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Global Domination Wrestling: Set The World On Fire

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inspired by the awesome diary of EISEN-VERSE WAR


Global Domination Wrestling

?????: They treat me like garbage like a stupid, that’s why I am here, to bring a new era of professional wrestling, an era that can only be built on the ashes of this era, I want revenge and destruction, but I want to preserve wrestling, but the only way to do it it’s making it an image of myself, I will show them their mistake and they will learn it’s my way or no way.

And that’s why you are here, I have brought you for a that reason, you are like me, you have been a Supreme Champion, a Total Wrestler, you have fought for the U.S and North and South of the border you have carried a Burning Hammer and wrestled for pure Pride, but no matter what you do, they call you a mercenary a scum in the wrestling world, a pariah of this business that’s why I want you, just like me you want to set this world on fire, that the wrestling world burns to its ashes and then rebuilt it to be better than ever with you at the top, so what do you say my friend .


Jack: well that’s a nice offer, to build an entire era around me, you know how to do business …….. Mr. Stallings.


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