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Recruiting Budget

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This is not a huge thing for me....but I was wondering if anybody can give me the info on how the recruiting budget is determined for each week? I know that it's determined by where and how you budget, but I can't seem to figure out how the final weekly allowance is determined. 1st year I had 14 recuits and got 65,000 per week. I did kick up the budget in the regions section of the budget for the following year. 2nd year I have 20 recruits and 81,000 per week. Is it determined by the number of recruits? And if so I would just like a heads up that if I spend x amount on recruiting I will have x amount to spend. The formula would help out for spending on recruits for the following year. Any help would be appreciated. Great game by the way, even if I can't seem to win!
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