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Idaho Vandals

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First off I think I'm gonna share with you all my career with Idaho University. This was my first dynasty with this game and although I've tried others just for fun I keep coming back to this one and playing a few seasons a year. My first game was on 7-27-10 and I have played it off and on since then so some of the details are foggy and some are as clear as day.


To begin I want you to know that the game's settings are as follows:


conf. movement low-to try to preserve the teams the way they are and create rivalries.


prestige change-I have to admit I've changed this some over the years based on how my team was doing but overall I try to keep this at very high-so it doesn't take me till I get my AARP card to make them respectable (after playing this for several years and reading EVERY post on here I realize that it could take me 3 lifetimes and I probably won't make Idaho competitive against the big boys, but who can blame a player for trying)


Why I chose Idaho-I have always liked a challenge and I used to use them in the NCAA games for the ps2. Plus, at the time I was reading the book "Instant Replay" by Jerry Kramer who went to Idaho so I thought it was the perfect fit for this game. In hindsight I would have probably chosen a different team but my new goal from season 2017 on is to just be competitive in the WAC and not try to win a NC. There could be a chance I'd leave Idaho someday to go to a major conference but I don't anticipate this happening till I can become a yearly middle of the pack WAC team.


Playcalling- I have called my own plays for most of the games/seasons there have been times that I've been frustrated and ticked/bored with the game that I would just sim them but I know i called most of the games.


I've chosen to go back and redo the beginning now that I've had some more free time. I've included the history of Idaho U. and all of the records and info that I felt was important. This information isn't to show how "great" of a player I am its to just give me and anyone else a perspective of how well the current players have done compared to the past Vandals.


I am aware that I'm not great at this game but I love the challenge of learning how to play/recruit in this game and it is my hope that you'll enjoy reading about the history of my coaching career at Idaho.


***If there is anything you want to know or for me to add in my write ups let me know.***


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Yearly Awards



1st Team WAC

WR Willy Hughes,TE Steve Norman,DE Justin Thomas, LB Ed Mialik, CB Tom Branch

2nd Team WAC

C Steve Brown,DT Eric Johnson

3rd Team WAC

CB George Bryson



1st Team WAC

WR Antowain Tauscher, DE Justin Thomas,CB Tom Branch

2nd Team WAC

WR Brett McCall

3rd Team WAC

OG Willie Smith ,LB Gari Dowdell



1st Team National

CB George Bryson 60tak; 1 sak; 18 pd; 8 int

1st Team WAC

QB Don Alexander, DE Eddie Roberts, LB Gari Dowdell, CB George Bryson, SS Henry Shell, P Marlin Karcher

2nd Team WAC

OG Willie Smith, K Marrio Hand, LB Terrell Johnson

3rd Team

WR Bob Lyles, TE Gaston Ferrell

Defensive Player of the Year Geroge Bryson, Freshman of the Year WAC Don Alexander 2,674 yds, 13-12td/int, 632 ru



1st Team National

P Marlin Karcher

1st Team WAC

LB Rod Colo, P Marlin Karcher

2nd Team WAC

Bob DeLong

3rd Team WAC

OT Daryle Bland 7 rblk; 3 pan; 2sa



1st Team WAC

WR Olandis Foster, OG Pete Carr

2nd Team WAC

C Bob DeLong

3rd Team WAC

WR Stan Leverette, LB Rod Colo, DT Dale Stubblefield


Freshman of the year: WR Stan Leverette 55 rec; 756 yds; 4 td



1st Team WAC

WR Aaron Keith, OG Pete Carr

2nd Team WAC

QB Rick Summerell, DE Charley Jessup, FS Oscar Krupa

3rd Team WAC

LB Rod Colo



3rd Team National

DT Dale Stubblefield

1st Team WAC

WR Stan Laverette, OG Pete Carr, DT Dale STubblefield, FS Oscar Krupa

2nd Team WAC

DE Charley Jessup,

3rd Team WAC

QB Rick Summerell, WR Aaron Keith, SS Ray Lee Mirer, J.P. Romberg



3rd Team National

OG Pete Carr

1st Team WAC

OG Pete Carr, P Matt Schreiber

2nd Team WAC

QB Rick Summerell, WR Stan Leverette, DE Charley Jessup, DE Gerald Nead, SS Ray Lee Mirer

3rd Team WAC

DT Dale Stubblefield, LB Randy Beasley, FS Scott Jackson, CB Wally Salaam



2nd Team National

Gerald Nead

3rd Team National

WR Greg Cosbie

1st Team WAC

WR Greg Cosbie, OT Bradie Carolan, DE Gerald Nead, DE Gary May, P Matt Schreiber

2nd Team WAC

CB Willie Rolle, Dante Chatham

3rd Team WAC

QB Rod Lipscomb, RB Lorenzo Dawson, TE Raymond Williams


Off. POY (WAC) Greg Cosbie

Def. POY (WAC) Gerald Nead



2nd Team National

CB Bryon Richardson

1st Team WAC

DE Charlie Harrison, CB Bryon Richardson, FS Ryan Lee

2nd Team WAC

OT Jon Machurek

3rd Team WAC

QB Brad Wheeler


Def POY (WAC) Ryan Lee



1st Team National

OG LeRoy Hamdan

3rd Team National

DE Tom Ballman

1st Team WAC

WR Herman Cooke, TE Henry Henry, OG LeRoy Hamdan, DE Tom Ballman, DT Willie Bickett,

2nd Team WAC

WR Vernon Stewart, DT Wesley Glick

3rd Team

QB Mitch Bavaro, LB Robert Sweeney, CB Bobby Jackson


FOY (WAC): QB Mitch Bavaro



1st Team WAC

WR Herman Cooke, LeRoy Hamdan, Charlie Harrison, Robert Sweeney, CB Bobby Jackson

2nd Team WAC

QB Mitch Bavaro, TE Henry Henry, FS Michael McDonald, DT Willie Bickett, CB Bobby Ciurciu

3rd Team WAC

WR Ryan Sapp, DE Tom Ballman


Def POY DE Charlie Harrison



3rd Team National

WR Cooke

1st Team WAC

QB Bavaro, WR Cooke, TE Henry Henry, OG LeRoy Hamdan

2nd Team WAC

WR Chriss Grace, DE Tom Ballman,

3rd Team WAC

DT Glick, DT Ragsdale, ILB Grabowski, FS Bean, CB Jackson


Offensive Player of the year-Bavaro; Freshman of the Year-WR Chris Grace


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Idaho Hall of Fame



Rick Summerell, 09-13; 731-1438; 20.8%; 8,069yds; 50.8YPA; 45TDs; 45INTs; 102.0rating; 1,217ru



Bob Lyles 06-09; 250catches; 2737 yards; 10.90YPC; 57 YPG; 15TDs; 34 drops (6.7)

Stan Leverette 09-13; 212catches; 2622 yards; 12.4YPC; 27.9 YPG; 18TDs; 35drops(7.3)

Herman Cooke 15-18; 233 catches;3389 yards 14.5 YPC; 27.6 YPG; 16 TD; 29 drops (6.1)


Pete Carr 10-13; 32 run Blocks, 97pancakes; 9sa;8holding calls

LeRoy Hamdan 15-18; 42 run blocks, 100 pancakes, 3 sa, 5 holding calls


Gerald Nead 10-14; 85 tackles; 32 sacks; 15 stuffs; 2 int; 0pd;3dp; 26 hurries


Gari Dowdell 06-08 218 tackles; 4 sacks; 31stuffs; 3 int; 11 pd; 3 dp; 5 hurries

Howard Lamar 08-12; 408 tackles; 34 sacks; 35 stuffs; 8 int; 5 pd; 6dp; 31 hurries

Robert Sweeney15-18; 265 tackles;6 sacks; 23 stuffs; 6 int; 9 pd; 4dp; 42 hurries


R Colo 07-11; 398 tackles; 8 sacks; 42 stuffs; 17int; 47 pd; 2dpl 17 hurries

Dante Chatham 11-15; 476 tackles; 9 sacks; 51 stuffs; 4 int; 20pd; 3dp; 18 hurries


George Bryson 06-08; 108 tackles; 1 sack; 6 stuffs; 14 int; 47 pd; 2dp; 17 hurries

Byron Richardson 13-17; 119 tackles; 0 sacks; 2 stuffs; 12 int; 22pd; 0dp; 0 hurries


Ray Lee Mirer 09-13; 668 tackles; 10 sacks; 62 stuffs;24 int; 50pd; 2dp;17 hurries


Marrio Hand 06-09; 76-78XP, 97.4%;86-107FGs,80.4%; long of 50


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Season Leaders


Year, Team, Record, Passing Leader Yds, Rushing Leader, Receiving Leader Yds, Team MVP

2006, Idaho, 07-05, P.Williams 2,334; T.Davis...657; W.Hughes 1,029; DE J.Thomas

2007, Idaho, 03-09; M.Lewis.. 1,942; S.Blakley. 622; A.Tausch 1,017; CB T.Branch

2008, Idaho, 03-09; D.Alexand 2,674; S.Blakley 649; B.Lyles...... 777; SS H.Shell

2009, Idaho, 04-08; D.Alexand 1,550; D.Alexand793; J. Evans.... 745; QB D.Alexander

