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Is there really no "Real World Mods" Out There???

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Hi guys I love this game and have been looking forward to the potential awesome mods to come out like with ever other game, however there is a distinct lack of mods out there and I can't seem to find any? I remember there were a couple being made?


Can anyone help? Point me in the right direction for the mods or if there are any awesome Mod sites I am missing?


Please Help

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You know superheroes don't actually exist, right?


The only thing which is real on this website is pro wrestling.


See the previous posts and my aforementioned smiley face. I know a few folks who have ties to that niche group. And while I find it hard to image actually 'fighting crime' as some do in costume and mask most merely patrol the streets, alert the police to crimes, and do civil service things like help with Children's Hospitals and similar events.


So knock em if you want but I could imagine there's a hell of a lot worse things that could happen in life than the desire to want to help others and keep people safe. Regardless of how you dress.


Then again.... some definitely do have a style unto themselves :)


http://www.reallifesuperheroes.com/2011/07/05/nyx/ rawr! :)

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I saw the movie on HBO that proves they exist. They are delusional whack-jobs but they do exist.


Well, less delusional whack-jobs, more guys who do community service in tights and occasionally act in character but yeah... Real Life Super Hero is a thing.


Would be kinda boring to play on CBH though. It'd be the social aspects and community service only though.


That being said, CBH modding can be a bit tedious when you get to the powers and abilities. Even if you limit yourself to mostly realistic abilities (for pulp, or Sin City/Punisher gritty crime, for example), it takes a while. Balancing is also a pain. I still haven't balanced my RavenVerse mod. So, not unlike why mods are rarely done for WreSpi games, that's probably why mods are slim pickings for CBH too.

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