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WWF The Era of Innovation (July 1994)

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WWF The Era of Innovation


In 1994 the world of wrestling was changed forever when the immortal Hulk Hogan left WWF and went to the 2nd biggest wrestling company in the world in WCW. With this the first shots were fired in the Wrestling Wars. While WCW has decided to go with established older Superstars, the WWF has gone in a different direction with a edgier show made for the demo 18-35 instead of the younger audience. Now the WWF has yet to put the edgier product on TV and were planing on waiting a couple years but with the new blood available and on the roster already the new booker of WWF the legendary Randy The Ram has decided to go with this know or he feels it might be too late.

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Dang...I had a similar idea but it was WCW booked by Randy the Ram. I basically brought darkness to WCW. I have a few months already booked, but I haven't gotten around to writing any of it yet and posting it.


Maybe I'll just play it for fun now.

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I was just wondering what the WWF roster at this time was like. I know the main event players but the rest were hazy.


I will follow if you will write :) although I really hope we don't get the attitude era in 1994 edgier is fine but full blown attitude era in 94 might be a bit drastic.

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WWF Raw July week 1 1994


We open the show with Diesel standing in the ring. He is booed by the 15,000 in the FleetCenter


Diesel: Shut up! For the last 4 months I've been the Intercontinental Champion and I still have not gotten the respect I deserve here in the WWF! That changes from this point on. I've decided that from now own, I'm in business for myself and as for the “Powers that Be” behind the scenes you can kiss my ass! This is the last you will hear from “Diesel” and as far as this title goes.....


He exits the ring and gets a trashcan.


Diesel: This is how much it means!!


He throws the belt in the Trashcan.


Rating: 63



Match #1 The Smoking Guns Vs Well Dunn

In a bout that had solid in-ring action but non-existent crowd heat, The Smoking Gunns defeated Well Dunn in 6:45 when Bart Gunn defeated Timothy Well by pinfall with a Sidewinder. Timothy Well is improving in Performance skills.

Rating: 54




We see Razor Ramon walking backstage when out of nowhere comes Diesel comes out and lays him out with a chair.


Diesel: Like I said!!! I'm DONE, Razor you've held me down for long enough.


Diesel looks at the camera.


Diesel: This the end of Diesel, Kevin Nash is in this place to stay, and I will make it a living hell for everyone here!

Rating: 56



Match #2 Bret Hart Vs. Owen Hart

In a match that has been wanted by wrestling fans for years, Bret beat Owen after 12 minutes of great wrestling. The WWF Championship was not on the line for this match but family bragging rights were. Rating: 81



Bret Hart is in the ring celebrating the win when the lights go off and the Undertaker's music hits. The lights are off for about 30 seconds when they come back on there is no Bret Hart or Undertaker.

Rating: 85




Main Event: The Undertaker Vs. Shawn Michaels

After what happened just minutes ago The Undertaker came down to the ring for the main event Vs Shawn Michaels. The match was very good and the crowd was entertained from the beginning with “Where is Bret” chants. The match was ended at 12 minutes after Kevin Nash came out with a Sledge Hammer and destroyed The Undertaker and Shawn Michales. Rating: 86

Overall Rating: 75

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WWF New and Notes July Week 1


WWF Monday Raw will now be 2 hours on Mondays

Expect WWF to sign a lot of new wrestlers to the roster as Randy the Ram wants young blood in WWF

Expect a lightweight title to be introduced in the near future.




WWF Signings and Releases


There are no releases at this time.

WWF is in talks with several young talents we will report when things are final

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WWF News and Note July week 1 Part 2


WWF has signed the following wrestlers as of Sunday.


Dean Malenko

CW Anderson

Danny Dominion ( Will be Dan “The Man” Michaels)

Billy Kidman

Rey Mysterio Jr.

Shane Helms

Shane Sewell (Will be “The Canadian God” Chris Davis)

Rob Van Dam

Adam Copeland ( Will be Edge)



OOC: I will not be posting the B shows unless you want me to, let me know if anyone has a problem.

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WWF Monday Night Raw July Week 2 Preview


After last week's shocking turn of events, what will Kevin Nash do next?


Will Razor Ramon get his pay back on Nash?


The Undertaker is still not letting anyone know where Bret is, will we get any answers?


The WWF Newcomer Edge will have his first match against Virgil can the young Edge beat the established veteran?


The Intercontinental championship is on the line after Nash has been stripped of the title. The 123 Kid will face off against Dean Malenko.


Owen Hart will face off against The Undertaker. After what happened last week to Owen's brother Bret, Owen demanded this match up and got his wish.