2010, Idaho, 00-12; R.Sumerel 1,983; D.Alexand415; O.Foster. 1,047; SS M.Ross

2011, Idaho, 01-10; R.Sumerel 1,956; R.Sumerel 566; A.Keith..... 893; QB Summerell

2012, Idaho, 02-10; R.Sumerel 1,951; K.Florence 317; A.Keith.. 1,027;FS O.Krupa

2013, Idaho, 03-09; R.Sumerel 2,179; L.Dawson 714; S.Leverete 677; SS R.Mirer

2014, Idaho, 05-07; R.Lipscomb1,824;L.Dawson 812; G.Cosbie. 1,110; FS R.Lee

2015, Idaho, 03-09; B.Wheeler..2,244;L.Dawson 612; N.Brewer.. 700; FS R.Lee

2016, Idaho, 03-09; M.Bravaro 3,320; B.Douglas 377; H.Cooke 1,117; OG L.Hamdan

2017, Idaho, 03-09, M.Bravaro 3,464; M.Pederso 301; H.Cooke 1,140; FS M.McDonald

2018, Idaho, 07-06, M.Bravaro 3,479; C.Prioleau 484; H.Cooke 1,132; QB M.Bravaro


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Team and Ranking History



2006,7-5, 80, 85, 66, 102, 339, 79, 383, 83

2007,3-9,119,119,111,104,322, 89, 388, 86

2008,3-9,113,113,86, 104, 332, 86, 350, 36

2009,4-8,110,109,95, 103, 330, 93, 399, 92

210,0-12,118,118,117,103,353, 76, 444, 115

211,1-10,119,119,119,103,308,105,428, 116

212,2-12,103,106,107,104,352, 71, 442, 113

2013,3-9,109,106,103,104,335, 85, 400, 94

2014,5-7, 83, 90, 74, 105, 394, 43, 411, 94

2015,3-9,116,116,102,103,336, 91, 384, 74

2016,3-9,117,116,110,103,350, 78, 423, 105

2017,3-9,111,110, 97,106,334, 88, 345, 33

2018,7-6,087,081,074,104,364,66, 314, 08


CP=Coaches Poll

MP=Media Poll

CPUP=Computer Ranking

GDCS=Greydog Final Ranking

OYPG=Offensive Yards per Game

OR=Offensive Ranking

DYPG=Defensive Yards per Game

DR=Defensive Rank

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Single Game Records


Pass Attempts

1.) 70; Mitch Bravaro; 2017 2.) 68; Rick Summerell; 2012 3.) 65; R.Summerell; 2010



1.) 46; Don Alexander; 2008 2.) 40; Rick Summerell; 2010 3.) 38 R. Summerell; 2012


Yards Passing

1.)444; Mitch Bavaro; 2016 2.) 442; Mitch Bavaro; 2017 3.) 436; Pete Williams; 2006


Passing Touchdowns

14 TDS Summerell, Lipscomb, Wheeler, Bravaro


Completion %

1.) 75%; Mitch Bavaro; 2017 2.) 72; Don Alexander; 2008 3.) 71.9; D.Alexander; 2008


QB Rating

1 194;Brade Wheeler; 2015 2.) 187.5; Mitch Bavaro; 2017 3.) 170.3; Brad Wheeler; 2015


Rushing Attempts

1.) 37; Sylvester Blakley; 2007 2.) 34; S. Blakley; 2008 3.) 31; C.Richardson; 2010


Rushing Yards

1.) 170; D. Alexander; 2009 2.) 161; Lorenzo Dawson; 2014 3.) 152; L.Dawson; 2014


Longest Run

1.) 69; L.Dawson; 2014 2.) 57; Clarence Nobis; 2009 3.)52; Chad Prioleau; 2018


Rushing TD

1 2; Lorenzo Dawson; 2013; NEV many others at 1


Rushing YPC

1.) 8.5; Don Alexander; 2009 2.) 7.8; D. Alexander; 2009 3.) 7.4; D.Alexander; 2008



1.) 15; Jeff Evans; 2008 2.) 14; Greg Cosbie; 2012 3.) 13; Brett McCall; 2008



Yards Receiving

1.) 192, Aaron Keith, 2011 2.) 183 Willy Hughes, 2006 3.) 177, Herman Cooke, 2017


Longest Reception

1.) 93, Willy Hughes, 2006 2.)91, Nicholas Brewer, 2013 3.) 85, Olandis Foster, 2012


Receiving Touchdowns

1 3 Norman, Lyles, Brewer, Cooke


Receiving YPC

1.) 36.6, Willy Hughes, 2006 2.)


Run Blocks

1.) 4, LeRoy Hamdan 2.) 4,LeRoy Hamdan



1.) 6, Pete Carr 2.) 5, LeRoy Hamdan 3.) 5, LeRoy Hamdan


Longest Punt Return

1.) 93, Herb Carter 2.) 88, George Bryson 3.) Herb Carter



Punt Return Touchdowns

1.) 2 Herb Carter 2.) Herb Carter


Longest Kick Return

1.) 45, Rolland Dayne 2.) 45, Rolland Dayne 3.) 45, Vernon Stewert



Kick Return Touchdowns

1 None



1.) 15 Pete Betts, Ryan Lee, Woddy Grabowski


Solo Tackles

1.) 12, Woody Grabowski 2.) 11, Gari Dowdell 3.) 10 Many



1.) 4, Charlie Harrison 2.) 3 Many players



1.) 3 Many Players


Defensive TDs

1 Many


Longest Punt

1.) 75, Matt Schreiber 2.) 75, Tyrone Standlee

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Career Records


Pass Attempts 1,438, Rick Summerell, 2009-2013



Completions 731, Rick Summerell, 2009-2013



Yards Passing 8,818 Mitch Bavaro 2015-current



Passing Touchdowns 55,Mitch Bavaro 2015-current



Completion% 51.9,Marc Lewis 2006-2009


QB Rating


Rushing Yards 1953, Don Alexander, 2007-2011


Rushing TD 5, Joe Sears, 2011-2015


Receptions 250, Bob Lyles, 2006-2009


Yards Receiving 2,837, Herman Cooke, 2015-current

Receiving Touchdowns 18, Stan Leverette, 2009-2013



Run Blocks 36, LeRoy Hamden, 2015-current



Pancakes 2010-2013, Pete Carr, 2010-2013


Punt Return Yards 1,783, Herb Carter, 2014-2017


Kickoff Return Yards 2,194, Vernon Stewart 2014-current


Tackles 323, Howard Lamar, 2008-2012


Solo Tackles 201, Howard Lamar, 2008-2012


Sacks 32, Gerald Nead, 2010-2014


Ints 18, George Bryson, 2006-2008


FG made 86, James Gabriel, 2009-2012


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Info About The Early Years


2006 7-5

This was my most successful year I finished 7-5(5-3) in the WAC and earned a 3rd place finish in the conference. As you can see from the picture this was my only successful year. Sadly, it was mainly due to the fact that I was a horrible recruiter and wound up getting crappy recruits every year and couldn't compete. It took me till 2013 to finally learn how to recruit with this team and this is why I'm gonna share with you my dynasty from here on out. We were able to defend fairly well and with the help of decent default players Idaho had a fairly successful season.


2007 3-9

The QB duties were supposed to go solely to Lewis instead of him splitting time with Williams and this year he threw for 6TDs and only 4 ints It was a disappointing season because I was expecting to do great things through the air but the OL caused me a lot of problems. But with 19 Bad plays and 14 sacks the qb was a problem that did not help Idaho this season.


2008 3-9

D.Alexander was the QB and was the focal point of our offense for most of his career. He was a running QB and I tried to use him in an option style as well as a spread style with mixed results. Although he wasn't a heralded recruit he played each year. He threw 475 attempts and completed 57.7%. He threw 11 TD and 12 Ints and made 29 bad passes and was sacked 40 times, but ran 127 times for 632 yards. Since the OL was bad the Qb wasn't great my team had no chance to be decent this year. D.Alexander was named FOY for the WAC and 1st team all WAC.


2009 4-8

D. Alexander tried to follow up his freshman year with another good season, but couldn't do as well. He threw for 1550 yds, 8td,9ints. He had 14 bad passes and got sacked 30 times with only 246 passing attempts. But ran for 793 yds per game. Idaho got an orange recruit at HB named Summerell and he was redshirted and moved to QB due to his arm strength.


2010 0-12

D.Alexander split time with QB Summerell and he threw 150 attempts and had 6td,8ints,9badpasses,and got sacked 16 times. QB Summerell threw 350 times for 7 tds 12ints made 19 bad passes and was sacked only 23 times. During this season I had split personalities on offense and it wound up hurting my team and I'll say that by this point most of my team were red players.


2011 1-10

QB Summerell took over as the qb this year and threw 347 attempts for 1956 yds and had 10 tds,12ints, made 22 bad passes and was sacked 36 times. Again the OL was a concern of mine and it was very difficult to do anything with the ball. I believe we ran the option this season too on offense.


2012 2-10

QB Summerell threw 372 times for 1951 yds and had 13 tds and 12 ints. He made 24 bad passes and got sacked 30 times. But there was hope on the way. ID got a 3 star transfer from USC in RB Lorenzo Dawson and it was hoped that this would help their running game in the future.


