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Been searching the boards for a 2001 RW mod

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Hi, can anyone help,


Ive been seaching the boards on and off for the last few weeks looking for a real world 2001 (ish) mod for TEW 2010, and i have found a couple but with megaupload, bobinc and rapidshare all not working anymore im really struggling to get one working :(


if anyone knows where i can find what im looking for, i would be very greatfull.





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The only one I'm aware of is Genadi's excellent 2001 mod. There is a version that starts in January (where WCW and ECW still lve) and one that starts in May (where both are no more).




If the links don't work, try PMing Genadi and asking him to re-upload them. He has done so for some of his other mods when asked.

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