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Ten Years Later [Hype & Progress Thread]

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WCW.com Report

March 26th 2001, The Most Important Nitro in History...Ten Years Later


It's hard to believe it's been ten years already. I remember it like it was just yesterday. Rumors that the AOL Times Warner merger had resulted in the sale of WCW. Rumors that Turner used his own personal money, or someone like Donald Trump or some other rich fan, or even Vince McMahon had bought WCW.


No one expected Chis Jericho.


It wasn't the most compelling of television, but then again WCW hadn't been for a few years. Still, wrestling is about moments, and that moment. The lights off, the countdown starting, people realizing what was happening. Electric. Amazing.


Today, WCW is firmly cemented as a national powerhouse, just like in the 90s. Fear of bankruptcy and being sold seem like a distant nightmare, long forgotten. Now, however, ten years later, is a good time to look back on all that WCW has been in the Jericho Era.


OOC: This is a fantasy real world mod, set for April 1st 2011, ten years after a Chris Jericho led team of investors purchased WCW. More will be revealed through small hype articles (like above, maybe slightly longer). Any questions can be asked in this thread. Thanks in advance for any and all interest :)


Progress report:


Finished WWE (37 male wrestlers, 6 female wrestlers, 2 referees, 2 road agents, 2 announcers, 2 color comm, 2 managers) Currently play-testing by running Wrestlemania and beyond.

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Progress report:


Finished WWE (37 male wrestlers, 6 female wrestlers, 2 referees, 2 road agents, 2 announcers, 2 color comm, 2 managers) Currently play-testing by running Wrestlemania and beyond.


Can't decide if I want to Wrestlemania done in late March leaving the player the chance to do post-Mania work, or the first Sunday of April to give the player the chance to book mania (with storylines and momentum gauged towards the show I envisioned) and beyond. Thoughts?


Also: Thanks for the kind words. Hope beyond hope that it works out as well as I'm envisioning. :)

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WWE Wrestlemania 27 Results

Live from Atlanta, GA


Pre Show

Beth Pheonix d. Melina © and Michelle McCool for the WWE Women's Championship

Ted DiBiase Jr. and Damien Sandow d. Paul Burchill and Mason Ryan


The show kicked off with a concert. WWE loves to spend money on this garbage. Ludacris seemed to get the crowd going at least, so there is that.


Then we start off with the WrestleMania tradition, Money in the Bank. Last year's winner is going into the Main Event as champion so obviously this is a huge match for all six men.


Dolph Ziggler wins Money in the Bank over Jay Briscoe, Mark Briscoe, Kevin Nash, John Morrison and Orlando Jordan


Next we go into a recap of the half a year long feud between the Uso Brothers and the Hardyz. It shows clips of there Royal Rumble bout being interrupted by the team of New Hardcore (David Otunga and Tommy Dreamer). Tension rises as time goes on and now the three teams will face each other in an Extreme Rules match!


New Hardcore (David Otunga and Tommy Dreamer) d. The Hardyz and The Uso Brothers


Unannounced match here! Big Bad Brodus Clay comes out and demands a victim. Out come AJ Styles who says he is tired of Clay picking on the weak. Impromptu match!

Brodus Clay d. AJ Styles with a splash. Yawn.


Tag Title time! The champs Rob Van Dam and Santino Marella vs. Crime Time (Shad and Ezekial Jackson). No real story here, just number one contenders Crime Time vs. the champs.

RVD and Santino © d. Crime Time via Cobra Frog Splash to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship


Lord Tensai time! Recap video of Tensai's (re)debut in the WWE and his targeting of Randy Orton (turning Orton face). Orton then cuts a promo backstage about how he will rid the WWE of the curse of Tensai once and for all.


Lord Tensai d. Randy Orton with two strait Baldo Bombs.


Ick. Why do they let color commentators come back and wrestle. Story here is Lesnar ran down the legends of the WWE until JBL of all people stood up for them. Announcing he was leaving the announcers table and returning to in ring action, JBL's first match back would be against Brock Lesnar...with the ultimate WWE Legend Stone Cold as the referee!


JBL d. Brock Lesnar after a Clothesline From Hell and a Stone Cold Stunner


Post match stunners for everyone! Wooooo!


Cool down before the triple main event is the Intercontinental Title match. Recently turned Sheamus taking on the "Hall of Pain" master Mark Henry. Henry even starts before the bell attacking Sheamus.


Sheamus d. Mark Henry © to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship via a Brogue Kick.


Sheamus and Henry continue to brawl and security has to break them up. Hype video for Edge vs. HHH. Such an odd feud. HHH representing the "man" or the "corporate machine" and Edge being the unwilling to comply rebel. Still, fun to see Edge as a face (finally), and maybe there transitioning HHH to take over McMahon's role as evil boss?


Edge d. HHH via spear after spear after spear


Extended entrances for the next match. Jack Swagger stops and actually sings the national anthem. Poorly. Good heel stuff here, in an oddly patriotic way. Next the druids and fire of the Undertaker.


Undertaker d. Jack Swagger via Hell's Gate. 19-0. Hell of a match, didn't think Undertaker would show well in a Submission Match, but boy was I wrong.


Hype videos next for the main event. Big time hype machine now, and I must say, pretty pumped.


The Miz © d. CM Punk and John Cena to retain the WWE Championship


If this is the future of the WWE sign me up! Miz really heeled it up here, bragging throughout the match. Both Cena and Punk brought there A game, seeming to play off each other perfectly. In the end, Punk hit Cena with a GTS, only to be turned around into a Skull Crushing Finale. After the bell, Punk reverted to a bit of his heel ways, hitting the go to sleep on Miz and draping the belt over his lifeless body. Punk helped Cena up and the two played to the crowd as WrestleMania came to a close!

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Seems good, except I just can't picture Styles in WWE. Especially if someone like Jericho is running WCW. Jericho's WCW would the perfect place for the early 2000's Indy Darlings/TNA roster


Yeah I agree with this.


I also thought Otunga and Dreamer was a very odd pairing. Not sure I like it. Still very optimistic about this and want to see how this turns out.

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Seems good, except I just can't picture Styles in WWE. Especially if someone like Jericho is running WCW. Jericho's WCW would the perfect place for the early 2000's Indy Darlings/TNA roster


I gotta agree with this....especially considering Styles was actually signed to WCW when WWE bought them as part of WCW's cruiserweight tag division with Air Paris although they never really had much time to do anything more than basically debut them before WCW folded.

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Regarding a few of my choices:


Can't see Styles in WWE? Matt Sydal and Kofi Kingston beg to differ. :p Also I needed some "defections" and I could see Styles leaving WCW to try for "greener pastures" in the WWE as WWE is the bigger company.


Otunga and Dreamer is a heel oddball pairing, hardcore Dreamer and the very much not hardcore Otunga. Wanted to make it somewhat realistic in that WWE still made some questionable decisions (New Hardcore, Brodus Clay push, Miz as champ, comedy team as tag champs, ect)


Starting work on WCW tonight. Should be interesting the fallout from seeing that roster and those champions :p

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Some cuts I did for use in the Martino Skin for mod. Going to try it lighter and see how that looks. Thoughts?



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