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I am going to start writing up my shows a bit here. Not a diary per say, but more like a log to help me keep things straight and to prevent me from cheat booking and stuff like that. Anyway feel free to comment, I would love to hear a response to my game. I have already been playing for a few months game time so I will start by recapping what has happened and where I am at so that people wont feel too lost.
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-Mick foley returned as the sadistic Mankind and tried to lure Undertaker back to the WWE. After many failed attempts he started to attack some of the stars of the WWE. Eventually Mankind injured WWE World Champion Daniel Bryan.

-This forced WWE COO Triple H to put the World Championship on the line in the Royal Rumble Match, something that hasnt been done since 1992's Royal Rumble Match.

-Other notable returns and debuts: Harry Smith (Canadian Bulldog), Gina Carano (Crush), Muhammad Hassan and Daivari, Brock Lesnar in the Rumble Match.

-Nash continued to push HHH with his motives still largely unknown, but seems to want HHH to lose control of himself and the WWE.

PPV: Royal Rumble

Shane Helms won the WWE Cruiserweight Title in a 6 Man Challenge.

©Air Boom def. Hart Dynasty, Crime Time, and Primo & Epico - WWE Tag Team Champions

©Beth Phoenix def. Crush - WWE Divas Champion

Muhammad Hassan def. Ted DiBiase

©Zack Ryder def. Incognito - WWE US Title

Booker T def. ©Cody Rhodes - WWE IC Title

Kane vs. John Cena DRAW

HHH def. Kevin Nash (Last Man Standing Match)

©CM Punk def. Alberto Del Rio - WWE World Title

Brock Lesnar wins the Royal Rumble Match for the vacant WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Post match Lesnar challenges CM Punk to a Unification Match.

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-Debuts or returns: Alex Shelly, Bobby Lashley, MVP, Batista, and Goldberg

-Vince McMahon announced that the winner of the Elimination Chamber would get a title shot at Wrestlemania. He then brought in Batista and Goldberg to make the Chamber match the biggest in history.

-HHH and Nash continued their feud and Triple H lost more control of himself and WWE.

-Booker T and Cody Rhodes' feud got more personal as Booker not only put his title on the line but his wrestling career in their match at Elimination Chamber.

-John Cena started to embrace the hate and fully turned his back on the WWE at Elimination Chamber.


PPV: The Elimination Chamber

©Air Boom def. Hart Dynasty - WWE Tag Titles

©Shane Helms def. Incognito, Alex Shelly, and Primo Colon - WWE Cruiserweight Title

©Beth Phoenix def. Crush - WWE Divas Title

Muhammad Hassan def. Bobby Lashely, Ted DiBiase, and MVP

©Zack Ryder def. Carlito - WWE US Title

Wade Barrett def. Sheamus

©Booker T def. Cody Rhodes - IC Title

Daniel Bryan def. Mark Henry

HHH def. Kevin Nash

John Cena def. Kane (Texas Death Match)

Post Match Cena throws Kane into a burning table

©Brock Lesnar def. Randy Orton - WWE World Heavyweight Title

©CM Punk def. Alberto Del Rio - WWE World Title

Goldberg def. Batista, Big Show, Chris Jericho, Christian, Miz Elimination Chamber Match) - Main event at Wrestlemania

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-Debuts and returns: Rey Mysterio, Michelle McCool

-Undertaker and Mankind began feuding leading to a match at Mania.

-Mankind injured Goldberg, taking him out of the Mania Main Event for the Unified WWE Title.

-Johnny and Teddy agree that the WWE World Title match will result in one champion who is allowed to appear on both Raw and Smackdown and must defend the title against both brands.


PPV: Wrestlemania 28

©Zack Ryder def. Drew McIntyre, David Otunga, Alex Riley - WWE US Title

Justin Gabriel wins Cruiserweight Battle Royal - WWE Cruiserweigth Title

Crush def. ©Beth Phoenix, Natalya, Layla, Michelle McCool - WWE Divas Title

©Muhammad Hassan def. Ted DiBiase - WWE IC Title

Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger (All American Perfection) def. ©Air Boom - WWE Tag Team Titles

Daniel Bryan def. Mark Henry

Wade Barrett def. Miz, Rey Mysterio, Christian, Sheamus, Cody Rhodes (Money in the Bank Ladder Match)

Randy Orton def. Batista, Big Show

Undertaker def. Mankind - 20-0 at Wrestlemania

Chris Jericho def. Alberto Del Rio

John Cena def. The Rock

©CM Punk def. ©Brock Lesnar - WWE Unified World Champion

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-Debuts and returns: Jay Lethal, Katie Lea, Gail Kim, Cheerleader Melissa (Melissa), La Resistance (Rene Dupree and Sylvain Grenia), Elijah Burke, Rhino, Worlds Greatest Tag Team (Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas)

-After his huge return a few months ago Brock Lesnar has not been seen since his loss at WrestleMania.

