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New to the game and finding it very exciting as a concept..


Have some basic questions:


Running the WEFF for 3-4years now...Things are going slow but to the correct direction..Signed a tv show deal; tiny ppv deal, company became low level national in Canada (still on 5%) and low level regional in the U.S..


Now i can have shows in different regions in Canada..

My question is from now on what is the way to succeed..I m contracting the 80%-85% of women fighters available so there is no competition.. i tried (before managing tv or ppv deals) to create a featherweight division for men..


I realized that it would take 1-2yrs playing time to make this division competitive so i abandoned the idea and released all male fighters..

Would it make sense to build men weight categories from zero or can WEFF make it to the top with only female fighters ??


And maybe any other ideas or concepts i am missing ??


And one technical question :


i would like to start a game with all real fighters..(so i will get to learn names, styles etc..) .i have downloaded a database and everything is working BUT i cannot convert the pics..If i use (name.jpg) not even one picture appear, if i use (name.gif) many pics are showing but many others dont (including Kyra Gracie which is a pity, many of you should agree :)

In my files many pics are in jpeg format and many in gif format..


Any ideas on how can i solve this would be much appreciated ..Please note that i do not have internet connection where i play the game but i can download whatever necessary into usb stick and work on it after..


Thanks a lot..

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Is your database set to use the correct picture folder? If not, follow these steps:


Main menu>editorial suite>database information


From there go to the drop down that says "Picture folder". You can choose which you'd like to use there.


I'm not sure if that's your current problem, but I had troubles with my picture folder as well.

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