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Cocaine, Eddie Gilbert and The Florida Coast: Mid-South Wrestling

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The following is based off of Genadi's Superfly Effect Data (Which I am still attempting to get my hands on). I am a huge fan for alternate realities and an even bigger fan of The Fantastics, Shane Douglas and Eddie Gilbert. Choosing Mid-South seemed like the logical choice. I have a good amount of backstory written up to build up to it but am really excited to get my hands on the actual data.






Shane Douglas
: It was the 80s and Eddie was out of control. As much of a brilliant mind as he was for wrestling he was a train wreck of a human being. Up in the fed they were giving you more of the same with there merger with World Class and sub-par wrestling. Flair had just lost to Magnum TA in a hot contest in the NWA at Starrcade. Which is great but the story of face chasing Flair is old news at this point. Where does business go from there?


Eddie called me and told me straight up he was leaving CWA. I had done business with Eddie in the past and he had to have been one of the most underrated minds in wrestling at the time. He had been all over the world at this point and knew what the fans were wanting to see. Eddie thought he could feel a niche with some kick some ass, take some names and say some curse words wrestling. Apparently a few other people felt this way as well as he had convinced The Armstrong Boys, Tracy Smothers and others to come with him.


I had a few options on the table. Vince had called me and offered me a deal, Brody wanted me in Stampede and Dusty had even offered me a job in the Carolinas. Luckily I hated Canada, Vince wanted me doing some Rock and Roll Bon Jovi kind of schtick and Dusty couldn't give me a straight answer on where we were going to go with my character. Eddie offered me a job on the Florida coast, a pretty good amount of creative freedom and I was still able to live a real life/attend college. All three of these factors made it a no-brainer. The late 80s, Florida, Eddie Gilbert and a handful of hungry, young and talented wrestlers... what could go wrong?

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