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Epic Wrestling: An Arrow Takes Flight

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This has been a thought in the back of my mind for some time now, and the itch to write has finally taken over. The Road To Glory challenge inspired me to attempt to tell the story of Shawn Arrows as he rises to glory, or falls to ruin.


Odds are, we're looking at ruin. Despite this being a Road To Glory, I don't intend to shift promotions. I'm just as concerned with telling the stories of the rest of the roster and ensuring that they get over as well. We'll see if I can manage both goals.


There won't be much in the way of story outside of the shows. I'll be putting my work into building the characters and stories through the shows. Speaking of characters, several of the members of the roster have been renamed and repackaged to suit my needs and get away from the ordinary characters I usually wind up using.


For your ease, the roster will remain updated in the first post. Characters who's names may not be instantly recognizable/have been changed entirely, will have the names you'd know them by beside them.


Current Known Roster:


Alan Parent

Blake Carter (Dagger)


Donte Masters (Donte Dunn)

Johnny Heizenger (Ant-Man)

Kris Turkleton (Fearless Blue)

Konosuke Hama (Evil Spirit)

"The Headliner" Shane Adams (Davis Wayne Newton)


Current Owner Goals:


When the time expires, Epic must have gained popularity in America.

The financial balance of Epic must have improved to at least $10,000.

You cannot hire or extend the contract of any wrestler who has less than D- in Athletic Ability.

You can't hire any wrestler who is classed as a Psychopath.

You cannot hire or extend the contract of any wrestler who has less than D- Resilience.

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<p>Vengeful Hearts 2010 Card:</p><p> </p><p>

Feb, Sunday Week 2, 2010</p><p> </p><p>

Epic intends to waste no time discovering who the best is, and crowning them as such. At Vengeful Hearts, eight men will compete in first round matches of a tournament to crown the first Epic Heavyweight Champion. The semi finals and final will happen at the second event, Reckless Abandon.</p><p> </p><p>

Blake Carter vs. Kris Turkleton</p><p>

Donte Masters vs. Alan Parent</p><p>

DeCipher vs. Shane Adams</p><p>

Konosuke Hama vs. Johnny Heizenger</p>

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And what whats your UC's stats looking like?


Blake Carter vs. Kris Turkleton

I love both of these guys, Dagg...er...Blake gets the edge


Donte Masters vs. Alan Parent

Personally I really like the Barbadian Barbarian gimmick


DeCipher vs. Shane Adams

No brainer


Konosuke Hama vs. Johnny Heizenger

He seems to be the favorite of many

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Is that roster big enough? And what's your product style?


The roster'll get updated as people come and go. Suspense, some won't get used, most'll have name/gimmick changes. The actual in game roster's over 30 guys at the moment. Normally wouldn't be quite that big, but I'm testing some things in the dark time to try and luck out some chemistry.


Product stats are one of the things I have a problem with. Wound up going with the SWF product, for the sake of not spending months trying to get everything obsessively perfect.




And, the UC's stats.


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Thanks for the comments and predictions so far. Been sick for a few days now and didn't want to rush reading through to check on everything and posting. Finally pushing through, and the headache's gone away for a bit. Let's see just how horrible I am (Very), at this game.

Vengeful Hearts 2010

February, Sunday Week 2, 2010


Stanley Hall -11 In Attendance


Epic Heavyweight Title Round One Match


Alan Parent vs. Donte Masters


Epic started off rough with this one, pitting two faces against each other in the first round. Despite his smaller size, Parent stuck to a more technical game for most of the match, and struggled against Masters throughout.


Making his wrestling debut, Masters took the fight to Parent with some aggression, and showed no signs of fatigue as the match passed the fifteen minute mark. Parent will likely have boot marks on his back from the numerous stomping sessions. The match came down to a miscalculation by Parent, who took too long trying to get to the top rope. Masters took advantage and picked up the victory after a superplex.


Winner: Donte Masters


Rating: F



Barely able to stand as he has his hand raised, Masters will forever be the first man to score a victory in Epic. In a show of good sportsmanship, he offers a hand to Alan and helps him to his feet. Both give a nod of respect to the other and leave the ring.


