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Want to start this by saying I love the game, but have a few issues I wanted to try and work around....which, after a few attempts, allowed me to create this "game world".


To start, the issues I was having:

1- Its easy. Once you start to make money, if you don't set rules for yourself, the game is easy to dominate. You can take any promotion and take them to #1 in due time.

2- Not enough fights. In so many games a lot of the "name" fighters would fight once a year, if that. Often title belts would not be defended for years. I got so tired of this.

3- Missing huge fights. It would often take a long time to sign all the "name' fighters, forcing you to miss some very exciting fights. Or if you were able to sign them, it would be past the prime of most of the fighters.

4- High level fighters with no name value. Often top level fighters (most of them from ALPHA) would be free-agents, but, due to how the game works, you would have to use them in several fights before putting them in a main event situation.


And a few other minor issues that I was looking to fix. So I created my own "game world". Using the original database, with the big add-on, I decided to start


GAMMA: Major Leagues of Mixed Martial Arts

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With the problems I was having listed above, here is the solution I came up with. I will track the progress in this thread for the community to see. I have noticed a lot of people discuss a few of these topics, it might help you create your own game to work around these issues.


1- Working as GAMMA, I (edited before the game starts) take over every promotion that already is in existence (except WEFF, I don't play with the WMMA). That would be: ALPHA, FLB, BCF, SIGMA, KDM, and XCC.

1(A): Those promotions will keep all weight classes and titles.


2- I introduce (edited before the game starts) 6 different organizations, all of them also owned by GAMMA. To fix the problem of fighters not getting enough fights, each organization (except one) will only feature 2 weight classes. Also, all organizations will be in the USA, since that is where I need my fighters to build up name value. The organizations are as follows (weight classes also listed):

HILITE and Showboat (Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight)

Infinity and HPFL (Middleweight and Welterweight)

RATP (Featherweight and Bantamweight)

MMC (Lightweight)

2(A): As you can see, each division is represented twice. Since XCC already has Lightweight and Featherweight, I left that alone (which explains why MMC only has Lightweight).


NOTE: A few reasons for this. First, as I move fighters up and down, I can place them where I want in order to build name value. It will also force organizations to use more fighters, since, to a degree, I control how many people they have. Also, each organization will continue to go out and sign talent, keeping them stocked without me having to do all of the work. And since I control every organization (but not the booking) it doesn't matter where other fighters sign, since I can always move them around at my will.


3- GAMMA will feature 6 weight classes (all except Bantamweight, which could be added down the line as the weight class expands and improves.) We will hold 18 events a year, with each class being the focus of 3 events per year. This will give my title holders (and main fighters) 2-3 fights per year.


The first year requires the most work. In the next post I will go over how I decided to set things up to keep title challengers in order, and how I plan on using my promotion/demotion system.

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Using GAMMA, I decided it would be best to keep all current GAMMA Champions. Already decided on 3 events per weight class for the year, I figured the best method would be to determine the first full year of challengers for each division. At the same time, tournaments (several event tournaments, not single night) would be held to determine the challengers from that point on. Keep in mind, when I hold an event it is for a single weight class. This, while not realistic, makes it easy to keep things in order.


Here is the setup I used:


1- Pick (not counting champions) the top 27 fighers in each weight class. This would be for the first 3 challengers and the first event, which would feature 12 undercard fights. Since I was using GAMMA (and focused on the USA) the first group of 4 would feature GAMMA fighters only. The second and third group of 4 would feature some GAMMA fighters, but most would be international.


2- Once the first card was held, I would call up 16 more fighters for that division. After the first card, I would always start a new 16 man tournament, mixed with fighters being eliminated in the last tournament and new fighters from the other organizations. This setup allows you to always have a tournament winner ready as the next challenger.


3- Fighters on a losing streak are sent down to a "minor league" promotion. Those with high potential or that are young, I send to a USA promotion to give them a name value boost when they fight. Those who I don't feel can make it back to the big leagues, or who are close to calling it quits, I send to an international promotion, giving them more fighters to play with.


I might have left a few parts out, so feel free to post with any questions. Tomorrow (when I look to finish the first year of my game), I will post the first 3 challengers to each title.

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The First Year:

Champions and Challengers


Heavyweight: James Foster

1- Hassan Fezzik

2- Raul Hughes

3- Jeff Carlton


Light Heavyweight: Spencer Rubenstien

1- Tadamada Yamada

2- Alfonso Villar

3- Niko Soldo


Middleweight: Matthew Dean

1- Baruilo Moura

2- Heji Endo

3- Neil Napier


Welterweight: Julio Regueirio

1- Carlos De Guia

2- Manuel Silva

3- Norm Van Der Capellen


Lightweight: Sean Morrison

1- Sukrano

2- Luis Basora

3- Fumiaki Hayashi


Featherweight: (Vacant) Phillip Ziskie

1- Li-Kong Ho

2- Tomohiro Takeuchi

3- Lars Bohlin


I am almost done with the first year. Will put up results of the title matches and the 1st tournaments when completed. So far it is working just as I thought it would. The only exception is the new organizations only hold 3-4 cards the first year (since it takes time to set them up) but that should go back to 6 for year 2.

