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how to install

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I'll be nice enough to reply and let you know what you need. But here's a few tips.


1. In the General Discussion Forum there is a thread titled "Small Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread." This would be classified as such.


2. There are NUMEROUS topics in that forum that cover these topics. Search there for the answer to your question before starting a new thread or posting in the "small questions" thread.


3. Use complete sentences. I understand not everyone here has fantastic English because TEW is epic not just in America, but across the globe. But come on, try and formulate better sentences so its easier to at least understand your questions.


Here's how to install a mod.


It's probably going to come in a ZIP or RAR file format. Extract the files out into a normal folder. Go into TEW and create a database, naming it the name of the mod. Then go into the mod folder, where all the files you just extracted are, you should see a folder titled "Save Games" and a bunch of files. Copy and paste these into the database's folder in the TEW2010 folder. This should have successfully installed the mod.

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