2013 3-9

QB Summerell's SR year and he threw for 369 attempts for 2179 yds and had 15 tds and 9 ints and made 22 bad passes and got sacked 30 times. Plus with Dawson running for some decent yards I expected to have a more successful season, but it wasn't in the cards for ID. It was around this time that I realized how to get decent players and knew that if I kept at it I'd be able to turn ID from a red/orange team into a yellow/orange team in a few years. From here on out I've played every season and written about it below.


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2014 Could This be the Year we do decent


Somehow despite being one of the worst coaches in the history of the NCAA I have not been fired YET and I'm hoping that I now have an idea of how to play this game and I can turn this team around. and the recruiting class that I had two years ago will help me out a lot this year.

Off-with an average HB Dawson who was a transfer I expect most of the offense to go through him and I'm using the 3-4 defense although i prefer to use the 4-3 but for some reason I had 3-4 setup for this year so I'll deal with it.


Game 1 Vs Hou (+10) [+ means opponent is favored, - means I'm favored]

Idaho was supposed to lose by 10 but despite losing the turnover battle they were able to win this game in OT and are looking forward to their continued success running the football. One of the things I've learned from the posts is to look at the film report after each game and it is clear I have one problem with my OL because OG Wiggins missed 5 blocks and will be replaced by a less talented but more disciplined/intelligent player in Brooks. In hopes that this will help out in the running game.


Game 2 vs E. Michigan (+4)

I was expected to lose by 4 and even though I was driving at the end of the game I lost by 7. This was a very frustrating game because i had 40 more penalty yards and was -4 in the turnover battle and still had a chance to win at the end. Unfortunately, my OG problem still isn't solved as OG Brooks also missed 5 blocks in the game. I'll try my last option before I try switching sides from right to left.


Game 3 vs Toledo (+10)

We were expected to lose by 10 and we wound up winning by 4. I made it more of an effort to focus on running, even it I didn't get a lot of yards, to help set up my passing game and I felt it worked because several times I caught Toledo in run sz plays when I called for deep passes. The real difference in the game was my punt returner who returned 2 punts for Tds and wound up with 200 return yrds on 4 attempts. And my OL problem has finally been fixed because my new OG only missed one block, had a penalty and allowed one sack but this was an improvement over what I had so he will stay for now.


Game 4 Boise St vs Idaho (+21) Probably the third most talented team in the conf.


Got blown out 48-13. Whenver I was down 21-0 at the end of the 1st qtr I decided that this was a wash and just watched the puter play it out cause my time is more valuable than this plus I was a little bit angry.


Game 5 vs Hawaii (E)

Hawaii has had a hard time in my dynasty and it continued against me as I won 27-9 despite being -2 in the turnover battle. The difference was my defense. It felt like the entire game Hawaii didn't have much offense and I was able to hit several deep balls on them.


Game 6 vs New Mexico St. (+6)


Idaho wins 34-0. My qb threw 3 ints and I switched him for my stronger armed qb and that proved to be the turning point as I was able to hit several middle passes on the next drive to take a 7-0 lead. I did the same on the next drive as the computer kept calling short or deep defensive passing plays against me. I was helped by 2 more punt returns for tds. and my team now is at 4-2 (2-1) in the conference and are looking forward to maybe having a winning season or atleast 500.


Game 7 La Tech (+6) Probably the fourth most talented team in the conf.

Idaho loses big 23-6. This was a very difficult game to play. I was highly outclassed talent wise and it showed in the game. Most of Tech's team was yellow and mine was mostly orange/brown and I just didn't have the horses to compete or keep it close. It was 3-3 middle of the second qtr whenever the game did something I didn't realize and it cost me. For some reason my strong armed qb was taken out of game and my 22 arm strength qb came in and I didn't recognize it and unfortunately I called for a deep pass and it was picked off and housed for a td and all of a sudden I was down 7. The next drive I was stopped and then LA Tech just ran it down my throat and kicked a fg so I found myself down 10 with a little time left in the second qtr. I was unable to keep it close in the third and just got fed up and simmed the fourth. I'll have to wait for my next game but unfortunately I think I'm in for some trouble with some tough competition the rest of the way.


Game 8 San Jose St(5-2) (+8) Most talented team in the conf.


Well...I couldn't stop them the whole game it was VERY frustrating. They ran all over me and I couldn't do a thing about it. After the game I realized I never tried 4-4 def but maybe that would have worked but oh well they had 536 yards against me. I got frustrated and let the puter sim after the half whenever I was down 35-14. The final score was 44-21. The bright spot was I was able to run fairly decent I think I was ave. 6 yds a carry on about 10 carries whenever I let the computer sim. Overall, I'm glad this game is over and now I'm 4-4(2-3) in the conf. probably better than I should be so I'm not complaining. I just hope I can recruit as well as I did two years ago, which I think I can, and that I'll be able to get some transfers.


Game 9 Utah St. (+6) (5-4) my rival according to coach's expectations

Difficult loss for Idaho in this one. 24-23. I lost on the last drive of the game Utah St drove 80 yards in 4 minutes to score a game winning td. The unfortunate part was they got a BIG fumble by my fb with about 1 min to go in the first half and kicked a fg which wound up being the difference in this one.


Game 10 Fresno St.+22 (6-2) very close second most talented team in the conference

I got clobbered in this one 38-14. this wasn't any fun and I simmed it half way through


Game 11 Nevada (+6)(1-9)

42-35 Idaho wins. I started out with a 10 pt lead to see it evaporate due to fumbles. I lost the turnover battle -2 but was able to gain 500 yrds of offense and drive down the field (80yds) with 4:00 to go to score a game winning td.


Game 12 #4Texas+28 (8-1)

I lost 44-41. I had the ball around the 30 yrd line with 3 min. left but my fb got an unnecessary roughness penalty and on 2 and 25 I got picked off. tough loss in this one because I was waaayyy outclassed but for some reason tex never did short zone so my short passes were available all game long. I was able to get 534 yards of offense but he 4 ints was the big difference. Oh well I atleast covered the spread for Vegas.

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looks like your most successful season since the first one (8 years ago) and hope you pick up a couple more wins to get .500


look forward to hearing your new recruiting strategy -- I have a second dynasty for fun with New Mexico State (also of WAC) and it's fun trying to build them into something. I was able to muster the #81 recruiting class (3rd best in WAC, five 3-star players, rest 2-star). I Noticed that Idaho was ranked #118 of 119. Good luck

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report card

team performance D

recruiting F

Talent F

Board Expectations B

Prestige B

Overall C-


I'm very satisfied this year considering I have by far one of the lowest talented teams in college football.


Declined a job offer to Army.

got an increase of 120,000 for the offseason :-)


Coaches I have found that motivation has a huge impact on just how much my players improve so I rate this very high when picking a coach


mtvn Below ave.

Dv QB good

Dv RB average

Dv OL good

DV WR/TE below average



mtvn very good

DV DL average

Dv LB average

Dv DB good


ST I always offer a crappy guy 25,000 and they always take it after 4 weeks this helps me save some money. You gotta do what you gotta do when your a crappy team.



Wr Fr 3.0 out of 3.5

OG Fr 2.0 out of 2.5


Final ranking was 74rd

Here is my recruiting class for 2015. Its small but I usually go small and all out for a few guys. I'm still experimenting in the upcoming seasons but I got four 3star recruits, three 2star recruits if you add that o my transfers I feel this is a solid class where I'll have 6 starters on my team.


Now for my philosophy: For the first part of this dynasty I would try to get one and two star recruits but over time I realized that I needed the better recruits to compete in the WAC. So one night a few years ago I decided on the last week to throw a "Hail Mary" and offer some scholarships to some 2 star players that I never tried to recruit. To my astonishment a few of them accepted. Now I've learned that it works with 3 star athletes too. I haven't figured out my official formula yet but I'm currently trying the following:

1.) go for my email guy no matter what.

2.)I look at all of the recruits that are 2 star recruits and try to find any holes that I need to be filled.

3.) look at 3 star recruits who I think I might have a chance at the last week.

4.) I recruit normally anyone who I think I have a shot at.

5.) I scout as many recruits as possible and check my email to make sure that they have no other offers and that no one else is interested in them.

6.)towards the end of the recruiting process I begin recruiting them and offer them a scholarship.

7.)this pattern has yielded me some decent players but again I'm not saying this is perfect, but this is WAY more effective than what I was doing before.

8.) I still try to get the pitch right by looking at the email for pitch recommendation and by looking at the interested schools trying to figure out what they have in common. If i take my time and do this I'm usually around 75% correct. But I didn't take my time this time around.


This is my new system and it has helped me I hope someone else can either use it, improve upon it, or guide me to help me recruit better.


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2015 recruits and upcoming season


I'm very pleased with this class. My average star was 2.40 and I have no idea where the punters or fbs came from because I only tried to go after the 2 star fb but oh well.

I got another start qb which will redshirt and I should be able to use in a few years.


I got two stud cb that will help my defense out immediately


I got 3 star de that will also help my defense immediately

My 2 star olb will help out my team also but he will most likely redshirt too.


Next year I'm gonna have to do something about my OL and RB but for right now I'm pleased with my team. And will be doing training sometime soon.



Scouting Service- I usually go for the best scouting service in my region because I want the best chance to determine the best players and the rest are at the min.


Recruiting Region-I max out my region and put the rest at the cheapest I can.


