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Help setting up my game?

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I've had this MMA/Wrestling style game in my head for some time using TEW 10. I want to start with the 87 mod (since I believe it's the earliest) and have a pure performance fed with no other feds in existance. Purely for my fun/trial/etc.


The object of the game would be to hold the World Title of your 'weight class' like MMA. The difference being you would have to use wrestling style moves thus making this a professional wrestling game but more of a realistic type. A shoot fight promotion if you will.


I want to keep track of W-L records and have the titles defended every PPV or every other depending on how many I had. I know the road agents would essentially be picking the winners instead of me but that's where the more random part would come in.


I've also thought of using this as a 3 on 3 Team Game style as well but the setup would be the same. World champions through the year was my first thought and my 2nd thought was starting in January have everyone start wrestling with the "playoffs" starting in December where I would crown a champion of each weight class each year.


If I need to elaborate more I will. Basically I want to use TEW to find out who the best wrestler (or team with trades,signings,etc simulated by myself). I just need some help setting it up.


Questions that have come to mind:

What would the product be like? Realism? Pure?

Champions or Seasonal winners? Both perhaps?

How to decide who makes the roster as there are A LOT of wrestlers..??

Create a development or just have a 'B' show where I'd show case the future?


Thanks for any and all help. I'm sure someone has tried this before so I'm hoping to get some tips!! :)

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Hold on.... MMA...


It would be around like this:


Hyper-Realism - Key Feature

Realism - Heavy (could be up to Key Feature or down to Medium)

Pure - Medium (could go up to Heavy or Key Feature)

Traditional, Modern, Daredevil - (None to Low)

Mainstream, Cult (None to Very Low)

Lucha Libre, Comedy, Risque, Hardcore (None)

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