Hannit had a different vision of what he wanted GMAA to be and that didn't help things, but I'm not going to blame him for the lack of success. Jeff and I were also there and I think if there is going to be any blame thrown around then we all need to take some.


But that's all in the past. The future is GAMMA and I'm confident Jeff and I will get it right this time.


On the first event:



We're looking at possibly June or July at the moment. It depends on who we can get to participate in the tournament. We are looking for the toughest guys; guys who are at the top of their game. Those types are usually competing in events all over the world so it's going to involve a lot of checking dates and altering schedules. The prize for winning is $20,000 so I'm pretty sure we will garner enough interest.



On the cage and the rules:



The canvas is probably similar to what you'd find in a boxing ring except there are eight sides instead of four. And instead of ropes we got five foot hight cage panels.

As for the rules, we haven't quite finalised that yet. When we know who'll be fighting we can start taking a look at what these guys will be willing to do.

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February, 1991.



Mantas Andreyev signs on for GAMMA Tournament.





Three-time Sambo world champion, Mantas Andreyev has signed up to take part in GAMMA’s $20,000 prize tournament.


Yesterday afternoon, Andreyev’s manager released this statement to the press:


Mantas heard about this tournament a few weeks ago thought it would be a good opportunity to test his skills as a fighter and to educate the world about Sambo as a Martial Art. We have contacted GAMMA and can confirm that Mantas will be taking part.



Four other fighters were also unveiled last night. GAMMA Co-owner Jeff Conner said the following:



Mantas will be a great addition to the tournament and I’m sure he’ll be a big favourite going in, but we have a few more guys that have signed up last night and they are real tough competitors.


Greg Atteveld, ten years experience in Brazilian Jiu-Jistu.


Nigel Malley, an accomplished pro boxer from Louisiana.


Eugene Clough, a big 300lbs wrestler from Canada.


Mick Curran, a street fighter from the UK, would you believe.


So it going to be a tough competition, and that’s exactly what we wanted.

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MARCH, 1991





Earlier today the Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts announced the final three fighters to take part in the 8 man tournament. They are:


Finnish heavyweight, Veeti Kuqi.


Scottish grappler, Cliff McAddam.


Bulgarian brawler, Manol Sirakov.



Although we've received no official comment from GAMMA, sources indicate that a press conference will be held with the co-owners, Eddie Taylor and Jeff Conner, in the next few weeks to shed some light on what shape the tournament will take.

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April, 1991






Opening announcement:


Taylor: Thank you all for attending. Firstly, I want to announce that GAMMA: World Fighting Championships will take place on Saturday, 22 June at the Baltimore Convention Center. Tickets will go on sale tomorrow.


Conner: For those that can't make the event, it will be broadcast live on pay-per-view via Public Access Select, 11pm ET, 8pm PT.



On the Tournament bracket:


Conner: The first fight of the night will be Mick Curran taking on Nigel Malley. That will be followed by Manol Sirakov vs Mantas Andeyev, Veeti Kuqi vs Cliff McAddam. The last quarter-final will be between Greg Atteveld and Eugene Clough. The winners of each fight will then progress to the semi-finals, the winners of those will fight in the final for the $20,000 prize.




On the rules:


Taylor: No eye gouging, no fish hooking, no strikes to the groin. The fighters are free to fight in whatever attire they are comfortable wearing as long as it cannot be used as a lethal weapon. So no sharp edges, no blunt objects etc.


There are no weight limits. We originally had a limit in mind but decided to scrap it. The reason for that being that we believe that if a fighter is good enough, the weight of the opponent wouldn't be an issue.


There will be no rounds or time-outs, but each fight will have a 30 minute time limit. If the fight reaches that limit, three cage-side judges will render a decision.


The ways to win are:


Knock out


Submission, signalled by tapping the mat three times with the hand or foot.


Referee Stoppage - If the Ref decides a fighter can no longer defend his self, he has the authority to stop the match.


Corner Stoppage - Each fighter can select a corner man that can throw in the towel if he thinks his fighter is unable to continue.


Judges Decision.




Closing Comments:


Conner: We hope everybody who watches, be it at the show or at home, has a good time. We want to put on the best display of Martial Arts possible, but we also want to make sure that at the end of the night the fans are satisfied. Who knows, if it turns out to be a success, we could organize another tournament, and another, and another. We'll see what happens.


Thank you for coming out.








Tournament Quarter-Finals



Mick Curran vs Nigel Malley


Manol Sirakov vs Mantas Andreyev


Veeti Kuqi vs Cliff McAddam


Greg Atteveld vs Eugene Clough





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