Rating: F+

Epic Heavyweight Title Round One Match


Shane Adams vs. DeCipher


This match lasted all of a minute, fifty seconds of which featured Shane Adams mocking the eleven people in attendance for buying tickets to see this match. When he turns to face DeCipher, the masked man fell to his back and let Adams pin him.


Winner: Shane Adams


Rating: F+




As soon as the bell rang, both men were up and celebrating Adams' victory. DeCipher backed Heather Halo away from Adams so that he could be the one to raise his hand in victory, and the nine people in attendance were mad they didn't get to see some action.


Shane Adams: "DeCipher has got to be the dumbest name I've ever heard."


DeCipher lowered his head.


Adams: "That changes tonight. You've proven you'll take a fall in the best interest of the team, you can now call yourself my Suicide."


With that, the two leave the ring together and make their way to the back.


Rating: F+

Epic Heavyweight Title Round One Match


Konosuke Hama vs. Johnny Heizenger


In one of the shorter matches of the night, Heizenger seemed set to win after controlling a vast majority of the match. Living up to the old Ant-Man name, his power caught Hama off guard, and had him reeling for most of the match.


Hama wouldn't go down without a fight however, often trying to blind Johnny with his thumb or the ring ropes to try and even this fight back out. Heizenger charged in for a corner clothesline after retaking the advantage and Konosuke lifted a knee. Heather Halo was out of position and missed the intentional low blow, which allowed Hama to make the cover and get the win.


Winner: Konosuke Hama


Rating: F


Epic Heavyweight Title Round One Match


Blake Carter vs. Kris Turkleton


Kris Turkleton proved himself to be an incredibly difficult man to keep down for three seconds. Carter used everything he could think of to try and finish the bout, and Kris kicked out after each. During a body slam lift by Carter, Turkleton's leg hit Heather Halo, and Turkleton slipped off the shoulder. His decision to check on Heather gave Blake time to undo the top turnbuckle and attack him from behind. Turkleton's head split when his face met the exposed steel, and Carter finally got the win.


Winner: Blake Carter


Rating: F+



Blake Carter refused to have his hand raised, his focus still on Turkleton. He took a hand full of blue hair and pulled the bleeding young man to his feet before whipping him back first into the exposed steel.


Heather Halo tried to get between the two men, but quickly realized that was a bad idea and slid out of the ring. A safe distance away she turned back to watch the ring as Carter hoisted Kris to the top rope and followed him up.


The smile on his face was sickening as he got eye to eye with his defenseless victim. He lifted Turkleton up for a suplex, and Heather started moving back towards the ring, realizing where this was going.




Turkleton dropped to the turnbuckle, and then to the mat on his side, completely prone. Carter slid out of the ring and Halo slid in, waving frantically for the medical staff.


Rating: F


Overall Rating: F



Moon_lit_tears: 3/4

Phreak: 3/4

Jaded: 3/4

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Reckless Abandon Card:


April, Sunday Week 3, 2010


With the first round behind us, we look forward to the semi final and final rounds of action at Reckless Abandon.


After the swerve pulled by Shane Adams and Suicide, will Konosuke Hama be the one to put "The Headliner" to the test, or will Adams have another card to play?


Donte Masters made a solid impression in his very first wrestling match, and claimed the right to always be the first man to win a match in Epic. He is set to face off against the man responsible for Kris Turkleton being on the shelf, Blake Carter, though Carter's job status is currently questionable due to his actions.


Also in action will be the man who gave Donte Masters a run for his money at Vengeful Hearts, Alan Parent.


Alan Parent vs. ???

"The Headliner" Shane Adams vs. Konosuke Hama

Blake Carter vs. Donte Masters

Epic Heavyweight Title Match: Winner of Shane Adams/Konosuke Hama vs. Winner of Blake Carter/Donte Masters

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Alan Parent vs. ??? - Debutant pulls off a big win. (I'm going for Regular Joe, at a complete guess.)


"The Headliner" Shane Adams vs. Konosuke Hama - Hama has this won, but interference takes it for Adams.


Blake Carter vs. Donte Masters - Adams vs Carter would suck because the fans would have no-one to cheer for.


Epic Heavyweight Title Match: Shane Adams vs Donte Masters - Either by cheating or by interference, Adams sneaks a win.

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