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1980 League


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I'm almost complete with editing the PSTAT file to the 1980 college universe. I have all the teams and conferences (including the IVY, Southland, and Southern conferences) all in the game, I'm now making sure I have all the team colors corrent and a schedule with "rival" games that show up. I can't wait for the Lamar vs. Wichita St. game for the Missouri Valley conference title. One thing I have learned through the process, if I create a conference with less than 7 teams, a conference schedule is not automatically created. I have to setup the game on the schedule grid inside teh PSTAT file. It will count them as conference games, it just doesn't set them up automatically. I have 4 conferences of Independent teams since there were more Indys in 1980. I set them up in numbers of 7 and 8 so it will make a good schedule for them outside the perm. games I setup for them. Now, I have to find '80s logos for these teams. ANy ideas?
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