Recruiting positions-for some reason I usually just spend the extra money on recruiting positions but this year I'm gonna be very strategic and max out rb and OL because these are gonna be two weakness if something doesn't happen next year.I'm not sure if this will make a difference or not in the players that are interested in Idaho but is worth a shot for at least one year.


Staff-I medical at 40,000 and tutoring and strength at 55,000. I believe the primer audio talked about these two in depth but time has caused me to forget it and I'm to lazy to look it up if strength actually helps and how it helps.


College Scouting

I leave College Off and Def at the minimum because I don't care about the other teams abilities.

Advanced scouting-I've learned through reading posts that advance scouting is VERY important so this year I've maxed it out.


Off Strat.-I prefer to use balanced although I know that its easier to pass in this game and it makes more sense to use one of the two passing strats but for some reason I'm stubborn


Def strat.- I prefer the 4-3 because I like the options of plays to pick from this formation plus I can use the 4-6 and 4-2-5 without any penalties.


Scheduling- I've decided that since I'm not gonna have a chance at a bowl any time soon I'm gonna try to get as many wins every season as possible and not worry about my SOS (until I have a better team) so I'm not gonna schedule any Texas type opponents any time soon.

Feel free to add any comments if you think I should do something different. By no means am I an expert.


Expectations- Bottom of the WAC and a competitive game against Utah St. My team prestige is 27 (forgot to move the options to prestige change to high, but it is now and will be for now on)


Conference info (thought I'd add where each team's prestige was when the game began and where they are now)

(beginning prestige),current prestige

Boise St-(45),44.8

Fresno St-(45),60.8



Louisiana Tech-(30),37.3


New Mexico St-(35),31.1

San Jose St-(35),44.3

Utah St-(35),30.8

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Reg Season 2015


[+ means opponent is favored, - means I'm favored]

UL Monroe (-5)<---first time I've been favored which must mean I'm getting this team back on track slowly but surely.

W 38-27. I thought I was gonna lose this one. I lost the turnover battle by two and was losing going into halftime by 3. But I was able to finally get some stops on def.(moved to a 3-4) and got lucky on some long pass plays. If this game is going to be any indication of the season I'm in for a long season because my def couldn't stop the run and my qb played bad (in my opinion, I decided to red shirt my email QB who is by far better than anyone i have on my team right now). Either way big win for us as we learned how to play as the favorite and were able to win.


Tulsa (+6)

L 15-10


I lost the turnover battle (-4) which was the difference in this one. I had the ball at the end and was driving but ran out of time to win the game. Oh well I kinda felt like it was against me the whole game especially with 3 turnovers (2 fumbles and an int) on my first three possessions.


Flordia INT (+5)

W 22-7 It felt good to play this game again after taking some time off. After playing three games I realize that my offense is horrible and I'm going to have to rely on ball control, time of possession, special teams, and turnovers to continue our improvement. This game my defense was amazing. They got 6 ints(I think that is a record for me) and recovered 2 fumbles. One of those 6 ints were returned for a td and I also got a kick off returned for a touchdown. So my offense didn't have to do much sadly my starting qb Wheeler got injured so I relied on Linscomb last years starter to manage the lead and that is what he did just ate up clock and got a few extra fgs just to keep the game out of reach.


Hawaii (-7)

W 31-22 In this game I had to rely on the passing of both of my qbs. I got lucky on some calls because I noticed early they were playing a lot of man against me so I was calling for crossing routes and posts. They they started playing zone against me and it was just a guessing game to try to figure out what they would do I hit a lot of deep plays on their mz. This game wouldn't have been close if I wasn't -3 in the turnover battle (I had 3 ints and 3 lost fumbles, HI had 3 ints but 1 lost fumble)


Utah St (-3)

L 28-14 I felt like I had a good control of the offense early on in this one but I just didn't have the ability on defense to win it. they were playing a lot of dz in the first half so I was able to hit some short passes. Then in the second half they adjusted to sz and mz so I tried to hit some long passes but I just don't have a good enough qb to take advantage and I wound up losing this game by 2 tds. This one stings because I felt that I was better than Utah St. on paper and it was my rival.


LA Tech (+9)

despite their entire team being mostly yellow and mine being orange Idaho played valiantly in this game but fell just a bit short

L 27-20 I felt I held their blue qb to decent numbers but they just had too many big plays in this one for me to win. I was helped by the turnover margin +2. Also, I mixed it up this game and used different defenses. Up till now I was solely using the 4-3 just mixing it up between run, normal, pass. This game I decided to use the 4-2-5/nickel/4-6 defenses depending on the situation. On offense I noticed that LATC was playing a lot of mz and man so I chose a lot of short passes. My qb threw: 28/53 for 253 yards and 2 tds. Sadly, I had the ball at the end of the game down by 7 with about 1:30 to go. I drove down the field but lost the ball on downs in the red zone. There is no moral victory here with my play calling I felt we could have won this one.


Fresno State (+25)

L blown out 34-7. Simmed most of the game once I was down by 17. Couldn't do much except run the football for a few yards early in the game but wasn't able to do it consistently enough to get into scoring position.


Buffalo (-1)

This one was a frustrating loss. I got beat badly 20-3. I couldn't do anything during the game.


NM State (+10)

My offense was decent in this one. But i lost 24-39. I noticed that they were blitzing me a ton so I was trying to pick screen passes to the side of the blitz which allowed my qb to throw for 362 yards and 3 tds. Too bad my D was not able to stop anyone. NM St. RB ran for 144 yards and I couldn't stop him no matter what I did.


San Jose St. (+15)

Doubt I beat them, they are are a solid team with lots of yellows compared to my reds and browns.


What a game! 26-23 I lost on a last second fg. Idaho got the ball first and scored on a 47 yrd screen play on its first drive of the game (they blitzed from the same side I threw the screen). Next, SJ drove down the field and took up 6 min of game clock but were held to a fg within the five yard line. Next, Idaho ran the ball with their rb Dawson who ran one play for 41 yards and with a few other plays and a conversion on 4th and 1 were able to kick a 27 yard fg to take a 10-3 lead. Next, SJ went 3 and out and Idaho drove down the field for about 4 min. of game clock to kick yet another fg to take a 13-3 lead. Unfortunately, SJ drove down the field in about 6 min. and scored a td to make it 13-10. Idaho's next drive was intercepted and SJ started around midfield. SJ was able to kick a 37 yrd fg to tie the game up 13-13. Idaho then was able to run with their qb some and kicked a short fg to take the lead into half time 16-13. No one scored in the third qtr but both teams missed opportunities. In the fourth SJ scored a td to take a 16-20 lead. Next, Idaho got an int for a td when they called for a zone blitz on a screen play. to take a 23-20 lead. SJ then kicked a 43 yard fg to tie the game up with about 4 min. left. Idaho gets the ball and drives some but is faced with a tough decision on a 4th and 2 from midfield. They decide to go for it instead of take their chances in OT and they get stopped. SJ then quickly drives into fg range and kicks the game winning 47 yard fg as time expires.


Boise State (+12)

The game opens with BS receiving and going three and out. Idaho gets the ball at midfield and gets a 15 yard clipping penalty and a sack and wind up being in a 4th and 27 and punts it to BS. BS recieves the punt around midfield but had a 34 yard return and started their drive @ Idaho's 30 yard line. BS then breaks a big run and then completes a playaction pass to set up a first a goal from the 8. Thankfully Idaho was able to hold them there and on a 3rd and goal from the 3 they were held and settled for a ft. (0-3). Idaho receives the kickoff and after a few first downs mixing up the run and the pass QB Wheeler throws an int. BS starts the drive on the ID 32 (deja vu). BS went three and out and on fourth down went for a fake fg and was stopped.(didn't know you could fake it but oh well). ID started on their own 30 and went three and out. BS started their next drive on their own 30 for a change. BS got one first down and then got a 10 yard penalty and was forced to punt. ID started the drive from their own 20. Id then was able to take a long drive that lasted for around 5 min and missed a 44 yard fg. BS gets a first down then scores on a 64 yard bomb(0-10). Id goes three and out on three running plays and BS starts their next drive from their own 37. BS drove down the field eating up the majority of the time left in the 2nd qtr and scored a td (0-17). Third qtr started out with Idaho going three and out. BS was forced to punt on their drive. Idaho decides to change things up and go with the option putting in their most aggressive OL and fast qb and wind up mixing it up enough to get a TD (7-17). BS then gets stopped on a goal line stand and winds up kicking a fg (7-20). BS scored again to make it 7-28. Then Idaho decided to start scoring. ID scored on its next possession to make it 14-28. Then the stopped BS and returned the punt for a td to make it 21-28 with about a minute and a half left. ID onsides the ball...BS gets it but is stopped on three and out. BS punts it again could this one too be returned...nope tacked on the ID 4 yard line with about 3 ticks left on the clock. Call a long bomb to my best wr streaking hoping to catch lightning in a bottle but wasn't meant to be. Idaho lost 21-28 to their in state rival. I noticed that BS tried to run a lot against me but they were not very successful. Even though the score was close I never felt I was in control in this one.


