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Welcome to Total Politics...


TCW Psycho Circus 2009

Wolf Hawkins d. Joshua Taylor © via DQ (Taylor retains the International title)

Danny Fonzarelli d. Freddy Huggins

American Buffalo, Gehgis Rahn and Texas Pete d. Chance Fortune, Giant Tana and Clark Alexander

New Wave © d. The Machines and the Tag Team Specialists to retain the Tag Team titles

Rick Law and Eddie Peak d. Koshiro Ino and Bryan Vessay

Edd Stone © d. Aaron Andrews to retain the All Action title

Tommy Cornell d. Joey Minnesota in a Iron Man Match 4-3 (w/ RDJ)

Rocky Golden © d. Sam Keith to retain the World Heavyweight title


...and so I sat, looking at the card for the last Pay Per View of Joel Bryant's booking career. He did well in keeping feuds going and not restricting my options. I had my hands in the booking pot here for about three months, ever since Jaz got me this position. I saw right away a few title changes that needed to happen now that I had full control.


Odd to say, full control. From lowest booker on the totem poll to head booker in 3 months. Who says office politics doesn't exist in TCW? Now to make sure I do right by Jaz, Tommy and Joel.


Okay so, first things first. Where was Troy Tornado on that card? Where was Benny Benson. There is absolutely no reason why the Hellfire vs. Lucky Islanders blow off match should have gone on the show and a major storyline like Tornado v. Benson be left off. That won't happen on Malice. Next I have to figure out how to handle the Malice in Wonderland (Elimination Chamber) match. My gut says make it for the WHC. Need to bring in a few tag teams, and a lot of guys for the all action division.


Time to make some phone calls.


((Playing as the Masked Avatar, edited to Masked Superstar and dropped some weight to compete in the All Action division. Yes, this is an homage to infinitywpi's great Welcome to the Coastal Zone's. Go read them. All of them. I'll wait.))

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Well, that was quick. I mean, I expected Shawn Gonzalez to take the offer to be our child company. Who wouldn't want to have the more talented young wrestlers in America under a guaranteed contract? I just was not expecting them to respond in 24 hours! They must've been doing worse off than I've heard (although putting Hell's Bouncer in a main feud is pretty bad).


So now we have a FCW to SWF's RIPW. What to do with it, what to do with it...




and now Welcome to Total Wrestling for Jan Week 1 2010


Yes, I am aware this is TCW. Still RDJ and Cornell going out and working the mic to start TV pulls in ratings and builds up the Syndicate storyline. Stone and Clark went out there to cool the crowd down and instead they suck. Hard. USPW would be ashamed of that match. I give them an angry glare before me and Joel tear it up in tag team competition. D-Fonz and myself make a decent team, but the Tag Team Specialists get the win. Rhodes puts over how they didn't get pinned in the three way match, so they'll get a match against the New Wave at Malice. Not the best reasoning, but hey I'm new. Speaking of the Machines, they get back some momentum by beating L.A.C. handily. The internet didn't like that decision I'm sure, but I'm not ready to push they're 'darling' AA.


Rick Law then goes out and takes the IN title from Joshua Taylor. Taylor's good, and had an okay run with the belt, but I actually want to build up the belt. The match was a bit of a disappointment to be honest, and I let Law know. Sam Kieth does what he does best, saving shows. Scout and Kieth pull a dramatic match even though everyone knew Kieth would be in the Malice in Wonderland match. Vessey goes out and squashes Genghis Rahn, and Rahn even does the job like a champ. Maybe the rumors were wrong about him?


In the sub main event RDJ faced Troy Tornado in a match that was carried by the crowd. Don't get me wrong, both men are talented, but man was the crowd into it, loving Ricky and hating Troy. This one actually had drama, especially when Wolf went to interfere and Joey cut him off. Ricky wins and is in the Malice match. For our main I knew I needed to put Tommy in the match, so I paired him with Benny Benson for the forth spot in the Malice in Wonderland match. Tommy did the impossible and sold Benny so well people thought he would win the match. Tommy turned a shockwave into a guilt trip late and sent the fans home happy (well mad, but happy for the good show).