-Mankind and Undertaker have also disappeared from WWE.

-Vince McMahon informed the WWE that after Mania HHH was fired as COO, and that the Board of Directors, Johnny as Raw GM, and Teddy as Smackdown GM and had decided to hire "Stone Cold" Steve Austin as the GM of both Raw and Smackdown.


PPV: WWE Vengeance

Jay Lethal, Alex Riley, Santino def. Curt Hawkins, Tyler Reks, Drew McIntyre

Gail Kim and Katie Lea def. Melissa and Layla

Elijah Burke def. Rhino

Crush and Natalya def. Michele McCool and Beth Phoenix

David Otunga def. ©Zack Ryder - WWE US Title

Post Match: Kane returns and attacks Ryder

Worlds Greatest Tag Team def. Primo and Epico

©All American Perfection def. Hart Dynasty - WWE Tag Team Titles

Miz def. Goldberg

Alberto Del Rio def. Chris Jericho

©CM Punk def. John Cena - WWE World Title

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-Returns and debuts: Reid Flair, Ritchie Steamboat, KENTA, Akio, Ishimori, Low-Ki, Million Dollar Tag Team (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards, managed by Ted DiBiase Sr.), Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero, Claudio Const

-Wade Barrett continues to dominate the WWE after winning the Money in the Bank Match.

-Rey Mysterio looks for revenge against the man who injured him last year Cody Rhodes.

-Brock Lesnar looks to rebuild his momentum by going after long time rival Big Show.

-CM Punk defends his title against the Number One Contender Randy Orton.


PPV: WWE No Mercy

Air Boom def. Flair/Steamboat, KENTA/Ishimori, KENTA/Helms

©Justin Gabriel def. Low-Ki - WWE Cruiserwieght Title

Ted DiBiase def. MVP

©All American Perfection def. Million Dollar Tag Team, Kings of Wrestling - WWE Tag Team Titles

Wade Barrett def. Bobby Lashley

Christian def. Sheamus

Daniel Bryan def. Muhammad Hassan

Rey Mysterio def. Cody Rhodes

Batista def. Mark Henry

Brock Lesnar def. Big Show

©CM Punk def. Randy Orton - WWE World Title

Post Match: Lesnar attacks CM Punk

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-Returns and debuts: Colt Cabana, Christopher Daniels, Carlito Colon, Machine Guns (Alex Shelly & Chris Sabin)

-Carlito debuted, and Epico was injured so Carlito takes his spot teaming with Primo as the Colons.

-Zack Ryder returned and set his sights on Kane, who injured him a few months ago.

-Mankind returned and started attacking Randy Orton backstage until the Viper asked WWE GM "Stone Cold" Steve Austin for a match at Hell in a Cell.



PPV: The Hell in a Cell

©David Otunga def. Colt Cabana, Goldust, and Santino - WWE US Title

©Crush def. Natalya, Melissa, and Beth Phoenix - WWE Divas Title

Sin Cara def. ©Justin Gabriel, Low-Ki, and Christopher Daniels - WWE Cruiserweight Title

Words Greatest Tag Team def. ©All American Perfection, The Colons (Primo & Carlito), and Hart Dynasty - WWE Tag Team Titles

Zack Ryder def. Kane

Sheamus def. ©Muhammad Hassan - WWE IC Title

Wade Barrett & Christian def. Ted DiBiase & Bobby Lashely

Daniel Bryan & Big Show def. MVP & Mark Henry

Goldberg def. Miz

Cody Rhodes def. Rey Mysterio (Ladder Match)

Randy Orton def. Mankind

Brock Lesnar def. ©CM Punk, Batista, John Cena, Chris Jericho, Alberto Del Rio - WWE World Title (Hell in a Cell Match)

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I like this, to be honest. I really don't have the time to read full-on diaries, whether I'm interested in them or not. This is quick and easy to read. I would like if you gave a little bit of background of each feud every month rather than me trying to piece it all together in my head, but other than that, I'm really enjoying it.
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Yea right now I am just catching up on my game I have had going for a few months. Once I catch up I would like to give a lot more detail such as a show by show break down so that the feuds are more defined. I am glad you guys like it and thanks for the feedback.
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-Returns and debuts: Kharma, Luke Gallows, Joe Hennig, Windham Rotunda, Latin America (Homicide and Hernandez), Rellik, Mr. Kennedy

-CM Punk is repeatedly attacked by Brock Lesnar. After Punk tells Austin he has lost control of the backstage area, Austin announces that he will be the "Special Guest Referee" for the WWE World Title match to make sure nothing goes wrong.