Nevada (+11)


Nevada gets the ball and drives down the field thanks to a 62 yard pass and thankfully is forced to a fg after a goal line stand that is helped by a 5 yard illegal motion penalty(0-3). Idaho was held to a three and out and Nevada got the ball on their 42. FS Ryan Lee picks off their second play and returns it 17 yards and Idaho gets to start their next drive on N's 40. Idaho then begins to drive down the field mixing up run and pass. On a 4th and 4 on N's 34 yardline Idaho decides to go for in and the QB finds a te on a roll out pass! Unfortunately,after the big play a penalty and a sack forced Idaho to a long 49 yard fg attempt that was blocked. N got the ball on their 29 but was forced to a 3 and out. Idaho receives the punt and returns it close to the distance of the punt and got the ball on N's 39. Unfortunately, Idaho then fumbles after getting a first down and N starts on their 23. N was held to a three and out and Idaho got the ball to start the drive on their own 28. Idaho then drives down the field thanks to a 52 yard pass play and missed a 42 yard fg attempt. Nevada was then forced to a three and out and Idaho started their next drive form their own 34. Unfortunately, Idaho fumbles on the drive and N takes over on I's 42. N was held to a three and out and I took over at the 20 due to a touch back. After a few first downs I was forced to punt at midfield and N took over on their 20. N then drives down the field thanks to a big 30 yard pass play, but they are again held on a goal line stand and forced to kick another fg (0-6). Idaho then drives down the field but is forced to punt on N's 40 yard line. N started the drive on their own 3 yard line with 3 min. left in the first half. N was held to another 3 and out and I got the ball on N's 40 with 2 min. left and all three time outs. Due to a penalty I was forced to a three and out and punted. N was forced to a three and out and I got the ball on N's 34 with 34 seconds left. I couldn't do anything with it and the score going into the half was 0-6. Idaho had opportunities in the first half but couldn't capitalize on them. The third qtr started out with both teams punting. Idaho then got picked off but N missed their 40 yard fg. Idaho's next drive gets picked off again and Nevada was able to kick a 49 yard fg to make it (0-9). Idaho then drove down the field mixing up the run and pass again but was forced to kick a fg on a 4th and 1 from the goal line (3-9). Idaho then forced Nevada to punt and got the ball on their own 18 with about 10 min. left in the game. Idaho then got a few first downs but was forced to punt and Nevada took over on their own 20 with about 8 min. left. Idaho then forces a punt and gets the ball on their own 40 with about 7 min. left. Idaho then was faced with a 4th and 5 on the 20 with about 5 min. left and decide to kick a fg to make it (6-9). Idaho then forced Nevada to punt and Idaho got the ball on their own 40 with about 3 min. left in the game. Due to a penalty Idaho was backed up and had to punt with about 2 min. left in the game. Nevada started on their own 7.Idaho then stops them on a three and out and get the ball at midfield with 50 sec. left. Idaho got down into fg range but I thought I had one shot at the endzone before the time ran out but unfortunately, the clock ran out before I could kick the game tieing fg. Idaho loses a heart breaker 6-9. This loss falls squarely on me and I should have not been greedy. I'll have to remember this for the future.

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Last night, it occurred to me that I don't understand much about the game play of this game. So I'm going to do some experimenting over the next few days/weeks to learn the following:


Can I adjust the % throws my qb makes to each position on offense while picking plays? I started playing with this today and I think it did make a difference. I set rb to receive 80% of the short throws but only 10 % of the medium throws. I then picked a few plays with each style of passing and my qb seemed to throw more to the rb in the short than he normally would and he definitely threw it less to the rb on medium throws. I used to think that since I picked the plays that I didn't have to worry about this but it makes sense that the computer uses this. The verdict is still not out yet and I'm looking forward to answering this question soon.


How I'm going to test this: Each time I'm going to throw 20 times and I'll make sure the plays are the same each time and that each position is on the field. Below will be the settings and the results

I've decided to pick short pass, strong, ST-HB-playaction-cross

default settings rb 20%, FB 10%, WR 61%, TE 9%. results with these settings rb 20% fb 15% wr 45% TE 20%

100%rb results= rb 25% fb 5% wr 60% te 10%



50%wr, 50%rb:

80%rb, 20%te

80%te, 20%rb: I'm also curious to see if I use the double te formation if the te throws go up or not

60%wr, 20% rb, 20 %te:


I'm curious to see if the qb abilities affect this (I'm thinking maybe intelligence or maybe its related to the Off. Coordinator. I'm not sure but I'll post the results as I do the tests.



What type of throw is best for each defense? (Ex is long pass best against short zone? I have my predictions on zone defenses but not sure if the routes make a difference or not.


I believe that play action works best against run defenses.


Do the routes make any difference at all in the plays?


Are there any good running plays that I feel I can rely on consistently?


How do I beat man coverage and tight man coverage?


How do I beat the blitz?


I plan on playing a lot of practice games probably against myself if possible and looking at pbp reports, analyzing off playbook results, and just experimenting to see if I find anything.


If anyone has any insight feel free to chime in.

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true, you can tweak the % of what position will be targeted for short, medium, and long passes. (for me, with my All-American TE I have raised the % to 20-25+ for all the passes so he will be a bigger part of the game while lowering the RB and FB).


Also, you can view the playbook and see who the primary target is for each play which could help if you have one guy who is head and shoulders above the other receivers.


I think your screens and draw plays should slow down the blitz. I have not found a running play that is consistently a solid gainer (depends I'm sure on the defense). However, I have found that the fullbacks can catch the defense off guard and pick up some big runs - though I'm not sure how long you can rely on that. Be interested to see what all you find during your research

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tough loss to San Jose State! wow, gutsy call on the 4th and 2 call at midfield. With the lack of overall talent, your coaching skills are put to the test and are needed to eke out some upsets like that (to help on the recruiting trails). You need to add a few more 3 stars and fill in with 2's - maybe get to middle of the pack in the conference.


3-7 if I added right. another very tough season for the Vandals.

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2016 Off season


Report Card

Team Performance-f



Board Expectations-d




Overall I can't say this was my most successful season but it did have some bright points.



My off coordinator went to be the HC at South Carolina and I got the following OC


Nick Rubley



gameplan-very good

scout qb-ave

scout rb-below ave

scout wr/te-below ave

scout ol-good

develop qb-ave

develop rb-below ave

develop wr/te-ave

develop ol-good


Incoming class

I decided for this year that I'd actually pay attention to the players bio's and try to find guys to fit a system that I wanted to play this year. I believe I was successful but it could have been better. My class ranking wasn't that great but I expected that I think I was 113 and I got twelve one star and 2 two star recruits. Several of my recruits have an upside of 2.5, but i'm not sure if that is because of their ability or because of my coaches lack of ability to analyze talent.



Off-vertical (since my rb isn't that good and I have 5 good wr and a qb that should be decent this year)

Def-4-3 this is my preferred defense and I doubt I ever change it


For the first time ever my entire starting team is below average instead of poor. I'm hoping that I can turn things around this year and win 4-6 games. The expectations are the same as they always are win a few in the league and be competitive against utah st. (rival).

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2016 Season


Week 1 UL Monroe (E)


I was excited about my team and I thought I was going to win this one, at least till the game began. UL Monroe had more talent than I did on offense and it showed. They drove down the field first and scored a td. I then tried to dive and and had a turnover. They quickly capitalized on that turnover and scored again (0-14). Next, I drove down the field and got into the redzone before another turnover. UL Monroe marched again down the field to make it (0-21). This was pretty much the nail in the coffin for my team. My rs freshman qb was able to do decent but overall I was out manned by them on both sides of the ball. I was very ticked after this game and it has been awhile since I played it. I just didn't want to do the write up because its still like putting salt on a wound.


Week 2 (-9) Tulsa

I thought I could avenge my week one loss but that just wasn't meant to be. Tulsa ran up and down the field on me. I couldn't stop the run to save my life and got blown out again 42-16. Also three ints didn't help either. I thought my defense would be solid this year but I'm afraid it isn't. My freshman ss got burnt twice in this game that hurt me for 2 tds.


Week 3 (-2) FIU


Finally I get a win. 31-19. My QB was very decent in this game and I was trying to protect him on this throws (After my week 2 defeat I decided its either now or never to do some research on passing routes and defenses and after doing a lot of research on real life football and other text football sim strategy games I think I have an idea of how to attack defenses now) and in this game at least it seemed to work. I have no running game now due to injuries and academic suspensions. I have three 1 star rbs and they all stink and I got -9 rushing yards this game. I had to rely on passing, screens, and wasted run plays to set up play action plays. My qb Bravo finished 23-44, 374 yrds, 4 tds, 1 int.


