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MollyVerse Hype Thread

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MollyVerse is a fictitious mod for TEW 2010.


MollyVerse is started by inspiration of the many excellent TEW 2010 mods which are already released, or on the making, such as the jhdVERSE and the London-Verse.


MollyVerse is a hobby project. I'm doing it primarly for my own amusement.


MollyVerse will not be written in perfect English. I hope it will be understandable, but as I'm not have English as my native, there certainly will bunches of strange sentences. But I'll do my best!


MollyVerse will not be a giant. My goal is to have about 500+ workers I the mod when, or if, I release it.


MollyVerse is named after Molly Brand, the most influential woman in the wrestling business of MollyVerse.

MollyVerse won't be graphically overwhelming. I'm not a render artist. In fact, I'm not an artist at all. The pictures will be very simple, in this style:



(Dave "The Dove" Hanson)



More information to come...

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CNW was founded by former NFL Legend Phil Naroski in 2002. Since then, the promotion has had a steady growth and has a loyal fanbase in most parts of Colorado.


The biggest hero in Colorado and CNW is the incredible popular Colorado Cougar, a masked man who always fight for justice, and protect the values of the CNW fans.


Size: Regional

Titles: Gold Division, Silver Division, Golden Tag Team, King Of Colorado (tournament)

Notable workers: Colorado Cougar, Tom Preston, Dave “The Dove” Hanson, Dark Puma

Notable Events: King Of Colorado, Rocky Mountain Mania, Summerstrike, Goldstruck

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The Story of Molly Brand


Molly Larkin was born in 1953 and raised in Kansas City. In her teens, she idolized her 8 year older brother Michael, who worked as a wrestler as Mikey Moonshine. Molly persuaded Mikey to train her, and at the age of 19 she was ready to make her début, using the name Molly Moonshine.


Her skills exceeded anything a female wrestler had done until that date. Her hard training with Mikey had made her very technical. She could make good promos and was even very cute. Occasionally Molly and Mikey even did tag matches together.


In 1975, Molly was offered a lucrative contract with World Superstar Wrestling (WSW), which she couldn't refuse. Within a year, she was winning the WSW Women's Championship for the first time. Additionally, she also married Hoyland Brand, the owner of WSW, in February 1977. In the next, she gave birth to their daughter Gloria.


In 1979 the unthinkable happened. Hoyland was killed when accidently driving his sports car into a tree. Soon it was revealed that an formerly unknown woman, his mistress, also was killed in the very same accident. Quite a scandal for the WSW trademark.


Molly inherited the WSW business, and continued to promote it in the spirit of her late husband. About a year later, she started dating Cody Carling, who was the top face of WSW.


More to come...

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Introduction of the week:



Clive Schmidt


Clive Schmidt reached the height of his career in February 1989, when he became the WSW United States Champion. Unfortunally he, like the entire roster, lost his job when WSW folded a couple of months later. Clive was proud and too arrogant to take the offers the smaller promotions made him. He was convinced WTW or TCA would call him any day. They never did.


Two years later was Clive Schmidt the only former WSW worker who hadn't been signed by a company. Subsequently, his self-confidence was long gone. He had became a drug-abuser which has hurt his persona and skills a lot since then.

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Introduction of the week:


Sterling Doom


Since debuting for TCA nearly a decade ago, Sterling Doom has been THE MONSTER HEEL of the promotion. Undoublety, he moves good for a man of his size and he merciless executes his modified powerbomb finisher: ”The Power of Doom”. As and rookie making promos was his biggest flaw, but through the years he has learned the art of the mic quite well.


Doom holds the record of the longest TCA Title reign: 1126 days.

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Introduction of the week:



Calvin Marker


Calvin Marker is a big muscular athlete who had a successful run as an amateur wrestler before going professional in 1998. He got a contract with ACEW in 2002 and became World Champion once (in 2004).


In late 2005 Marker left ACEW to start a career in mixed martial arts. In his second MMA bout he was brutally beaten and humiliated. When Bruce Devlin bougth ACEW in fall 2006, Marker became one of his first signings. No one will be surprised if Marker gets a big main event push in the nearest future.

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Introduction of the week:


Kronos Wyldschild


In the mid-90s, Aaron Hollis invented the character Kronos after having wrestled under his real name during some years. As the bad tempered, little bit crazy and wildhearted brawler Kronos Wyldschild, Hollis gained recognition from the crowd, which really sparked his career. Kronos is starting to become a veteran, and has worked for several promotions over the years.

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