-Kharma continued her dominance over the Divas Division.

-GM Steve Austin announced that the winner of the KOTR Tournament will get a title shot at SummerSlam.

-Otunga continued to defend his US Title against all comers.

-Miz and Goldberg's rivalry that had gone on for months now with both men trying to prove they deserve to be on top of the WWE.

-Hype videos that are seemingly promoting the arrival of Sting have been playing the last few weeks on Raw and Smackdown.

-Rellik has been attacking various Superstars backstage and ringside. He has since added to his "Dark Brotherhood" by bringing in James Mitchel, Kevin Thorn, and Ariel.

-Alberto Del Rio and Chris Jericho have been battling for months and now Jericho has an opportunity to win the KOTR and a World Title shot at SummerSlam after beating Del Rio on Raw before the PPV.


PPV: The King of the Ring

Kharma def. ©Crush, Natalya, Beth Phoenix, Melissa, Katie Lea - WWE Divas Title

Worlds Greatest Tag Team and The Machine Guns def. Million Dollar Team and The Colons

©David Otunga def. Goldust, shane Helms, Zeke - US Title

All American Perfection def. Drew McIntyre/Elijah Burke, Joe Hennig/Luke Gallows, Latin America

Sting promo hype video

©Sin Cara def. Christopher Daniels - WWE Cruiserwieght Title

Miz def. Goldberg

Rellik hype video

Alberto Del Rio attacks Chris Jericho and takes his spot in the KOTR Tournament

KOTR Round 1: Big Show def. Wade Barrett

KOTR Round 1: John Cena def. Batista

Post Match Mr. Kennedy returns and attacks Batista

Zack Ryder def. Kane (Steel Cage Match)

KOTR Round 1: Randy Orton def. Alberto Del Rio

KOTR Round 2: John Cena def. Big Show

KOTR Round 2: Randy Orton def. Miz

GM "Stone Cold" Steve Austin announces that Triple H resigned as a wrestler on the Raw Brand.

Sheamus/Ted DiBiase/Rey Mysterio/Daniel Bryan/Bobby Lashely def. Cody Rhodes/Mark Henry/MVP/Christian/Muhammad Hassan

KOTR Final Round: Randy Orton def. John Cena - King of the Ring Title

©Brock Lesnar def. CM Punk - WWE World Title ("Stone Cold" Steve Austin is Special Referee)

Post match CM Punk argues with Austin about his count, Austin has Punk restrained by backstage officials.

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-Returns and debuts: Matt Hardy, Paul Burchill, Sting, and The Rock


-Matt Hardy returned after being signed by GM Steve Austin and was announced as US Champion David Otunga's surprise opponent on Raw. Hardy defeated Otunga and won the US Championship on his return and Austin booked the rematch at SummerSlam.


-After Miz defeated Goldberg at KOTR, Goldberg said he would put his career on the line for one more match against Miz.


-All American Perfection attacked Zack Ryder and Drew McIntyre on the Raw following KOTR. The two decided to join forced against Swagger and Ziggler at SummerSlam.


-Paul Burchill and Jinder Mahal wanted a shot at the IC Title and after a couple of draws on Smackdown, GM Steve Austin booked a Triple Threat Match for the title.


-The Machine Guns and Worlds Greatest Tag Team teamed together in a couple of eight man tag team matches leading to GM Steve Austin booking them against each other at SummerSlam for the titles.


-Rey Mysterio and WWE Cruiserwight Champion Sin Cara watched each others backs leading to SummerSlam with the likes of Christopher Daniels, Tyler Black, and Low-Ki all trying to make their mark in the Cruiser Division. GM Steve Austin finally booked the match everyone wanted to see Mysterio vs. Sin Cara for the title.


-After Mr. Kennedy attacked Batista at KOTR he added insult to injury by trash talking the former world champion on Smackdown for weeks while The Animal recovered from injuries. The week before SummerSlam Batista finally returned and challenged Mr. Kennedy to a match, which he declined, but GM Steve Austin booked anyway!


-Chris Jericho wanted revenge on Alberto Del Rio after he cost him an opportunity at the WWE World Title, but the Mexican Aristocrat did not back away from the challenge. The two men agreed to meet at SummerSlam so that both could prove that they belong in the World Title hunt.


-Sting debuted on Raw after the KOTR PPV to challenge the one man that he claimed cost him his career and livelihood... Triple H. Sting argued that it was because of HHH and the Kliq that WCW went under and that Sting refused to work for a company that would employee people like HHH. The two argued for weeks leading to their inevitable match at SummerSlam.