Week 4 NM State (+4)

L 31-28


This was a must win for me if I wanted to have any kind of a decent season. I was excited to play this game and due to my off. success against FIU and I wanted to see if I learned anything. This game didn't disappoint as it was a close one. We received and drove down the field for a 13 play td drive. I was able to burn their secondary due to WR Cooke making a big play of 53 yards as well as several other passes that were successful. NMST had an 11 play drive of their own to tie it up 7-7. The key play was a 3-10 where my fs gave up a big play. ID drives down the field for an 11 play drive but has to punt at midfield. NMST then gets sacked on the first play by DE Ballman and couldn't ever recover and was forced to punt. ID then went on a long 13 play TD drive. I noticed that they were blitzing a lot so I decided to throw from the Shotgun to hopefully help my qb by giving him more time and I ran a lot of short and middle passes. This strategy really seemed to work. The key plays were 2 screen plays in which NMST missed a tackle. They both went for around 20 yards. (7-14) NMST then goes on a 7 play drive but was forced to make a 38 yard fg.(10-14) My SS this time gave up a big play that allowed them to get in fg range. My Safeties are definitely a major weakness of mine and something I will do everything I can to address in recruiting. We then trade drives in which we both get a few first downs then have to punt. But whenever My returner returned the punt he took it to the house 68 yards and gave us a lead (10-21). That wound up being the score at the end of the first half. I got lucky as NMST missed a 30 yard fg off of an int that I threw. Needless to say, I felt very happy going into halftime and I felt that I was going to steal this win away from them. NMST returns the opening kickoff all the way to the 2! They were held by my d and forced to kick a fg.(13-21). I then drove down the field and got a 44 yard passing td to WR Cooke to make it 13-28). NMST was forced to punt after getting a first down and ID was ready to drive it down the field again, but was held to a three and out. NM went on a 8 play drive for a td that was helped by a big 43 yard cross pass to their wr.(19-28) They go for two but miss it. ID then starts from their own 33 and on the first play we FUMBLE and NMST recovers on my 33. Again we hold them to a fg.(22-28) with one quarter to play. We were then able to drive down the field but had to punt at midfield. NMST then gets intercepted after getting a few first downs and ID starts on NMST's 44 yard line. Unfortunately, we had a holding penalty and couldn't due much with our good fortune. NMST then drives down the field ( they got a 20 yard run on 1st and 20 that really broke our backs) . They end up with a touchdown. ID gave up several big plays on the drive and this was the drive that hurt us the most) 29-28. ID then gets the ball and drives and on a 1st and ten from NMST;s 35 yard line my qb gets picked off! NMST has the ball near their 30 with about 4 minutes to go but they are held to a three and out. ID then drives down the field again but a huge penalty nullified a big play and I couldn't recover. NMST then has a three and out and with about 30 sec. left in the game. I get the ball on my one yard line and NMST gets a safety to seal the game. 31-28. Overall I was unhappy with this game because I felt that I should have won it. Looking back I should have tried more deep passes. I'll keep this in mind for the future.



Week 5 Utah State (E)

W 9-24

If memory serves me correct I haven't beaten them in the last three years even though my talent is equal to or better than them. Both teams have to punt on their first 3 possessions. UTST finally gets their mojo and drives down the field on me and tries to kick a 31 yard fg. It gets blocked by my WR and he returns it for a td! (0-7). UTST then goes down the field and kicks a fg mixing up run and pass to cut the lead to (3-7). I decide to use my fast qb as my running threat in this game and put him in to run as the qb on several plays on this drive and do a decent job. On a 4-3 29 yards from a td I decide to go for it and get stopped. I get the ball back after a stop and then drive down the field again and am able to kick a fg to take a (3-10) lead. The score would remain the same until the third qtr when I got lucky and picked the perfect play against their def. I called a long pass streak when UTST was in short nickel zone. And my wr housed it going 55 yards for the td (3-17). Then UTST tries to drive down the field and whenever they were on my 25 yard line my stud DE Ballman pressured the qb to make a poor throw and my freshman safety Mul-key (guy who got beat several times over the season) picked it off and took it all the way for an 88 yard return (3-24). After that UTST scores a td and that is about it. It was a complete game by my team and thanks to all three phases we were able to win. I can't run the ball very much with my crappy rbs and I'm hoping that I can at least muster enough of a threat that the computer will call some run stops.


Fresno Sate (-22)

They are one of the best in the conf. I'm only hoping I can get a few turnovers. I got killed in this one. I had 6 turnovers and I think I lost by 21 points. I did a write up on this game but for some reason it didn't save oh well.


Hawaii (+6)

ID was unable to do anything on their first drive and punted. HI then went down the field but was forced to kick a fg to make it (3-0). ID then gets picked off and HI was able to on the next play run 34 yards for a td (10-0). ID then gets stopped and has to punt. Then HI gets picked off and ID was able to drive down the field thanks to a long pass play (hitch) whenver HI was in zone coverage to set up a fg (10-3). HI then ran one play a dive up the middle for 43 yards( 17-3). ID then picks a long pass play whenever HI was in middle zone and the QB was able to hit the wr running the post rout for a 73 yard TD. (17-10). HI then returns the kickoff to the 2 yard line and then scores a TD to make it (21-10). After a few drives HI gets a long play action play due to me trying to stop then run then they get 30 yards on another dive play up the middle for a td (28-10). I was so angry going into half time I felt like the game was against me and the final score was 47-27. My QB did throw for 420 yards but it doesn't matter if I lose.


San Jose St. (-16)

I got blown out 61-13 and I just let it sim after the first quarter because the game was over.


With this loss I realized that I had to recruit better because my team just wasn't going to do well with the current players so I decided to take my chances and sim the rest of the season. I wound going 1-4 Lost to boise st, troy, and latech and beat nevada. To be honest I think I was gonna go 1-4 or 2-3 the rest of the way but it wasn't going to make much of a difference because I wasn't going to be bowl eligible.


My final record was 3-9 and I had a d- for my grade and wasn't fired.

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2017 OFF Season


I decided to strictly do my system this year for recruiting. I have to admit I did this about 4 times before I decided to do it for real. I was trying to figure out which guys I had a chance at getting and which guys I did not have a chance at getting/changing their minds. I think every time I did it I got different players except for a few guys. Anyways, long story short, I think I know who is in my league when it comes to recruiting and who is out of my league for the future. I'm already looking forward to next year's class to see if I'm right or I just got lucky with this one.


I was excited to get my new off and def coordinators. I feel like both will immediately help my team.


In the WAC I finished 5th out of 9 teams on ave stars. But I'm not convinced I beat UTST and NEV since they got more 3 star players than me, but I was excited with my class considering my team prestige is only 27. Overall, I'm looking forward to completing the off season and getting ready for the next one.


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pretty good class -with most of the recruits being in the top 100 at their position. Might not be a lot of immediate help there, but several of these guys will upgrade your team over the next couple seasons. Coaches look good at developing their skills, so that should help.

Get a winning season and maybe able to start stocking more 3 stars or high level diamond in the rough 2's

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2017 Season


Week 1


I'm not sure what happened. I must not have saved my post against FIU. Anyways here is the game in a nutshell. In the first half I missed a 48 yard fg but lead 2-0 due to a safety. In the second half FIU finally got some offense and due to two huge ints where able to win 17-5. Tough loss for my team. Couldn't do anything offensively and that was very frustrating.


WEek 2 @ Ohio (1 point underdog)


The game froze on me with 6 minutes left and I was up 31-10 with the ball and driving again. I was upset, and decided that I didn't want to play the game again and that I was going to win so I simmed rebooted it and simmed it till I won. OH special teams was the difference in this one. They committed two penalties on fourth down on ID first drive to allow us to score a td. OH missed a fg in the game and they allowed ID's pr to return one for a td. Also I was able to burn them on some screens to my wrs on blitzes. Plus, I got lucky on a streak play when they were zone.


Wk 3 Akron (6 pt favorite)


I lost this game pretty easily. This was the type of game that frustrates me. I felt like I had the better team on paper (at worst we were even) but the play on the field didn't even reflect it. They out performed me in every aspect of the game. Maybe it was my play calling or maybe it was just one of those games but overall I lost and it wasn't even close.


Wk 4 San Jose State (14 underdog)

All I need to say is the following. ID's first drive: screen pass intercepted for a td (SJ 7-ID 0). ID punts on their next drive and SJ starts on their own 4 yard line. SJ first play a 96 yard bomb (ID was playing man cov.) and SJ takes a 14-0 lead. SJ then kicks two 40 + yard fg their next two possessions to earn a 20-0 lead at the end of the first qtr. Disappointing start to the season but there is still a lot of games to be played.


Wk 5 LA TECH (12 point underdog)

We held them the entire game on defense. We gave up two fgs and they they returned a punt for a td. Unfortunately, our offense was pathetic. I couldn't get anything working. I tried short, middle, long passes. I varied my qb's drop and I mixed in the run some. Oh well, there is always next game.


Wk 7 Fresno state (24 point underdog)

WE lost 23-10. I just didn't have enough fire power on off. to stay with them. But I felt our defense played well.


Wk 8 Hawaii (7 point underdog)


We out manned Hawaii in this one. We definitely had the better players and I think that made a huge difference in the game. Hawaii had 1st and goal 4 times and each time they had to settle for fgs. ID had to settle for fg too but they got a huge punt return for a td late in the 3rd qtr to take a commanding two score lead and wind up winning (22-12).


Wk 9 NM State (5 point underdog)


This might have been my most enjoyable game ever. NMST took an early lead 10-0 thanks to their qb acting like RG III. He ran and passed on me throughout the first two qtrs. ID was able to drive down the field to make it 10-7, but NMST drove right back to make it 17-7 thanks to a kr that almost went for a td. In the second qtr ID was able to kick two fgs to make it 17-13. On the last drive of the half NMST picks off my qb and returns it 77 yards for a td to make it 24-13. Looking back this probably cost me the game but oh well. In the 3rd qtr ID was able to score a td thanks to focusing our off on our star wr to make it 24-20. ID then was able to score a td middle of the fourth to make it 24-27 (first lead of the game). We trade punts and on NMST's last drive of the game they were able to kick a fg to make it 27-27. In overtime we got the ball first and after a first down we were stopped and had kick a fg. NMST was held to a three and out and they made their fg to make it 30-30. NMST was held again to a 3 and out and made a long fg to take a 33-30 lead. Id got a 6 yard play on first down and then couldn't do anything after that and had to settle for a fg to make it 33-33. ID then gets a first down and then disaster strikes. They're pass is picked off and returned 77 yards for a game over good night td and NMST wins 39-33. This was a frustrating game for us but man it was a fun one to play.


