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Thoughts for an update

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I was thinking as part of the fun maybe adding a feature where the user could have a hand in deciding the the last 4-8 teams in etc. So in other words you take the last 8-16 teams in a 68 team tourney and you give the user some controls over who gets in by viewing the "resumes" of the teams. Maybe even hide the names like they try to do on TV.


Two ways to allow users to select options prior to a season would be to target specific selection rules at start up. This would be similar to the question of when an player can go pro (freshman, sophomore, junior or senior).


Also maybe putting in some restrictions on teams that get in. One that kills me is when a team with a 500 or worse conference record is allowed into the tourney. I think in a power conference you have to at least have a winning conference record to get into the tourney. This would be one option of a user input before a game that put this type of restriction on the selection committee.


Another type of situation like this might be the conference winner in a top 10 conference (not just alleged BCS conferences) get an auto bid regardless of conference tournament (call this the Washington rule).


Giving the user this type of control might be fun to create when there are certain things that you might wish you could control but can't in the real world.

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