-CM Punk blamed GM Steve Austin for his loss to Brock Lesnar at KOTR for the WWE World Title. Austin tried to settle Punk down and swore he called the match even down the line for both men. Punk refused and claimed that Austin was no better then Triple H before him or Vince McMahon before that. Punk challenged Austin to a match that Austin reluctantly accepted.


-The Rock returned after not being seen or heard from after WrestleMania 28. He challenegd John Cena to a rematch and claimed the WWE Universe would not hear from him again if he lost to Cena a second time.


-Randy Orton won the KOTR and became No.1 Contender to Brock Lesnar's WWE World Title. The two argued and brawled their way to their match at SummerSlam for the most prestigious title in the business.


PPV: SummerSlam

David Otunga def. ©Matt Hardy -WWE US Title

©Kharma def. Crush - WWE Divas Title

All American Perfection def. Zack Ryder and Drew McIntyre

Paul Burchill def. ©Sheamus and Jinder Mahal - WWE IC Title

The Machine Guns def. ©Worlds Greatest Tag Team (Ladder Match) - WWE Tag team Titles

Wade Barrett/Cody Rhodes/Mark Henry def. Bobby Lashely/Big Show/ Ted DiBiase

Rey Mysterio def. ©Sin Cara - WWE Cruiserweight Title

Batista def. Mr. Kennedy

The Miz def. Goldberg - Goldberg's Career on the Line

Daniel Bryan def. Christian

Alberto Del Rio def. Chris Jericho

Mankind promo video

Triple H def. Sting

CM Punk def. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

Post match Punk and Austin shake hands.

The Rock def. John Cena

©Brock Lesnar def. Randy Orton - WWE World Title

After the match the lights go out with Lesnar still in the ring. When they come back on Undertaker is standing in the ring face to face with the world champion as the PPV goes off the air.

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-Returns and debuts: Ron "The Truth" Killings returns after a contract despute that lasted 6 months. Now goes by the ring name "The Truth", Matt Bloom returned to WWE as "Leviathan". He is a masked monster that joined the Dark Brotherhood, and Brian Kendrick


- WWE IC Champion Paul Burchill and Jinder Mahal continue to feud over the title.


-Rellik and his Brotherhood of Darkness target Zack Ryder and GM Steve Austin books a singles match for the two at Fall Brawl.


-GM Steve Austin booked an eight man tag match with a group of Superstars that had been feuding for the better part of the month. Kane and Zeke, Elijah Burke and Jay Lethal, All American Perfection and Colt/Riley.


-Mr. Kennedy had used Muhammad Hassan and Mark Henry to help get the edge on Batista, but when GM Steve Austin booked a Fatal Fourway Match all four men begin to fight for themselves.


-Brian Kendrick debuted on Smackdown and picked up a series of wins that impressed GM Steve Austin enough to put him in a fourway match for the WWE Crusierwight Title.


-The Machine Guns defended their titles on Smackdown, but Million Dollar Team continued to interfere in matches and attack backstage leading to a match for the WWE Tag Team Titles.


-Daniel Bryan and Christian were booked for a rematch, but the stipulation of a 30 Minute Iron Man Match was added when Edge joined the rivalry. Bryan was on "The Cutting Edge" when Christian attacked him. Edge tried to stop the attack but Christian attacked Edge too. After weeks of back and forth Edge suggested to GM Steve Austin that the two face off in an Iron Man Match to settle the score.


-Divas Champion Kharma and Beth Phoenix were set to face off one on one, but neither women would back down as these two brawled week after week on Raw.


-Mankind made his return and turned his anger towards Ted DiBiase. Mankind spent weeks attacking DiBiase getting into the Superstars head leading to a singles match at Fall Brawl.


-Sting made it clear he was not done with Triple H after SummerSlam and the two continued their feud leading to their rematch at Fall Brawl.


-After Undertaker made it clear he wanted a match with Brock Lesnar after his SummerSlam match GM Steve Austin wasted no time booking it for Fall Brawl. Undertaker had not wrestled outside of WrestleMania in two years, but made it clear he wanted to face Lesnar, a man he feuded with years ago.


-The Rock defeated John Cena and SummerSlam and claimed he wanted to be WWE World Champion once again, but CM Punk interrupted him on Raw. Both men had a claim for the belt and GM Steve Austin decided the two could face each other at Fall Brawl with the winner receiving a WWE World Title shot at Night of Champions.