In the main event “The Heart Break Kid” Shawn Michales will face off against Razor Ramon.



Quick Picks

Edge Vs Virgil

123 Kid Vs. Dean Malenko

Owen Hart Vs. The Undertaker

Shawn Michales Vs. Razor Ramon

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Monday Night Raw July Week 2 1994



We open the show with a mad Razor Ramon in the ring.


Razor: Ay yo Chico! I've had fans all week saying “Yo Razor whats up with Nash?” To answer you're question I don't know chico. Nash and I have been friends backstage for awhile now and last week he turned his back on not only me but the WWF. So listen here, chico, me and you one on one at the next WWF In Your House. Don't be scared chico, be a man.

Rating: 82



Match #1: Edge Vs. Virgil

The newcomer Edge came out in all black with Vampire teeth in and got a mixed reaction from the Crowd who didn't know what to make of him. Edge pretty much dominated this match and won with a spear. Virgil did great putting over the young gun. The crowd never got into it however because of the two people involved.

Rating: 37




We come back and the lights go off and The Undertaker shows up on the big screen.


Undertaker: The day's come and the days will go, The world Champions not here but He's soul is sold. I've been to the dark side and so has Bret, he's mine now. Owen I understand your worry, but after tonight you will fill The Ministry's furry.

Rating: 90


Match #2: 123 Kid Vs. Dean Malenko for the WWF Intercontinental Championship

Malenko got a decent reaction for his first match in WWF, the 123 kid was the crowd favorite. It was a very good back and forth with both men getting a very good amount of offense in. The match ended at 12:38 when 123 Kid rolled Malenko up and got the pin. 123 Kid is your new WWF Intercontinental Champion.

Rating: 61





Owen Hart comes down to the ring.


Owen Hart: Taker listen up, I don't know what kind of games you're up to, but tonight it ends. I don't know what this “Ministry” you speak of but the Hart blood and Heart is too strong to be taken down.


The Lights go off and The Undertaker appears.


Undertaker: Owen, you sweet, young naïve kid. The soul is the life line of the body. I know own the soul of Bret and after tonight I will have yours! The power of the Ministry is too much for one man to handle!


Rating: 75


Match #3: The Undertaker Vs. Owen Hart

This match had tons of buzz from the crowd. Owen and Taker worked the great to perfection. The match was a good back and forth with Taker looking really strong without Owen looking too weak. Owen had the upperhand at the end but Taker pulled away and won with a tombstone at 15:02.


Rating: 82


After the match the lights went off and the crowd went silent, After around 30 seconds the lights come back on and there is no Undertaker or Owen Hart in the ring.




After the break, The legend Randy “The Ram” Robinson comes down to the ring.


The Ram: Whats up Raleigh!!!


The crowd pops loud



The Ram: Over the last few months, the WWF has been lacking a person who knows what these wrestlers go through and what these wrestlers need. So I talked to the higher ups of WWF and starting next the new Director of Operations in WWF is yours truly!


Rating: 76






Main Event: Shawn Michaels Vs. Razor Ramon.

This match had the fans on their feet ready for the match. Razor controlled the first 5 minutes of the match completely working on HBK's left leg and doing a lot of damage. After Razor, went up top and was pushed off by HBK the momentum shifted into Michaels favor. Michaels took control for the next 3-5 minutes, then it evened out to a good back and forth. HBK won at 15:25 with a sweet chin music.


Rating: 79



Final Rating: 73

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WWF New and Notes July Week 2


  • Last weeks Raw drew a 4.2
  • WWF has ended all their work relationships. But still remain at war with WCW
  • Chris Benoit has signed to WWF.
  • The WWF will start a Lightweight Championship Tournament next week on Raw
  • Rumor has it that WWF is thinking about releasing some of the older wrestlers on the roster.

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WWF Monday Night Raw July Week 3 1994 Preview


After last week The Undertaker says he will make an Impact.


Will we see Bret or Owen Hart?


After no sign of Kevin Nash last week on Raw will he accept Razor's request for a match next Sunday?


The first two matches of the WWF No Limits Championship tournament will be held. Rob Van Dam will face Rey Mysterio Jr. and Dean Malenko will face Jeff Hardy.


The Undertaker will have a match against Lex Luger


After an impressive showing last week on Raw the newcomer Edge will face a tougher test when he will face off against Jeff Jarrett. Can he shock the wrestling world?


In the main event Razor Ramon will face off against Bam Bam Bigelow. Can he regain momentum after his loss last week?


Quick Picks

RVD Vs. Rey Mysterio Jr.