Wk 10 Nevada (6 point underdog)


ID did a little preparation before the game began. I looked at the Off playbook of my team and tried to figure out which plays were working for me and I made a plan to use them in the game. ID was down early in the first qtr 10-3 due to 4 early fumbles (which ID lost all of them). Sometimes this game can be a little harsh but ID never panicked because I felt I had the more talented team and I was never down by more than 7 the whole game. My d was solid the whole game. I used normal 4-3 d mixing up blitzes and man and zone. I would sprinkle in a run d when I had a hunch they would run the ball and I would use nickel, dime, or 43 def pass whenever I felt they would pass. On offense, the turning point in the game was a 74 yard bomb ID got whenever Nevada blitzed with their fs and my green wr ran a post route and burnt their d for a td. After that I was able to sprinkle in run and pass a lot. Nevada seemed to blitz a lot so I ran a lot of screens (mixing up the formations and players thrown to and three step routes). ID was able to score on a few more times to make win the game 34-19.


WK 11 Boise State (13 point underdog)

We lost 33-17 but I have to admit it didn't feel as though were dominated that much. We were only down 8 at the half unlike in years past as the game was over at the end of the first qtr. I think this might be evidence that my talent level is getting better or maybe I'm just optimistic. Only time will tell.


wk 12 @ UTST (Even)

This is a huge game for my team this year.


This was a slugfest. My team was more talented but unfortunately I came up a little short. We lost 31-27. We had the lead with about 4 min. to play and UTST drove down the field for a go ahead td. ID tried to come back with about a minute and a half left and got UTST's 30 yard line but couldn't get any closer. Tough loss for us.


wk 13 Vs Rice (4 point underdog)

The first two plays of the game was a 74 yard td pass by ID. Then Rice got an 80 yard td pass. Rice then took a fg lead and then ID was able to tie it up. Rice then fumbled and ID took it in for a td to get a 7 point lead. Rice then would score the next 20 points. Id tried to come back late in the fourth but just didn't have enough fire power and lost 30-24.


ID finishes 3-9 and is very disappointed. I have to admit it is very frustrating not being able to run that well and I'm tempted to start simming rather than call my plays so I can utilize the running game more.

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<p>Off Season</p><p> </p><p>

I got straight F's except for prestige which I got a C. A little surprised by this but oh well. </p><p> </p><p>

My D coach left and for some reason my ST coach was paid 125,000 which I only pay 25,000 for a year due to low funds so who knows how I missed this and because of this mix up I had to use the lowest recruiting team in the west. My new coaches are as follows:</p><p> </p><p>

Tom Baker 4-3 pref</p><p>

mot good</p><p>

gameplan good</p><p>

scout dl average </p><p>

scout lb below</p><p>

scout cb good</p><p> </p><p>

dev dl aveage</p><p>

dev lb below</p><p>

dev cb good</p><p> </p><p>

ST coach is aver in mot and poor in everything else</p><p> </p><p>

In recruiting I thought that having to use the poorest group was going to hurt me but I don't feel it did. For some reason my commit list doesn't match the ranking list. My ranking list says I only got 4 3's and 4 2's but I really got 7 three star players and 3 2 two star players. Oh well. I'm very satisfied with this class and will probably use the poorest recruiting company from now on. This will help a lot with with paying for better coaches.</p><p><a class="ipsAttachLink ipsAttachLink_image" href="<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2012_12/2018offseason.jpg.5df483be2335bd9e595bc474cb0e0917.jpg" data-fileid="2522" data-fileext="jpg" rel=""><img data-fileid="2522" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" alt="2018offseason.jpg.5df483be2335bd9e595bc474cb0e0917.jpg" data-src="<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2012_12/2018offseason.jpg.5df483be2335bd9e595bc474cb0e0917.jpg" src="<___base_url___>/applications/core/interface/js/spacer.png" /></a></p>


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<p>2018 season</p><p> </p><p>


5th place finish in the WAC and a competitive game against UTST. </p><p> </p><p>


I'm hoping that this is the year that I can finally get this team's prestige back up to at least where it was(30). We are currently a 26 and for once I'm not expected to be a bottom feeder. I hope I can at least live up this this expectation but my personal expectations is that I can win at least 6 games this year (as long as my play calling doesn't get in the road). I'm using a balanced approach on offense so I can tailor my play calling to the opponent. Lastly, this is by far the most talented team I've ever coached at ID and I'm looking forward to seeing if this can be a season to remember or forget. </p><p> </p><p>

Wk 1 Akron (favored by 10)</p><p>

What a disappointing way to start the season. I was up by two scores with 8 min. to go. Akron drove down the field and got a fg. Then ID fumbles the ball and Akron begins to drive on ID's 20 with about 4 min. left in the game. ID gets an INT and thinks they have sealed the game. Only to fumble again on the next play. This time Akron gets a td and takes a 1 point lead. Unfortunately that was the difference. Sadly I lost and I was waaaayyyy more talented than Akron too!</p><p> </p><p>

Week 2 ECU (favored by 11)</p><p>

ID jumped out to a 13 point lead early by getting two fgs on myfirst two possessions. Then I got a td soon afterward. Then ECU decided to show up and scored 3 unanswered tds to take a 21-17 lead. ID was able to get an 80+ yard td to make it 21-20 with 4 min. left in the third qtr. ID then missed a 20 yard fg and ECU capitalized on the opportunity by driving down the field for a td to make it 28-20. ID then was able to hit its te for a 47 yard td throw with about 7 min. left in the game. Id was able to stop ECU and ECU punted very poorly and ID was able to make good use of the short field possession and kick a 24 yard fg. ID then was able to get a fumble from ECU on a third down and 10 play on ECU's 30 yard line and was able to ice the game. I tried the entire game to run the ball and I'm not sure it helped the passing game or not...only time will tell. My 3 star transfer rb ran 21 times for 85 yards and for the game ID had 140 rushing yards on 45 attempts for an average of 3.1 yards per rush. Either way at least we won a game that we were supposed to win and we'll see what happens in the next game.</p><p> </p><p>

Week 3 OHIO (14 pt favorite)</p><p> </p><p>

We dominated this game the entire time and if it wasn't for penalties (9 for 90 yards) we would have won this game by a lot more the final score was 10-7. Again we focused on running the ball and ran it 27 times for 97 yards (3.5 ave). I'm finding that running it seems to be opening up the passing game some and I'm going to continue to run the ball. Also, I'm paying attention to the Off Playbook results more after reading a post and that seems to help. There are definitely a few running plays that seem to be working this season thus far. I only run them about once or twice a game but I feel I can get a good clip each time I run them. </p><p> </p><p>

Week 4 Boise State (4 point underdog)</p><p> </p><p>

The spread is just even more evidence that I think I finally have this team on the verge of being respectable. Hopefully, I can make this a rivalry soon and win a few. If memory serves me correct I have only beaten them once so I'm like 1-15 against them.</p><p> </p><p>

For some reason my computer shut down on me with about 7 min. to go but the game was most likely over. , I was down two scores but was about to get the ball deep in my end of the field but I doubt I would have come back on them so.... Since I was most likely was going to lose I simmed the game again after restarting my puter and lost 28-21. I'm going to give the recap for the game that I played not simmed. Boise started out running the ball down my throat. Their first drive took like 8 min. and they wound up with a TD. I tried everything to stop them but I couldn't. And my CB was again getting penalized. I think he had two penalties on 3rd down in the first three drives. Boise then forced me to punt and again they ran the ball down my throat for a TD 14-0 Boise lead. ID was able to move a little bit but again had to punt. Boise again drove down the field and was forced to a short fg to make it 17-0. ID decided to finally wake up and was able to put a little drive of their own together. I went for it on 4th and 3 from my 45 yard line and made it. I decided to go for it because I knew that if I punted again the game was going to be over for sure. Even though the score wasn't in my favor I felt like I was a going to be able to stop Boise if I kept at it and I was able to for most of the game after their big first qtr. I was made the first down and then was able to hand the ball off to my green wr and he made a huge run that led to a short fg to make it 17-3. ID was then able to score a td early in the third to make it 17-10. Its a little foggy from here but I believe Boise got another td and I got a fg to make it 24-13. late in the fourth. But it doesn't matter. I did two things mid game that helped me. First, I changed to a 3-4 defense. I felt I had to because they were running it down my throat and my 3 2 star defensive tackles was injured and I didn't have very many left. Second, I continued to run the ball a ton and then was able to get a few more bombs down the field. My QB has played decent all year and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens to him both this season and the future.</p><p> </p><p>

