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favorite matches you created or added your own spin?

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As the topic asks, what are your favorite matches you've come up with or added your own spin to to make it your own?


I have three that really stand out in my promotion and they seem to borrow ideas of other promotions with a little twist here and there, but Im proud to make them part of our company:


The Golden Ticket: Our promotion's answer to money in the bank, six workers face off in an open roof cage match. They are allowed to go outside the cage, allowing sick spots to happen such as diving off the cage top to the floor, granted there won't be any Teddy Hart incidents. But in order to win the match, they must retrieve the item suspended above ring which is being held in the middle of overhead cables, Ultimate X style. Winner gets the same deal as a MITB winner.


Sin City Rumble: Winner of the match gets the same deal as a Royal Rumble winner, but our spin is eliminations can also be done by pinfall or submission instead of only thrown from ring. 10 workers start the match as this is the minimum battle royal number. When someone is eliminated, a new worker takes the place after one minute.


And the newest match our promotion came up with I was thinking how I could add a spin on the elimination chamber and then it hit me: 3,4,5 or 6 wrestlers maximum are in a chamber structure two workers start the match and the others wait. This match actually benefits the wrestlers entering first because it is a time limit scramble match ans gives the first two workers a head start to earn points toward a pinfall or submission. The match is usually reserved for title bouts or #1 contenders, the wrestler with the most points by the end gets the championship or #1 contendership.

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Tornado Terror: much like WarGames and Lethal Lockdown, this match takes place in a cage. Weapons are allowed and the winner is found by either pinfall or submission. But it's for tag teams: 4 teams in total. Timed entrances like in WG and LL, but with more options for storytelling and drama in the timed entrances since there are 4 sides to it (so it doesn't have to be the usual 2 vs. 1, 3 vs. 2, etc setup).
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The Lord of the Rings match:


A cross between 'King of the Mountain & 'Ultimate X'


Climb one of the poles above the turnbuckles in each corner and pull down one of four brass rings...then either climb across the overhead wires or use a ladder to hang the brass ring on the hook hanging 18' above the canvas...


spot fest!!!!




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Crazy deathmatches I've come up with:


House of Glass Deathmatch: Anything glass is legal; IE Glass Panes and Light Tubes


Iron Maiden Deathmatch: Casket match, except the casket is lined in barbed wire


Queen/King of the Hill Match: Four competitors, first two to reach a scaffold goes on to fight each other in a standard scaffold match.


X-Mas Massacre: Made for my old PSW game, a six-way elimination cell match with tables covered with weapons surrounding the ring.


Pittsburgh Massacre: Also for my PSW game, essentially a last man standing match with weapons ready to be used.


Also for my old workrate promotion I had an annual elimination tag match that was cross Survivor Series, cross War Games, in that it starts 1 on 1 then becomes 2 on 2 etc until everyone is involved, but it's otherwise an elimination tag match.


EDIT- Also back when I played TEW05, I had a local fed who did a halloween-themed hardcore match called the Gimmick Match OF THE DEAD!!!, which involved plastic tombstones and skeletons as well as a cheap plywood coffin that was used like a table. Both times I did this match it featured the evil Zathos (a Lovecraftian cultist who claimed to be a descendant of Dagon) and Gruh (the Vegitarian Zombie, who was also a zombie civil rights activist).

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