RDJ and Cornell argue--------------------------------------------------B

Edd Stone over Clark Alexander to defend the All Action Title------E-

Tag Team Specialists over D-Fonz and Masked Superstar-----------C-

The Machines over L.A. Connection-----------------------------------C+

Rick Law over Joshua Taylor for the International Title--------------C-

Sam Kieth over Scout to get into MiW Match-------------------------B-

Bryan Vessey over Genghis Rahn-------------------------------------C

RDJ over Troy Tornado to get into MiW Match------------------------B-

Tommy Cornell over Benny Benson to get into MiW Match----------B

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Welcome to Total Try-outs


So as I stated before I knew I needed to fill out a couple of our divisions as we trudged ahead. Not including the folks we sent down to development, Tommy let me sign up nine people. I broke it into one tag team, a couple midcarders and five all action guys. All told I brought in:


Natural Storm (repackaged as Mr. Awesome and Mr. Amazing)

Steve Flash and Fox Mask

Marc Speed, Insane Machine, Champagne Lover (repackaged as Maxi Marquez, Jacob Jett and Remmy Skye.


At a meeting we discussed plans for these nine, and eventually agreed that most wouldn't be used in major story lines anytime soon. Still, they had better jobs than before the week started, and an opportunity to work there way to a great position.


Predictions for Total Wrestling Week 2 Jan 2010


Eddie Peak vs. Joey Minnesota for entry into the MiW Match

Edd Stone vs. Harry Allen for the All Action title

Brent Hill and Rick Law vs. Joshua Taylor and Koshiro Ino

Guide vs. Troy Tornado

American Buffalo vs. Benny Benson

The Islanders (Clark Alexander and Giant Tana) vs. The Tag Team Specialists

Bryan Vessey vs. Wolf Hawkins for entry into the MiW Match

Ricky Dale Johnson and Rocky Golden vs. Sam Kieth and Tommy Cornell

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Welcome to Total Wrestling for Jan Week 2 2010


...but before that...Bryan Vessey. He's a great wrestler, one of our dependable hands here at TCW. Still... he failed a drug test. After I lowered the standards on drug testing. I know it'll come back to bite me in the rear soon enough, but I had to fine him. May even have to depush him if it continues. Unfortunate really.


Anyway, the show. Rocky and Keith argue for a bit. Sam still has it on the mic but Rocky's not over with the crowd. He's been champ since August but most still see him as a fluke champ or a paper champ. Sam, of course, plays on this. Not the best heel move but who am I to argue with a great.


Minnesota goes over Peak in a about what I was expecting match, then Edd Stone retains over Harry Allen in an atrocious match. Good thing I brought in some talent to shake up the All-Action division. Koshiro Ino and Joshua Taylor tagged up to defeat the team of Rick Law and Sammy Bach, with Taylor getting a measure of revenge. These four men will face each other at Malice for the IN title. Woo!


Troy Tornado went over Guide in a wow-better-than-expected match. Benny Benson went over Am Buff and The Tag Team Specialists beat the Islanders in matches that where nothing to write home about. I'm beginning to worry about the show when Wolf and Vessey go out.


Maybe it was me yelling at Vessey. Maybe it was Wolf wanting to prove himself. In all my moths I have never seen a more dramatic, emotional match that had no story behind it. I'd have to keep this in mind for future PPVs...


..oh, crap. There's another match. Cornell and Keith vs. RDJ and Golden. Bless there hearts they try, but there was no way they could live up to Wolf v. Vessey. As the show ends I know most fans will be talking about that one match, as opposed to the show and storylines themselves, so I'm not entirely sure it was a good thing...


Golden and Keith argue----------------------------------------C+

Joey Minnesota over Eddie Peak------------------------------B-

Edd Stone over Harry Allen to retain the AA Title-----------D

Ino and Taylor over Law and Bach----------------------------C

Troy Tornado over Guide---------------------------------------B-

Benny Benson over American Buffalo------------------------C

The Tag Team Specialists over The Islanders----------------C

Wolf Hawkins over Brian Vessey------------------------------B+

Cornell and Keith over RDJ and Golden----------------------B

Syndicate vs. Freedom Fighters Video------------------------C

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Welcome to the House that Vessey Built?


