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DOTM: Cornellverse March 2012 Poll

DOTM: Cornellverse March 2012 Poll  

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  1. 1. DOTM: Cornellverse March 2012 Poll

    • FCW Freedom to Crash by Zergon
    • WAR on the Vegas Strip... by Eisen-verse
    • USPW: The Goal by angeldelayette
    • SWF: Supreme by James Casey
    • TCW: A Quiet Retirement by Phantom Stranger
    • 21st Century Boys (English c-verse) by Boltino

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Voted for Zergon and FCW.


It seems like he's got a new burst of enthusiasm recently and it shows.


Put my vote in for Zergon too. His is not one of the most 'flashiest' diaries on the board, but you can just tell he's not 'phoning it in' or just copy and pasting results from the game.


There are a variety of ways you can put out a good diary on here, and Zergon's is a simple/short-form diary done well, in my opinion.

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After mulling it over for quite some time, I decided to vote for JamesCasey & his SWF epic. Reasoning? It's actually quite simple. He's an amazing writer. Whether it's his shows or it's the backstage scenarios that he cooks up, the overall perspective of the project is really well put together. Also, like Phantom, he's proven to have the ability to go long with each project he tackles.


My vote could have gone to anyone, as they all were very worthy; however, in the end, Casey was the writer for me this month.


Best of luck to all!


Side note: I may have totally just spaced on this but did we have an 'end of the year award ceremony' this year? I don't remember seeing it if we did? Typically, it tends to come around this time of year so I thought I'd check.

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Thanks all for the congrats, the votes and especially for voting.


Its gone mental in my diary this month with comments so hopefully people are enjoying my rubbish little UK company.


Once again - I really appreciate everyone who takes the time to read and comment.


Thanks everyone!

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