-The first War Games match in WWE history saw many of the top names and feuds of the past few months. Chris Jericho and Alberto Del Rio were both looking to finally silence the other with a win. Sheamus was looking to get back in the World Title mix. The Truth was making his first PPV appearance in six months. Big Show, John Cena, Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Miz, and Randy Orton were all looking to impress at Fall Brawl. Barrett and Rhodes have had an uneasy alliance the last few months and have targeted the likes of Orton, Big Show, Bobby Lashley, and Ted DiBiase.


PPV: Fall Brawl

©Paul Burchill def. Jinder Mahal - WWE IC Title

Drew McIntyre def. ©David Otunga - WWE US Title

Zack Ryder def. Rellik (DQ, Kevin Thorn and Leviathan interference)

Kane/Dolph Ziggler/Jack Swagger/Elijah Burke def. Colt Cabana/Alex Riley/Zeke/Jay Lethal

Post Match Samoa Joe debuts and attacks Dolph Ziggler

Mr. Kennedy def. Mark Henry, Muhammad Hassan, Batista

©Rey Mysterio def. Sin Cara, Brian Kendrick, Evan Bourne - WWE Cruiserwight Title

©The Machine Guns def. Million Dollar Team - WWE Tag team Titles

Ted DiBiase def. Mankind

Daniel Bryan def. Christian (30 Minute Iron Man Match, Edge attacked Christian to give Bryan the win)

Kharma vs. Beth Phoenix (Match never starts due to pre-match brawl)

Sting def. Triple H (DQ, Kevin Nash interference)

The Rock def. CM Punk - No.1 Contender for WWE World Title

©Brock Lesnar def. Undertaker - WWE World Title

Post match Lesnar brutally attacks Undertaker

WAR GAMES MATCH: Sheamus/The Truth/Chris Jericho/Randy Orton/Big Show def. John Cena/Alberto Del Rio/Wade Barrett/Cody Rhodes/Miz

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Monday, Week 1, October 2012


WWE Monday Night Raw:


-Vince McMahon comes out on stage and announces that the Board of Directors have reached an agreement with the USA Network for a new WWE live television show. The new show will air on Tuesday nights and be called WWE Tuesday Night Assault. Along with the new show will be a WWE Draft that will be held tonight, with some results shown live tonight and the rest will be listed exclusively on wwe.com. Also tonight's main event will be for the WWE World Title as CM Punk and Sting challenge Brock Lesnar!


-Layla/Michelle McCool/Madison/Eve/Ayaka def. Nikki Bella/Britani Knight/Rosa/Tamina/Jersey


-Kane attacks Jay Lethal who is in the ring waiting for an opponent.


-©The Machine Guns def. Hart Dynasty - WWE Tag team Titles


-Windham Rotunda, Luke Gallows, and Joe Hennig attack IC Champion Paul Burchill backstage.


-Joe Hennig/Luke Gallows def. Zeke/Zack Ryder (DQ, Windham Rotunda interference)


-The Truth wins 25 Man Battle Royal


-The Truth is drafted to Assault.


-WWE Divas champion Kharma destroys Beth Phoenix, Natalya, and Katie Lea in the ring.


-Wade Barrett def. Big Show


-Alberto Del Rio & John Cena def. Chris Jericho & Randy Orton


-CM Punk is drafted to Assault


-Mr. Kennedy has a promo on Batista.


-Triple H is in the ring and calls out his former enemy Kevin Nash to find out why he interfered in his match with Sting at War Games last night. When Nash enters the ring he tells HHH that he never liked Sting and that the Kliq sticks together even if they dont always see eye to eye. HHH and Nash seem to form an uneasy alliance against a common target, Sting.


-©Brock Lesnar def. Sting and CM Punk - WWE World Title


-Brock lesnar is drafted to Raw.


-The Rock comes out and stands face to face with World Champion Brock Lesnar. Before the two can start fighting half the locker room comes out to break them up before they ever land a punch.

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Last night Vince McMahon announced that the Board of Directors called for a WWE Draft to decide the fate of the now three brands of the WWE. With every Superstar eligible for the draft and only a few announced during the live Monday Night Raw lets see the state of the WWE now.



Main Event:


(H)Brock Lesnar - WWE World Champion

(H)Mr. Kennedy

(F)Triple H

(H)Wade Barrett

(F)Zack Ryder


Upper Midcard:

(F)Alex Shelly - WWE Tag Team Champion

(H)Chris Masters - Managed by Emma Manna

(F)Chris Sabin - WWE tag Team champion


(F)Jay Lethal

(H)Kane - Managed by Paul Bearer

(H)Luke Gallows - Managed by Lacey Von Erich

(F)Matt Hardy

(F)Paul Burchill - WWE IC Champion

(H)Windham Rotunda - Manged by Lacey Von Erich




(F)Canadian Bulldog - Managed by Natalya

(H)Curt Hawkins

(F)Jey Uso

(H)Jimmy Rave

(F)Jimmy Uso

(H)Joe Hennig - managed by Lacey Von Erich

(H)Mike Knox

(F)Road Warrior Razor- Managed by Road Warrior Animal

(F)Tyson Kidd - Managed by Natalya



(H)Heath Slater

(F)Jack Evans - Managed by Bret Hart

(H)Lance Hoyt




(H)Ryan Nemeth


Divas Division:


(H)Beth Phoenix

(H)Britani Knight

(H)Christina Von Eerie



(F)Gail Kim


(H)Katie Lea

(H)Kharma - WWE Divas Champions




(F)Michelle McCool




Announce Team:

Jim Ross

Jerry "The King" Lawler

Joey Styles



Main Event:

(H)Alberto Del Rio


(F)CM Punk

(F)Daniel Bryan

(H)Jack Swagger - Managed by Vickie Guerrero

(H)John Cena

(H)Muhammad Hassan - Managed by Daivari

(F)Randy Orton

(H)Rellik - Managed by James Mitchell

(F)Ted DiBiase

(F)The Truth


Upper Midcard:

(F)Charlie Haas - Managed by Trish Stratus

(F)Colt Cabana

(H)Davey Richards - Managed by Ted DiBiase Sr.

(H)Elijah Burke

(H)Jinder Mahal



(F)Samoa Joe

(F)Shelton Benjamin - Managed by Trish Stratus

(H)William Regal



(H)Brent Albright - Managed by Jim Cornette

(H)Doug Williams - Managed by William Regal

(H)Eddie Edwards - Managed by Ted DiBiase Sr.

(H)John Walters

(H)Kevin Thorn - Manged by Ariel

(H) Leviathan - Managed by James Mitchell

(F)Mason Ryan - Manged by Nigel McGuinness

(H)Paul Stevens - Managed by William Regal

(F)Roderick Strong


Lower Midcard:

(H)Adam Pearce


(H)Aldis - Managed by William Regal

(F)Andy Leavine

(F) Go Shiozaki

(F)Jesse Neal



(H)Black Pain

(F)Rocky Romero

(H)Shawn Spears


Announce Team:

Josh Matthews

Matt Striker

Jim Corenette



Main Event:

(F)Big Show

(F)Chris Jericho

(H)Cody Rhodes

(H)Dolph Ziggler - Managed by Vickie Guerrero

(H)Mark Henry

(F)Rey Mysterio



(H)The Miz


Upper Midcard:

(F)Alex Riley

(F)Bobby Lashley

(F)Brian Kendrick

(H)David Otunga

(H)Carlito Colon - Managed by Rosa

(F)Drew McIntyre



(H)Primo Colon - Managed by Rosa

(F)Shad - Managed by Julius Smokes

(F)Sin Cara

(H)Tyler Black



(F)Brodus Clay

(H)Chavo Guerrero

(H)Chris Hero

(H)Christopher Daniels

(H)Claudio Castagnoli

(F)Evan Bourne

(F)Hernandez - Managed by Raquel Diaz

(F)Homicide - Managed by Raquel Diaz

(F)Johnny Curtis

(F)JTG - Managed by Julius Smokes

(F)Justin Gabriel

(F)Kofi Kingston

(H)Mark Haskins

(H)Rene Dupree - Managed by Maryse

(F)Richie Steamboat



(F)Shane Helms

(H)Sylvain Grenier - Managed by Maryse



Lower Midcard:

(F)Amazing Red

(H)Chris Pavone

(F)El Generico


(F)Matt Jackson - Managed by Torrie Wilson

(F)Nick Jackson - Managed by Torrie Wilson

(F)Reid Flair

(H)Ricky Banderas

(H)Steve Corino

(F)Trent Berreta

(F)Xavier Woods



(H)Bo Rotunda

(H)Brett DiBiase

(H)Cameron Latimer

(H)Leo Kruger

(H)Mike DiBiase


(H)Sonjay Dutt



Announce Team:

Michael Cole

Booker T


WWE Champions:

WWE World Champion: Brock Lesanr

WWE Intercontinental Champion: Paul Burchill

WWE United States Champion: Drew McIntyre

WWE European Champion: Vacant

WWE Tag Team Champions: The Machine Guns

WWE Divas Champion: Kharma

WWE Cruiseweight Champion: Rey Mysterio

WWE Pure Champion: Vacant

WWE Money in the Bank: Wade Barrett


-The Board of Directors have decided that each brand will have exclusive titles and that that the Wolrd and Tag Team Champions will be able to appear on any show that they wish. The IC and Divas titles will be Raw exclusive. The US and Cruiserweight titles will be Smackdown exclusive. The newly reinstated European and the newly created Pure title are Assault exclusive. The Board claims the Pure title has no weight limits or restrictions, but is intended to showcase the most technically gifted WWE Superstars.