So as I'm walking backstage planing the ins and outs of the Malice match I'm approached by none other than Bryan Vessey.


"25% of my monthly salary? No wonder you hide behind a mask, if your as ugly as you are stupid you'd have no career in front of a camera."


I go to open my mouth but he continues.


"No, listen here. Cornell may be the name on the check, but this is the house that Vessey built. Before this was Tommy Cornell Wrestling it was something called HGC and HGC saw a bunch of old timers being carried by the talent of people like myself. Now if you can't show me the proper kind of respect and ignore my results like Joel did I'm sure they can find a booker who knows how to handle people with talent. We're done here!"


He was long gone before I even recovered enough to have a come back. I took my pen and crossed off a bit of my results. Somethings would have to change...


TCW Total Wrestling Jan Week 3 2010 Predictions


Awesome and Amazing vs. Tag Team Specialists

Joey Minnesota vs. Marc Speed

Fox Mask vs. Wolf Hawkins

Maxi Marquez vs. Ricky Dale Johnson

Edd Stone vs. Remmy Skye for the All Action Title

Brent Hill, John Anderson, Rick Law and Steven Parker vs. Guide, Joshua Taylor, Koshiro Ino and Scout

Sam Keith vs. Steve Flash

Genghis Rhan vs. Masked Superstar

Bryan Vessey vs. Troy Tornado

Rocky Golden vs. Tommy Cornell

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Welcome to Total Wrestling for Jan Week 3 2010


Show starts with an old school live promo between Cornell and Golden. Crowd eats it up and seem to love them some Rocky Golden. The Tag Team Specialists then squash Awesome and Amazing in a decent match and Minnesota squashes Marc Speed in a heck of a match. Speed definitely has a future here. Wolf Hawkins and Fox Mask take it apon themselves to outdo Minnesota and Speed and do they ever! Hawkins gets the win but both men get applause backstage.


Edd Stone and Remmy Skye do there best to follow that but simply can't. Edd Stone retains. The face team of New Wave, Ino and Taylor go over the Machines, Law and Parker when Taylor makes Parker tap. Sam Keith goes over Steve Flash and ... I'm dissapointed to be honest. Expected more from these two. Rhan beats me and ... we stunk up the joint. Ick. Moving on.


Troy Tornado goes over Bryan Vessey in a good match. Vessey seemed to hem and haw before the match but was professional enough to not let it show in the ring. Rocky Golden then went over the boss Tommy Cornell in another good match. Cornell and Golden tried hard, and may have come close, but match of the night went to Fox Mask and Wolf Hawkins. What a debut for that young man!


So next post will be a double post with week 4 and Malice. Hopefully it won't take 12 days to do...


TCW Total Wrestling Week 4 Jan 2010


Bryan Vessey and Steve Flash vs. Tag Team Specialists

Eddie Peak and Texas Pete vs. The New Wave

Fox Mask vs. Insane Machine

Edd Stone © vs. Masked Superstar for the TCW All Action Title

Joshua Taylor and Koshiro Ino vs. Rick Law and Sammy Bach

Danny Fonzarelli vs. Troy Tornado

Genghis Rahn vs. Jacob Jett

Benny Benson vs. John Anderson

Joey Minnesota, Ricky Dale Johnson and Rocky Golden vs. Sam Keith, Tommy Cornell and Wolf Hawkins


TCW Malice in Wonderland 2010


Fox Mask/Insane Machine vs. Masked Superstar/Edd Stone for the TCW All Action Title

Harry Allen vs. Marc Speed

Joshua Taylor vs. Koshiro Ino vs. Rick Law © vs. Sammy Bach for the TCW International Title

The Islanders (Clark Alexander and Tana) vs. The Machines

The New Wave © vs. The Tag Team Specialists for the TCW World Tag Team titles

Benny Benson vs. Troy Tornado

Bryan Vessey vs. Eddie Peak

Joey Minnesota vs. Ricky Dale Johnson vs. Rocky Golden vs. Sam Keith vs. Tommy Cornell vs. Wolf Hawkins in a Malice in Wonderland (Elimination Chamber) match for the TCW World Heavyweight title

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