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TNA 2003: The Great Revolution

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TNA 2003 (2002 Mod)



Current TNA Roster

Aaron Idol

Aaron Stevens


Ace Steel

Adam Copeland (Known as Adam Edge)

Afa Jr

AJ Styles

Alex Shelley

Alex Wright

Andrew Martin (Jumped ship to TNA in July 2002 in the great invasion)


“The Greatest Man to Ever Live” Austin Aries


Bill Goldberg (Came out of Hiatus and joined TNA in June 02)

Billy Kidman (Jumped over in the “Great Invasion in July 02 Known as Billy The Kid)

Bobby Roode

Booker T (Had a fallen out with Triple H joined TNA)

Brock Lesnar (Great Invasion July 2002)

Bryan Danielson

Chavo jr

Chris Candido

Chris Kanyon

Chris Sabin

Christopher Daniels

CM Punk

Colt Cabana

Dustin Rhodes

Eddie Guerrero (Left WWE after failing his drug tests Entered rehab got clean and joined TNA)


Jack Evans

James Storm

Ken Shamrock

Kid Kash

Lance Storn



Road Warrior Animal

Road Warrior Hawk

Rob Van Dam

Scott Steiner

Sonny Siaki

Stevie Richards


TNA Champions


World Heavyweight Championship

Current: Rob Van Dam

Rob Van Dam beat Sting at the 2002 July PPV called “Evil That Men Do”


United States Championship

Current: Billy The Kid

The Kid beat Chris Sabin on TNA Fight Night


TNA Tag Team Championship

Current: The Street Team (AJ Styles and CM Punk)

Have been the Tag Team Champions since the first TNA Impact


TNA X-Division

Current: Chavo Guerrero

Had it since the first Impact.


The Great Invasion of July 2002


In July of 2002 A big group of WWE Mid and Upper midcard talent felt that they were not being used to their full potential in WWF, So They all asked and were granted their release. The following Monday on Impact. RVD, Lance Storm, Brock Lesnar, Adam Copeland, Billy The Kid, and Test. All shocked the Wrestling World by debuting in TNA. With this being done it set the stage for a Huge feud that lasted over 4 Months and Had the main event at TNA Bound for Glory I. The Main Event Was RVD, Brock Lesnar and Adam Edge Vs. AJ Styles, Sting, and CM Punk. The TNA Team won which meant the group of RVD and company had to disband.

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