WWE Tag Teams:

Air Boom - Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne

All American Perfection - Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger

Crime Time - JTG and Shad

Flair and Steamboat - Reid Flair and Richie Steamboat

Jackson Brothers - Nick and Matt Jackson

Gold Cabana - Goldust and Colt Cabana

La Resistance - Rene Dupree and Sylvain Grenier

Latin America - Homicide and Hernandez

LayCool - Layla and Michelle McCool

Million Dollar Team - Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards

The Brits - Doug Williams and Aldis

The Colons - Carlito and Primo Colon

The Hart Dynasty - Canadian Bulldog and Tyson Kidd

The Kings of Wrestling - Chris Hero and Cladio Castagnoli

©The Machine Guns - Alex Shelly and Chris Sabin

Worlds Greatest Tag Team - Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas



Dark Brotherhood: Rellik, Kevin Thorn, Leviathan, James Mitchel, Ariel

British Rebellion: William Regal, Aldis, Doug Williams, Paul Stevens

Grey Rebels: Luke Gallows, Joe Hennig, Windham Rotunda, Lacey Von Erich


-WWE.COM also found out that "Stone Cold" Steve Austin will remain in control of all WWE programming and has gone from GM of Raw and Smackdown to WWE Commissionaire.

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Tuesday, Week 1, October 2012


WWE Tuesday Night Assault:


-Commissionaire Steve Austin comes to the ring with a briefcase. He shows that in the briefcase are the new WWE European and WWE Pure Titles as well as a contract for the newest WWE Superstar, Andy Leavine. Big Andy comes down to the ring and signs the contract and shakes hands with Austin.


-William Regal is shown backstage claiming that the WWE Pure Title was brought to the WWE for him to win. But then out comes Elijah Burke who also claims to want the title. The two argue for a bit before walking away.


-Brent Albright vs. Paul Stevens vs. Roderick Strong DRAW (William Regal, Aldis and Doug Williams interference)


-Mason Ryan def. John Walters


-Samoa Joe has a promo backstage.


-Backstage Ted DiBiase Sr. hypes up Davey Richards and Edde Edwards as the best tag team on Tuesday Night Assault.


-In the ring Christian attacks Daniel Bryan leaving him down and out.


-Jinder Mahal def. Colt Cabana (Mahal used the ropes for leverage on the pin)


-Worlds Greatest Tag Team def. The Brits


-Muhammad Hassan def. MVP


-Backstage Edge has a promo where he condemns the actions of Christian earlier tonight.


-CM Punk is in the ring where he starts a promo, but then Jack Swagger's music hits. The two argue for a while with Vickie Guerrero claiming Swagger is better than Punk.


-Rellik def. ted DiBiase (Kevin Thorn, Leviathan, and Mankind interfered costing Ted DiBiase the match)


-John Cena and Alberto Del Rio def. The Truth and Randy Orton

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Friday, Week 1, October 2012


WWE Friday Night Smackdown!:


-David Otunga comes out to the ring, and announces that with him coming to Smackdown he has decided to bring someone with him. Johnny Laurinaitis comes out to join Otunga and says that the Board of Directors have allowed him to manage David Otunga.


-The Funkasaurus, Brodus Clay makes his way to the ring, but then The Kings of Wrestling run in and attack him from behind. They leave the big man down and out.


-Santino and Just Gabriel def. Reid Flair and Richie Steamboat, Crime Time, and Mark Haskins and Johnny Curtis


-Tyler Black and Christopher Daniels def. Air Boom


-Alex Riley comes to the ring and says he is excited for the opportunity to be on Smackdown, then Dolph Ziggler comes to the ring. Ziggler claims that he was finally where he wanted to be in the WWE and becuase of the draft he is split from his tag team partner Jack Swagger and is forced to compete with losers like Riley. The two argue for a bit before leaving the ring.


-Brian Kendrick def. Primo Colon


-Rene Dupree def. Hernandez (Sylvain Grenier, Maryse, and Homicide interfered)


-KENTA def. Low-Ki (DQ)


-Backstage David Otunga attacked US Champion Drew McIntyre.


-WWE Cruiserwight Champion Rey Mysterio hyped his upcoming rematch with Sin Cara at Night of Champions.


-Sheamus def. Carlito


-The Miz comes to the ring and swears to make his mark on Smackdown by taking out its biggest star, Chris Jericho.


