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Title name ideas for Dragon Gate USA...

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So I am playing as Dragon Gate USA and as you may or may not know they have two titles.


Open the Freedom Gate which is the main event singles title and Open the United Gate which is the tag team title.


I need to add another belt preferably a midcard title and I would like to keep the same style of it being "Open the _____ Gate." I also would like the name to have an aspect of America/USA in it. So far I have come up with the following name ideas:


Open the Liberty Gate

Open the Patriotic Gate

Open the Independence Gate


Any other ideas you guys may have?

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Liberty Gate stood out for me too, but an alternate suggestion...


Open The Stars Gate


Keeps the American theme with a hint at the winner of this title could end up becoming one of the "stars" of the show.


Or "Open The Star Gate," because that guy is the star of the show.

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Open the Flood Gate....


Hmmm maybe not.


How about:


Open The Freedom Gate,

Open The Opportunity Gate,

Open The (Union or United) Gate.


Did you read the ENTIRE post? Freedom and United are already being used...

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