Dean Malenko Vs. Jeff Hardy

The Undertaker Vs. Lex Luger

Edge Vs. Jeff Jarrett

Razor Ramon Vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

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Monday Night Raw July Week 3 1994


We open the show with the first match in the WWF No Limits Championship Tournament.


Match #1: RVD Vs. Rey Mysterio Jr.

The fans didn't give much of a reaction to the two newcomers. The match started really fast paced and balanced. Both men won the crowd over with the fun and crazy moves that the WWF fans have never seen before. The match ended at 12:46 After a Springboard Huracarrana.


Rating: 62


HBK is seen backstage when out of no where, out comes The Undertaker. He has a steel chair and busts HBK wide open. Michaels somehow gets to his feet and hits Taker with a low blow. HBK hits him with a Sweet Chin Music and runs off.


Rating: 82






Match #2: Dean Malenko Vs. Jeff Hardy

Malenko got a decent reaction from the crowd. The match was a good pace and showed both wrestlers strengths.The crowd came alive to the action that was going on in the ring. The match ended when Dean Malenko defeated Jeff Hardy in 10:05 by submission with a Texas Cloverleaf.


Rating: 54




We have Randy Robinson in the ring as we come back.


Robinson: After the last couple weeks, there has been some weird happenings here in the WWF. Tonight I would like to clear things up. Undertaker has been out of control and he needs to be stopped. So at next Sunday's WWF In your House Pay Per View, The Undertaker will face off against “The Heart Break Kid” Shawn Michaels.


The Lights go off and The Undertaker's music hits.


When the lights come back on The Undertaker, Bret Hart, and Owen Hart are circled Randy. They start beating the hell out of the Ram when HBK comes out he fights off Taker but Owen and Bret beat him down.


Rating: 78



Match #3: The Undertaker Vs. Lex Luger

Luger tried to compete in this match, but it was never really close. Bret and Owen were at ringside during the match. Undertaker wore the WWF Championship even though Bret is still the Champion. Undertaker won with a chokeslam after a dominating performance.


Rating: 77


We get a video that shows Kevin Nash's promo from 2 weeks ago. We also see the attack on Razor Ramon and Razor's promo last week.


Rating: 77





Match #4 Edge vs. Jeff Jarrett

Edge attacked Jarrett before the match started and got pretty good heat with the crowd. Edge worked JJ over for the majority of the match. But JJ did come to life at about the 6 minute mark, but it was too late Edge hit a spear at the 9 minute mark to win the match.


Rating: 49


HBK comes down to the ring with a mic.


HBK: Taker, I've had enough!! The last couple of weeks I've seen you playing your games with other wrestlers, and that’s Ok I don’t care. But when you put your hands on me that’s were I draw the line. So next week on Raw I've already talked to Mr. Randy. And it will be you and Bret Hart going up against me....and....Randy “The Ram” Robinson!!!!


*The Crowd Goes Insane*


Rating: 75




Main Event: Bam Bam Bigelow Vs. Razor Ramon

Bam Bam dominated the start working on Razor's mid section. Razor gained control after Bam Bam missed on a leg drop attempt. Razor then start going off on Bam Bam. Razor goes up top and hit a monster elbow drop. Razor wins at 14:40 by pinfall with a Razor's Edge.


Rating: 78


After the match Razor is in the ring celebrating when we hear the crowd going crazy. We get a shot of the crowd and see Kevin Nash coming out of the crowd.


Nash enters the ring, Razor is still unaware of what is going on. Nash pulls out some brass knuckles and turns Razor around and knocks him out cold. After this Nash picks up a mic.


Nash: I accept!! You know what Scott, I used to respect you alo.....


Nash's mic is cut off sending him over the edge he grabs a steel chair from outside the ring and bashes Razor's head in. He continues to hit Razor with these brutial chair shots until Secerity rushes down to the ring and get Nash out.


Rating: 78


Final Rating: 75
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WWF Monday Night Raw July week 4 1994


After Kevin Nash striked again, what will Razor Ramon have to say?


In a blockbuster announcement Bret Hart and The Undertaker will face Randy The Ram and Shawn Michaels.


The first round of the No-Limits championship tournament continues with, Chris Benoit Vs Billy Kidman and Shane Helms Vs Matt Hardy


What will Kevin Nash do Next??


In a #1 Contenders match for the WWF Tag Team championship Well Dunn will face Men of a Mission


Also on the show can the newcomer Edge continue his hot streak as he faces off against Fatu.


Quick Picks

Chris Benoit Vs Billy Kidman

Shane Helms Vs Matt Hardy

Well Done Vs Men on a Mission

Edge Vs Fatu

Bret Hart and Undertaker Vs Randy The Ram Robinson and Shawn Michaels

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