-Chris Jericho and Big Show def. Mark Henry and Cody Rhodes


-Sting is shown in a dark room and he rants about how he knew the Kliq would try to stop him. He is not surprised that Kevin Nash and Triple H would join forces. He says he will not rest until he takes down everyone in the WWE who tried to put him out of wrestling and have prevented him from working here the last ten years.

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Monday, Week 2, October 2012


WWE Monday Night Raw:


-Crush is in the ring talking about how WWE Divas Champion Kharma is destroying the Divas Division and that she is the only one who stands a chance against her. Then Beth Phoenix comes to the ring to remind Crush that she has lost to Kharma at SummerSlam and that she wants a title match against Kharma.


-Jay Lethal is backstage where he has a promo.


-Madison def. Ayako, Gail Kim, and Jersey


-The Machine Guns def. Lance Hoyt and Jimmy Rave


-Tyson Kidd/Canadian Bulldog/Jack Evans def. Mike Knox/Chris Masters/Heath Slater


-Matt hardy def. Goldust and Windham Rotunda


-Melissa and Katie Lea def. LayCool


-Kharma def. Natalya


-Luke Gallows and Joe Hennig def. Zeke and Paul Burchill


-Zack Ryder is in the ring when Wade Barrett comes out and attacks him out of nowhere.


-Kevin Nash and Triple H are backstage and they insult Sting continuing their war of words. Nash blames Sting for the downfall of WCW and says he never had the ability to carry a company like he and HHH did in WWE.


-Batista def. Mr.Kennedy (DQ, Kane interfered and attacked Batista)


-WWE World Champion comes to the ring and promotes his title defense against The Rock. He says he is going to knock The Rock out of the WWE and make him wish he stayed in Hollywood.

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Tuesday, Week 2, October 2012


WWE Tuesday Night Assault:


-John Walters def. Jesse Neal and Adam Pearce


-Elijah Burke and William Regal are in the ring arguing over who deserves to be the first WWE Pure Champion when Samoa Joe comes out to the ring and takes out both of them.


-Go Shiozaki def. Kevin Thorn


-Andy Leavine def. Daivari


-Backstage Million Dollar Team attack Colt Cabana seemingly for no reason.


-Ted DiBiase is backstage and he says he will get revenge on Mankind for costing him his match last week if he ever shows his face again.


-The Truth is in the ring for a promo, when John Cena interrupts. The two argue before Cena runs to the ring and the two brawl before WWE officials can break it up.


-Aldis and Doug Williams def. mason Ryan and Brent Albright


-Ted Dibiase def. Paul Stevens


-Roderick Strong def. MVP


-Backstage Jack Swagger attacks CM Punk.


-Jinder Mahal and Muhammad Hassan def. Worlds Greatest Tag Team


-Edge is in the ring for The Cutting Edge. He announces his guest and good friend Daniel Bryan, but before he makes it to the ring Christian attacks from behind. After Edge sees whats happening he goes to help Bryan, but Christian takes off.


-Randy Orton def. Rellik (DQ, Alberto Del Rio interfered and attacked Orton)


-After the match Alberto Del Rio and Rellik attack Randy Orton.

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Friday, Week 2, October 2012


WWE Friday Night Smackdown!t:


-Homicide def. Sylvain Grenier (DQ, Rene Dupree interfered attacked Homicide)


-Rene Dupree def. Drew McIntyre


-The Kings of Wrestling are backstage and they brag about their attack on Brodus Clay last week.


-Commisenor Steve Austin is in the ring and he tells David Otunga that he will get a US Title match against Drew McIntyre at Night of Champions.


-The Colons def. Johnny Curtis and Brian Kendrick


-Santino is in the ring for his talk show segment "Santino's Spotlight". He brings out his guest, the returning, Bobby Lashley. Lashley says he is excited to ba back and healthy and will be looking to make his mark on Smackdown in the coming weeks.


-Air Boom def. Crime Time, Reid Flair and Richie Steamboat


-Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara def. KENTA and Low-Ki


-Big Show def. Tyler Black (DQ, Mark Henry interfered and attack Big Show)


-Dolph Ziggler def. Alex Riley


-Sheamus is in the ring cutting a promo when The Miz comes out to the ring. The Miz says Sheamus has seen a lot of losses as of late and he has not only beaten Goldberg, but forced him into retirement. Sheamus says he has heard that at Night of Champions there will be a No.1 Contenders Match and that he intends on winning it.


-Cody Rhodes is backstage where he is bragging about his recent claim of taking down Chris Jericho, when all of the sudden Jericho himself shows up. The two trade some words back and forth before Rhodes walks off.


-Sting def. David Otunga


-After the match, Kevin Nash climbs the barrier at ringside and attacks Sting. Nash delivers a Jackknife Power Bomb to Sting on the floor at ringside.

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