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IMPACT 2001 : Time to shake the industry up again.

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November 2000 Hulk hogan wins a multi million dollar lawsuit against timewarner, over his wcw contract.


December 2000. Hulk Hogan Arrives at Paul Heymans moms house for a meeting that will change the industry forever.


December 2000. Heyman and hogan come to terms on a partnership for the start of a new promotion to debut in 2001.




hogan offered heyman a deal that would save ecw in a sense.


all debts are paid, and the promotion can run shows until the end of january 2001. heyman maintains rights to the ecw brand, and gains a financial stake in the new company that hogan is financing.


December 2000: Vince russo, ed ferra and jeff jarret fired from wcw, and Eric bishoff is placed in charge.


december 2000: changes at time warner. It was announced on Cnn that Ted turner was back in charge of turner networks and has broken away from aol/time warner.


January 2001

Impact wrestling is announced.



more to come.

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January 2001: prowrestling torch posts a news story that Rob Van damn, Sabu, Jerry lynn have been signed to Impact Wrestling.


Mean Genes 1800 hotline, has a story on a wwf tag team thats rumored wanting out of their contract and may be in talks with hogan and Heyman to join impact> Also News of possibly 1 or two fromer world tag team championship teams joining Impact, that are currently not active as a team in wcw, wwf or ecw.

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BlackBalled: jeff jarret, Vince russo, and Ed Ferra have all been universally blackballed from the industry, no promotion in the world wants them. most of the wcw roster are pissed at what they did the company. and wwf aren't happy with how they left the world wrestling federation to join wcw in the first place.


Jeff jarret, while not fully at fault with all thats happened to wcw. He has suffered the same punishment, due to association.


A Franchise players future in question: Wcw Icon sting is rumored to be in talks with everyone now that wcws future is in question with the constant changes in the company and the fact that his wcw contract expires this month. Hogan and vince have been trying to sign him as hes a big time player in the industry. Its been rumored that njpw and ajpw are also interested in sting as well.

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according to many people behind the scenes at Impact wrestling, Hogan and Heyman are going to announce A Major tv deal for a New Monday Night Show that will go head to head with both Monday night raw and Nitro.


We will have more news on this story as it develops.

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