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WWE 2.0


Welcome Ladies and Gentleman. This is going to be my version of the WWE post Wrestle Mania 28. Last night, after CM Punk's grueling WWE title match with Chris Jericho, we saw the return of Brock Lesnar.


If you saw the real Wrestle Mania then you know the outcome of the matches, so I will not post them.


This diary will begin with the Monday after Wrestle Mania 28.




P.S. All wrestlers are back from injury.

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Wwe 2.0



WWE.com Exclusive


This morning at about 10:33am, in the offices of WWE owner Vincent K. McMahon, it was announced that he had just purchased TNA from Dixie Carter.


Rumors have it that TNA has been in financial trouble for months. In a statement from TNA Owner Dixie Carter, she stated that it pains her to sell the company to the WWE, she said, and that she should have been managing the company better and not letting the "inmates run the assylum".


Dixie Carter said, that at least the company is in good hands now and hopes that WWE execs will use the talent well.


Also out of Mr. McMahon's office, He has hired a new COO and Head Booker named Charles Tipton. Mr. Tipton was not available for comment.

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