WK FIU (14 point favorite)</p><p> </p><p>

We continued our focus on running the ball (even though it isn't extremely productive) and it payed off. We drove down the field in our first two possessions. Including two huge runs by our rbs and took a 14-0 lead. That was enough for our defense as Idaho wins easily 29-13. Our 2 star rb Washington had 105 yards on 15 attempts. Our speedster 3 star rb(Prioleau) was battling an injury and would start each drive at 90% and wound up with 58 yards on 14 attempts. Again our 4 star wr (cooke) was the focal point of offense scoring 3 TDs and having 5 receptions for 97 yards. Our 3 star QB (Bavaro) again was solid going 18/32 for 292 yards, 3 TDs and 1 int. I went to the well too many times and they picked off wr3 screen in the spread formation from the 2 yard line for at touchback. CMP poll has us at 54 and we have the 36th best off and 14 best defense in the country. </p><p> </p><p>

Week 6 LATECH (6 point underdog) </p><p> </p><p>

I'm optimistic that we can be competitive against this team as they have a better roster but we'll see. This game took forever to play because I had it running most of the day. I would play a series or two when I had a chance.The game was at LATECH (LT) and ID came out flat. Both teams were playing field position and only able to get a first down or two before punting. Unfortunately ID's Special Teams aren't very good and after a few punts by ID LT was in position to do some damage thankfully they were held to a long 49 yard fg. Then with no time left on the clock in the first qtr LT has a 7 yard run to make it 10-0. Then in the Second qtr both teams were forcing punts but LT had one long drive and got a TD from a 22 yard pass to make it 17-0. That was how the score would be till the 3rd qtr. I believe my QB's stats for the first half was 1/12 passing. Several of them were drops by players that normally don't drop the ball and it was very frustrating. I noticed that I was passing more than rushing and decided that I had to do something different in the second half. I figured this game is probably out of reach so mix it up and call some stuff I normally wouldn't call and that is exactly what I did. LT came out in the 3rd and after we each punted once they were able to squeak into fg range to make a 48 yard fg to take a 20-0 lead. Finally, my team decided to show up and it all started with a spread long pass play to my frehsman WR Grace. The ILB was out of position and allowed a big 34 yard pass play which lead to a TD to make it 20-7. Then, I switched my D up and used 3-4 for most of the second half and it seemed to stump LT. They punted and ID went back to work on the first play of the drive hit a 58 yard screen play to my 3 star transfer rb (Primeau) and all of a sudden the score is 20-14. ID stops LT on the next series and again drives down the field and kicks a 38 yard fg to make it 20-17. ID fans probably figure they'll lose the game like they have in the past, but it kept getting better for them. ID then forced another punt and again was able to drive down the field mixing up run and pass to kick a 36 yard fg to make it 20-20 with 5 min. to go. LT then got the ball and ID switched up their coverage and went to a 4-2-5 and some 4-3 and LT hit a 38 yard pass play but was stopped at ID's 40 yard line and they decided to punt with about 2 min. on the clock. ID has the ball at their own 24 yard line. I decide to continue calling stuff I usually don't call figuring I was playing with the houses money and call for a long pass using wishbone. My QB Bravaro throws a great pass to my stud WR Cooke for a 34 yard gain and all of a sudden my heart starts racing. We have the ball at LT's 40 yard line with 1:30 to go. So I run an outside sweep to my RB Primeau for 5 yards (1:23 ticks left). Throw a screen to my TE for another 7 yard gain and now there is only 52 ticks left. Now its first and 10 and I'm at LT's 28 yard line. I want to gain about 5 more yards and not run out of clock like I did against NMState a few years ago plus I want to make sure I gain a few more yards and I gain about 5 more yards and with about 11 seconds left I kick the fg and.......It's good. Now if my whole family wasn't asleep I'd be screaming up and down for joy but since they were I do a fist pump but then realize that there are still 3 seconds left on the clock. I've played this game enough to know that kick off returns are possible and I don't want this to be a heartbreaker for my team. And the kick is off and the Returner takes the kickoff and fumbles it and somehow ID recovers it and returns it for a TD. Now I can say is that I have the text on very fast and all I knew was that stuff was written at the bottom and someone was given the option of kicking an extra point and for a few seconds I thought I'd lost the game but once I'd realized that I had scored the TD to take the win 30-20 I was stunned. This is easily one of the biggest wins for ID and I think this is one we can build off of. Roster wise both teams were fairly close they had a little bit of an advantage on defense but that was about it I'm hoping that this might mean that I've finally turned the corner and that I've been able to dig ID out of the grave that I dug for them trying to figure out how to play this game. Only time will tell but I'm already looking forward to my next game.</p><p> </p><p>

One of the BIGGEST WINS OF MY Coaching CAREER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p><p> </p><p>

WK 7 Hawaii (12 point favorite) This could be a trap game!</p><p>

Their QB leads the league with 16 ints and I'm hoping that my Def can add to that total in this game.</p><p> </p><p>

ID wins 24-7. I got one int which lead to a TD but for most of the game I wasn't able to muster a ton of offense. I ended up averaging 1.5 yards a carry and was able to hit my star WR Cooke for a 38 yard td pass which helped me take an early lead. I was able to take that early lead and pretty much stop HI the whole game. We are now 5-2 and ranked 41 in the CPU. We have the 52 OFF and the 4th best Def. </p><p> </p><p>

Week 8 Fresno State (expected to finish 1st in the conf.) If we win this game I'll be shocked but crazier things have happened. ID is a 10 pt underdog.</p><p> </p><p>

Well...this game started out bad for ID. The opening kickoff was a short kick off and to top it off my Kicker decided to pile on and got a 15 yard penalty (You can guarantee that Mr. Hart my kicker will be waking up at 6 am tomorrow and running stadium stairs for awhile). FS took no time cashing in on the short field position by kicking a 30 something yard fg to take a 3-0 lead. ID then had a promising run on first down by Prioleau our 3 star running back transfer rb and after that nothing really exciting happened and we had to punt. FS takes advantage of a short punt and then drives right down the field and makes it 10-0. ID gets a holding penalty on a converted 3rd down by there best lineman Hamden on the next drive and have to punt again. FS was able to score two more times to take a 24-0 lead into the middle of the second qtr. I have to admit that I scouted this team wrong. I thought they were a passing first team but it took me the first 3 drives before I realized that they were running the ball a whole lot more. Then on their 4th drive I tried to focus on the run and a 60 yard playaction bomb to their wr made it 24-0. But I do have to say that after that FS didn't score again for the rest of the game. Which I'm pleased with because their entire offense except for a wr and te were all green players. Now, ID was able to kick a fg to make it 24-3 at the half. Unfortunately, ID couldn't do much on offense. I tried long passes, screens, runs, middle passes it just didn't seem to work against them. They just had more talent than me and without turnovers I just couldn't get it done. 24-3 was the final and I'm looking forward to the next game. </p><p> </p><p>

Nevada (ID is a 10 pt favorite)</p><p> </p><p>

Nev and ID start out by playing good def through the first qtr. ID kept gaining field position with each series and finally early in the 2nd qtr ID was able to get a drive due to the short field and score a 2 yard screen play to RB Prioleau. The drive was helped by a 24 yard corner route to WR Cooke. ID held Nev on their next possession and due to two costly penalties to their OL they were backed up and punted. Nev took advantage of the field possession and was able to kick a fg. I was proud of my def for not allowing more on this drive. ID gets the ball and on their second play WR Cooke gets lit up on a crossing route and Nev. recovers. All of a sudden its 7-3 ID and Nev has the ball on ID's 30 yard line. Nev starts their drive but is forced to kick a short 27 yard fg and ID took that momentum and was able to come back with one last drive of the 2nd qtr. ID's QB Bavaro drove the team down the field with 1:19 to go. First, a run for 7 yards. Nev. calls timeout (which was a mistake). Bavaro then completes: 8 yard screen to FB, 26 yard screen to WR Grace, 30 yard in to RB Washington. All of a sudden Id is at the 20 with 31 sec. left. Learning from my coaching mistakes of the past I was conservative with my play calling here and with 6 ticks left K Hart kicks a fg to extend ID's lead to 4 going into the half. The second qtr started out with Nev punting. ID then drives down the field again mixing up run and pass and whenever ID was on Nev's 20 yard line WR V. Stewert fumbled and Nev recovered. Nev was stopped and after a few drives ID was able to score a td as time expired in the 3rd qtr. Nev. hurt themselves by have three penalties that extended the drive and this turned out to be the difference in the game. On kick off Nev fumbles and ID recovers and after a few plays Bavaro was able to hit WR Grace on a post route to take a commanding 18 point lead. ID was able to run down the clock and other than a dumb 78 yard long pass play by Nev they didn't do much in the second qtr. ID dominated the game with TOP by 11 min. and by running the football 44 times for 4 YPC ID was able to take advantage of Nev. Zellner lead the way with 17 carries and his longest run was a 23 yard run on a draw play. Draws seemed to be effective against them because they were using a lot of pass defenses. Also screen's and short 3 step drop passes were what seemed to be effective against them. We are ranked #40 CPU in the country and have the #60 OFF and the #5 DEF in the country. </p><p> </p><p>

Fresno St lost to Boise so it looks like Boise has a chance at being the conf. reperesentive but they still have a game against SJST yet. It could be a three way tie for first in the WAC this year. Only time will tell.</p><p> </p><p>

Week 10 San Jose St (ID is an 8 point underdog) SJST was projected to finish 2nd in the conf. They are 5-2 with only one loss to Fresno St. I'm actually amazed I'm only an 8 point underdog. I think my team is on the verge of being solid for several more years and I'm looking forward to playing this one soon.</p>

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