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Year One Review: Heavyweights


James Foster vs. Hassan Fezzik

*Fezzik does what is expected and submits Foster in the 1st round of this huge fight to win the GAMMA Heavyweight Title


Hassan Fezzik vs. Raul Hughes

*Another 1st round submission win for Fezzik


Hassan Fezzik vs. Jeff Carlton

*Carlton shocks the world, putting Fezzik on the ground in the 1st round and keeping him in that position. A repeat of this in round 2, but this time Fezzik goes for a triangle. Carlton spins out into side control and lands some huge shots that stop the fight. Jeff Carlton is the new GAMMA Heavyweight Champion to end 1998.


The first tournament (GAMMA Fighters Only) to determine the first challenger was won by Tony McCall, which was a surprise.


The "international" tournament finals to determine the second challenger of the year will be:

Armen Sarkisian vs. Grzegorz Boniek


Light Heavyweight update will be next

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Thank you for the comments. I am done with year one (actually almost at the halfway point of year two), and will post the results of the weight classes tonight, with a little detail after on how the entire experiment is going.


Year One Review: Light Heavyweight


Light Heavyweight Champion: Spencer Rubenstien

Spencer Rubenstien vs. Tadamada Yamada:

*In a surprise, Spencer retains the title with a KO of Yamada in Round 5.


Spencer Rubenstien vs. Affonso Villar

*Villar becomes the new champion with a 2nd Round KO.


Affonso Villar vs. Niko Soldo

*Another KO for Villar (1st Round, Knee) to end the year as champion.


In the "GAMMA" Tournament, Marlon John was the winner, and will be the first challenger for next year.


In the "International Tournament", we will see a final of

Zvonimir Asanovic vs. Jim Katou

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Year One Middleweight Review:


Middleweight Champion: Matthew Dean


Matthew Dean vs Baruilo Moura

*Dean defends the title with a 2nd Round TKO


Matthew Dean vs. Heji Endo

*Another TKO, this time in the 1st Round, as Dean retains


Matthew Dean vs. Neil Napier

*Napier takes the champ into the 4th Round and wins the title via submission.


The "GAMMA" Tournament and first challenger of 1999 will be Buddy Garner.


The "International" Tournament finals are:

Osmosis Benn vs. Jonathan Huang

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Year One Welterweight Review:


Welterweight Champion: Julio Regueirio


Julio Regueirio vs. Carlos De Guia

*Regeuirio defends with a rear naked choke in round 3


Julio Regueirio vs. Manuel Silva

*Another submission for the champ, again in the third round, this time with a triangle.


Julio Regueirio vs. Norm Van Der Capellen

*Submission #3 for the year, this time in the 2nd Round, with an armbar.


The "GAMMA" Tournament winner and first challenger of 1999 is:

Jack Humphreys


The "International" Tournament final is:

Tempelton Crumb vs. Nathan Chambers

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Year One Lightweight Review


Lightweight Champion: Sean Morrison


Sean Morrison vs. Sukrano

*In an incredible fight, Morrison defends his title with a KO in the 5th Round that most observers had as a draw going into the final round.


Sean Morrison vs. Luis Basora

*Morrison wins again with a 2nd Round TKO


Sean Morrison vs. Fumiaki Hayashi

*1st Round TKO for Morrison and a clean sweep for the year with 3 title defenses.


The "GAMMA" Tournament Winner: Bud Brockett


The "International" Tournament Final:

Atep of Indonesia vs. Helio

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Year One Review: Featherweights


Featherweight Champion: Vacant


Phillip Ziskie vs. Li-Kong Ho

*In a small upset, Ziskie wins via TKO in the 1st Round to become the first ever GAMMA Featherweight Champion


Phillip Ziskie vs. Tomohiro Takeuchi

*In a tough fight, Takeuchi wins the title with a five round unanimous decision win (48-47)


Tomohiro Takeuchi vs. Lars Bohlin

*Takeuchi makes the first ever Featherweight Title defense with an unanimous decision win against Bohlin (49-46)


With no Featherweight Division to start the year, we held a "XCC" Tournament for the first challenger of 1999. Winner: Sammy Gaffigan


The "International" Tournament Final:

Easton Frye vs. Luiz Machado

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<p>*A few updates as I ended the first game, made some adjustments (to fix flaws) and start the second game*</p><p> </p><p>

1- Each organization must have 2 weight classes, minimum. I tried MMC as just lightweight and it didn't work how I wanted. For the new game, they will have both lightweight and featherweight.</p><p> </p><p>

2- Watching each organization try to grow while taking the best fighters was hurting (stunting really, but not stopping) the growth of each organization. I decided (in order to have more cards and more fights on each card) to expand each organizations starting popularity. </p><p>

ALPHA-1, BCF, FLB, and SIGMA all start at 30, Low Level National</p><p>

KDMFC, XCC, and all created American promotions (check 1st post for info) will start at 60 Mid Level Regional.</p><p> </p><p>

3- All GAMMA-owned companies will eliminate Women's Titles/Fights, except KDMFC which will represent WMMA in Asia. Two American-Based WMMA Companies will start in 1998 and all will fight with 2 divisions.</p><p> </p><p>

Please feel free to share ideas as I continue to fine tune the idea, or ask questions about how certain things have turned out.</p>

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